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Gobble Gobble – Another conspiracy theory – Part III

Part II –

You read what I had to say yesterday about Jeffrey paying very careful attention to what I had to say about what intrigued Chairman of Hearst Corporation, Randolf Apperson Hearst to not miss the opportunity to publish my most interesting, but not yet named, UNIMPOSSIBLE DREAM book all about the history of money creation and its future, which no one else could write without stealing all my material even though it is all part of the public record, because first of all they don’t have my name or my firsthand experience, and that includes all 4 sons of of my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser who up until I met with him 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa had never breathed a word to anyone including his most trusted confidant, my mother Zena, because he wanted to hold on to his head, and by having me join him, his safety that was that much more assured, as he had not forgotten that neither my mother nor I had forgotten how very silent he was when my liver was poisoned when I was working for his close relations on 47th Street and had to return to South Africa for medical treatment, and then to be told just when I was beginning to turn the corner and it looked like it was just a matter of a couple of months I would be back in New York City and in good health, I was told by Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc. that there was no longer a job for me.

Funny how you all about money me people don’t point out that I don’t make any money from my writings or speeches or website, which could get shut down because you are not actively demonstrating against this $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence that you perfectly understand is the perfect lawsuit for the American Civil Liberties Union to pursue with vigor, other than you realize that the ACLU is only interested in protecting the rights of people such as you who are most opposed to the truth being revealed and all you do at best is give the Appearance of Propriety.

That is, at best.

I am showing a cold, calculating evil that will eventually have you all very quiet because again evil is short-term, good is everlasting.

I know God exists. If you do not want to return as who you are this very moment, then you cannot possibly believe in God because it is God who chose your parents, who else?

Remember you said, even though I know you didn’t mean it, that you love Marie and me like a brother and sister, and I didn’t know you had a brother. How could you possibly love someone without knowing everything there was to know about that person.

I only love Marie, and I thank God from the bottom of my heart for my great parents and siblings, as well as all my cousins and relations.

That does not prevent me from having you continue to ONLY contribute. Go read what Marie wrote in the “About” section all the way through the line that reads, “The information is getting out there”.

Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. knows that it is a miracle I am still alive and so therefore must you?

That is a question. Answer it.

I consider it an even bigger miracle that you are alive given how unfit you are.

You know I am the most logical person you know and therefore if I say I consider it a miracle that you are alive given how unfit you are, then you must agree.

I also know that if I had one tenth your fat diseased TALKATIVE cells that you could lose very quickly if God put your mind to it but God is saying “no” this is her punishment, God would strike me dead in the next instant. Remember, I believe in God within every particle of my body as well as each morsel of food and drink I intake.

You are the miracle girl, and so why not also be proud to say that you finally believe in God.

A miracle is something that cannot be explained by natural science.

SO start now and have a contest of who is the prettiest miracle girl, and we can do the same thing for boys; but so far no miracle boys have stepped up to the plate, although there is Ed Bertolas who you remember gave up his vegan diet because when summer came he realized that summer is the season for chicken.

It means you do not agree with my suggestion to contact everyone you know as well as government officials and email me proof of service, when you write me your nonsense while failing to take my logical suggestion which you see in Mr. Krinsk’s flowchart business plan, and by now you should remember what is in each box including the one marked “Gold”, and none of that effort took the sort of money you think I should be pissing away as you perfectly understand this grave miscarriage of justice is a political assassination that Mr. Krinsk feels he is powerless to assist with, as he too better understands that if Mr. Hearst were alive today he would feel the same way, as he too was powerless to confront the evil communist monopolists who give communism and socialism which is the closest to the Confucius merit system, a bad name, when they came after his daughter Patty who was clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome when joining the SLA and firing rounds from a machine gun when holding up a bank that like every heist is received by the bankers who simply cannot celebrate enough their common herd contributing to their own demise as each word spoken that has the word money, let alone one where humans are ready to risk their lives and kill innocents makes the worthless money valuable, while the monopolists simply hold on to the resources deep underground that they cannot take with them when they die.

The solutions to solving all the problems of the world are so simple; namely H2O that once you take it away from the monopolists and put water into the hands of the people who would all agree it must be free because it comes from heavens, the rest of the house of cards falls away instantly, but for those of you who suffer from “Poverty of Thought” that begins with alcoholism and poison food, it much easier and fulfilling to play your loser game.

I refuse to also play stupid because that would mean repudiating God, and that I know would be my death nail.

So I might not be a miracle girl such as you because I am a male, but I will always keep my sense of humor even if I return exactly as I am, which is all that I can ask for.

How could I possibly want more when I have the mind that makes perfect sense of God. It cannot get any higher than that; and then you look at Marie and compare her to any woman in the world, no wonder she also wants to come back exactly the way she is today; not 20 or 30 years ago, but right now.

Knowing no one else who feels this way and also of our generation, it is not difficult to extrapolate that there may not be another couple that thinks this way and nor have you found a website like ours that even comes close, it would mean also that it is possible the whole world thinks just like you, Lynne Zymet, Kim Wilkins and company, and still that will not defeat us for it is all you who have the defeatist thinking even when you see how simple it is for us all to come together and have majority rule and treat each child born exactly the same way and give them and their parents the right education, but no, your out of control stupid egos tell you idiots to go it alone.

Please remember to thank my mother time and again for her cloth drawing of you turkeys.

Those of you who do not want to return as yourselves for reason that are obvious, you can be assured that you won’t as when you die you only take your memories with you.

It makes perfect sense that since we can all agree you are what you eat, that God’s Little Animal Friends that you have most enjoyed such as barbecue pork ribs or better yet beefed up with anti-biotics enlarged chicken breasts and let’s not forget the best mercury infested tuna fish, that which lingers the
longest in your digestive track is their last memory that is last transferred to you last dying cell.

Don’t you feel right now like having a “caffeine enema” (sic)?

The animals, including the animal pets all teach us to live in the moment and when a dog’s tail is wagging around a human it means they are anxious like the needy human who lacks the self-esteem, that gets stronger from pushing the body each time that much more against the natural forces of nature beginning with gravity and the wind and when calm and standing as tall and straight as the monster trees so the dog will be that much calmer and live a joyful life.

The Jewish people got it with “To Life-L’Chaim” and they were rewarded with the lack of alcoholism, which is all that has saved them as we have become much like the Christian Crusaders, but that could all change with this most important prisoner of war exchange where one little corporal Israeli tank soldier is being freed and a 1027 Arab-Palestinian prisoners are being let go.

It is so huge what is happening over there in Israel right now and I bet you havent given it a moment’s thought.

I didn’t need you or Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. or Mr. Hearst or any of my other very rich clients to tell me that I was smart because I did not only look at my parents and realize that neither of them looked like Kim Wilkins or Hitler, but I listened to their common sense on every matter including my mother making a big song and dance about all the money she was spending with her pricey New York City attorneys who were charging her in the late 1980s $1000 an hour to get me and 3 elder siblings into the US.

Just to give you an idea of what a $1000 an hour meant back then, since I doubt very much anyone in your circle of friends today that include multi-millionaires knew anyone back then making that sort of money because they weren’t, unless they were De Beers’ attorneys who don’t have clients other than De Beers and my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser who didn’t charge me a penny for the introduction to his Bush Street, San Francisco attorneys who not only never charged me a penny for lunch but when offering me a corner officer without the slightest hint that I would have to go to nonsense law school, they were not going to charge me rent, at least an amount that my paychecks couldnt easily afford.

Of course we didn’t even get so far as talk about my compensation since I wanted to go to 47th Street which is where all the action takes place.

Here you are writing me this dribble, and knowing that there is this Kai Hansen who hit the “reply all” and your name is first in the cc section, and you say nothing?

It looks like we have lost the $200 sale.

Why aren’t you mentioning that you are still interested?

Did you think my bringing this up now that it would somehow all get lost?

Let’s see if Kai responds now and remembers to hit the “reply all”.

Putting the personal touch on things as you know from all the exercise you felt you needed to tell me you achieved yesterday which is what Marie accomplishes here at the cabin about 8 hours a day and her internal organs reward her muscular-skeleton system in the perfect curvatures of her perfect body-mind, that only can suffer when in the company of those not quite as smart, which is not to say strong mind-body people cannot learn from the weak but they are much better off if they cannot find someone comparable to just go it alone wrestling with God.

You also know from painting that smart is pretty and stupid is ugly. You can explain an ugly painting just as you can a pretty painting, but to achieve a pretty painting you have to be smart. Most people paint ugly. That does not mean they are smart.

In March of 1978 I began my first job in the United States working for less than $5 hour, when one considers the hours I worked, but the consulting-accounting firm Bernstein & Bank were charging me out at the senior partner rate of $250, and when the billing clerk could no longer keep this abuse to herself because there is this innate sense of injustice that we each feel, but the more sensitive of us who are only what our weakest cell tells the others they want just the same with the strength of a chain link fence is the weakest link, and off I trotted to the office of Howard Bernstein and explained,

“I come from South Africa where we discriminate by looking at the color of a person’s skin; fair enough I understand that because America is in charge, and your treatment of Black South Africans is a whole lot more humane than what you did with the slaves you imported from Africa who felt better off than the 10 million indigenous Indians you massacred over 3 centuries, but here in America you discriminate against anyone you can get away with; I guess that is what you call democracy” (sic)?

Mr. Bernstein did not see me as a revolutionist but simply a sensible and practical person who he did not want to let go because he was smart enough to know that there was room for us to negotiate and so we agreed and my salary went up a notch, but it still was not close $1,000 an hour.

Part IV –

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