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FB conversation with Julia Tyler Samaniego – Great-grandaughter of John Tyler of Virginia,10th US President 1841-45, relinquished his US citizenship upon joining the Confederate Congress of 1861. FB friend of Gary Gevisser

 SUNDAY – AUG. 6, 2017; 1:07PM


Carrie just fell apart; blocked me and unfriended me.

It must mean that I hit the nail on the head.


I see that you are reading this in real time. Do you have any comments or suggestions before I begin my biggest broadcast ever?

Bear in mind that my record took place 9 months and 11 days exactly prior to 9/11, December 1, 2000, the 27th anniversary of Ben-Gurion’s passing which came shortly after the end of the Yom Kippur war which you have read about time and again; the coincidences continuing to abound.

Without that war coming soon after Nixon, at the instruction of De Beers-Barclays, took us off the Gold Standard, August 15, 1971, and Israel having to come from behind with Golda Meir threatening to use Israel’s nuclear weapons stockpile, Israel would have been seen as the aggressor.

Israel was also paying for all its weapon systems that it was not getting for free from the Allied nations in particular the United States.

When you are given weapon systems as well as having to pay for weapon systems things get very murky.

But not to the people deciding what weapons to give Israel and what weapons they should pay for.

The most important thing was that Israel has to support the money system or face annihilation.

That very bloody war did not take place in a vacuum.

8 days shy of 1 year before Nixon committed treason when taking us all off the Gold Standard and also telling all our trading partners including the very important Chinese that if they wanted to convert their US Dollars into gold which were the terms and conditions of all trade agreements up to and including August 15, 1971, the Chinese could either suck on the hind tit or face a bombardment similar to what was happening in Vietnam and Cambodia as the runways in Thailand looked like they belonged in the Space Age they were so spectacular, Israel’s very bloody War of Attrition ended.

Wikipedia put the dead of Israeli soldiers between 694 and 1,424.

In other words, Israel was losing soldiers at a rate far greater than what we were losing in the Vietnam-Cambodian War where the body count of American soldiers and enemy soldiers was constantly being tabulated on the evening TV news.

The War of Attrition last 3 years, 1 month and 6 days. It started on July 1, 1967, 21 days after the June 1967 6 Day War ended.

That was of course plenty of time to bury the dead soldiers of the 6 Day War and well as Sit Shiva for the customary 7 days, but not that much time for the next round of fighting.

When you constantly have a wife and husband shouting at each other, there is little time to do much else.

There is also shell-shocking which affects the children and grandchildren.

I bet even Donald Trump loses his temper of occasion and screams out an expletive.

Why was Israel having to pay for its weapon systems when the principal weapons manufacturers and money suppliers of Nazi Germany who murdered half of European Jewry got off scott free at Nuremberg?

Not all Israeli Military Intelligence-Mossad [MIMI] went up the smokestacks of Auschwitz’s crematoria, because few of them got caught in the huge net cast over Nazi Germany occupied Europe. They knew to stay clear of what was happening because it was a clear as daylight without a cloud in the sky.

You don’t pay then you can’t play in the game and so you die.

De Beers-Barclays-Nixon suddenly changed all the rules.

Israel couldn’t call off its War of Attrition and “cry foul” because Israel was not sure what Kissinger-Nixon-US Congress were going to do.

Israel did know that there were more than PLO mastermind terrorist Ali Salameh on the CIA-De Beers-Barclays payroll starting in 1970, 2 years before Salameh’s commandos executed the murders at the 1972 summer Olympic Games where the 11 murdered Israeli athletes never returned  to their loved one.

Wherever Israel looked, she was surrounded by enemies, internal and external.

So it made logical sense to go for the head of the criminal banking enterprise; most notably, German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] who hated Jewish people who didn’t take his orders.

The weakest link in my Jewish immediate family was my father Bernie’s first cousin, David Gevisser [1926-2009] who detested more than anyone in the world my most accomplished, most humble father, which didn’t prevent my very worldly mother Zena from making my “lucky uncle” Dave her very best friend.

You wouldn’t need to study the teachings of Chinese General Sun Tzi to figure out, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”

You can imagine when you look at the videos of my mother Zena that I took last September in Israel  how much sharper she was 46 years ago given how she was less than a year ago “as sharp as a tack”.

By August 7, 1970, my “lucky uncle” Dave Gevisser was chief executive officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa, the “control person” of the mafia of mafia banking-mining consortium De Beers-Barclays-Anglo American Corporation and remained in that position until the end of 1973.

So here we are 44 years later, August 6, 2017, the first anniversary of the death of my mother’s second husband Alan Zulman who got pissed off with me when realizing in December 2001 that his self-image of being the savior was all unraveling.

What are you doing exciting today?

MON 1:22AM


What did you think of the letter to Netanyahu?

Do you question more why we dropped  the first bomb on Japan 72 years ago yesterday?

Which American politician do u trust the.most?

TUE 7:35AM


As someone who says that they are deeply religious, would you see religious hypocrites suffering the same as other hypocrites?

If you were God would you punish such people during their lifetime so that they be afforded the opportunity to amend or would you wait until they die, or would you punish them during their lifetime as well as when reincarnating them with the worst thing they could possibly imagine or if it just God wanting to prove to all of us his power to let everyone feel they have free will such as to eat whatever they want, to join the side of those fighting based on who they think is right, but in fact everything is preordained and that everything is decided for us just like who we have as parents?

Would the last choice have you deciding to be a better person?

Do you think all women desire most a perfect pair of legs?

TUE 12:16PM


Julia – do you remember writing to me that you got more enjoyment being a groom than the patrons?

I didn’t know that jockeys riding polo horses were called “patrons”.

I have always thought that patrons are the people who put up the money?


Julia 12:18

polo is unique in that the patron/sponsor usually himself competes as a team member. in the faster games, he may hire professional players to fill out his team.

Gary 12:19

Have you ever competed in polo?


Julia 1:13

yes, joined the UVA ladies varsity team in ’78

Gary 1:38

When did you stop playing competitive polo? Wouldn’t most of the people who ride competitively, if they could afford for grooms to do all the grooming, wouldn’t they all prefer only to ride?

I only know from my experience in South Africa with the polo crowd. Those who could afford it, never did any of the grooming work.

I actually nearly bought from Miss World 1958 Penny Coelen Rey who you can see remains on FORGETFULNESS one of her most beautiful whiteish-gray older polo ponies which of course she was letting me have the horse for far less than it was worth, and she was also willing to stable the horse at no cost to me, but I had already made up my mind that I wanted to get a motorcycle and that was the end of that.

Penny would remember the very day I came out with my mom and dad to check out the horse. I was just 16 at the time.

So what do you think of Donald Trump letting us know that he is thinking of replacing our soldiers in Afghanistan with mercenaries?


Julia 2:01 PM

certainly business men hire grooms because it is timecomsuming, in fact an all day job to keep competetive level ponies in shape. As for troops, i recall obama sent 100k addtional troops. mercenaries are better trained so makes sense and may save taxpayer in long run.

Gary 2:29

Yes, most people have grooms not because they would prefer to clean up all the horse shit but because they prefer to ride.

You say that you are different to anyone else I know who has been around horses all their life. I accept what you say.

With regard to the use of mercenaries, do you think that money would motivate them more than patriotism?


Julia 2:47

Yes. Obama refunded so much of military. And mercenaries are better trained. Polo was traditionally a cavalry exercise. The U.S. changed cavalry to Tanks in recent years. But as we went into Afghanistan found we needed horses again and bought up available horses they could find to pull the caissons on the Afghani trails.

Gary 2:29

You didn’t answer my question about mercenaries?

Is that because you forgot or you figured that if someone had more money to pay mercenaries they would be able to afford the best mercenaries?

Do you think that money-diamonds played a role in the decision of the FBI’s Chief of Counterintelligence Robert Hanssen to start working for the Soviet Union in 1979?

Notice that I have ignored commenting on your point about “The U.S. changed cavalry to Tanks in recent years…” because I find it irrelevant to the discussion about the money, specifically the price fixing of money that is used to buy tanks, horses, prostitutes, houses, fences to keep horses enclosed, bribes, judgments, parking tickets, food, gasoline, electricity and water bills etc.

Gary 3:01PM

Also, when did you stop playing competitve polo and when was the last time you enjoyed cleaning out stalls?

Any suggestions on anyone you know, even the Del Mar Polo Club, who might be interested in publishing my “open letter” to Netanyahu?


Julia 3:10

dont know about hanssen so will have to learn up but imagine it is to biggest bidder like usual?  dont know about mercenaries being traitors, but do know they can do jobs better than troops. US troops have done too many tours already and are burned out so are not really available anyhow…

Gary 3:14

So you are saying that we have “burned out” our troops and our glad that we can afford higher paid mercenaries to do the job?

For someone who makes out like you are so on top of the knitty gritty of warfare, and that means you must be speaking to a lot of military people, how could you not have heard of Robert Hanssen?

Are you therefore not aware of how many administrations he was handing over our top top secrets to the KGB-Putin?

Also please answer my last 3 questions from the previous post.

… correction. “and are glad that…”

Were you aware of when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan?

Are you aware that our CIA handed over to the Taliban-Osama Bin Laden our most advanced frontline weapon, Stinger missiles to shoot down Soviet aircraft?

Do you think the timing of Hanssen beginning to work for the Soviet Union’s top military intelligence agency and the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan was just good luck for the Soviet Union or good luck for us?

Gary 3:44

What does being an American patriot mean to you?

Do you have family or kids of friends in the US military who I could converse with?


Julia 4:33

yes. much treason takes place. bill clinton gave china our loral satellite technology. i am not on top of our foreign policy . i have had occasional briefings through people who care like those who speak to my Republican womens group, for instance. some i am aware of some things but surely there is much we cannot know. yes i knew soviets were in afghanistan. being a patriot means respecting our constitution and its laws. however our government has already been compromised and needs reining in, so I am glad we have our current president to do that. i will think on who i know in the military. there are some who play polo and some who are in my dog play group. our dog group hasnt met in a while because she was having a baby, but her hubby is in the marines. he was deployed most of this past year but here in the US.

Gary 4:37

do you think money would motivate mercenaries more than patriotrism?

Are the laws important when the people who price the money never have to obey the law?

Would your Republican womens group as well as Polo Club members who must be mostly Republicans or rich Democrats be interested in publishing my “open letter” Netanyahu considering I have already given you such very clear thinking that connects a terrorist financier such as Marc Rich getting his bailout 234 days prior to 9/11 which you have never read or thought about before, and how the money is priced which you also have never thought about before if you happen to be the same as 99.99+% of the world’s population?

TUE 5:56PM


Did you ever read my four letters published in the Jerusalem Post; if not, had you ever heard me mention them?


Julia 6:55

the Republican group might be interested. they want to be informed and understand conspiracies can be real. I heard you mention the letters but have not read if you want to email them to me. if you have a bio and synopsis i can give to my republican program director they might be interested in your talk…

TUE 8:24PM


start with the first. Reading each one 3 times should take you no more than 10 minutes.

WED 4:13AM


It is now 4:12am

4:13 when I hit the return.

Does the name Aldrich Ames mean anything to you? If so when did you first learn about hm?

Did of the speakers to your Republican Women’s Group bring up his name?

Does the name Ashraf Marwan mean anything to you?

Why do you think the top intelligence officers turn, placing they young kid soldiers in harms way?

Do you think if your children served in the US Armed Forces they should be told everything there is to know about the top US intelligence officers who have turned?

Do you think they would still serve if they didn’t need the money?

I am fully awre that it was at 8:24 last evening when I sent you the hyperlink to those 4 letters that shock everyone to their core when they read it.

It is now 4:22AM

WED 4:44PM


What if everyone is reacting the same as you to the price fixing of the money, what does it tell you about the peoples’ morals?

How do you motivate the young kids to fight?

How do you wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself?

Gary 5:22

When you look up at the sky and see a cloud, do you see God talking to you?

If so does it make you happy or wondering whether your contribution was worth it?

When you see an army helicopter in the sky does it fill you up with hope?

How do you figure out who is the enemy?

How do you suggest the kids in army boots figure out who is the enemy?

Do you still feel that if Blackwater can save taxpayers money then Donald Trump should give them the green light?


Julia 5:22

havent had chance to read them yet but i will and want to learn. my great grandfather’s trouble in office stemmed from his opposition to a national bank. what is your suggestion to young people to do?

Gary 5:25

I will wait for you to find those 10 minutes.

Then when you answer all my follow up questions in the order I gave you even if you say “I don’t know” then I will give you my suggestion.

Does that sound fair?


Julia 5:26


Gary 5:34

BTW the only reason I persist with you at this time since you should have a great many years ago read those 4 letters like everyone else who is silent as they know they were the catalyst in the CIA coming after me and handing me a $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE DEFAULT JUDGMENT with all the evidence in my favor and not a shred of evidence that I had committed defamation against CIA member Charles Knuff who I have never met or communicated with is because your great grandfather may have been the last of the common sense; i.e. moral Americans and in the rest of the world the number of moral people who followed may gave numbered a handful and they didn’t have the courage to speak out clearly.

Such miraculous numbers of ugliness  doesn’t prevent the creator of everything pulling off a common sense solution to ending the nonsense that has been going on for 156 years in the next instant.

A wild turkey just decided not to cross my path as I headed in the great gold Pathfinder to the cabin


Thumbs Up Sign

Thursday Aug. 10; 6:50AM


Before reading my 4 letters to JP from 2001 which you say you still hadn’t read as of yesterday at 5:22PM, had you previously seen the first 32 word sentence of the first letter?

Again that opening sentence which winds everyone:

The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism.

When you get winded playing sports like rugby you eventually get your breath back but in the intervening period it is most discomforting.

This is of course far more brain paralyzing and it can last indefinately.

Have you ever discussed me and/or The Diamond Invention book with anyone; and if so could you tell me exactly who?

Today I kick my study of the devolving human into high gear. You are not going to want to miss it as you are a significant player.

Actually it began last evening at 9:41PM when the author Uri Bar-Joseph wrote me a lame response.




Julia, before writing you my message, I began texting a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population the following:

Have you noticed yourself getting more forgetful as well as repetitive?

At the same time you can’t get the information I have shared with you out of your head?

Did I just hammer the nail on its hea


Di d I just hammer the nail on its head?

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