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Food for thought-Each of us gets our just deserve 24/7

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:50 AM PT
To: Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance
Cc: rest;’;; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk;;; Senator Lieberman ;; Kimberly “This Dog Don’t Hunt” Hunt; Roger W. Robinson – aka “Our Man Roger” – co-founder of PSSI – Former Chairman and Vice Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission-Protege of senior DAAC operative David Rockefellar – Chairman of J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank; Tefo Mohapi; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];; ‘Nicole Haessley’; Peter Evans -Author of NEMESIS, c/o Harper Collins; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton; Roy Essakow – Executive Marc “Flower Hill” Rich Holdings; Rush Limbaugh; Oprah; Charles Ferguson – Producer-Director-Writer No End In Sight; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Charles Knuff – 25 CIA veteran; 10 years with US Navy Intelligence; Mossad;; President Barack Obama; Cassidy – User Operations – Facebook
Subject: Food for thought-Each of us gets our just deserve 24/7 – JASON // 105 FACEBOOK

Jason, were you aware that there is a meltdown taking place in the monetary system around the world?

Disneyland is, however, here in the United States.

The fact that you are not alone in not being able to answer the two questions I put to you last Friday evening does not make you in the least bit smart.

In the time that has transpired do you have any idea of the damage that has been done in my quest to give peace a better chance?

Do you have any idea the swaggering that has been increasing with intensity by the “smart money” people throughout the world who while they have no loyalty to country, race, color, sex or religion which they know is one big distraction that they set up for the masses to chit chat about when not having babies and complaining about all the ills of the world, they are not altogether “stupid”.

They have even convinced themselves that if they have to return as a single cell creature or even a cancerous enzyme and to remain that way for eternity, they could care less because they wouldn’t know any different, but in the meantime they will live life here on earth to the very full and which includes being entertained by those foolish enough to do the “heavy lifting”.

What is it that you didn’t understand about each question?

Did you notice in Obama’s Wikipedia bio there is a photo of him and Senator Lugar with a caption below it.

Obama and U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) visit a Russian mobile launch missile dismantling facility in August 2005.

Do you remember me mentioning anything recently about Republican Senator Lugar asking Secretary of State Hilary Clinton why there are some 1 billion people on the planet who are not getting their basic food needs met given how we have the technology, the resources, etc etc, and Ms. Clinton who was a US Senator back then, simply sat in her chair and never said a word; not even, “I agree!!”

You recently told Marie and me how you battle to feed poor members of your very poor church and you got little if any response out of either Marie or me?

When Senator Lugar who I know nothing about asked that most important question he surely had the most excellent idea that Ms. Clinton wouldn’t “budge”.

Based on the fact that the 2 US Senators who didn’t vote to confirm Ms. Clinton as Sec. of State did not include Sen. Richard Lugar, then I assume he voted to confirm Senator Clinton as Sec. of State.

This begs the question of why ask a question when you know what the answer is going to be.

The bigger question of course is why vote for someone who refuses to answer your most important question ever put to an elected or non-elected US Government official?

In other words, I am unimpressed with your count.

Try asking them all the two questions and being pretty assured you won’t get any response.

Go back to what Senator Lugar did and tell me if you come up with the right conclusion that if the US got rid of world hunger which it could do well within 24 hours, it would be the United States not Great Britain on the verge of bankruptcy.

In fact China alone could feed the entire world but with food in everyone’s belly the only other requirement is clean drinking water which also is no problem but the big problem is what do you do with the out-of-control military economy of the United States?

Senator Clinton is not so stupid. She is simply evil.

The fact that she is not alone and has a whole bunch of supporters simply makes those supporters no less evil.

BTW, how are you doing with your list of Trust-Hush-Fund kids who are members of your very poor congregation?

Isn’t life so much fun, one box of chocolates?

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

Spoon-feed, spoon-feed, spoon-feed.

You do understand that only very stupid people and/or very corrupt people can “believe” in God, because a smart God would want to know why they feel the need to “believe” versus “know” that only a most smart and vengeful God takes His-Her vengeance 24/7 on those who choose to do stupid things like ignore the suffering of others.

How often does it occur to you that each of us gets our just deserve 24/7.

Time to hit the surf.

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From: J R []
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 10:35 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: JASON // 105 FACEBOOK




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