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$HIT HEADS – page one of three

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: September 9, 2011 6:42:53 PM PDT
To: Young lady
Subject: Beat the cow too long

Hello, this is Gary. I met you at the X and told you I had a “reading assignment”.

Im putting the finishing touches to a Gold Invention Petition that at it’s heart is to get everyone, both corrupt and yet to be corrupted, to think first, where has all the money disappeared to that has been printed since the first American $ bills came out, and that includes all the Green Backs going back to 1861; and none of it is ever destroyed and this unimaginably huge sum of money is equivalent to very possibly every small pebble we find on every beach including those yet to be discovered.

You may already know that the goal of everyone corrupt is to own more stolen land, grab the mineral resources and print the money which is stored not just in commercial banks which the hard working poor are encouraged to use, and in so doing build up their credit scores in order to borrow monies in order to buy the things they first need to survive and then all the luxury goods that become that much more easily affordable as one acquires valuable assets such as real estate, which those who have stolen the most land of course encourage because they want to have a loyal band of supporters who become part of the propaganda, “Defend the motherland”.

Now assume you while walking along a beach in a paradise resort like Del Mar or the Seychelles and not fearful of a Great White biting off your feet because there is no known instance of a Great White coming ashore, and the sand you have collected in your shoes can be sold for $ bills which is exactly what De Beers do with their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamonds, you could accumulate in your vaults as many $s as your vaults could hold or you could simply dump those $s in the sea assuming you had purchased everything you wanted beginning with your government officials, who have never forced you to provide an inventory of your unlimited amount of diamonds both gem quality and industrial diamonds that since the mid-1950s have been produced in machines that can also be paid for in diamonds which De Beers fixes the price, the same with gem quality diamonds.

The key of course is to keep any possible competitors off your beaches which De Beers first accomplished when they and their bankers had President Teddy Roosevelt send out the Great White American Fleet which was a declaration of war on the rest of the world and when the 16 battleship armada all painted white, returned after their 434 day intimidation of the rest of the world on February 22, 1909 without having to fire a single cannon in anger, would you consider that genocide, since not a single life was taken as the US began to execute in earnest its Gunboat Diplomacy that later evolved into our Regime Change Policy, as Uncle Sam decided not only on each our future tyrants but their second in command as well as their successors, without any fear of the untraceable diamond bribes being traced back to any future meetings in the Oval Office of the White House.

Is that White House starting to make you feel sick to your stomach?

Sam, as you should know from the rest of your American history, was the real name of the butcher who supplied lawyer Lincoln’s Union troops during the Civil War that murdered 2% of the American population after we first wiped out the 10 million indigenous Indians who outnumbered us when the first pilgrims arrived 10 million to 0, which explains why we then imported our slaves who wouldn’t be demanding their ancestral lands back, and to swim back to Africa most would drown before being eaten by the sharks.

I am willing to pay you $15 an hour just to critique this communique to you; and if you are able to get family and friends of yours to attend one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop where they must each pay at least $15, anything more they contribute I will split down the middle with you.

My last broadcast was to a Black American and a Black South African with a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population carbon as well as blind copied. Yo can access it by CLICKING HERE. It should give you a good sense of what I could be doing with my time enjoying an untold fortune rather than educating the not yet corrupt to be smart, and avoid falling victim to those much dumber who mostly wear their punishment on their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells; and when you have stopped searching for information you have crossed the line; and once you have the knowledge you know everyone’s game.

America is not turning to pot, it is turning to fat.

You feel good when you do something like eating a healthy organic salad as well as when juicing vegetables and fruits so you concentrate the nutrients into your body-mind while the fat drips, and it takes a little more effort than throwing a piece of animal flesh on to a boiling oven plate or barbecue and when passing by an animal restaurant like MacDonalds your taste buds in your mouth and your nose picks up a whiff of greasy oil burning and it makes you feel good and hungry because the previous animal meal that you indulged in had the excess turning to fat whereas excess plant life consumption just turns to heat and your body burns it off effortlessly without the excess weight as the excess weight of fat slows you down and your lethargy has your silent fat diseased TALKATIVE cells logically resenting those healthy which you envy because the only way to enjoy the healthy body is to find a prostitute willing to take your money and you certainly cannot impress anyone with your newfound knowledge of today that every child should be raised with to understand that the value of the money is dictated by the most brutal military even if all their different government issued currencies look different.

When you know you are doing something wrogn and you think there are no consequences, first take a look at your body as you pride yourself those with wealth on their brains specifically their ability to make money.

When you figure that there is not a single person on the planet who has pulled together this important information about De Beers who have hijacked the US military

When you figure how many people I have educated for free and for much longer than what you see in the page views of which

started keeping track of in mid-May 2009, and you don’t find one fully dedicated to getting the information out, you begin to see an evil of epic proportions.

It gets worse.

All these people know that I have been the target of the most transparent malicious attack by an ex-CIA officer whose corrupt Dallas, Texas lawyer Alan Lowinsohn knew that he would have no trouble finding a lower court judge Lowy who would in turn have no trouble finding support from higher judges as Lowy handed me who couldn’t find a single honest lawyer in America to represent me, a $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence while the judge so arrogantly declared while striking my very common sense pleadings that explained this farce of farces, that he could find no evidence of wrongdoing by me.

You would know that there are a great many of the top professionals in all the disciplines such as law and journalism who know me well enough to say that they have never met anyone close to as credible and honest as me, and yet all the non-professionals are deathly silent.

Such evil is totally unique because all these people want, besides for using my knowledge to hedge their bets while gaining advantage over the next person including family members and friends is to stop me from telling the true history of the world.

There has never been anything like this in the history of the world and the most that any of these most evil people can think of when not deafeningly silent and you know dea
fening silences speak the most volume is to say, “What do you expect them to do?”, but again we are talking about such huge numbers of people from all walks of life who if you were to put them in a room together would all talk badly about each other.

Their total lack of shame overrides all their logical thought processing because they can still drive a car and even the very few healthy eating people don’t recognize that the logic to everything including feeling good about yourself when you eat right and notice your increased energy and the lean and trim body is attractive to others, is for the human to be consistently and constantly thinking logical to the point that it becomes first nature to think what an extraordinarily logical mind can be behind all the logical thinking and such a mind could also change the minds of the selfish future shellfish to be the one that turns the “common herd”, but not necessarily since those who don’t have all this information have the free choice to learn from the corrupt, and it is much easier for them because they don’t carry the same weight of guilt as those who know and who have let valuable precious time pass by.

The corrupt also know that the $ HIT list on does not have many of them returning to because again they are singularly focused on seeing me go down in their flames by the US Judiciary who currently represent their non-existent value system.

Humans burdened with guilt don’t make very great lovers and they will be the first to tell you.

We all know that there can be no greater feeling in the entire world than making love to a beautiful human body; and those who rarely if ever make love to their partner of “bad habit” have prided themselves of their intellect, based on the totally illogical “Mind Over Bod” when it is Mind AND Body.

Remember they are singularly focused on me. Nor do they need to hear a Flash News report that I have become a celebrity of note to know that there is no one that have ever heard of living today who has close to my reputation.

The killer for all these “money me” people is the fact that I am sharing information about the one subject they all consider themselves expert in.

Their mental suicide that you can easily see translating into the sickness of the rest of their bodies is that they battle to see that I have been using both my lack of celebrity status to stay alive because they are convinced that I don’t pose any threat to their corrupt monetary system that has them not being able to get enough of the status quo even if they haven’t yet figured out a way to steal as much as bigger crooks, as well as their mind-body sickness to get the information out there.

Of course it helps greatly to have such a beautiful and logical thinking wife at my side. Marie Dion Gevisser is also not yet a household name even though she is more accomplished than any other woman I know in the entire world; in fact if you combine the talents of all the sicko women I know into one energy mass they wouldn’t come close; in fact I would take that ball of shit, bury it in the sand and find the dumbest fuck ostrich to peck at it ad-infinitum.

When you don’t know you are doing something wrong, there is no feeling of guilt.

When you know you are doing something terribly wrong, and it does not get any more evil than what I have been describing above, you end up supporting an unimaginable evil without ever realizing it, and that evil is so beyond belief stupid that even when you hear it time and again, you are that stupid ostrich and you know a leopard does not change its spots.

Do you have any idea how many rich people and rich is anyone who has running water, electricity and indoor plumbing; meaning they have a roof over their head and know where their next meal is coming from, know why the mineral richest countries are the poorest, and those with the highest standard of living compute the health of their economies by how much they consume of the resources of the world that are not as militarily strong as they cannot get enough of the gross Gross Domestic Product index?

These imbecile adults have been teaching 4 generations of western children.

These imbecile adults you can bet your life are going to be also having less sex in the future even though not all their names are yet up on the $ HIT List.

Don’t forget I wasn’t stupid when I decided to begin speaking out against the mafia of mafia De Beers who in September 2006 brought out their big gun Putin.

The signature on the contract is fully understood by the deafening silent who are just very happy that Nicholas Oppenheimer of De Beers has America’s gun backing him.

But that was 5 years ago and have you any idea how much the lazy rich have consumed of the world’s natural resources without taking a break from all their hot air talk?

Did you notice how you quickly got over that we measure the success of our economy versus the mineral rich countries that we have raped for more than a century as we pride ourselves on being the biggest consumers and we travel to poverty stricken countries and we see our church officials telling them to have faith in God and the life hereafter, we convince ourselves that poverty is disease.

Let me know if you think I need to explain the primary role of western grass roots organizations including Doctors Without Border to sure up the US $ to purchase the raw war materials from mineral rich countries to be used against their remaining poor.

You have of course gone back to take a look at the going on 1.4 million visitors of since mid-May 2009.

One visitor could be a corporation as large as Apple or a spy agency like the CIA.

What percent of Americans who are not on one form or another disability including Social Security and dividend income from corporations profiting from the rape of the poor, do not work for the US Government.

A person who is corrupt cannot possibly believe in God.

Nor can a corrupt person believe in miracles because that would denote a Divine Presence.

That is why the corrupt cannot get enough of this ex CIA Charles Dazler Knuff and his lawyer-liar Loewinsohn and Judge Low treating me like I do not exist.

Not one of the silent are any less evil than the 3 of them combined.

I am just one person and these evil are treating me much worse than Hitler who you will recall was applauded by the vast majority of Americans during the rise of Nazi Germany and that includes the vast majority of Jewish people throughout the world whose fear was Communism that was started by Jewish people Karl Marx and Trotsky but the clearest thinker of them both was Lenin who was fit, trim and strong before he was mortally wounded in an assassination attempt.

How terrible is it for the working class who were the majority and remain the majority to decide their fate, unless you think God decides each of our fate?

Continuing ….

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