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Give it your best shot.

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 15, 2012 5:12:18 PM PST
To: “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.”
Cc: rest; Cyndi Lauper , Vice President Dan Quayle , Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School , Lynne Zimet , raye anne marks , Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones , Doctors Without Borders c/o Miriam Ross – Survival International , terry gevisser , “Addy Cohen – wife of Syd Cohen [1921 – 2011] South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , “Larry Summers – former President Harvard and key male player in Inside Job. Harvard” ,, “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” , “Joe “Could I stop you?” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School” , Tefo Mohapi , Augusto Benito Vargis Vargis , Guy Friedman – vintage , Terry Samples – former US Air Force Fighter Pilot , “Raye Moelemi – victim of Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples” , “Lawrence Moses – victim of Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples” , “David Bellavia – US Soldier nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now blowing the whistle on Operation Sparkling.” , “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration.” , “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” , Jeffrey Krinsk , Rose Tchang-Sun Yat-sen , Ivan Oshry , “Adele Strous “Im not interested in history of Israel” Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” , “Dr. Daniel Ellsberg – In March 1971 leaked Pentagon Papers that his boss Offense/Defense Minister McNamara authorized in June 1967, the same time McNamara and company placed the USS Liberty spy ship in harms way Sinai Peninsula – c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation” ,, Brazil Embassy – USA ,, “JOÃO DE VALLERA – Portuguese Ambassador to the US.” , Chinese Embassy – USA , “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” ,, “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan.” , “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted successfully Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney Scooter Libby.” Subject: “Give it your best shot” – Glenn Hubbard – Re: Continuing…. Terrible torture


You look at economists in whole different light once you watch Inside Job.

They are all just a bunch of crooks. (Mango is shaking a little right now. He must have heard Lynne Zimet who is on my $ HIT list telling me on the phone earlier that without having to raise a whole bunch of cash in her fist yesterday, she got a compliment from a young man who she also said was very good looking. Of course I never called up Lynne, but she likes the idea of calling our cell phone once in a while rather than use email which she does very well when it suits her, and I assume it is just to see if she cannot shmooze me than to at least get me riled up.)

Martin Wolf who joined the World Bank that is the sister bank of the International Monetary Fund that is owned and operated by the US Federal Reserve and its sister bank the South African Reserve bank which like every bank in the western world is controlled by the German-South African Oppenheimer family who emerged after World War I and II more powerful and richer than at the start, has a lot to say in Inside Job, but the best was that one American economist Glenn Hubbard who when caught with his pants down, and totally exacerbated, finally showed his most venomous fangs, “You have 3 minutes left, give it your best shot”, and the most brilliant piece of editing by producer-director Ferguson and his team was not coming back to Hubbard as his words resonated with the audience until their dying day; at least that is my hope and prayers.

If any of you are allowed any form of salvation it would in my mind defeat the power of our Almighty Smart God who should of course continue to show his strongest presence in the minds of those of us most mindful; and the fact that the most mindful of the people I have ever known have long lost their minds changes nothing about the genius workings of God, who force all the increasingly exposed corrupt to rely on absolute logic to function, and that means continuing to convince those in their inner circle beginning with corrupted family members not to abandon their belief in family loyalty.

(Would you agree that there is nothing more ugly than the mouth of a woman who has lost her femininity, apart from a male who has lost their body and increasingly afraid that their favorite prostitute won’t accept their money?)

Notice how I keep leaving the Peoples Republic of Communist China out of your thinking because every day that you delay speaking about what Henry Kissinger was doing in China in July 1971 the month before President Nixon announced that the US was going officially off the Gold Standard, you know that you are not convincing the 1.5 billion strong Chinese and their brothers and sisters spread throughout the world and continuing like the Israelis to set the scholastic levels wherever they travel, just because you continue to engage in small talk.

It is easy to tell from people who are active on social networks like Facebook what makes them tick especially when they go silent.

Here is a puzzle for all of you to solve and be rewarded with a grain of gold for the winner. Of all the many people mentioned in INSIDE JOB which one of them do you think has responded the most positive to my question,

I have the inside scoop that was not covered in Inside Job.

Are you interested to hear it?

For another grain of gold can you tell me what you think was the most important thing not covered in Inside Job?

That sinking feeling you all felt inside your bodies should remind you most of all that you are not that smart to have figured out the complexities of the brain structure that allows so many complex decisions to be made that affects the entire world including our environment even if your plan this afternoon is not to drop a big bomb in Jerusalem. Just deciding to drink right now a glass of fresh water may have you deciding that much smarter on what you eat this evening that will improve your performance the next time your either piss or defecate and that less stench might improve the overall performance of those family members and friends who are rewarded for your mindfulness.

Of course you are all waiting for that one cataclysmic event to take place before you are forced to change your evil ways, but it might not happen the way you think.

I know much better the way the Chinese think than I do corrupt westerners even though I have lived all my life amongst the most wretched peoples God ever placed on this planet while balancing their evil with gifting them the lead role in discovering technology to improve most of all the speed in which we communicate.

I am most aware of how much writing you all have had to read in order to get to this point as I also perfectly understand how the very smartest of you think because I have worked intimately closely with the smartest people in the world with not one of them thinking I was close to nuts.

The fact that you all continue to count on your corrupt judiciary to label me a defamer and hit me with a $4 million DEATH SENTENCE is of course your trap.

No one forced you to be so indifferent and nor can any of you say that you are taking a “hands off” approach because you feel the need to protect your family.

I have of course more than one communication going on right now including my follow up to Terry Samples who along with his wife Rebecca are most likely spending today continuing to scramble for more money as they also know this financial house of cards could come tumbling down in the next moment; and of course, Terry is starting to feel better about himself as he sees those he defrauded starting to back off once they better understood the corruption of the US Government who offer the citizens of the United States no choice in either our elected or non-elected leaders, and something I first got my head around the hypocrisy of Americans who said that they tolerated the heinous Apartheid Laws of the South African National Party that came to power 11 days after the US Government expected the fledgling State of Israel to be wiped out by sunset on its first official day of war in its first war of survival, May 15, 1948, because there was this Cold War going on with the Soviet Union at the same time the US was waging its “In Defense of our south east Asia policy” to stem the growth of Chinese communism, but in the meantime the mineral richest person in the world happened to be American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. who openly supported his South African Apartheid Regime.

Apart from those who may have intercepted my emails over the past 24 hours, only my French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser is aware of my communications with those intimately associated with the Inside Job where the biggest crooks went on to be rewarded in the Obama administration and you remember what lawyer Obama had to say about how he was going to punish Wall Street and their huge bonuses.

At 10:21 am today I responded to this one individual who was most eager to hear what I had to say about the story behind Inside Job. Be assured this individual has the power to end this 4 generation old House of Cards in the very next instant because my 707 word response left little and nothing to the imagination other than this person would still most likely have to figure out who I am given how I used an alias email address which you know it is impossible to block.

At 3:28 pm yesterday, using the same email address that again I have not shared with anyone else I opened up a dialogue with a grandson of one of my former multi-billionaire clients. That dialogue is continuing.

(That individual is blind copied on this communique. [Interesting to say the least] were he to share our communications with his entire family who know me well but nowhere near as well as I know them which is why his grandfather trusted me with overseeing his international investments even when I pointed out that his wife who I also knew well couldn’t be responsible for his sperm having produced such dumb ass individuals since she was very bright and telling her husband to take my advice which he mostly did, and each time he did, he was rewarded and each time he didn’t he was severely punished, and today instead of being worth a measly $5 billion which is what I guesstimate based on the last phone call we had when he began the conversation after not hearing from me in close to a decade and nor did I give my name, “Gevisser I should have listened to you”, he would be the richest non-Oppenheimer in the world. You would also know given how people like you are helping getting the information out, the Oppenheimers have for the first time since taking control of the world resources beginning officially in 1929 when the US Congress failed to object to Sir Ernest Oppenheimer becoming the Chairman of the Board of both De Beers and its sister corporation Anglo American Corporation, telling the world that worthless cash of $5.1 billion which is what they say they got paid for their remaining 40% interest in De Beers, was more important than being in control of the world’s precious resources beginning with water. The Oppenheimers were of course lying but they felt the need to make such a very desperate move because they were increasingly worried that their common herd middle class; i.e. you and everyone copied who is not an Oppenheimer, were beginning to question how much you could all continue to trust their monopoly money beginning with the US $ as the scarce resource.)

So tell me about what your trip to California next month is all about?

How much time should Marie and I set aside for your speech?

Just because you live in the past and think that nothing will change as you keep remembering that the almost 40 million page views we have had at since mid-May 2009 has not resulted in a single journalist writing a story about me, must now have you thinking that instead of your Gestapo Government managing to have me killed, this one individual from Inside Job who I can assure you is not Ferguson because I have already heard from his one lawyer friend who right now would prefer that he had not responded because he also knows that just like our communications are permanently digitalized so is his performance on Inside Job where he looks like one of the “good guys”, could easily decide to be different; and if not and you have decided to stop censoring the information you are providing to your 3 children then one of them might decide the time is right to do the right thing rather than being your slave.

You have tried hard to diffuse my attack on your status quo establishment when thinking there is nothing wrong with distraction because you were raised half the time by a lawyer father which you did not choose; and of course you have to be asking yourself why it is that you were so punished for what you did in a previous lifetime.

I am continuously proving that God exists which I know does not sit well with a single person I know even those who can follow along everything that is going on because they keep asking themselves how it is that they weren’t able to logically work out on their own how one family that has no nobel laureates for science, math, logic, economics, peace blah blah could decide on the next superpower simply because they have the goods on all the most important elected and non-elected government officials; and when you have the artists silent, you also have to question their art, don’t you think?

You all also know that if it were not for my connection with the German-American Engelhard family none of you would have been any the wiser.

Worse is the fact that you cannot get over how I continue to have the courage to keep speaking out against all of you who are in the same boat and you all know that the only thing different about you because none of you have an original thought of your own is the different amount of money that each of you is worth as you continue to translate all your wealth into money terms.

You keep wanting to believe that no God could exist that could allow for example the brutality of the 6 million Jewish Holocaust until you realize how much more evil you would all be today if those 6 million had survived and produce das many children as the average black hatter placing that much more pressure on the limited resources.

Nor does your argument that they would have turned out smarter than all of you combined hold any water.

You are all living in the past but in the meantime I continue forward.

Nor am I obligated to tell you what else I have been doing since last posting up on your facebook wall.

I began writing this response to your Christmas Day-Hannukah greeting on December 27th which I reference in my comments to your applauding the nobody Ron Paul candidate for President who you hoped was the next Messiah and nor were you bothered that he was white just so long as he didn’t support the military by reducing the amount paid to US military contractors lthat allow them so much free time to gallivant around the world and while choosing subject matter for Sebastian Capella to next paint on his canvas can also choose the ideal hot spot in the world to start another Holy War.

American war hero Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples disastrously fast fall from grace is of course what troubles you most because you are able to predict the fallout that you first picked up when his victims such as Larry Moses showed that it was the principle rather than the money he had defrauded them which got their backs ups starting with his Godly preaching Christmas Card sent on Christmas Day not only to the likes of his big name rock music superstar Cindy Lauper hero-worshipper but his list included his victims who were clueless about me and my social cause which Smilin Sam had latched on to and believing that it would prove out to be his gravy train and fix all his financial problems without having to go cap in hand to Cyndi Lauper who Smilin Sam estimates has a net worth of upwards of $100 million and Cyndi has made it perfectly clear to everyone around her including her pretty big name actor husband that she would give Smilin Sam the entire amount if he were to simply ask.

You all forget who am I and like I judge you, so you should judge me by my clients starting with those most adversarial, and then to ask them why, and not accept an answer such as, “Gary, tells it the way it is” unless you know they are trying to buy your silence.

Just because you are a celebrity does not mean that you are enlightened.

That has to be your goal, otherwise why bother with someone like Ron Paul who is not as good looking or sexy as Cyndi Lauper, and he is also a whole lot older.

Is it because it is so easy access to American politicians if you show them the money or are you starting to use your father’s name more since you know he is getting older and soon won’t be practicing law which you know has no foundation in what is just.

Do you remember the day when either of your parents told you that fairytales can be made into a reality just so long as the lie is big enough for the Oppenheimers’ middle class to buy into and then to begin having big families because they noticed how much poison food they could put on the table for so little money?

It is not like a celebrity is more special.

What is important is public perception.

With the fall of most accomplished war hero Smilin Sam who describes himself as a “Fundamentalist Christian” so it brings into clear focus the “true colors” of the right wing religious who oppose anything to do with Gay and Lesbian rights.

The fact that most gays and lesbians have enough common sense not to bring more unwanted children into this world until such time as we have the merit system permanently in place, because they know that their children would be first of all mocked at school and their children having little and no defense at those young impressionable ages, and their parents knowing their children also never asked to be born, the onus is now on Gay and Lesbian Rights advocates like Cyndi Lauper to expose the hypocrisy of those like Smilin Sam and his wife Rebecca who has been at loggerheads with Cyndi since day one, with just a few moments of civility.

I continue to stick to my agreement with Cyndi Lauper not to divulge our private conversations but she also knows that I never agreed to keep private the emails including videos that she and her husband have sent Smilin Sam and Rebecca which they in turn sent me without any request that I keep it private, as it becomes that much clearer they were using their connection with this music rock superstar who wasn’t known to Lawrence Moses and most of his generation to ingratiate themselves that much more with Marie and me who found all of it rather infantile other than Cyndi Lauper can write really well when she puts her mind to it.

But of course with her “fallen star” comes all the wrecked lives all over the world which could have long ended had Cyndi already begun her one of a kind Reality TV show which begins by explaining why it is that no Hollywood celebrity talks about either the pay of our soldiers or the impact on their psyche once they find out that they have killed a whole bunch of people including those shot in very close quarters, and they have been on the wrong side, because they are the wrong side and which they would have known by simply listening to the words of someone like Dr. Daniel Ellsberg and then following the money trail beginning when he leaked the Pentagon Papers which the the Pentagon wanted leaked to the New York Times in March 1971 which not coincidentally took place in the same month and year that German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. was assassinated.

Just because you are brainwashed to believe that newspapers compete for the truth does not mean that the editors of the New York Times were not talking with Pentagon officials and others working for the Oppenheimers prior to June 13, 1971 when the Times published the first of nine excerpts and commentaries on the 7,000 page collection.

You have not forgotten that President Nixon was not the only corrupted US Government official who felt that he could not trust the CIA to find out from my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser if there was any “foul play” with Engelhard’s death and why Nixon had a Hungarian countess make contact with David Gevisser who immediately following knew that he had also Harry Oppenheimer by the short-hairs given how at the time David Gevisser believed that Harry Oppenheimer was far better politically connected.

You know that I have long stopped writing for the benefit one individual in order to serve better the whole of humanity who can only change the clearly designed regression by coming together as one.

I am of course not in the least bit concerned about the future of humanity should this one individual from Inside Job decide that it will have to be someone else who decides to fight the right fight; and of course, before going to sleep this evening if I have not heard back then I will share a little more information including very possibly this email or excerpts.

You recall me mentioning that the Pentagon wanted the Pentagon Papers released. This is not the first email where I have made crystal clear the obvious if only you were born with sufficient common sense which again you can only take up with God when the time is appropriate and to always remember that you have your father to blame if you only have half a brain because the father’s only purpose is to provide half of the brain as the woman provides not only half the brain but all the rest of the logic which one sees vividly in the woman’s ability to far outperform the male when it comes to multi-tasking, unless of course when they become male as they lose their femininity and their body takes on the look of their fat diseased TALKATIVE male partner.

A strong mind says never think money is more important than losing the body portion of the body-mind that is responsible for feeding the mind with the required nourishment.

The mind says why it is that all hot blooded heterosexual males have a natural dislike for fat; and when finding out that they have zero in the coco, so they should work out that much more in order to be attractive to a mind-body perfect shape like my wife who shows she most cares for me by making certain I eat the same healthy fresh fruit and vegetable medicine food.

I just want you to know that those are not rolls of fat under my shirt this morning

I know that this out of this world delicious food which everyone in the world could easily wake up to each day, along with our same smiles, and of course there are photos of Marie showing her perfect sculptured body that might be used for her next nude painting by Sebastian Capella which I don’t have permission to broadcast, is not quite the sensation you experience beginning with your mouth drooling from eating a steak with God commanding your thoughts that much more that you are God’s Little Animal Friends that you eat.

Do you think it is just a coincidence that Marie and I look and feel so healthy versus the rest of you who are mostly much younger than us?

Do you ever think about what someone like Nixon was thinking during the 15 days following the initial release of the Pentagon Papers when the Times was prevented from publishing its articles by court order requested by the Nixon administration?

Do you think it was because Nixon was a liar-lawyer that he couldn’t figure out that if Ellsberg failed to leak the documents to The Washington Post and 17 other newspapers, they would have found someone else?

What were you doing in mid-1971 apart from your parents poisoning you with rotten food?

I was pretty much in the same boat except that our meat was blessed by hypocrite Rabbi, Professor Abner Weiss who barmitzvahed me the year before, the same year that my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser became the Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa that controlled the world supply of platinum, not because there was a big market for this mineral where 80% was mined in South Africa because at the time there was no market, but for Engelhard to let everyone in the world who had even half a brain know that he owned the 3 Branches of the US Government lock, stock and barrel.

You know I have explained now numerous times the importance of an American industrialist, a virulent anti-Semite inheriting the title, Platinum King in 1950 when his father of the same name died; and that title was the equivalent of King Leopold of Belgian owning the US protectorate Belgian Congo who supplied Hitler with the Oppenheimers’ diamonds to build his military machine all the while the Germans who did not curry favor with Hitler starved and happy to blame the Jewish people because that is all Hitler kept naming in his so acted temper tantrum speeches.

Platinum King when most people hadn’t even heard the word platinum?

[It was most important] to the other monopolists like the Rockefellers who were much slower than Charles W. Engelhard Jr. to make good on the Jewish people throughout the world who had been “softened up” by not only The Holocaust, but much worse all the News Reels showing Jewish people as pitiful victims who couldn’t even hold themselves up when being liberated at the death factories despite still having skin draped over their bones and those still able to breath, kept breathing.

You know that I was not born in Auschwitz, the same with either of my parents and grandparents.

I have never bought into the Holocaust Memorial Museums for one moment once I visited the first and noticed that there was no mention on the placards of the donors a list of those families who came out of The Holocaust smelling like a rose.

Platinum King most of all meant that you owned Apartheid South Africa and all the Jewish South African leadership who were not appalled by the two-faced US Congress giving sanctuary to their largest benefactor who sent, not their platinum bribes, but rather their gold bullion payoffs to Hong Kong well before Nixon announced on August 15, 1971 that by going off the Gold Standard he was going to be punishing Jewish international money speculators; although he did not use the word Jewish, but you know not only from reading my “lucky uncle” Dave’s 2006 memoirs, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, that he was only thinking the name David Gevisser because of course Nixon knew that the Oppenheimers and Engelhards had long given up their Judaism in favor of the easy to forgive Christiandom.

Just like you have failed to confirm or refute that Defense Secretary Dick Cheney had the Oppenheimers’ diamonds placed in the ejection seats of American fighter aircraft in May 1991, you have yet to give your opinion on Nixon’s speech which did not stop Americans from being able to import goods made in China and then to help the US’ Gross Domestic Product index to have American and other bought economists say there was nothing wrong in marking up those goods in order to increase the GDP of the US which would mean to only those with half a brain that the economy of the US was doing well when compared to the slave nations especially those with mineral resources that the US wanted who had to sell to US appointed industrialists at less than the marked up prices.

Yet you were all intelligent enough to have children.

Mazeltov. You must now consider yourselves God’s children because you have your own confirmation that you couldn’t possibly have a brain that could be so utterly stupid.

Your religious awakening should be rejoiced that much more given how without me explaining it all the way I would to the biggest imbecile I could possibly imagine, not one of you would have got it.

And I mean each and every one of you political science as well as English majors who for 4 generations have taken yourselves so seriously.

Are you serious or delirious?

What exactly motivates you to live on given how none of you care about the downtrodden poor and all you can look forward to is your increasingly rotting bodies enjoying increasingly less your last meals as you know few and none of you are going to change your eating habits because even if you get to think much smarter you know that you cannot overcome the thoughts of for so many of you to be so stupid, such odds do more than suggest that the Hand of God is meting out your punishment.

If you were only hearing about Engelhard today for the first time, then of course you can be excused; but that is not the case with most of you including the Oppenheimers’ top echelon who have known the truth long before I was born, the same with all those they have bought to keep you all increasingly stupid.

You know that if it was just one generation of you then maybe you could argue that the lack of the internet prevented you from sharing this information. The fact that the Internet has now been available since the early 90s must of course make you all sick to your stomachs. That is not to say you should all suddenly stop eating because first of all God knows that dying of starvation while not more painful from thirst which is the Oppenheimers preferred killing method in their mineral rich countries, second of course to war, can take as long as 10 days.

I have stopped asking myself how terrible it must be live in the skin of a murderer let alone each of you being more mass murderers than Hitler given all the genocides that have followed and continue at this very moment just because you selfish bastards want to facilitate the Oppenheimers continuing to cover their tracks.

Just imagine, without Engelhard first taking a controlling interest in our ACME Timber where David Gevisser worked, I would have never have known the name Engelhard or being able to connect up the missing the gaps in Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book.

You notice that my 3 elder siblings and great many cousins including David Gevisser’s 4 sons remain awfully quiet, the same with all our parents which does not mean that they have lost their hearing or become mute.

Engelhard couldn’t get enough of either the anti-Semitic Kennedys or American Nazi lover, Wallis Simpson and her husband, the equally anti-Semitic abdicated King of England at his dinner table and to top it off Engelhard had his Jewish Kapo-sellout David Gevisser seated right next to Wallis Simpson, none of which was lost for a moment on the long memory Mossad.

If you were the head of Israel’s most brutal Foreign Intelligence Institute how much would you pay to make sure that no Israeli child went to sleep hungry?

What if the Mossad is bought by the same special interest groups who give us Americans no choice in our candidates?

Can you tell from the photo above who Larry Summers with the back of his head to the camera is talking to?

Let me make it much easier for you.

You know that on January 20, 2009 Barak Obama became President. That means the photo above was taken after because you wouldn’t expect his predecessor George W. Bush Jr. to rent out the Oval Office just for a photo shoot.

Please don’t feel the need to come back with a snide remark. The time for you informing me that you wanted to be the next Jonny Carson has long since passed.

You can tell that the wallpaper behind Putin and Nicholas Oppenheimer is not the same as the Oval Office because Oppenheimer had Putin visiting with him in Johannesburg, South Africa when that “speaks for itself” photo was taken on September 5-6th, 2006 which the Oppenheimers continue to spotlight on their De Beers’ Wikipedia profile as well as the very little text and no other photo on Oppenheimer’s profile.

Notice that there is not a photo of Abraham Lincoln behind Oppenheimer and Putin who could care less who was President of the United States at the time, just so long as their bought and paid for economists pushed the most utterly nonsense derivatives on the American public and to really shove it to them to have the first bailout monies given to AIG be used to pay off Goldman Sachs whose officials profited the most from this fraud of frauds as Goldman Sachs profited each time they had one of their customers buy a worthless financial instrument that they were betting would become worthless and because they insured the loss with AIG then AIG was duty bound by their insurance contracts to pay off Goldman Sachs executives who committed the frauds and the US Government saying that AIG, since it was also now government owned, couldn’t sue Goldman Sachs for fraud; and of course all those top executives who sponsored all these nonsense financial instruments were already in the Executive Branch of the US Government or like Summers soon to be rewarded time and again.

But that fraud of course does not touch sides with the fraud of the Oppenheimers, not even close, other than it helps perpetuate the coverup that at its core is the out of control breeding of the poor and then to genocide the poor either through war or poverty.

You were, if I recall, still 7 on June 30, 1971 when the Supreme Court ordered publication of the Times to resume freely (New York Times Co. v. United States), and therefore you couldn’t be faulted at the time for having your mind on other things.

You are today an adult with 3 children who should all be able to understand what is death and suffering.

When Wikipedia report “Although the Times did not reveal Ellsberg as their source, he went into hiding for 13 days afterwards, suspecting that the evidence would point to him as the source of the unauthorized release of the study” would any of your children or 582 other FB “friends” know today the right questions to ask?

BTW, I noticed that you have now lost another FB “friend”. Did they first tell you why?

Instead of thinking that there cannot be a God, think if there is a God. What would God be commanding you to do at this time?

Notice that the “fallout” that continues to be reported mentions nothing about Henry Kissinger’s not in the least bit secret trip to China the next month or the month following, Nixon doing the bidding of the Oppenheimers who now owned all of Engelhard’s South African assets including his title, Platinum King.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia: Daniel Ellsberg:

The release of these papers was politically embarrassing not only to those involved in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations but also to the incumbent Nixon administration. Nixon’s Oval Office tape from June 14, 1972, shows H. R. Haldeman describing the situation to Nixon:
“Rumsfeld was making this point this morning… To the ordinary guy, all this is a bunch of gobbledygook. But out of the gobbledygook comes a very clear thing…. It shows that people do things the president wants to do even though it’s wrong, and the president can be wrong.”

That Rumsfeld was Donald Rumsfeld who back then was Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (1969-1971).

You know the name John Mitchell not just from reading THE UNLIKELY FORESTER.

Tell me if you recognize the person in the middle of the photo

with Rumsfeld on the left and Cheney on the right?

Cheney didn’t quite have the stomach then, did he?

There was a lot suing going on back and forth and your research will tell you that the Times eventually won the trial before the Supreme Court, prior to that, an appellate court ordered that the Times temporarily halt further publication. This was the first time the federal government was able to restrain the publication of a major newspaper since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln during the U.S. Civil War. Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers to seventeen other newspapers in rapid succession. The right of the press to publish the papers was upheld in New York Times Co. v. United States. The Supreme Court ruling has been called one of the “modern pillars” of First Amendment rights with respect to freedom of the press.

Had you forgotten that just because I can converse on the phone with a nobody like Lynne Zymet, I have the most fraudulent $4 million DEATH SENTENCE hanging over me that not one of you have lifted a finger to decry, and yet you know that there is not a particle of my body that is as dumb as all of you combined?

Wikipedia also tells you that as a response to the leaks, the Nixon administration began a campaign against further leaks and against Ellsberg personally. Aides Egil Krogh and David Young, under the supervision of John Ehrlichman, created the “White House Plumbers”, which would later lead to the Watergate burglaries.

Have you ever in your entire life felt “checkmated” when you know that for there to so many fucking stupid people that have not only raised you but educated you by appointing the most corrupt people possible to head up your genocide of the poor while you benefitted from their murders and the slave labor of those spared and forced to live the most wretched lives, it must only mean there is one extraordinarily brilliant superhuman force that in the next instant could end all this nonsense, but God holds each of you retards back because he has imbedded deep in your lost souls your out of control egos?

Still you are thinking money.

Keep thinking money.

Gold last trading in the Hong Kong market at $1635 a troy ounce.

The Chinese government have yet to ban the sale of all diamonds throughout China.

The US Government has yet to explain to its 300 million citizens who exactly Nixon and the US Congress were punishing, apart from the Chinese, when rewarding the Oppenheimers by going officially off the Gold Standard.

You can understand why someone like Cyndi Lauper doesn’t think in broadstrokes; not able to track say as well as me the day to day minutia which would have been first nature to someone like Top Gun of Top Gun US Air Force Fighter Pilot Terry Samples before he was corrupted; and only he would be able to tell you exactly when that occurred.

Each of us is compelled including those fat diseased TALKATIVE amongst us to reflect on ourselves each time we look in the mirror and of course the ugliest bodies who don’t have that good feeling when kids shy away from them without feeling the need to say a word, kid themselves that they love their self-indulgent inner-self, and of course it is the sickest who God has them finding religion where they cannot possibly find sanctuary, especially once reading my logic.

I am still waiting for Smilin Sam to put me in touch with his one Texas lawyer-writer who he says has been fighting social injustice for 12 years, and her big push now is to expose those who are against capitalism.

Yes, what Christian-Jewish God would support the words, IN GOD WE TRUST on the money that is backed up 100% by the ability of the US to intimidate other nations and where the bulk of the spoils of mass genocide wars stays with the Oppenheimers who simply have their US banker-politician lawmakers make sure there are plenty of open spaces throughout the United States to compliment the lack of industry chimney stacks which are exported to our slave nations?

Not one lawyer anywhere in the world has even come close to offering their services to me pro-bono because they understand that capitalism whose foundation is monopolistic practices promotes charities that do much more than assuage the guilt of our monopolist dictators who appoint clowns to govern everywhere and have the people feeling helpless, hopeless and defeated; all the while pushing the word “God” like there was no tomorrow.

Just because words and Hollywood lights move people to do wrong, does not mean they stand a chance against the Forces of Nature.

I would bet just one Force of Nature against all the world’s corrupt even if it were for just a single moment, because perfect Mother Nature wins every bet.

Your body knows what it is like to feel like a loser, as well as a winner.

That good as well as bad feeling cannot be explained in computer code.

It is all so very silent.

Unaccomplished humans do not care for one another.

Name me one person you know who cares for another person, apart from Marie and me. (That was not a serious study. You are depressed enough.)

As you know, recently I didn’t have computer internet connection for several days, but that didn’t mean I was out of touch; quite the contrary, besides for being very close to my very in-tune walkin-talkin work-of-art exotic, so perfectly precise and perfectly toned body French-Canadian wife who also does not need any support from the herd, my iphone allowing email networking worked just fine.

The best was an artist painter who called during the downtime of my Macbook Pro, not only to reveal more of herself including how I had ruined her Christmas Day starting on Christmas Eve when for the first time in her life she found herself entirely alone which didn’t stop her from drinking herself paralytic, but shudder when I answered her opening question, “What’s happening?” with “The corrupt are waking up painfully”, and she, like Lynne Zymet, who has an answer for everything didn’t know what to say, as she knows she got all those most important iphone messages ending with “Run on diamonds” because if she had opened her mouth one more time I would have asked if she in all her time contemplating her navel, had figured what was the fair wage to pay the lowest paid American soldier?

Of course no one, other than Marie and me who don’t have children in the military, want to go there; and soon I will share with you why it is that no westerner other than the most accomplished will answer the question, “Do you believe in God?” because of course they do not believe in God, and which you know I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, but that could of course all change were the family conscious Chinese to decide to take more of a lead role.

Now pull out your American flag and stand at attention. Assume President Obama is calling you on a speaker phone, and is repeating the Oppenheimer’s President John F. Kennedy’s famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

Obama you all know is even a bigger puppet because you perfectly understand that the gun-money diamond power of the Oppenheimers and their nonsense Wall Street including all their corrupted grass roots organizations around the world without you being able to name a single honest one beginning with Survival International – CLICK HERE – who of course refuse to answer any of my questions, has increased each moment ever since Harry Oppenheimer met with President elect John F. Kennedy at the Carlyle Hotel.

Remember how quickly you all got over seeing Harmless-UNarmed man with his festering sore stump of a right arm giving the salute with the American flag draped over his shorts, here is one that both Major Sam and I ran across on January 4 at around 2:40 PM near the Grossmont Shopping Center where we met for one of our funniest meetings.


Try it again.


Deep breath now.


Similar to the reaction of Addy Cohen, wife of Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen when I shared with her, “Im not interested in history of Israel” the words of Adele Strous Clingman whose husband like Marc Rich is a CIA designated oil trader who can only lose if they get too cocky with the Oppenheimers.

Take a break in this emotional exercise to view an Israeli Fighter Pilot flying his F15 E with only one wing (1983) – CLICK HERE.

What you will not have thought to ask after finding yourself mesmerized about a number of things including how the fighter pilot and more senior commanding officers speaking perfect English, is why would Israel share this knowledge with the US as you know how very upset was President Ronald W. Reagan and his inner circle following the decision by Israel to take out the Iraqi nuclear power plant in mid-1981.

He wasn’t just landing at twice the normal landing speed and you can only imagine how hot was his engines, but the plane was still on its wheels.

Would you want to go up against an Israeli Fighter Pilot even when knowing this one Israeli Fighter Pilot had to wait several minutes before exiting the cockpit in order for his legs to stop shaking?

When last do you recall Americans standing on US soil watching aerial combat and in a matter of 48 hours 40 enemy aircraft are downed?

There you are putting up on your Facebook wall all this military stuff and boy men with their big guns looking so bravado, and yet you are all clueless about how the real world is all about taking no prisoners of war.

Yes, let me spoon feed you. Guantanamo Bay atrocities were a very carefully orchestrated smoke screen to make you feel good that we Americans care about things like the Geneva Convention which didn’t prevent the out of control US military-industrial-complex led by the Oppenheimers from arming Nazi Germany and at the same time all the documentaries-movies that followed showed the US and its allies having to play catch up.

Remember South African Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts who quickly following his death on September 11, 1950 began being written out of the history books given his strong support of Israel as well as his public outrage about the west doing little and nothing to stop the massacring in China going back to September 1938, the same month and year Harry Oppenheimer bought all of Madison Avenue [CLICK HERE], advocated that immediately following the second Battle of El Alamein that ended on 11.11.1942, 62 years to the day before I broke my silence with the architects and principal profiteers of The Holocaust which is all that World War II was about, the Allies finish off the Nazis by continuing the surge through Italy before the Nazi military machine could gather itself together, and while Churchill fully understood the logical thinking of the greatest military strategist of all time, and whose enlightenment we could do with now, Churchill was not about to upset President Roosevelt who did nothing about chopping off Sir Ernest Oppenheimer’s head following Oppenheimer’s decision to refuse Roosevelt’s order to stockpile 6.3 million carats of industrial diamonds on US soil because this action by the Oppenheimers was principally designed to let Commanding Officers like Smuts know that any interference with the backing of both sides by the world’s western monopolists would not be tolerated.

What have you taught your 3 children about what “tolerance” means to the Oppenheimers and those they have bought?

Do you think Chinese Embassy officials who have been copied on my emails for quite some time have thought it important to share my writings with President Hu?

Do you think President Hu just chalks it down to coincidence that I am friends with Rose Tchang-Sun Yat-sen who visited with President Hu this past December to celebrate the centennial of her grandfather’s revolution of 1911?

Adele, who is also well-known to Ivan Oshry is of course a born and bred Jewish South African who would not have needed to read Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book to know that the Oppenheimers do not mean the Jewish people well, at least not those they have yet to corrupt.

Now close your eyes and just imagine what Major Sam and I saw.

A kid, tall, lean, clean, white, about 20 perhaps a little older, hard to tell because he had that just enough of a depressed look that got you thinking something is very seriously wrong. He was holding one of those signs, “HOMELESS”.

Common sense would say, “To give him a couple of dollars would only make you feel better about yourself”.

Giving money is very superficial.

How come everyone is so superficial?

Common sense tells us that if we eat dog feces after smelling a dog’s butt not even dogs do that, even if they eat horse manure or a coyotes feces.

The Oppenheimers who are very unremarkable people have interferred with the common sense of westerners for a century now, and that is a hard habit to break.

Also remember I was not brought up in a household where my parents kept a statue of the great Jan Smuts which is not to say that those Jewish people who did were wrong.

Smuts did not support the US Government’s Apartheid Regime because he opposed them with all his might. He was the one who lost the election and he could see that while Harry Oppenheimer was a member of his United Party the Oppenheimers entire wealth was tied in with the theft of mineral rich lands and the passage of slave labor laws.

BTW, I have been trying to post on YouTube Damian completely paralytic after christmas drinking session! – CLICK HERE – the following:

“Where’s the light?”

Check out my blog on Right now your page views are 478.

Do you think in your next life you would still rather kill than pick your food?

BTW, I you can see one unedited version DEATH SENTENCE video very distracting Marie took of me the other day during a hike in the Cleveland National Forest – CLICK HERE., that while “less studied” than what you see on the website has all liars in its very slow delivery catching up that much faster with all their past lies.

Remember, those with the information and who have done little and nothing over the past 3 years ever since ex CIA Knuff filed his false charges apart from either hedging your bets when staying in contact with me or like the majority keeping silent, have been supporting the German-South African Oppenheimers brutal war on the poor of the world starting in mineral rich southern Africa; and of course you wouldn’t expect the so carefully choreographed tabloid media to break rank with the more serious looking mainstream media given how well each of you know they are one and the same, the same with the celebrities they cover.

Now go back and look at all your distracting nonsense postings up on your Facebook “wall”. You have the audacity to not only continuing to make reference to your medical doctor friend Ron Paul who you don’t dare challenge with the truth about foreigners beginning with the South African-German Oppenheimers buttering the bread of members of the US Congress ever since President Nixon announced on August 15, 1971 that the US was going off the Gold Standard in the most incomprehensible speech ever given up to that moment in time which only serves to highlight the hypocrisy of every political and economic speech since, but you throw up a whole bunch of bs about the ACLU without mentioning why they are so silent about the grave miscarriage of justice in my $4 million DEATH SENTENCE.

Devin, you never served in the US military.

Neither your mother nor your Harvard lawyer father served in the US military; the same with your brother and sister; and we hear nothing from you about how your 3 children feel about serving their country.

The fact that everyone else is showing that they are all about money with no loyalty to country, race or religion, does not change the fact that you perfectly understand what you are doing which is like everyone who has the information, just trying to make that much more money until you have sufficient money and stolen wealth that you begin preaching that you are not all about money.

It is time that you all woke up and understood that while you never learned at university about the effectiveness of using email communications to share the important truths of the day and for everyone who gets mine to be thinking that much more about who they know and/or depend upon in the future for their financial survival who have received a copy or forwarded from someone else who might also do it anonymously, and the world obviously getting the information, it didn’t mean that I would buy into any of your stupidity.

A great many of you have known since June 2006, that the Oppenheimers’ Lloyds of London Insurance have banned for 2 decades American citizens from investing in Lloyds without a single member of the media which includes Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, 60 Minutes, Hannity and Fox, Dr. Laura, John Stossel, Early Show, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, Oprah and company breathing a single word; and you all think that because you can fuck and make children that makes you a good parent?

Being a sperm donor or sperm recipient does not make you a good parent – Marie Dion Gevisser

it is important that 3 months later Nicholas Oppenheimer summoned Russian President Putin to Johannesburg for the single purpose of that most telling photo which explains to the world that not only is Russian mafia don Putin in the diamond business, but he remains subservient to Nicholas Oppenheimer who like his father and grandfather before him, never shared their wealth with American soldiers who did most of the heavy lifting when raping the mineral rich regions of the world.

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