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Head up – Re: Join my WhatsApp group “Kadima 21”

From: Malcolm Ness <>
Subject: Re: Head up – Re: Join my WhatsApp group “Kadima 21”
Date: November 10, 2016 at 10:43:43 AM PST
To: gg <>

bacon dropped from my diet


—-Original messaging ———

From: gg <>

Subject: Head up – Re: Join my WhatsApp group “Kadima 21”
Date: November 10, 2016 at 10:39:59 AM PST
To: Malcolm Ness <>
Cc: rest; Uri Rosenberg <>, Lea Shrem <>, JS Warfield <>, “ outh African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB friend of GG.” <>, Dave Osh – former Israeli Fighter Pilot now working with Vistage <>, Dave Fifield – Gerhard <>, kathleen paris <>, yossi menachem <>, “Yossi Melman – co-author FRIENDS IN DEED.” <>, Galit Tassi <>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <>, “Rod Margo Esquire – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rod’s father, South African judge Cecil Margo Esq. wrote, at the request of Ben Gurion, the blueprint for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force.” <>, “Alain Passard – Paris, France across from Musee Rodin Paris” <>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel” <>, “Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Principal Economist at De Beers-Barclays Bank controlled, US Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Former 27 year senior Stanford University lecturer.” <>, “Guy Bechor – principal” <>

Malcolm – your response is too funny.
BTW, does the name Guy Bechor mean anything to you? If not, do you want to find out?
Shortly I will be responding to your previous reply that you titled, “Private” that was in response to “The genius of the race” where your reply left out the most important issues, and what you had to say only highlighted those missing parts that much more.
Kadima 21 is not a political party. It is just the name of a group that started out with two Israelis living in Haifa, and I was invited by the one, Uri Rosenberg doing his Phd study on a most important Muslim Turkish group who are now the mainstream Turkish political party both in Turkey and on the European Continent, at least that is my understanding from Uri; and that they sit on the fence between extremists and moderates, but their inclination is to be closer allied with the extreme. 
I also invited Lea Shrem, an Israeli, and she quickly left the group; the same Jackie Warfield whose one distant relation dropped the first nuke on Japan. Just to tell you also how very closely people follow what I have to say, more so than being so attached to their communicating device.
I have also asked former Israel Air Force fighter pilot Dave Osh to join the group, but like you he has not accepted. Dave of course fully understands that Kadina 21 is far more important than any political party either in Israel or elsewhere now that you learned yesterday that the United States is no different to Great Britain in being a one party state like every other failed democracy.
Are you cutting down on the amount of bacon you eat in the morning, or do you think that has nothing to do with the way you think?
Stand straight, head up, shoulders back, stomach in, and buttocks tightened, as my mother would begin teaching her prospective world class models.
[Word count 333]


On Nov 10, 2016, at 10:09 AM, Malcolm Ness <> wrote:


Thank You for the offer to join a WhatsApp group. I note it has a name synonymous with a political party in Israel. I do not affiliate with political identities so please do not take this the wrong way but there is where I stand.
Also, since yesterday’s “interesting” turn of events I have decided to move further away from current affairs and concentrate more on local issues as the greater picture just gets more and more depressing and it does not do well for my health.
Happiness and Hugs to both of you and Mango, of course
On 10 Nov 2016, at 18:00, garystevengevisser <> wrote:

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

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