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Harmless man

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S. Gevisser c/o
Date: November 11, 2011 4:58:59 PM PST
To: raye anne marks
Cc: rest;Terry Samples – retired US Air Force Fighter Pilot – Chief webmaster for” , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” ,,,, “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” , Tefo , charles ivie , Lynne Nimizt , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” , Diana Duval , Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10 1996 , “David Bellavia – US Soldier nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now “blowing the whistle” on Operation Sparkling.” ,, Dennis Cuff – Solicitor ,, “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , “Kevin Keenan – Executive Director ACLU – San Diego-Imperial County Chapter.” , “Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” , Department of Justice – Anti-Trust Division , “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan.” , “Ron Bellows – US Government owned American International Group – Chief Executive Officer President Barrak Obama – Nobel Peace Prize winner on 10/9/2009” , “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted successfully Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney Scooter Libby.” , Lawrence Binderow – Attorney , “Professor Caplan – St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University and holder of David Gevisser’s diploma, Masters of Studies in History Research which should have been labeled, a Masters in Rewriting History.” , Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host , Rabbi Abner Weiss , Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM
Subject: Harmless man – Re: message from Raye Anne for Gary

Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” (sic) disrupting for “sum” (sic) people too busy keeping track of their lies – Marie Dion Gevisser

Ugly words by the world’s most ugly humans:


Have you thought more about who is most competent to decide on the wage of our soldiers?

I include in your choice the following:

A) Me
B) President Obama or his replacement
C) You
D) Vice President Dick Cheney
E) US Congress
F) All American citizens
G) All the world’s population
I) De Beers
J) Texas Judge Martin Lowy who denies me my Constitutional Right to a jury trial before calling me a nut as he allows a fraudulent defamation case against me by an ex CIA member to proceed, even though this arrogant Judge, knowing also that Texas is the wrong jurisdiction and the lying son of a gun plaintiff and his hired guns violating Texas’ one year statute of limitations for filing a defamation case, as well as none of the parties to the lawsuit doing business or living in Texas, and the list of transgressions go on ad-infinitum, acknowledges loud and clear that Charles Dazler Knuff never produced a shred of evidence against me, and nor is there any admonishment after he catches California resident Knuff and his Texas lawyer-liar Lowinsohn “red handed” trying to introduce false evidence against me.
K) Any and all of my adversaries who should all be named.

Do you think there is more democracy in our American “money me” civilization than in Ancient Egypt?

What lessons, as they apply today, do you get from the story of Exodus even if you think it is an entire fabrication?

What do you not understand about the 15 minute speech President Nixon gave on August 15, 1971 which 24 years later, David Gevisser, my father’s first cousin with the most horrible stutter, not only remembered like it was yesterday, but the “male heir” of German-American monopolist Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] laughed as hard as he ever did because he could not figure out why after all I had been through with De Beers and had proven I could operate most effectively under their radar screen without being so foolish as to make myself a public figure, and then getting such a huge success out of my mother’s ingenious ad, A NAME FROM HERE, YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE

which my father placed just one time in the South African Sunday Times which resulted in 2 members of the South African Secret Police, commonly known as BOSS [Bureau of State Security] with the closest of close ties to the CIA who turned in Nelson Mandela to their and DE Beers’ South African Apartheid Regime in early August 1962 while you recall the very distracting Cuban Crisis was just getting underway, visiting with me in my posh Santa Monica offices, I was still living in the United States, which he believed were made up of not only the dumbest people on the planet, on a par with South Africans who couldn’t figure out that his partners, the German-South African Oppenheimers were lying through their teeth when they said they opposed their and the US Government’s South African Apartheid Regime, but the US was the most transparent reliable protector of their mafia drilling monopoly De Beers-Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals-Engelhard Enterprises South Africa-Anglo American Corporation.

Could you imagine anyone who took a 5 minute business meeting with me, would consider me either wordy or a fool?

The fact that I have never taken a business meeting with you might place you at a little bit of a disadvantage with the great many people throughout the world who have had meetings with me including people like Ron Bellows of AIG who didn’t just pick a name out of the Yellow Pages and decide to share with me the incriminating email of May 3, 2004 which explained the treasonous act by the US Government to bankrupt AIG and when you type Mr. Bellows’ name in any Internet search engine the first item that appears is this memo on the US Government’s website.

You just didn’t know how so in all your faces is the US-De Beers Government even though I keep repeating this same most important information.

Now go back and study that photo of Mr. Putin bowing to Nicholas Oppenheimer that still appears on De Beers Wikipedia profile as well as the very short personal profile of Nicholas.

Do you think Nicholas Oppenheimer might be interested in purchasing one of your paintings?

Did that help break your train of thought?

Can you yet tell me if you believe in God?

Do you think that during the close to 10 hours I met with David Gevisser I was only thinking about how many hours before Marie would arrive in Cape Town?

Can’t you just wait to see her nude?

How many other students of Sebastian will have the guts to paint their bodies nude using an accurate photo?

I’m excited.

I need to go for a run.

Would you know of anyone who David Gevisser would have trusted more than me, apart from of course my mother who arranged this most important meeting the day after I had met with De Beers’ Minister of Trade and Industry, Trevor Manuel who like all De Beers’ politicians succeeded by failing as he went on to become South Africa’s Minister of Finance for umpteen years and he is still a prominent member of the South African Cabinet, and of course he is included in the carbon copy section.

Allow me to say a quick hello to his lifetime personal assistant, Patti Smith: Hi Patti.

De Beers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC] still have not forgotten that David Gevisser was Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises SA between 1970 and 1973 when he oversaw not only the US Congress mandating that every automobile and truck manufacturer wanting to sell their vehicles in the US had to place a purchase order with Engelhard Enterprises SA that controlled the world supply of platinum, 80% mined in South Africa, equal to the number of new vehicles they planned to sell multiplied by 1.9 grams of cocaine, not strike that, platinum, but gave the direct order for Nixon’s unfathomable speech which the De Beers mining consortium believed had a high probability of resulting in civil war throughout the United States, that would have resulted in future historians making very little mention of the mid-19th Century Civil War that wiped out 2% of the 30 million population, excluding of course the 10 million native Indians who were murdered over a period of 3 centuries and none of them are being remembered to day, the 7th anniversary of me breaking my 24 year deafening silence with the DAAC, the counterfeiters of counterfeiters, terrorist of terrorist financing organization.

You do understand that just because I am still alive does not mean my life does not continue to hang in the balance.

The fact that I know, versus believe, that God exists is obviously my greatest reward, and it is only God that has rewarded me with my lifestyle for doing good, which is to do everything within one’s power to help the poor; and you would also know that if the poor of the world were given the vote they would have no problem with me keeping my lifestyle as I would instantly begin to end all their suffering without anyone having to give up their lifestyle and that includes the superrich because there remains sufficient resources throughout the world to support the current population who once given the truth about the misallocation of resources by De Beers will not seek vengeance because they will be too happy rejoicing in just being told the truth and working together to get their basic needs met and at the same time educating the young women about taking good care of their lifetime bodies without feeling the need to have one unwanted child after the next no matter how much the out of control male feels it is their rightful urge.

Bear in mind my “lucky uncle” Dave back in 1995 when we visited for our all day meeting which began before morning tea, 9:30 am, and served two more teas, one at 11:30 and then after lunch before we returned to his home where his wife Hedda, who is still alive and has a Facebook account, served us an afternoon tea, and our meeting only ending when it was already dark outside, was still only 68 years of age, and nor did he see me as a “big shot” because I have never acted like one even though I could see that most humans I had met were significantly inferior to the dumbest of turkeys who of course like all of God’s Little Animal Friends are infinitely smart because they are God.

BTW, Marie who you would not have to see naked to know there is no woman alive today who has a better bum and lets just leave out right now her perfect pair of legs or the rest of her most perfect body, and a face that most fashion models would die for, began this past Wednesday with Liba of an even more strenuous exercise routine because she has concluded it is highly unlikely that she is going to find a photo or painting by the likes of Velasquez or Sorrolla that is to her liking and which makes perfect sense, since she also does not need me to let her know when she looks in the mirror each time she gets out of the shower that not even God could improve upon such absolute perfection which of course drives my adversaries that much more crazy with envy.

David Gevisser, the ugliest Gevisser in every respect to have ever been born, had an eye for good looking ladies which was not lost on the Mossad even if my highly secretive British-English mother who was closer to my “lucky uncle” Dave than anyone in the world was too busy trying to get foreign business people to invest in South Africa which was the last thing most anti-competition De Beers wanted, although such speeches went a long way in giving the appearance that there were “Free Market Forces” both in mineral rich South Africa and their sister pro monopoly country, the United States of America.

Cutting and pasting David Gevisser’s 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, CH. Return to Durban and the “Twenties” Years CLICK HERE:

All of this might seem to ignore the fact that I was simultaneously employed as Assistant Research Officer of Acme Timber Industries Ltd., with an office and the part-time use of a secretary at company headquarters at Jacobs, on the Durban outskirts. The secretary was a very pretty 18-year-old who regularly took long week-ends to compete in the minor beauty contests that were just becoming popular. She won most of these but as she was “Miss Umhlanga” or ‘Miss Amanzimtoti” they did not signify much. Her absences at last became a bit too much and I read her a little lecture which in essence said that she was obviously pretty, that she had the makings of an excellent secretary, which career would be much more rewarding than the beauty queen route. She did not take my advice and became a beauty queen of a constituency somewhat larger than Amanzimtoti. Her name was Penny Coelen, soon to become Miss World!

With an MF degree, I was by far the most professionally qualified member of a company largely staffed by gifted amateurs, led by Sol the Chairman, and Colin Sternberg, the M.D. It soon became apparent that the research job was something of a blind for a training ground for the heir apparent that I was tacitly regarded as being unless I proved otherwise. This suited me. Scientific research is definitely not my forte, and it is embarrassing even at this great time distance to recall some of the silly experiments with which I tried to justify my first pay of £60 per month.

While I know that you are a veracious or is the “write” (sic) word, “ferocious” reader of my highly informative missives that first shuts down the world’s top pseudo intellectuals, if at any time you are bored, just remember to hit the delete button.

Penny Coelen, who you can of course find all over The Internet will remember me well not just because she gave me the option of using the money I had saved from my pocket money as well as what I had inherited from both my grandfathers as well as all my barmitzvah money to purchase one of her most beautiful but older polo ponies which while I knew how to ride, I had never either played polo or ridden such an extraordinarily responsive horse, and nor did I have to worry about stabling this most beautiful animal, which of course was worth a whole lot more than what I would be paying, but in the end I decided to purchase on my 16th birthday a new 50cc Suzuki that on more than one occasion nearly cost me my life; and still I wouldn’t change my decision or for that matter any decision I have ever taken.

I bet not many people could say the same thing; and maybe you could all learn something from that.

Penny, of course was my mother’s one top model who won the Miss World competition in 1958 just before this photo below was taken of her freezing her buns off, me, my mom and my 3 elder siblings on south Beach, Durban, South Africa,

and nor did Penny stop thinking once she left the employment of my “lucky uncle” Dave at ACME Timber which was one of many corporations falling under the umbrella of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, but what was important about ACME is that it attracted Engelhard who wasted no time in buying a controlling interest, which of course was his first mistake.

De Beers are not invincible because they are not God.

Again, a corrupt person cannot possibly believe in a Higher Authority even if they have the designation rabbi, priest or pope.

Do you think it is lost on me that no one has been able to find me a lawyer anywhere in the world to assist me in simply filing either a cross complaint or new complaint against ex CIA Knuff?

Have you thought what Knuff has been thinking ever since he decided to commit such criminal fraud that long before now should have had him led away in handcuffs and the key to his jail cell thrown away?

Knuff knows just as well as corrupt Texas Judge Lowy that he was committing fraud when filing a false defamation lawsuit against me, and you can all see that there cannot possibly be anything more nuts than a judge knowing there would be a clear record for eternity that he was doing a grave injustice to then defame me when calling me nuts.

Make sure you understand this perfectly.

Judge Lowy calls me nuts not once but at least twice while failing to point out that it is more than simply nuts that an ex CIA official could think they could get away with such an egregious fraud which they all figured would result in the widespread and pervasive indifference which does not prevent all the corrupt when given half the chance to try and so insidiously minimize such an unimaginable miscarriage of justice, for the simple reason each one of you are looking out for your own self-interest, and the only thing you have in common is the fact that you are all about money and you show it by how easily you ignore standing tall to how incredibly underpaid are US soldiers who if they were to be paid the true cost of defending De Beers and their sister monopolists, each one of you who couldn’t pull your weight in army boots, would be our soldiers’ slaves.

Do you really believe this simple logic is lost on the Chinese?

Do you think the Chinese have forgotten how many Chinese were murdered during WW II and when it ended the US backed the crook Chang Kai Chek over the objections of 4 Star US General Stilwell who didn’t need to attend one of our Ivy League Universities to know that Chek’s opponent Mao Zedong was not only far more democratic, but his Peoples Communist Army did most of the fighting against the Japanese and when they entered the Korean War, well just ask any US veteran of that war how brilliantly the Chinese fought.

Now isn’t that telling it exactly the way it is?

Moreover, it isn’t over until it is over.

Were you aware that to prove defamation one of the criteria is that the statements you have made are untrue?

Of course you are also aware because you too can read that the statements Knuff is most objecting to which again could all be true, are statements made by a 3rd party, Adam Lee Tucker, who Knuff and his lawyer tried to coerce into lying and saying that I had something to do with those statements after they first intimidated the hell out of former co-defendant Adam Lee Tucker who Judge Lowy allowed to be severed from the lawsuit right before handing me the $4 million DEATH SENTENCE on January 21 which you notice that not one politician or member of the media including those members of the media who call themselves not part of the mainstream media has so much as breathed a word.

When you read the transcripts of my hearings/trial do you not find it strange that there is no mention of the 26 minute taped deposition that Tucker did on March 24, 2010, a month after Knuff filed the baseless but most intimidating lawsuit that looked to every lawyer like it was the US Government behind it?

CLICK HERE for that video and feel free to forward it and this missive to everyone you know, and don’t forget every news and weather reporter you watch on TV.

How much clearer can all your corruption be as each of you quiet when not trying to distract create that much more of a spotlight that can never be extinguished as none of you have the power to change your past silence that with each moment that goes by speaks that much greater volumes and you keep forgetting it is a very bad thing they have done to try murder the very good name of a very good person who just wants to help level the playing field for all traders who do not profit from war, and that first of all includes all the kids who have yet to be born and all those not yet forced into army boots.

Are you aware of how strong a presence US Army recruiters have on college campuses as the kids begin to realize that there are increasingly less cushy paper pushing jobs once they graduate with non-survival degrees?

How many teachers and professors do you see applauding my efforts to get the truth out?

Do I need to name every medical doctor and lawyer I know who would like to see me dead and/or imprisoned as they rely on all your indifference to also wear me down?

I, Marie, we have won. You simply don’t have the mental capacity to figure it all out.

I have beaten all the odds because there are enough of you who have now all the information which you have to live with and all you can do when you get together and gossip is to try and minimize your foolishness.

Texas Judge Lowy and San Diego Federal Judge Hays perfectly understand just like any citizen of the world that there has never been a case of such abuse of judicial system because of the extreme bias of the judges who have no difficultly like any of you from understanding that it is just a question of time before the whole world understands the so common sense thinking of De Beers that has you, your parents, your grandparents and in some cases great grandparents totally fooled about how the money is valued, and now those great many of you who do not have survival skills and those that do are quite comfortable with what you have managed to sock away, have no interest in seeing any changes.

Most important are the paragraphs leading up to David Gevisser bragging about this hot 18 year old who he first mentions in Chapter 2, My Family – Growing up in Durban – CLICK HERE:

Morris’ younger brother Issy married Katie Sher. They had three children – Julius (Lulu), Bernard and Daphne. Julius who died recently, married Desiree Friend from Rhodesia. He had a quiet middle- management career in Acme Timbers.Their three children live in Durban and Los Angeles. Bernard, also in the family wholesaling business, married the redoubtable Zena Ash, who became famous for her “Charm School” and the training and management of Penny Coelen, Miss World. Their three children are also split between Australia and Los Angeles. Issy, after Katie’s death, married Jenny Maltz and they both lived contentedly for many years in Durban.

Before looking at those 335 odd words which you can scroll down to below, again if you are bored in which case just think how if you weren’t so lazy you could have someone prepare all your live-raw organic vegetarian medicine food with plenty of fresh juicing of fruits and vegetables which will instantly begin having the fat drip right off but then you would have to get used to not getting all that satisfaction from equally offensive negative attention seekers, let me draw your attention to the following set of facts:

First, my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser who co-founded with David Gevisser’s brother Morris, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies in 1910, did anything but live contently in Durban for many years. David Gevisser in the family tree at the end of the book – CLICK HERE – places Issy’s death in 1985 which was 15 years after Issy died on February 24, 1970, soon after Issy realized that his youngest nephew David was the sellout. Nor did David Gevisser who issued an errata sheet after the publication of THE UNLIKELY FORESTER make the correction. That “lived contentedly for many years” are of course the “killer words”. The fact that no other family member is taking issue with these rather important writings is a question for each of them to answer, but you can understand their silence once you get your head around why President Nixon felt it necessary to take such a big risk and have a trusted emissary find out from the “horses mouth” what his next marching orders would be.

4 decades have now passed and no one can point a bad finger at the Chinese for the decision by the US Government to replace gold backing the US $ with an unlimited supply of untraceable and never inventoried diamonds controlled by a South African based monopoly who provided the seed capital for Nazi Germany.

Second, and hold on to your hat, a fast moving train has just passed by the cliff house on a most perfect for a run followed by a swim on the beach as it is now low tide, David Gevisser knew me better than any of my elder siblings, although all 3 of them had met him many more times than me since I was the baby; but it was first my mother who like everyone listened very carefully to what Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser had to say, and nor did she have to say much to “sell me” but what she said jived perfectly with what David Gevisser heard from his San Francisco law firm whose senior partner after I had successfully jumped

through all the hoops with flying colors only wanted to meet my mother who was too busy giving speeches.

Yes, it was not only Penny Coelen who was under the tutelage of my mother who Jewish Kapo-sellout David Gevisser accurately describes as the “redoubtable” Zena Ash who had two most trustworthy non-Jewish private secretaries, one an Irish Catholic who now lives in a small village, a stone’s throw away from mother in England and the other a Protestant South African who converted to Judaism, moved to Israel and quickly married a member of the Israeli Permanent Force who were not chosen because they were the weakest of Israeli soldiers.

Just because crooks can get away a lifetime without getting caught does not mean they have long memories.

If it wasn’t David Gevisser then it would have been someone else.

You have heard the expression, “Better the devil you know than the one you dont” which may only know have much more meaning to you and everyone else even though you never got to meet David Gevisser or most of the people I have known since I was a kid.

David Gevisser was also unaware that his uncle Sol “The little King” Moshal’s private secretary Cynthia Woodhead was also leaking information to the Mossad who were tracking all the war profiteers from World War II, who of course all ended up in South Africa which is where all the loot remained deposited mostly underground, and which would be used to continue the terror campaign that continues to this day without all of America’s highly skilled and experienced Special Forces commandos fully aware of these most important and irrefutable facts, because so very few of them have YET to get the information which of course could change in the very next instant.

What do you think of that harmless

48 year old American soldier with the raw leg of lamb looking stump remaining on his right salute arm being my billboard with the following wording:

U O Me
2cMe in reverse e=Mc2

In other words:

U owe me your life (style)
2cme in reverse (could you see yourself in my shoes) e=mc2 (the message is getting out at the speed of light)

Do you think that is “tTOo” (sic) complicated?

Could you, if you are not too busy, or someone else, even if it is all of you, email American trademark-copyright lawyer Lawrence Binderow who you can see in the carbon section and ask what he thinks, and if he wants to charge me just to let me know roughly how much it will cost?

It is quite amazing how the “money me” human will turn; and I don’t mean to suggest that you drop a dime when next walking the pavement.

Imagine all the people you know with money and you find out that they suddenly lost all their wealth and couldn’t afford either your paintings or your art classes, would you pay as much attention to them as those who continued to pay?

Have you ever made a decision to favor one friend over another because the friend you decided to dis didn’t quite drive as fancy a car, or do you use other criteria when evaluating someone’s worth to you?

It is really so sick, and yet this is all your choice of thinking, because you know for a fact it is not the way Marie and I think, and neither of us are the same person, it is just that we happen to think smart, and nor does it bother us if no one else thinks the same; but of course you will all eventually come around because you will otherwise all go insane with your lack of logic that can only get worse because once a fool always a fool, don’t you think?

Imagine, if it were not for David Gevisser’s jealousy of my good looking and most accomplished father that drove him to play a pivotal role in the “asset stripping” of my dad’s and his father’s multinational trading conglomerate, THE MOSHAL GEVISSER GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Charles W. Engelhard Jr. would have had to find someone else, but there really wasn’t anyone else with David Gevisser’s “qualifications” which would also impress Engelhard’s friends beginning with the South African-German Oppenheimers who fully understood that because David Gevisser had been bullied because of his Jewish heritage by other students at Stellenbosch University where he earned his forestry degree, he would become what we refer to as a “Jew hating Jew”.

Can you imagine how any Jewish person could sit at a dinner table with the Nazi lovers, American Wallace Simpson and her husband the abdicated King of England and not rip both of them apart?

Can you imagine how all the Jewish people around the world who thought it was great that David Gevisser wrote about his dinners with this disgusting couple in his memoirs and not mentioning a word about their open support of Hitler, what they are now thinking?

What about all the non-Jewish anti-Semites?

You would agree that THE UNLIKELY FORESTER is a most important book?

Thank God David Gevisser was not my father.

Thank God I had the most amazing, most humble and most accomplished in every respect father who is still alive, the same with mother.

Do you understand why if we paid our soldiers a fair wage, like no less than what the President of the United States who has none of his kids or immediate family members serving on the front lines, then in the next instant there will be no one to fight as the soldiers along with their families will get to enjoy the same leisurely lifestyle of those leaving it to corrupt government officials to decide what is the most slave wage for those who are the least informed who are doing the heavy lifting?

You have not forgotten that David Gevisser considered himself not very good at research and yet he went on to earn in 2005, at age 79, a Masters of Study in History Research from Oxford University and his diploma hangs in the office of his Professor Caplan, which of course should be changed to a “Masters In Rewriting History”.

Remember, this is a much bigger picture than my family. It is all of you, and each of you are contributing to now writing the true history of the world in modern day times.

This is not fairytale as you perfectly understand that the meeting on September 5-6th 2006 in Johannesburg, South Africa between Nicholas Oppenheimer and Putin looking very defensive, would have been known to not only my “lucky uncle” Dave.

Just because the US Congress has yet to comment on Oppenheimer pulling out his big CIA gun, does not mean you can trust the US Congress with anything including your money.

The Chinese government are not the only military who understand this all perfectly but they happen to be the world’s superpower even if not every American soldier fully understands this as do most if not all Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers and their top notch commandos who you have my word would change sides were there to be war between China and Israel.

Israel of course is also facing the prospects of a civil war which is not a new thing to Israelis even if the younger generation are unaware that civil war did in fact break out during Israel’s War of Independence, but Ben-Gurion acted very quickly and chopped Menachem Begin’s legs off at the knees, although all that happened to Begin was that his officers saved his life by throwing him overboard the Altalena after Ben-Gurion’s Mossad-Hagannah led by future Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzchak Rabin sunk the ship carrying Israeli soldiers and munitions from the United States in Tel-Aviv harbor, just one month into Israel’s first war of survival; and you know it was not a Muslim extremist but an Israeli idiot bred at Bar Ilan University that I am most familiar with who murdered the great Rabin.

If you do not fully understand everything I have written, and you can see I have done a lot of cutting and pasting, before asking me, I suggest you write to Kara Cooney who is the celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA – – and whose ongoing dialogue with me can found on my blog that is located on the top line of’s homepage.

That is because my methodology in getting the information out about how the lazy rich – meat eaters – who do nothing about their logical pains caused by the interaction of their fat DISEASED TALKATIVE cells, trickle down the cost of getting richer on to the back of the poor who are not stupid just horribly misinformed, has me preoccupied right now and indefinitely as I have to make up for lost time due to those who unjustly defame me and who have no difficulty co-opting-corrupting the weakest of the weak cell humans who naturally want to prove they are smarter than me when given any opportunity to rub me up the wrong way and then when feeling themselves trapped in their perpetrations of no good, want to find an easy way out.

Consequently, do not wait for me to give you the green light to start a petition immediately emailing everyone you know asking if they will sign your petition that each of us should exercise our democratic right and decide the pay scale of the lowest ranked member of the US Armed Forces.

Of course there is no need to restrict this campaign only to US soldiers.

Time is of the essence.

Ps – This will be the last time I use Marie’s email to communicate with you or any other of Sebastian’s students which does not prevent you from emailing me at and again feel free to copy the world since I know you would agree that until such time as each of us knows exactly who is profiting from war on the poor, we should all be an “open book”.

BTW, I think this should have you painting more; and if not then look for my analysis of the downward spiral of fine art painting that will inevitably uplift the world.

[Word count 5790]

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 7:39 AM, raye anne marks wrote:
Please….let’s not carry on a public display of anything going on between us. I would rather patch things up with you. I do not want to lose you as a friend. I do not think anyone should have their nose in our personal communications. Anything I say are my own personal opinions. Of course they may not agree with your opinions. But that does not mean that I do not respect your opinions. I do not belong in this war. Please get me out of it with some of your beautiful words. xoRaye Anne PS I apologize for anything I have said that may have offended you.

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