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God has us forgetting for good reason

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 6, 2012 3:27:47 PM PST
To: Sam Samples
Subject: God has us forgetting for good reason – Re: Important

let me see what I can do.

To get there, we have to get to the very bottom of this attack.

Did you get hold of Moses and/or did you try this email that Moalemi provided everyone including Cyndi? (I don’t believe for one moment that Cyndi is quiet because she is fuming because she has never been confronted; the way I did; not even close; and nor am I oblivous that Rebecca ignored Marie’s very good advice to confront her)

Knuff could still be behind this; it is not looking good.

There has to be a reason why you have not yet brought in Randy.

This fixation on “gays” being so evil you must understand is laughed at by the Oppenheimers who have all human education in the dog house. I am sure you will find something in the Christian scripture but it is not covered in the Hebrew Bible and even if it were, I would argue it does not come close to the damage that has been done to the world by capitalism.

It is the rouge capitalists who are backing my $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that just one of your lawyer-writer friends beginning with this one woman who in wanting you to help her with her project to “expose those against capitalism” is in fact trying to get you to stop backing me; and/or she is a complete moron who I can educate in 2 minutes flat.

Why don’t you get her on the phone right now in a 3 way conversation; in fact why not get that guy John also on the call; and if not let us start immediately either an email conversation involving all 4 of us or a Facebook “chat session”.

I know for a fact that I am the only person who consistently sees the Hand of God in everything and yet I don’t use scripture anywhere near as much as those who are so inconsistent when it comes to what God demands, which is action above all else.

Look what prayer has done to the downtrodden masses who have got more trampled on as capitalist religion has got spread throughout the world, which has again God’s hand all over it.

How many gays and lesbians have printed the money that buys the weapon systems used against the poor; and controlling water is a weapon of mass destruction. If you can show me the Oppenheimers are all gay and/or lesbian then I would argue that is a cause worth dying for.

There needs to be total and complete logical thinking going on right now.

That means doing everything we can to bring Cyndi into the loop.

You have convinced Marie and me that those emails that Moses said he got from Rebecca on December 7, 2 days before Tucker shared with me his emails to Loewinsohn-Knuff which was 2 days before your communications with Quayle which he dated December 5th, were fraudulent.

I know that you have forgotten how important I considered you calling up Loewinsohn and giving him your real name without mentioning that you were my webmaster. What do you think Loewinsohn-Knuff have been doing ever since they found out who you were? Do you think they are happy with you? Do you remember how very shocked Marie and I were that you would call Loewinsohn and give your real name without a very clear next move strategy? Do you remember your answer, “He will find out how very well connected I am in Texas”.

What are the odds of Knuff-Loewinsohn and company reading this?

If you don’t feel all your Texas connections have been compromised have them fly out today to California;and if not lets flush them all out right now over email.

I really value my life and that of Marie’s. We show how much we care about the truth by the way we live our lives beginning with not taking any bullshit from anyone.

I have yet to speak my mind to Cyndi and all you and Rebecca heard was a “first cut”.

Nothing stops you from calling her up and saying,

“Im in a spot. You still have that $3 million cashiers check, right. Save on the ink and just wire it to me first thing tomorrow morning without any strings attached and the first thing I will do besides taking a full time job with Gevisser is pay off this judgement I got because I got the court date wrong and failed to show up; and the rest; meaning $3,995,000 will go to Gevisser’s war chest against the bloody capitalists who have fooled all of us. BTW, I will be responding in due course to everyone, and that means including you in the carbon copy section, explaining that this attack on me was not anything close to LOLs. I don’t know yet who is behind this but I do know how quiet you have been (and don’t giver me any bs that you have been too busy to read emails). Gevisser is going to respond to you and if he does not get a response from you or it is more of your same bullshit I am going to give him permission to publish all your correspondence because I gave him my word when asking to keep it all private that you would be honest; and you have not been close to honest. He answered you very directly and nothing in the least bit scattered in the first email when he gave you very bad reader Cyndi a pictorial because Gevisser is schooled well enough in Poverty of Thought stricken humans to know that a picture tells a thousand words before telling you that he and also speaking for me wanted to wake up the world. furhtermore it is you who have up on your wiki prolile that you wanted a reality tv show starting in 2011 and if was wrong and/or you changed your mind not only should you have removed it from Wikipedia, the first thing you should have said to Gevisser was that you had changed your mind, and you didnt, and that was your first big lie. Now tell me if you have been getting up to any other mischief. When last did you place permanent dye in an adversary’s shampoo. (Yes my place is not close to spotless. I will ask Gevisser and his F-C wife Marie if we can use some of the money to get new digs with a maid to take care of the pets, do the housecleaning and a chef who knows about creating works of art healthy and delicious food and plenty of juicing)

On Jan 6, 2012, at 1:36 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

I have to deal with R. Moalemi he is making threats. The others that have chime in have absolutely nothing . This guy does, Do you know of anyone within your business connections that can make a short term signature or light collateral loan of 3k for 30 – 90 days?

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