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From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 7:46 PM
To: Close neighbor
Subject: Below is what I posted up earlier on my “wall” which allows only my “friends” to view and comment. Because it is fairly lengthy I had to break it up into several pieces.

Gary S. Gevisser 6:23pm January 8
Gary is thinking about when the Jerusalem Post will publish Jason M. Ritchie’s “Letter to the Editor” that was sent out on 11/4/2008 and titled, “What is Israel…

at 6:24pm January 8

waiting for?

Bear in mind that Mr. Ritchie is an honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator who had Top Secret Security clearance.

Gary S. Gevisser at 6:32pm January 8
The 4 digits 1142 when added or multiplied result in the number 8 which is “lucky” to the Chinese.

How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?

1421 The Year China Discovered America is a book worth reading.

So is the internet only book, The Diamond Invention that was first written in 1978, the year I immigrated to the United States from South Africa armed with a most important, “Letter of Introduction” that my extraordinarily “resourceful” mother Zena handed me in an unsealed envelope just as I was boarding the plane with my dad Bernie at Durban Louis Botha airport the day before, March 16th.

Not to mention there “were” [sic] another “Letter of Introduction” that was also in an unsealed envelope that inevitably let me know how very important was the first which like the second was signed by my mother’s very close personal friend, my “lucky” uncle David Gevisser who is the first cousin of my father Bernie Gevisser.

Gary S. Gevisser at 6:45pm January 8
To mention little of the second letter was addressed to a former “bigwig” in the South African timber industry who was, when I later met with him at his offices on Ivanhoe Street, La Jolla, California, totally senile, and had no recollection whatsoever of my “lucky” uncle Dave who following the death of American-German Charles W. Engelhard on March 2nd, 1971 received a “sign on bonus” of US$6 million when accepting the position as executor of Engelhard’s mineral rich estate that, in addition to controlling the world supply of platinum which every owner of a new vehicle built in the US would soon get “for free” as a piece of platinum was included in the catalytic converter of the exhaust system, Engelhard was the “control person” of the mafia monopoly De Beers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC].

To mention in passing Engelhard, who was assassinated by the Mossad, had the year before, 1970, made my “lucky” uncle Dave the Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises, South Africa.

Gary S. Gevisser at 7:05pm January 8
Suffice to say, the first “Letter of Introduction” was really not in the least bit necessary to get me a “nothing to speak of job” at De Beers’ Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street, New York City, since a simple phone call by my “lucky” uncle Dave to his and Engelhard’s lawyers located on Bush Street, San Francisco, California, would have been suffice; but then if something “unforseen” [sic] happened to my “lucky” uncle Dave in the “interim” while I was “getting my feet wet” in the Windy-Snow-Slush streets of downtown Chicago, Illinois, without such an important “gun-money-trail” document in my hands, I might not have been in the position that I am today to tell my story that begins where Edward Jay Epstein’s most fascinating non-fiction novel, The Diamond Invention, ends; let alone explain those most important “gaps” that only an “insider” such as myself, would know even where to begin looking.

Those who know dont talk. Those who dont, do all the talking.

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