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Only a devolved species could be so purposefully stupid. We don’t find such recklessness in any of the other species.

Choosing mental suicide is not self-preservation; to know gives you a gauge.

Not to mention yesterday we had 1492 unique visitors at and 4274 visitors in total. Below is the demographics for the past 6 days:

You would understand that if I were giving this speech to the traders on the New York Stock Exchange or any of the commodity markets throughout the world, all trading would stop in the next instant especially if they understood this information were being beamed live to all our troops including those in Special Forces deep in enemy lines.

When it comes to diamond bribes paid to our top intelligence and counterintelligence officers, most of the time the questions don’t come during interrogation and when they do, as the information moves up the “chain of command” so the silence of the higher ups sends a clear message.

That does not explain why us humans can’t all get together behind me who is not afraid because I have the truth and I have put the information out so clearly and in a clear and concise manner from the moment I began to speak out against De Beers, who of course got it much quicker than those they have brainwashed and who when finding out how easy it was for De Beers to do, first of all feel ashamed that they could be so stupid not to have figured it out on their own, and so they are constantly thinking how they can profit personally from the information, and nor do they share it with their family and friends, and when doing so only very superficially, and careful not to make too much of a big deal about it because they also don’t know who to trust amongst their family and friends who my already have the information and been through all the “mental gymnastics”.

So you ask the logical question, how come so many are these sheep and they all say they are not sheep on an individual level?

What the common herd don’t figure when realizing that there is no competition to De Beers is that there is no competition.

When they see that there is only one gas and electric company such as SDGE here in San Diego County and one idiot technician was the cause of the outage yesterday, the thinking is not how come we only allow one De Beers to be the allocator of the world’s resources, but rather that more competition would prevent the chaos that resulted that upset people on life support systems who don’t take care of themselves and live too long in their self-absorbed skins whether in hospitals where the food makes them sicker along with the those drugs or at home and the news coverage doesn’t cover those immigrant vegetable and fruit pickers keeping the price of everything down because they don’t really want to know what a monopolist like De Beers is capable of doing, as De Beers who prime the pump on all our energy wars is singularly focused on killing the poor in mineral rich countries either through war or malnutrition as the rich from the consuming nations like the US buy up the land on the cheap for their second and third homes.

Next is the question, “Does God exist?” Most who think about it would say that for God to exist, not only would God be omnipotent, but everything would have to be “by design”; meaning that each one of our fates is predetermined, that no matter what one does, the end result is going to be same; i.e. that we cant make any changes and therefore if it is going to turn out bad it will, and if it is going to turn out okay, the same thing.

We also know that none of us have a choice in our parents, and so right there we stop thinking that there is a God.

If God decides absolutely everything starting with who we have as our parents, what God would give some of us good parents and some bad parents and why would one child born to a rich family live in luxury and most of the people of the world are poor and just because God decided to give them poor parents their lives are hell. So most people cannot possibly believe in God, or at least a good God, for what god would do that to them.

So how do we logically explain all the great many people who say they believe in a “Divine Presence” of one form or another, and then there are the huge numbers of churches of all the many different religions. What can all these people possibly be thinking? Maybe they forget a few things? For example everyone had to have asked themselves the question at least once that if there is a God it would mean our fate is sealed right from the very beginning just by virtue of God having decided on our parents which we all know that consciously we had absolutely no say in the matter. For those who start to go into very vague weird stuff like what we see in ourselves is like a clone of ourselves that might be the one deciding on our parents, we know those people are talking rubbish, and just looking for a way out of not being able to logically thought process. Logical people which we all think we are even when we make excuses for our family members who don’t do the right thing as we have kids who we must think are more special than other kids as we mostly leave our children the bulk of the inheritance unless we are pissed off at them and then we leave the money to charities who are just a an extension of big government.

But what is it that makes us think our kids are more special and deserving of our inheritance which we know we have because we happen to be on the side of the most brutal?

Look at the rest of the animal species who are evolving. Many like doves mate for life, but once the offspring are of an old enough age to be out of the nest, they are on their own; and those that stick to their prides like the lions do so for self-preservation and even then the male head honcho kicks its future rival out very early on. The human beast just holds on to their family for insurance which looks so stupid as this money house of cards are set to come crumbling down, and yet look at all the people who have this knowledge getting that much closer to their family members or is that just a poker game they are playing?

God could be the only one possible of having created this Diamond Invention that so few even thought about and when realizing how easy it was for this so in our face monopolist to pull it off as the human saw all the advances in technology letting them have so much fun and so much more free time to play and dither about, they make me out to be the bad guy.

As my very conscious and most exotic French-Canadian wife commented the other morning; just waking up each day from a deep sleep is something quite amazing isn’t it?

So the rich are getting richer not because God is bad but because the human is so dumb that he can’t come together when given all the information to choose change for the better while knowing the lazy rich have yet to get rid of all the poor who remain in the majority and they could get all this information from a credible source like me in the instant who could in fact if the majority were thinking straight be made President of any country where the first thing I would have is a forum to speak my mind, but they choose to be dumb.

To be so dumb can only be the thinking of One God who created the circumstances that has all this so obviously stolen wealth concentrated in the hands of so few who thumb their noses at all of you and you take it.

There is logic to everything and yet we go along with the insane inheritance laws because we say nothing changes, and yet you surely haven’t forgotten that you can if you want, change your unhealthy diet and avoid the pain of the aging horribly fat diseased TALKATIVE cells who for all the logical reasons support the status quo but these mother fuckers are fast dying out and we could in the next instance end the wars and have everyone working towards taking care of each other without being so dumb as to think that the human
doesn’t want to have everyone equal.

The human has shown that it really does not think.

That one person who caused the blackout yesterday that affected a great many poor dependent on very poor slave wage earning jobs all determined by De Beers, could have been a madman who decided to blow up the Hoover Dam or carry a suitcase size nuclear bomb into the vicinity of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The fact that the world has not blown up when you consider for the first time how truly evil and stupid is the human is the miracle of miracles.

Considering all the evil in our governments who all bow to De Beers, only a miracle of God could have prevented this from happening, don’t you think?

The fact is we could end poverty with all the technology, and the fact that we dont, doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the next instant; we need just one smart and honest leader who I can teach through people like yourself, and for those idiots who say if everyone is equal, then you are not special any more, I say “bring it on”.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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