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Gobble Gobble – Another conspiracy theory – Part II

Part I –

Why don’t you when you next wake up in the middle of night thinking of tasks you need to get done, email him and have him explain to you why, because he is the one who volunteers all the top secret work he does for our out of control military industrial complex, and if he is telling me, a total stranger other than I have the most open book website that is explaining all the corruption of the US military-industrial-complex throughout the world, then maybe he is telling you and if not you, why not, and still he must be telling other people he knows better than you and me, unless you think he might have been trying to set me up on an espionage charge?

You recall Lynne Zymet writing me that I was “nasty” because I had flushed her out.

You of course think you are much smarter than her, so why don’t we do a video lunch, just you, Kim, the Chief Executive Officer of General Atomics, me and her, the way I videoed Sebastian back on June 22, and lets see how the two of you, you and Lynne do against me, after sucking all the negative attention seeking energy out of each of you; better yet I promise to keep quiet as I let the digital camera keep rolling until either one of you says, “Cut” and the one who remained silent is the winner. Then we move on to Kim.

Go ahead and take as much time as you want, just as you read yesterday in my email to a rather sophisticated Los Angeles litigator who won a big victory for my one Jewish Iranian-Persian friend that took 9 years in the courts. Of course this gentleman is no match against someone like Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. who you also see in the cc section, and who of course finds this most entertaining, before going back to fact that he has yet to address the implications for his lifestyle by De Beers’ Lloyds of London Insurance prohibiting Americans citizens such as me, you, Lynne, Kim, the CEO of General Atomic and all the rest of us 300 million from investing in Lloyds which if you could, I bet the first thing you would do with the huge dividend check is buy yourself a Norwalk Juicer and a full time juicer.

Now tell me, would you choose out of the lineup I am working diligently on, a healthy looking, muscle ripping starting with the abdominals and who is also an expert raw-live organic vegetarian chef who took over the Greenery restaurant in Luecadia or a fat slob?

Yes, you would be discriminating if you didn’t hire the fat slob, but at the same time they could eat you out of house and hold before you know it, and that dividend check could dry up before the money is totally worthless, and you would not only be left with a juicer that you don’t have the energy to operate yourself, but right before you quit paying the slob she decides to slip and fall and sues.

Negative attention seekers attract negative energy absolutely.

Negative energy just wants to suck everything that comes into its orbit, which is one of the reasons God placed invisible gravity throughout the universe that we know, and to use our imaginations to ultimately see such logical genius in everything, which means you are no less than the ant that drowned in my pee yesterday that became an exercise hurdle for the ant I saw next walking right over it like it was a nothing.

Jeffrey R. Krinsk who would consider your first suggestion that I spend $400,000 an insult to his intelligence, but then again he knows it is your mind that is spewing forth such filth, not mine.

The only reason I have not been assassinated is because I have the most impeccable reputation that has not been diminished as I use all negative energy sent my way to do good.

You of course recall me mentioning time and again that before I broke my 24 year deafening silence with De Beers on 11.11.2004, I lined up my ducks as carefully as I knew how, and I knew that I had to be extra careful because my mother didn’t mince any words when letting me just weeks before, “ARE YOU NOT CONCERNED FOR YOUR LIFE!!. The only person I know who talks less than my mother is Marie, but nor does Marie make a living giving speeches to the most powerful businesspeople in the world which was never lost on De Beers who were watching my mother, her father, her half-brother, and their mother like hawks when they arrived in South Africa from England in late 1947 and spent the first 2 weeks at the 5 Star Mount Nelson Hotel nestled in the foothills of beautiful Table Mountain that Smuts would climb at least once a week whenever he was in Cape Town.

In 1947 Smuts was the man of the hour throughout the world. It was his military thinking that won the war and Winston Churchill rewarded him by handing over the secrets to the Atomic bomb.

Are you with me?

I am not asking you to be on my side, that is not possible.

I just want you to pay attention, and if your slip is showing, fix it later.

Smuts you know lost the South African General Election of May 26, 1948 only because this “King of the Jews” which again is the label his Nazi opponents gave him, had recognized the State of Israel two days before, which was his 78th birthday.

Most people throughout the world do special things on their birthday. That was quite a gift for very quiet Smuts who probably wrote more letters than anyone alive at the time, could have given us Jewish people. While his United Party which my mother’s half-brother Joe Ash would later become a prominent member of, lost and the Trojan Horse Harry Oppenheimer got elected, as a United Party member of course, because he and his father, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, head of De Beers had orchestrated Smuts defeat from the very moment they figured out he was not in their camp, Smuts won the popular vote which meant a great deal, much more than what meets the eye.

Smuts also controlled every aspect of South Africa’s military beginning with its one of a kind Air Force which my father and Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen were members of. Also alive at the time were the few remaining soldiers who had fought alongside Smuts in the Boer War of 1899-1902 when he first impressed Lord Admiral of the British Navy Winston Churchill. Just like Smuts’ children were very proud to serve in the South African army and also with great valor, but of course it was not possible to reach up the level of bravery of Smuts because that would have meant God was trying to diminish the importance of someone so important that the best and brightest all wanted to serve under, so did the children of his most loyal army officers.

In 1947 the images of the flesh and bones being bulldozed into trenches in the death factories of the Rockefellers and company were still very vivid. Everything had gone perfectly according to plan. The propagandists of our industrial-military-complex still show those newsreels which have us Jewish people looking so meek and weak, like lambs to the slaughter.

Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan that was founded in 1932 remains named after “Jew King” Smuts who knew just like his partner Ben-Gurion that enough Jewish people needed to be slaughtered for Israel to have any hope of existing, and once the US did the most unthinkable and drop 2 atomic weapons on a civilian population who had done the heavy lifting in crushing the Chinese where the merit system was strongest because it is an ancient art cultured hard working society where the people take care of their own and only have a government to organize a military to protect themselves from western invaders and their cronies, Smuts went to work, and he was not alone because he also had many important friends in the United States, and of course he knew most of them were spies and he kept up a dialogue with them also, wouldn’t you?

When you look at Newton’s writings and you may have difficulty, not because your contact lens are dripping with sweat and if so just be gentle not to stretch the skin around the eyes, but the math is only stra
ightforward if you can fully understand calculus which of course Smuts mastered. Smuts may have even been a greater mathematician than Newton but Smuts was very poor when he attended Cambridge University which didn’t mean the most powerful, the most mineral richest person in the world, Britisher Cecil Rhodes, founder of De Beers wouldn’t grab hold of the smartest person in the world; and while Smuts had his great differences with De Beers which resulted in the South African Boer War [1899-1902] and if there hadn’t been a war then Rhodes would have owned all of South Africa without Smuts and his fellow Boer-Farmer commanders after their defeat, which was heroically fought, coming back to win, not only the great admiration of the British, and most importantly the British mercenary soldiers who didn’t have their heart in it, especially once they realized that all the gold and diamonds was soon making their way to the United States which you don’t see in the history books of South Africa or the US for good reason, but the all important peace, and before then Smuts’ and his fellow commandos held on to their weapon systems, stayed vigilant and when the gold left South Africa they could see exactly who profiteered the most.

Smuts chose the British who also fought as fairly as they could, and knowing that if it was the American Cavalry In Arms [CIA] there would have been no need for concentration camps where there were no gas chambers or ovens, but rather extermination, just like with the native American Indians followed by General Sherman laying waste to the landscape of Georgia.

So imagine the thoughts that really went through Smuts’ mind when he heard that the US had nuked Japan who were allowed by the US a free hand in the murderous genocide of the Chinese who lost upwards of 20 million following the US Congress giving Japan a green light to invade Manchuria, China on September 19, 1931.

Have you checked to see if the US Congressional record has been changed or does it still say that so long as Japan did not officially declare war on China then the US would continue to supply Japan with its raw war material needs?

Let me know.

You multiply two negatives together you get a positive.

You and Lynne are perfect. I cannot see Kim Wilkins getting it on with either of you, though; but I could be wrong.

Send me the next negative attention seeker and I will either wait for a 4th to come along or pair them up with someone else on my $ HIT list.

Part III –

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