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Harry Oppenheimer

Harry Oppenheimer


Born:October 28, 1908
Died: August 19, 2000


Location: Kimberley, South Africa

Father: Ernest Oppenheimer

Mother: unknown

Wife: Bridget

Son: Nicholas Oppenheimer

Daughter: Mary Oppenheimer Slack

Heir: Nicholas Oppenheimer

Religion: Born Jewish converted to Christianity



Primary: Johannesburg, South Africa

Secondary: Charterhouse School, England

College: Christ Church, Oxford University, 1931



Anglo-American: Chairman, 25 years

De Beers Consolidated Mines: Chairman, 27 years



1948-1957: Kimberley Parliament; opposition spokesman on economics, finance and constitutional affairs.

1970s-1980s: Financed anti-apartheid Progressive Federal Party, that later merged the Democratic Alliance.



Israel: Donated money

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