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Find it within yourself to do the right thing

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Find it within yourself to do the right thing
Date: January 8, 2017 at 7:10:51 AM GMT+1
To: “Kathy Gevisser-Danziger – The replaced executor of Alan Zulman’s estate.” <dkdanz>

You don’t know what you are missing, when you lie, steal and cheat.

You don’t have history in your favor and you will go down in history as the daughter from hell.

For good reason mom doesn’t love you the way she loves me, and it is very easy to see why.

But who would have thought you would stoop so low as to keep her captive with the whole world looking on and you hide only because the evidence against you would sink a battleship.

You know how the Gevisser-Molks talk and they are all watching closely including the education they are getting on the group chat REASON FOR BEING HERE.

FACEBOOK is fantastic.

When you dont have truth at your side you are constantly second guessing yourself.

I am good which is why you couldnt say a bad word about me to my face when writing me all your incriminating words leading up to my trip to visit with our mother that she so looked forward to, and so did I.

You couldn’t even show up in court after you so lied through your teeth.

The Israeli judge has yet to hear it all but she will as will every member of the Israeli Knesset which is not to say that I won’t reach a bunch more Australian photo journalists watching to see you penny pinch.

You obviously didnt think when writing me all your nonsense that the whole world wouldn’t inevitably turn against you because your words are too unbelievable.

You cannot suddenly say that you love our mother after you decided to leave her in the care of strangers.

You are very sick; sicker than Alan Zulman who never once resented mom.

Remember, mom had no idea what you had previously written about her and your poor actions supported your sick communications including what you wrote Kerry Anderson.

Imagine if I had shared with mom all that you had written. That thought must have crossed your mind.

From now until the time you take your last breath or if it God’s will that you suffer from dementia that placed in your care is someone familiar with your treatment of mom, you are going to regret your wretchedness.

What you would only do for money.

God only knows what little tortures you and your slave would put mom through just to get even.

Come out of your little bubble where you think yourself smart, “I’ll show her who is boss”.

You were always so bossy.

Wicked Witch of the East sister Kathy. Your life must now be an endless nightmare.

Let my mother go!

Surely you didn’t think that you could simply erase the history leading up to the set up.

You slipped up so much but then again it is only your white skin that gave you the right to call yourself boss.

You are a murderer but even murderers can ask for forgiveness.

Give it up Kathy, you cannot possibly win.

It is so nice to hear the frogs in the forest here. It is cold but they are out celebrating the rains.

Your very conflicted thoughts must have you spending sleepless nights and knowing that every stranger in the world can figure out your lies in stark contrast to mom’s beauty that you call “advanced dementia”.

Find it within yourself to do the right thing.


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