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Family loyalty – Part 2

So again, if you were “doG” [sic] and able to decide life, decease and death would you think that it is fair that people who dont contribute to the betterment of humankind, the oxymoron of all time, by not sharing their knowledge of how easy it is to solve the human overpopulation problem that divides and unites us all, should be allowed to live long miserable lives; and those extraordinarily few who are both old and good leave the clearest of legacies along with their carefully laid “money trails”?

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From: Gary Steven Gevisser []
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 1:11 PM PT
To: שלמה שלפר
Cc: Att-sec;;;; Peter Evans;; FBI; Jeff;
Subject: Hitler – “The masses will more likely fall victim to a big lie than a small lie”. – lies

You go from practicing law without a license to now practicing medicine without a license and to top it off you would think it also smart to start communicating with me after coming up with the diagnosis that I am “bi-polar”.

Are you stark raving nuts because you are so very co-opted-corrupted.

Side note to Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. – Please add all this correspondence to the rest of the material you are keeping in “safekeeping”.

“Shloniel” [sic], as soon as we have migrated the data over from our former webhosting company to my new website your name that keeps changing will be added to the “$ hit list” [sic].

While you have carefully chosen to not include all our previous communications with your last two, I have kept up the chronology.

It is important that those reading what you have to say, examine closely how you started out by informing me that I would be “arrested” were I to enter Israel. When I responded I copied both Israeli Military Intelligence as well as the Mossad who you would know went out of their way to confirm with me the most important Israeli Military Intelligence report of all time that not only was I the first credible person in the world to broadcast on my one website but it is all because I was the most credible person both organizations know well.

Not to mention when the FBI both visited and spoke with my one American programmer Adam L. Tucker they too confirmed that they considered such a very CLEAR and SHORT military report of all time, both credible as well as a serious terrorist threat.

To mention little of neither the CIA nor FBI deciding to notify the general public, did not come as a surprise to either Israeli Military Intelligence or the Mossad who know all about Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them as well as knowing how best to “put to work” Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them and who invariably are the greatest traitors of the fledgling Jewish State.

To mention in passing that if you were in the shoes of Mr. Seidenberg, the Israeli military intelligence officer who “turned” on his fellow operatives, most likely at the very start of this most covert Susannah Operation of the spring-summer of 1954, all aimed to embarrass the United States Government who has never been a “friend” of the State of Israel, wouldn’t you have chosen death rather than the nothing to speak of 10 year prison sentence when he was finally caught handing over secrets to the Egyptians.

You wouldn’t happen to be the next of kin to Mr. Seidenberg who even if they haven’t been “put to work” they wouldn’t necessarily know if they had.

Did you know that the word “smuck” is “jewelry” in German?

Did you know that my last name Gevisser is German and it means, “Sure” or “certain”?

Did you know that the German word, “Gewissen” means “conscience” in German?

Do you understand better why both sets of extraordinarily successful grandparents as well as my extraordinary and inspirational mother Zena Rosland Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman made it perfectly clear from before I began speaking at age 3, that I would never inherit anything, not a diamond, not a piece of real estate, not a share certificate, not gold, not platinum, nothing whatsoever of “material value” apart from my very good Gevisser name; and my mother Zena also letting me know that if the good name Gevisser ever got “tarnished” I also would have the right to change my last name.

Hence why it really meant something when my mother would also say, “You are born with your name but you die with your reputation”.

So also let us know who in your immediate family is “put off” when reading the very important and easy to understand non-fiction novel, The Diamond Invention.

You could also have copied both Israeli Military Intelligence as well as the Mossad given how well you suggest you know their top officials as well as a host of other individuals which like me you could have included in the blind copied section, but I doubt it very much because you are not only a coward-bully but you are finding yourself increasingly isolated.

You also knew perfectly well that you were starting out with a big lie, just like Hitler, “The masses will more likely fall victim to a big lie than a small lie”, when you said that I had said that I had “served” in the Israeli military.

Never have I spoken or written that I have “served” in the Israeli military. I have never even been an Israeli citizen.

I have been very much a “closed book” all my life without however, lying stealing or cheating, or for that matter misleading anyone by giving them the “wrong impression”, because that would be mean I would be lying; and yes, once a liar always a liar; a liar is a thief, a cheat, a crook.

The fact that you have got away with telling “half-truths” which is lying since you know it is not what you say but what you don’t say that counts, does not mean you wont get caught the next time you open your big ugly mouth.

The fact that I understood so very early in life one most important truth which is, “Once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret” which began with my highly secretive mother who “From the earliest days of 1949 visited Israel [when still 19 years of age], two and three times a year writing reports for different publications” which you would have also picked up in her memoirs that are also available for public viewing on, drumming very gently into my very common sense head, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” which of course meant nothing to me when I was still a toddler, but as I started to connect the … so I also knew to be most careful with my questions because of the fact,

“Once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret”.

Repeat to yourself, “I am an imbecile because I am stupid because I chose to lie, steal and cheat and simply don’t know how to stop!!”

Those who know don’t talk. Those who don’t, do all the talking.

Again, it is not what you say that counts but what you don’t say.

What you have, however, said also speaks volumes.

Again, you would just need to read carefully my writings or visit with me in person to know that I received from a much younger age than Israelis born in Israel [Sabras] highly specialized Special Forces training before going on, also at a very young age relatively, to receive even more specialized Israeli military intelligence training.

You will notice that not only have you chosen carefully to end the dialogue that you started with a big lie because there is stuff that I am putting out that you and those ALSO very “bad” people who butter your bread most fear, but you have named two of the world’s most evil human beings; namely my uncle David Gevisser and his son, author and investigative report Mark Gevisser.

David Gevisser was “put to work” immediately
following the “forced sale” of my immediate family’s hugely successful public corporation, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies when he was named Chief Executive Officer of Charles W. Engelhard’s Engelhard Enterprises, South Africa in 1970, the same year the Mossad had Charles W. Engelhard begin to PUBLICLY dispose of a great many of his South African holdings which of course ended up in the same hands; namely the De Beers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] but the gun-money-trail was now firmly in place.

Not to mention the Mossad did not think it important to write to the Los Angeles Times or any corrupt news outlet what they were going to do when finding out that also in 1970 the CIA had placed in their “protective custody” Mr. Salameh who masterminded with of course the help of the CIA the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacring of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes.

To mention little of how both Israeli Military Intelligence as well as the Mossad also understand perfectly well how I have gone about painstakingly, methodically and patiently exposing Hollywood Producer-Director Steven Spielberg following Mr. Spielberg so extraordinarily incriminating himself in the 5 minute Introduction to his movie-docudrama Munich which he produced in 2005, some 26 years after the Mossad finally assassinated Mr. Salameh in 1979, one year after I immigrated to the United States from South Africa, arriving in Chicago on March 17th, 1978.

To mention in passing you would know from reading Ch. 21, CAVEAT EMPTOR – LET THE BUYER BEWARE! that March 1978 was an important moment in the history of The Diamond Invention which I have also covered “ad-nausea”.

You would also know that during the 6 years between finally producing Munich and 9/11, Mr. Spielberg had plenty of time to think about what he would be saying in that most incriminating 5 minute Introduction in which he made a point of saying that, “in no way shape or form am I attacking Israel” while failing to mention that most important fact that it was the CIA who work for the United States Government and who had placed Mr. Salameh in “protective custody” some 2 years before he and the CIA had their operatives murder 11 defenseless athletes in Munich, Germany.

At the same time Spielberg makes his audience fully aware in the movie that follows the introduction, that he was fully aware that the CIA were “involved” with Mr. Salameh as Spielberg showed CIA operatives with American accents interfering with a Mossad hit on Mr. Salameh as he walked ahead on a very rainy night.

Moving on.


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