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Highlighting the inequality

[April 22] I  responded with the following to Laura Christner Malta [Facebook “friend”] who has been “highlighting all the inequality surrounding money printing”:

Laura, how come you completely ignore the information I have shared with you about Lloyds of London Insurance who have not only banned American citizens from investing that your church preacher should be up in arms were he not as corrupt as the less hypocritical politician-bankers, but the US Government allow Lloyds to sell most of their insurance to US citizens who are mostly oblivious because of this distraction talk, and every $ of insurance premium helps launder Lloyd’s capital base that is principally a foreign monopolist’s diamonds that are unlimited in supply and untraceable making Lloyds the money laundering of money laundering vehicles?

An elementary school kid raised in a moral household would understand this all perfectly, but which of us parents are willing to admit that we are so corrupt which is the result of playing stupid one too many times. Once a liar always a liar. Only liars need good memories to keep track of their lies which you know is impossible since the short-circuits in the space between their ears only registers to others because the “blank look” which I refer to as the “light bulb effect” has the liar increasing less conscious of how they come across as the space between their ears reflects a perfect vacuum like Deep Space where no sound travels.

My documentary which I began filming on March 27 over in London at the entrance to very bright lit Lloyds, with heavyweight World Boxing Federation champion Mike Grant at my side, is not only going to blow the lid off all the big corruption that none of you dare to talk about, but it will also name names of all those who knew about it and chose instead to give their best effort to help in the distraction, which is also geared to make themselves look better.

Laura Christner Malter

highlighting the inequality surrounding money printing …

and the chart which should send shivers up your spine …

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