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Facebook conversation between Gary S. Gevisser and Michael “Conflicted Thoughts” Awerbuch

  • Conversation started April 16, 2012

  • 2:07amGary Gevisser
    I just sent you the following email – wanted to make sure you got it.
    From: Gary S Gevisser <gary>
    Date: April 15, 2012 5:05:39 PM PDT
    To: Michael Awerbuch <michael>
    Subject: Michael, would you consider giving me a statement about what happened with that phone call on August 8?I am going to be filing tomorrow hopefully a police report here in San Diego addressing the extortion-theft by Knuff.Although we do not have concrete proof it was Knuff or anyone associated with him who made the call, it is an extraordinary coincidence; bearing in mind I was not in litigation with anyone else. It is also possible that the call could still be traced, but I am not counting on that.Please give it serious thought. It could help a lot.



  • April 16, 2012

  • 7:52amMichael Awerbuch
    Un-publish my communication with you and we can talk!!!!
  • April 17, 2012

  • 12:10amGary Gevisser
    what does unpublishing do if you are going to stand by what you said in a statement I would be submitting in my police report ?

  • 12:16amMichael Awerbuch
    Because you are a liar and dishonest!!!

  • 12:45amGary Gevisser
    Those are not only strong words but most untrue. Are they designed to undermine all that you wrote me following that phone call which had you increasingly a coward?
    Are you saying that you don’t stand by what you wrote and told me over the phone on August 8?Are you also calling my wife Marie a liar when you told us when we met in Irvine that you finally had the balls to file the police report?Have you forgotten the last thing you wrote on August 8:From: “mike asasin” <michael>
    Date: August 8, 2011 4:48:31 PM PDT
    To: “Gary S Gevisser” <gary>
    Subject: Re: Threatening phone calls following interception of our emails.
    Reply-To: michael

    Gary I’m sitting in my car outside city hall Alameda looking at the Police Station, and asking myself, what the hell am I doing here????

    With the greatest respect to your dedication and discipline, I’m at this stage done!! I’m about to start my car and move on from this issue completely!!

    I respect your writings and I appreciate the US constitution, but for me this fight is not mine!!! I’m not a coward but you and Knuff need to work this out, and I need to look in my own plate..

    Rgds Michael

  • 1:08amMichael Awerbuch
    Gary there certainly is an issue here, so before you bankrupt your wonderful wife’s Family, and Marie wakes up…… and realizes what you are about, I strongly suggest you apologize to Knuff, retract everything you fabricated about him, and plead mental insanity at the time, Im sure if you show them all your past repetitive email ramblings, as well as your communications with all the Political and Business leaders of the world…..they will most certainly accept your plea…….
    Gary please get some help!!!! Its going to crash around you, and its gonna be too late….Take this obsession and use this energy to make some cash…..I can give you 1000 ideas with your internet skills…. Go check out…… Do something like this guy, just start I mean it…..The horse you are fogging is gonna die!!!! Please without reacting like a Venomous Snake…..indulge me, take a walk…..take in some fresh air and have a good think……This will set you free Gary!!!!

  • 1:51amGary Gevisser
    Michael, you do remember that there is a reason you have a fat belly and it is not because you are mindful. That, however, does not take away from your ability to see logic when it comes before you.
    Let’s change subject and we will leave all the past facts to be observed by future generations who you know won’t judge you insane, just corrupt that comes from being stupid, which again shows up most visibly on the waste line.Can you name me one woman who would say anything good about you who is as smart and beautiful as Marie?You have a lot of FB “friends”, do the numbers make you feel comfortable?At what point do you think you will deactivate your account?

    BTW, have you figured out why Knuff and company have not asked me to retract anything I have had to say about them on my website?

    You realize that if there is a G-d which I know there is, you would already be thinking about the merits of returning as a shellfish.

  • 3:14amGary Gevisser
    Michael you have had plenty of time to think. Is your holdup the fact that you wish you could remove your earlier words, “Un-publish my communication with you and we can talk!!!!”
    What did you want to talk about?You look dishonest?Could you come up with a stronger word to describe yourself?
  • April 22, 2012

  • 1:04amGary Gevisser
    Make sure Lynne Bentel sends you the very slightly edited missive I copied her, titled, The mire of poverty – South African Connections.

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