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History of Money Creation

History of Money Creation


Formation of De Beers Consolidated Mines


Bankers Manifesto

1895 December 2, – 1896 January 2

Jameson Raid


8 Allied Nations Invasion of China (aka The Boxer Rebellion)


Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corp. is Formed


Anglo-Boer War


The Panic of 1907

1913 December 2

Federal Reserve Act Signed into Law


World War I


Formation of De Beers Anglo-American


De Beers Shuts down the only US Diamond Mine

1933 April 5

Gold Confiscation (Presidential
Executive Order 6102)


1935 September 15

Nuremberg Laws

1938 November 9


1939 June 4

MS St Louis

1939 May 17

The White Papers of 1939

1939 September 4

JBM Hertzog Deposed as Prime Minister of


Reports of Auschwitz provided to Allies

1940 September

US Ambassador Seeks Meeting
with Hitler


1941 December 13

Trading with the Enemy Act is Enforced


1942 April 16

US Justice Department Confidential Report


1942 October 20

Trading with the Enemy Act Enforced


1945 January 27

Auschwitz is Liberated

1945 February 4-11

Yalta Conference

1945 February 13

US President Meets with King of Egypt

1945 February 14

US President Meets with King of Saudi Arabia

1945 April 5

President Roosevelt Writes King Ibn Saud

1948 May 14

Israel Proclaims her Independence

1948 May 15

British Mandate for Palestine Expires

1948 May 15- January 1949

Israel’s War of Independence

1948 May 26

National Party Takes Control of South Africa


British Led Arab Legion Attacks Israel

1949 May 11

Israel Joins the United Nations

1967 June 5

Six-Day War

1967 November 28 – 1970

Swastika US Naval Barracks

United States Navy

What: The United States Navy constructs Naval barracks.

Where: Coronado Island in San Diego California.

The timing of the
construction in the same year as the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty makes for
quite a coincidence.

Note: The US Navy has clamed
that it was not intentional and that it was unknown; however as the site plan
shows below the aerial view shows the swastika shape very clearly, and therefore
was well known to the architects, engineers, inspectors, and sub-contractors
involved in the design and construction of these buildings.





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