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Gobble Gobble – Another conspiracy theory – Part IV

Part III –

It is very possible that most of my mother and my “lucky uncle” Dave’s lawyers are still alive because apart from Nicholas Oppenheimer who looks to me like he is in terrible health, they are people like Smuts who lived very healthy and died at the perfect age of 80, because he ate little.

That is right, Smuts never overindulged, not even close.

It is a conscious thought to have yourself looking like a pig and that does not mean every male is as happy with their partner as I am with Marie.

I didn’t need you to tell me that I should turn it on all of you sucking the big government hind tit as you support the hugely low slave wages paid to our soldiers as the stolen resources of the world’s people is put into weapon infrastructure that gives the likes of Kim Wilkins his cushy lifestyle, and constantly on the Internet when not playing painter. Thank God he is a great golfer, but he obviously missed his calling.

Does it bother you that Smuts had a fascination with religion but never once let his reasoning play second fiddle to what he read in the New Testament although it was the Greek Testament that he preferred to read and that is not because he understood Hebrew, since you know there is not a Hebrew New Testament.

Smuts was not around when the row broke out between Ben-Gurion and De Beers-Engelhard President John F. Kennedy over Ben-Gurion’s demand that the US provide Israel with an Atomic weapon.

Do you remember seeing the photo of Churchill in the twilight of his life with his son on Aristotle Onassis’ yacht while it was moored?

What do you think Smuts did when Churchill handed him the most important atomic weapon secrets during WWII and both of them fully aware that upwards of 10,000 Jewish people a day were being exterminated at Auschwitz alone while the Rockefellers celebrated their profits with each gas pellet thrown in by the Nazi SS into the showers, as each victim gasped for air?

Do you think he felt dirty and decided to take a shower or do you think he went into his study in his most humble dwelling in South Africa and poured through it all and if he had any questions and his friend Einstein who referred to Smuts as, “One of eleven men in the world who understand conceptually the Theory of Relativity” couldn’t answer them, do you think he simply threw up his hands and said, “O, this must be another conspiracy theory”?

When you don’t explain why you disagree with my suggestion because you know that it exposes not only your corruption but the corruption of those who rely on you to support their corruption, it also means since I have truth constantly at my side that it is inevitable that those who you consider you their friend, whether or not corrupt, they will be looking at how other friends in both the circle of friends you share as well as those you don’t, will react, and how that might effect the reaction of those in your circle who also understand this is a fast changing world with the truth always a constant.

When there is no God-Truth-Logic in your life then you cannot possibly have a moral compass.

It is nothing more than survival instincts at play; and therefore you have to keep making the logical case for what makes you more worthy than a soldier in this dog eat dog world where everyone is out for themselves other than the soldiers whose fellow soldiers are in most cases closer than brothers or sisters unless they happen to be someone like Professional American Football star Patrick Tillman Jr., whose presence alone carried a “big voice” that coupled with his genuine misgivings of the US purpose in opium rich Afghanistan, where like all drug trafficking, the main purpose is to distract from theft of lands for water and strategic minerals to make the very best weapon systems, and where the only reason money changes hands is to perpetuate the distraction of the land grabs and have the American “common herd” which is you, not me, constantly seeing money that is worthless and unlimited in supply, as the “scarce resource”, made him Public Enemy Number 1 with his fellow Rangers, who were just glad to be armed like modern day gladiators and roaring to have a go at the “Desert Nig….”; and so of course Tillman, whose father you see in carbon copy section, was murdered by “friendly fire” on April 22, 2004, just 11 days before Ron Bellows of AIG sent me an email that has permanently stunned every lawyer who has read it, and why when you type the name Ron Bellows in any of the Internet Search Engines, at the top of the list, and beating out trillions of webpages is his most materially incriminating memo of May 3, 2004 along with an analysis – CLICK HERE.

I have yet to hear what you think you are contributing, and do you think it is right that any American soldier lives a lifestyle below you?

Again, this is not morals we are speaking. We are talking real world scenario and this going on in real time, and everyone should be contributing in helping get the information out.

You have been from the very start trying to minimize this defamation of defamation lawsuits, no different to rest who didn’t have the mental capacity to figure it all out on your own and it is your feeling of stupidity that has you lashing out at me and Marie in your so transparent but convoluted manner which I am now exposing to the light.

Your thinking is that if you can convince others like yourselves that there are much more grave injustices out there then it will have the effect of neutralizing the important information I am sharing which addresses the root causes of all the injustices out there, that stem from the fact that the most disproportionately consuming peoples, us Americans, continue to rape the rest of the world and whose leadership when not corrupted are deathly afraid, the same with their citizens who are being increasingly singled out in this digital age.

The fact that I am mostly alone in this right fight of right fights does not make me wrong. Nor can it feel good to be a cowardly bully.

Of course I don’t need any of your help since you all know I must have God on my side.

You really don’t expect God to descend from the heavens in order to show His-Her presence so that I could get more of a hand?

Of course not.

The fact that you don’t think does not mean I would seek out your help in thinking.

What more proof of God’s existence do you need when you consider the huge human forces opposing me?

You can plead with me until the cows come home that you are my friend but that will not change anything because I don’t want your friendship, keep it for your other friends-enemies; just remember to tell them that in the future when you communicate with them it might or it might not be by blind copying them, as you havent forgotten what you did with this Cindy and Paul Burham – – when blind copying Marie.

I guess I should not expect any of you to show in court the next time. Shucks.

By you avoding-ignoring my simple and reasonable requests which would take you far less time than how so calculatingly you craft your responses as you think it smart that I might miss the previous communications I have sent you on this very important topic that has much smarter lawyers than you, who is not a lawyer and nor are you a friend, deciding not to speak because they know I have figured it all out, which I did the moment I approached the first sophisticated lawyer who represents a corrupted grass roots organization, as Marco Gonzales – – went silent after asking me what my website was all about; namely getting the truthful information out about the real history of the US in order to introduce the merit system that cannot coexist with the inheritance laws, as all the great wealth beginning with the mineral resources of the wor
ld that should belong to everyone equally, were stolen in brutal battles where those dead and the remainder enslaved did not vote on either their elected or non-elected government officials, which then made to him perfect sense of the incomprehensible complaint filed by ex CIA Knuff, who I am led to believe by also his own evidence in sworn testimony back on January 21st, continues to do business with the US Government in selling them email spy software.

You support not only my theory but my practical experience that nothing good comes out of the self-indulgent no matter their ethnic background or social class.

When a selfish future shellfish human who is not yet physically dead finds themselves trapped in their body that they and they alone know what caused them to consume poison foods unless they can show that the person raising them raised them the way a goose is fattened up, they inevitably resort to blaming their parents or a former “loved one” but first they attack those healthy that their sick cells logically resent.

I will endeavor as I use your writings in preparing my cross-complaint against Knuff and all others who have provided him comfort, to analyze your writings word by word starting with the first “And” in the second paragraph:

And as far as the court case, you and Marie can still win. Use it to your own advantage.

That “and” is tantamount to, “Oh, by the way”.

What else do you have on your mind?

That is going to be very easy to figure out.

I am going to take a break now to work on other stuff and that should not stop you and anyone else who I asked you to carbon copy in my previous communique which again you have not responded to, from chirping in with their thoughts and comments, which of course they can choose to either carbon or blind copy you and the entire world, because why shouldn’t everybody be an open book unless they have something to hide.

Of course if they have something to hide from crooks that is understandable, but it is obvious from my very good track record and you have said it yourself how impressed you are with my honesty, that they should trust me who you all know is fighting the right fight because you all know who are my opponents, as none of you have ever come across a case in the law books or on TV where most of you trying to play lawyer get your knowledge base, where not only is there no evidence against the accused who is me, but the judge who then hands me a $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence arrogantly states that not only is there no evidence but that in handing me this DEATH SENTENCE that is all designed to shut me up because they, like you all, perfectly understand the great significance of the truths I am sharing as it affects all your over the top lifestyles, he is trampling on my civil-Constitutional Rights.

You think Texas Judge Martin Lowy isn’t able to understand that I have dispelled the myth of the US Constitution being fair and just which is one thing, but more importantly, I have connected up the dots with the reign of terror the US then began exporting to the rest of the world as God then punished each of you and your parents with your gluttonous long lives.

Liars, liars, pants on fire.

Over the top is someone who first of all consumes more than their body needs and God lets the rest of us know without demanding that we each get a Phd degree in psychology.

During this break I will first post this up on – CLICK HERE – where as you can already see the following words under the title, Gobble, Gobble-Another conspiracy theory:

Prior broadcast –

Even if you see writing below, refresh your browser as I am constantly adding to this dialogue with Raye Anne Marks, and if you don’t see anything then hit the refresh button again, and if nothing happens then relax, take a nap, have some tea, do whatever your heart contents.

Do not forget as much as it hurts your brain to remember which also prevents you from getting up to more mischief, I have never, not once asked for anything more than referrals to lawyers and the ones you gave were boneheads.

Keep foremost in your mind that you know there is no talking from people who have stopped breathing because that is not only the power of God, it is the most extraordinarily deep thinking to have each of us notice that is the first thing that happens and you can try as hard as might to get the dead person to respond, and it tells you that it is all far too late, for you should have said everything you needed to say, assuming it was important.

I happen to think it is very important to ask everyone starting even when they are in fantasyland what they would like to return as, and should they make it to abstract age and they don’t want to be the person they are, then it begs all the right questions about their parents and for other kids to avoid such people as best they can as those kids usually end up as bullies or the victims of bullies and the two go hand in hand just the way a merry-goround works.

You can also let me know why you have difficulty distancing yourself from Lynne Zymet; is it the money, then say so, but don’t take me for a fool when you say you love Marie and me as your sister and brother, and it seems you are the only person taking care of your mother who you have not had very nice things to say about her and nor am I aware that you have a restraining order that forces you to take care of someone who must have treated you awfully to say bad things about to her, especially to a stranger such as me, because that is exactly how I consider you, but I am always kind and gentle to strangers unless they look mean which is easy to figure out if they do not smile when you first smile at them.

To be continued.

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