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Have you thought of the next generation?

let me know if you didnt get the email I just sent you from
Between Liz Forsyth Lovell and You

Gary Steven Gevisser November 20 at 6:51pm

Liz Forsyth Lovell November 24 at 7:36pm
got your emails, not really interested in those subjects! Hope all is well.

Gary Steven Gevisser November 25 at 6:28am
tell me what interests you.

Gary Steven Gevisser November 30 at 7:10am
Liz – I am serious. I truly want to know. I felt that I was covering everything of interest for those in search of the truth with a strong focus on the “money trail” which they don’t teach either at school or university.

Liz Forsyth Lovell November 30 at 8:16pm
I got the emails, they are interesting. It is just not my focus of lately.
I wish you the best in the pursuit of truth. Liz

Gary Steven Gevisser December 1 at 12:27am
Just tell me what is your “focus of lately”. I promise not to pry. Just give it to me in general terms.

BTW long before I met you I had pretty much met everyone from every walk of life but never would I have expected to end up as I am now in a one of a kind meditation retreat in the most beautiful countryside of England – right now I am looking out from the observatory section of the dining area into the most picturesque landscape of rolling green hills as the sun continues to rise casting long shadows that defy the mind assuming one is interested in figuring out the mind of the Creator who assuming it is a Mindful Being must wonder about how those who follow Osho

as well as criticize his beliefs are going to cope with my writings that address the “money trail” that begins with land grabs; not to mention the most interesting thing about this beautiful location is that a German gentleman who owned it prior to World War I was forced to leave England because he was considered a German spy and after the war an English Colonel became the new owner and then it has changed hands several times.

Liz Forsyth Lovell December 1 at 9:59pm
My focus lately is a legal battle with my sister and her husband over my
parents estate. I have been the caregiver to both my parents since 2003
and my Dad passed away last Dec. My mother is still with me, and my husband
and three daughters, she is 91. So lots of attorneys and family divided and
no one really cares for my mom. It is the most heartbreaking situation of any
family can have. So elderly rights is my new area of concern and our government
has so many laws to protect the elderly but rarely are the laws inforced. When
a retired judge is involved, wow, no one wants to rock the boat. It is the good
old legal boys and no regard for the laws. Truely criminal. That’s my focus.
My joyful and happy focus are my three beautiful daughters!

Gary Steven Gevisser December 3 at 2:26am
Wow indeed.

I learned the “rules of the land” a whole lot younger than you.

You may not recall me speaking that much about what happened to my paternal grandfather’s multi-national trading conglomerate that was taken over by puppets of De Beers because I never spoke about it or what steps I took to investigate such an outrage knowing that I had to be very careful in the questions I asked.

I knew that I had a most brilliant and extraordinarily aware mother with incredibly strong ties to the modern state of Israel and yet her immediate family never immigrated to Israel, instead right at start of Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947-Jan. 1949] they, beyond belief cash rich, “abruptly” left England where my mother was most happy, for the humid hell hole of Durban, South Africa whose white people including the Jewish Community were increasingly in denial as spoils of World Oil War II began to flow.

Unlike you who make it like “pulling teeth” to find out what is bothering you, I have that not only tells it exactly the way it is, but if you were to simply focus your energy for just 30 minutes, perhaps a whole lot less were you to really “get with the program”, you would understand not only how easy it would be for me to help but you to understand much better that you, your sister, Tom, your mother, your husband and 3 daughters are getting exactly what “you deserve”.

Just imagine if the Internet was around when we first met and your mom in particular was very much “full of life”, I bet you the entire value of her and your father’s estate that she would have “jumped on board” with my “social cause” given how well I can explain not only better about what is going on with an extraordinary track record to prove it, but how she would never find herself at age 91 witnessing such utter selfishness.

I know most of all that you are “street smart” and have not allowed your formal education to interfere with your learning, but even you still have an “out of control ego” at least when compared with me who does not have a religious bone in my body but figured out on my own the “Logic” of the entire system.

Just imagine if you and I had stayed in touch right after your nephew James C. Ashworth Esq. “dropped the ball” after doing the most extraordinarily skillful job in representing me in Superior Court back on October 24th, 2002 when Judge Hendrix came down on my wife’s ex-husband, The IT, like a ton of bricks; and the best aspect of James’ personality is that he put his client’s best interests ahead of his own “agenda”, simply because he was very competent in the law and did not have an out of control ego, but his “addictive personality” would inevitably be his undoing.

Your sister and Tom decided to “enable” James as they sent him off I believe to the Betty Ford Clinic, thinking that sweeping everything under the carpet wouldn’t end up coming to bite them in the very next instant.

What goes around comes around not only in a vengeance but in the very next instant.

Those, however, so self-absorbed by their fat TALKATIVE cells take a while to “get it”.

My own mother who again knew at a much younger age than most how the real world worked beginning with her vast knowledge about the “problems of the world and the solutions to them” handed down to her by her pogrom orphaned grandmother, Nechie Becker Badash who was a “kinsman” of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, is today no different to most who have the knowledge and instead of “standing tall” choose to ignore and shut down when not being “defensive”.

In the time it has taken me to type this, and may I add, very quickly, and surrounded by a great many distractions, I could have convened a seminar-workshop in this pub here in Minehead where we own 3 bedroom home attached to a cafe on the water’s edge.

There is a 74 year old lady seated at the table directly in front of me who I helped get seated after she kindly asked me to carry her coffee since suffers horribly from arthritis.

She happens to a “healer” with a knowledge of kinetics and explained rather well what she knows which made a lot of sense.

Unfortunately for her she has an incredibly poor medicine diet and I could talk to her until the cows came home and while she would agree 100% with what I had to say about the benefits of eating a live food diet with plenty of juicing, it would go in one ear and out the other.

I know better than to waste my breath.

I suggest you back off entirely with any type of legal proceedings against your sister and Tom, at least until you have thought through my “proposal” that you invite everyone you know to one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop, EXCLUDING for the time being Tom and your sister who a couple or so years ago sat at the table next to us at the Del Mar race track and even though we never acknowledged one another’s presence I am quite certain both of them knew it was me and my wife who has a presence about her that anyone with a set of eyes does not forget.

I know that it is very difficult for you to separate the “money” aspect from the the disappointment of thinking that because someone is family and you have all this history blah blah they would “know better”.

Please don’t protest otherwise, because you will be only kidding yourself.

Bear in mind that once I had proven myself in both the academics as well as Gadna-Youth military training at Ben Gurion’s kibbutz Sde Boker, I began receiving highly specialized Israeli Special Forces and military intelligence training that it is very possible no current Commanding Officer in the brutal Israel Defense Force has come close to receiving given how Ben Gurion was most reluctant to share the most closely guarded intelligence that began with how he and his partner, Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts, a devout Christian, defied the US Government who have been under the “command and control” of the mafia monopoly De Beers going back well before De Beers’ most brutal Anglo Boer War.

Assuming you are following along half as well as I did when I was just 15 years of age when I understood perfectly why the US Government placed the most diabolical arms boycott of Israel in its first war of survival that on the eve of the official start, May 15th, 1948, the day after Ben Gurion had declared Jewish Statehood in lands that Ben Gurion and his most trusted aides including his most trusted “runner”, Nechie Becher Badash who at a minimum couldnt “sell out” her immediate family who had been wiped out in one of the last of the pogroms that simply resulted in the world’s bankers ratcheting up their genocidal killing machines which we first saw with the erection of Concentration Camps during the Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902, you would be looking right now at the price of gold on the spot market.

Gold last traded at US $1214.80.

On December 31st, 2002, my highly literate and math wizard French-Canadian wife sent an email to a group of gold traders which I wrote in its entirety.

It began, “It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something …”

Click below:

Gold closed on 12/31/2002 at under US $350 a troy ounce.

I think you can figure out that had you paid attention to those writings which you would have even more had you received a copy of my first broadcast on 12/1/2000 which was an invitation to my New Beginnings Party ten days, where I named just 4 public corporations in 4 distinctly different industries, two winners and two losers, it is very possible that even if you only had one thousand dollars to your name; i.e. that was all the credit you had; by now you would have been laughing your head off at your sister and Tom and so would your mom.

At the same time you wouldn’t have had the “opportunity” to see all their “true colors”.

Again, at age 12, back in 1970, I figured that the entire world had to be “rotten to the core” given how in an instant our family had lost a hugely successful multi-national trading conglomerate that my grandfather started in 1910 beginning by pushing a wheel barrow picking up unbroken bottles off the dirt streets of Durban, SA.

In other words, unlike you and most if not all the people you know I was “blessed” by not being afforded the “opportunity” to be corrupted.

Moreover, my mother in particular had raised me with the clear understanding that I would never, no matter what, inherit anything but my Gevisser very good name.

Christians are at a distinct disadvantage to Jewish people given how you all even the poorest expect presents at “Xmess” (sic) for no other reason than than the person who gives the present has the wealth to afford it.

When you get anything without having to work for it, which is why the ruling banker elite so have the masses of brain dead hooked on inheritance, you might as well spend most of your life contemplating suicide.

Most people of course do this 24/7 as they eat themselves to death.

I must now bring this to a close as I have a handful other communiques to get out before checking on my wife Marie who didnt have the most restful night sleep.

Ps – You wouldnt even need for me to return to the States for me to put on a seminar-workshop as we could do it all online.

The business plan is a no brainer. Have everyone who can afford pay what they can and those who cannot to come free, and for you and me to split the revenue “down the middle.”

Even if it turns out that you cannot get anyone other your children, husband and mom to attend and none of them feel they afford to pay a penny, you will come away so empowered that you seriously consider going door to door simply using my first Daily Dirt Newsletter as a “teaser”.

Click below:

Gary Steven Gevisser December 4 at 9:44am
Question. Is your mom “compis mentis”?

Question 2. Is the legal battle of “public record”?

Question 3. Is Jimmy involved?

Liz Forsyth Lovell December 8 at 9:18am
This is not public nor will respond to anything that had internet access.

Gary Steven Gevisser December 9 at 7:18am
Why wouldn’t you want to expose those members of your family who are corrupt and at least warn their future victims.

You may find comfort amongst a great many people who feel that I am not showing any emotion by not putting myself in your shoes.

What do you think about how these same American-Canadians never gave a fuck about the very same Canadian-Americans benefitting to this very day from the US government who represents the biggest coward-bullies who learned well from massacring their own in America’s Civil War, not objecting in the least to the Rockefeller’s placing their IG Farben gas pellet production facility in the center of Auschwitz?

I guess the far too quick murder of 6 million of the best of the best Jewish people weren’t enough for you all to shed a single tear.

Your blind eye to what is happening today is that you don’t have the knowledge to teach your kids the real history of America given how incredibly dumb-numb-selfish future shellfish were their parents and grandparents in thinking that money had any gauge, when in fact the only reason you can dilly dally is because young, poor and dumb American kids continue to be brainwashed to kill and be killed.

Not to mention what happens when they get the information; and better yet who knew what and when and chose to be indifferent.

Have you thought that maybe your purpose is to more than profit from your parents’ wealth?

Have you thought of the next generation?

You are helping me greatly in putting the finishing touches to two books that I am writing; one about the history of money creation and its future and the other about The Meaning of Life that will inevitably converge.

BTW, I have already responded to your earlier email sent to my email account but because of problems I am having with that email system here in Spain, it has not left my outbox.

I will try now placing all of this on my blog.

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