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Facebook dialogue with Rabbi Funnye continues.

At 12:34 I began following up with First Lady Michelle Obama’s close cousin Black American rabbi Caspers Funnye and I ended this latest round at 12:48 pm:

So rabbi, how sorry were you really?

Funny how the English language, or for that matter any spoken language, can be manipulated?

For example, “sorry” could just mean a superfluous word just to take up space, but then as we “dig” we find out that it was an attempt to come across as simply “casual”; i.e. you were showing superficial concern, but still willing to remain engaged and that is because you are simply hedging your bets versus others who have long gone silent have already shown their true colors.

With the passage of time, and we all understand the seriousness of this business because it is so easy to understand why it is that I am such a threat to the status quo who while holding on to their lifestyles for dear life have made the huge blunder of reckless disregard for paying our soldiers the fair compensation so that the rest of us also don’t have to risk life and limb on the battlefields that are essential to keep covering the tracks of those who have profited the most from genocide of the poor in the mineral richest countries of the world, beginning with my birth country of South Africa; and then it has been as easy as pie for the ruling elite who count on the soldiers to remain so grossly misinformed to corrupt the laziest of us middle class succulents.

Would you say if you had any shame?

Suffice to say the passage of time leaves little to no doubt of how much you really care about the soldiers of all the world’s militaries who are not in the least bit informed that they are doing the bidding of the most vile, most racist, most anti-Semitic monopolist-monarch in the history of the world who read you all perfectly because that is how they bred you.

So you took me for a fool that I would believe you when suggesting after such a long absence that you haven’t been following along perfectly?

What other conclusion would you suggest I arrive at?

Remember, I have all the irrefutable facts at my fingertips, and moreover, there is every reason to believe that despite spoon feeding you all in a way no intelligent being would require unless the Good G-d had programmed the human to regress on such a grand and global scale that only G-d could execute, you remain totally clueless about the total absurdity of a “market economy” whose fundamental pillar are the sacrosanct economic principles of supply and demand.

I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to be in any of your shoes, and your huge numbers must only remind you of locusts who start off as friendly grasshoppers.

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