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$ HIT HEADS – page two of three

Marx died in 1883 and by which time he would have perfectly understood the 1877 first will of De Beers founder Cecil Rhodes calling for a “Secret Society” of bankers who first stole the land using their countries’ military might and then made a “double killing” from purchasing the land of the soldiers killed and wounded in battle, to rule the world.

Trotsky who led the Red Army of workers was clueless because he was naive in thinking he could spread his brand of communism throughout the world when the capitalist brand of communism was far more entrenched.

The only reason the west let Trotsky live as long as he did was because he gave the working class just like all the labor leaders of today false hope, but as this tragic figure he could be the story of documentaries and historians would have something to talk about otherwise they would be grunts in the military that as technology has evolved requires less soldiers and just an investment of free money in military infrastructure.

You can see that without me and my unique knowledge of History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] all this knowledge would have not only been lost, it most likely would never have surfaced.

Please don’t be sad for me because that would only deprive me of my happiness and sap my energy.

Instead try not to follow Conventional Wisdom because you have been surrounded from birth by people who lack wisdom, at best; use your remaining time and energy to forgive all the morons but do it with not having to voice a word and only have something to do with them if you can see them making a positive contribution, and of course to be very upfront with them. I suggest you have them read this followed by my first Daily Dirt Newsletter, What does it mean to have the government owning AIG? – CLICK HERE.

Gross Domestic Product [GDP], just 3 words in a sea of acronyms and big fancy novels and economic text books that are so utterly revolting and the first word tells you it is gross.
because if we allowed them to have the weapon systems to beat us back we know they wouldn’t just beat us back, they would be extraordinarily vengeful and nor would they show us any mercy if we were to argue in our self-defense that we were so caught up in our own little world thinking that we were doing good and the reason we weren’t much richer is because we were having to be the world’s policeman

Bear in mind that the middle class and the much harder working poor are fighting increasingly over the scraps and where the focus is on all these recent “stimulus packages” that include all the monies that get wasted by defense/offense contractors on foreign soil, when they most wittingly do a half ass job, which the “common herd” don’t pay as much attention to as they do thinking they are so on top of things, because they believe they understand that the business of the war machine industries is to keep waging war, which means finding new enemies after you have killed those previously nurtured.

Consequently, after you bomb out existing infrastructure and you do a piss poor job in the reconstruction phase, you end up pissing off a lot of locals and these people recognize that they don’t have long to live if being blasted apart in carefully orchestrated market bombings assuming disease from filthy drinking water doesn’t kill them off any sooner, and so they head for the high mountainous terrain of Afghanistan where just so long as we don’t use our most advanced weaponry, make it look like like they are even able to give our best Special Forces a “fight for their money”; and then our propaganda says these “insurgents”, those not on the CIA payroll, place no value on life and think more of dying heroically than in a street gutter in Bagdad.

So how do you find new enemies after you first kill the best soldiers long before your regular military declare war when sending in the main contingent of motorized vehicles and jet fighters?

Most beautiful women are not only more sensuous than men and desire men with the perfect bodies even if they are not thinking of having children because that is how their minds are programmed whereas the male is far less focused on procreation because the male is not in the least bit focused on having kids unless there is something seriously screwed up in their head and so if you come across a male who says he can’t wait to be a father, you know that is the first sign to run a 100 miles away from. The male is constantly thinking either about sex or playing with their equipment for the fear of losing it especially in a fight to the bloody end.

The beautiful bodied woman cannot fathom the attraction that war has on men because they see much quicker through the uniform because it is mostly women taking care of the dying and injured which may explain why female nurses are so attracted to ugly men, you think?

The world knows that we are what we eat and yet we don’t pay much attention to this very important fact of life.

How many of us would want to make love to a cow, but that is in fact what we are when we eat cow.

How could we have devolved so quickly? Could there be design to it?

Once you educate people they can also change their behavior so long as it has not become a bad habit.

The human does not like confrontation with humans it knows but what when you consider that a human is more a cow than a human, then it is no longer a question of not wanting to be confrontational, but rather to see that cow person as God explaining reincarnation.

Do you think I am beating the cow too long?

Women think they are more peaceful than men as they see from a young age that guys are attracted to sticks but once women see them as an extension of their “diks” (sic) so the more in tune woman should be looking more at the fact that it is the ugly women who didn’t take care of their bodies as they age even if they didn’t have children, play a pivotal role in sending our young and defenseless kids to war as their youthfulness is quickly sucked out of them which makes the ugly cow human who have less energy thanks to their poison diet feel better about themselves; and of course it is these men and women who are the first to say how much they detest war and its insanity.

If you dont have the information one cannot judge relative badness as we are all sucking off the environment from the moment we are conceived, but once a conscious competent, and you choose because you are lazy not to take care of your body temple from that moment forward, and your fat cell count increases, so you become that much more self-absorbed and increasingly you will notice that fat diseased TALKATIVE cell people are oblivious not only to their increasing nonsense chatter, but they cannot find the logic to explain why when they run into me, the chatter stops immediately as they go through all the stages of denial where the one common thread is distraction and one even calling me, “The true American hero”.

The fact that we know if one changes one’s eating habits one can immediately get healthier does not have the idiot immediately thinking that they will think any clearer, and yet when reading this and especially from someone with my credibility in the “risk assessment” business – CLICK HERE – because I am unknown because the bought media make all these decisions they keep minimizing my contribution, and of course the last thing God has them thinking is that there is a God.

These same lame human cows know that no one called it better when letting everyone know when was the best time to begin investing in gold,

and now we are talking about all the money authors and professors of economics and in fact all of Wall Street.

So how come not a single journalist including well known investigator reporters like New York Times Diana Henriques is willing to write a single article about me; and you don’t need a calculator to compute how many down and out journa
lists there are who are looking for the biggest story of their lives.

These clearly programmed idiots keep forgetting that while I remain unknown to the masses, I am most well-known of course to those at the highest level of the De Beers socio-economic ladder who would have never in a million years think that I would be so vocal, let alone communicating with their “common herd” who once getting their heads around how easy it has been for De Beers to own all their government politicians beginning with the entire 3 Branches of the US Government, so they would choose to have De Beers in control of allocating the resources of the world rather than their government officials all the way down to the local city council who got bought for so very little.

I remain, however, another option, and besides for being smart I have not been corrupted because I understand the virtues of being smart that result from not allowing myself to be corrupted which is not something I can say about that many people.

You are coming in at the tail end of a very long but easy to understand non-fiction email book UNIMPOSSIBLE DREAM. Remind yourself continuously that there are a great many individuals who individually get it all but collectively they dont won’t to believe that their military Commanding Officers could be bought, and when caught not explain why they didn’t spill the beans on my former employer, South Africa based De Beers who control the untraceable diamonds that because there is no inventory soak up a lot of the money; but of course not all of it, as the monies are sent overseas without any restrictions placed on Americans with the right political clout to buy up foreign lands as well as mineral rights that De Beers already own as well as don’t own, while De Beers have placed the toughest of restrictions on their common herd South Africans, which explains why so very few South Africans visit my website, which does not mean that if I ran for President of South Africa I wouldn’t win by a landslide’ and of course I don’t fear assassination because I have long defied all the odds of survival as I only know to play the cards I am dealt; and right now the smartest thing I can think of is communicating with you.

You have heard the term “self dealing” and where the “common herd” who are well explained in the Bankers Manifesto of July 4 1892 which you can read about on The Internet, best see on the streets of big cities like London and New York where there is a very talkative person making an offer of goods, often cosmetics for women, and to get the bidding going, they have one of more of their partners start the inflationary bidding war where of course when there is more than one, they are bidding amongst themselves to drive the price up. What the common herd don’t figure is that when it is done on a bigger landmass such as entire continent like mineral rich and labor pool poor Africa, De Beers control the entire financial markets without giving up their worldwide control of the drilling industry since every oil and water well digger needs their exclusive diamond tipped drilling bit which De Beers set the price.

The fact that everything I am sharing with you is so incredibly intuitive has you at first thinking you know all this; and when I remind you that just because no bought journalist wants to do a feature story about me does not mean that De Beers don’t know who I am and how they have managed to pull off such an extraordinary scam for so long, just by observing that the human operates entirely on fear and cares little about anyone else other than themselves which does not prevent the human from being heroic in risking their life to save another.

David Bellavia, America’s most decorated active duty soldier has known all this for more than 2 years, and De Beers learn from his ostrich behavior, but that doesn’t mean they will ever beat me, because I have already one, just by being afforded the miracle chance of still communicating with people such as yourself who could be that one person to turn the herd and if not, I don’t really care because all I am doing is proving how just one other person could change the whole world for the better, and so far all the millions upon millions who have my information, not one has come close to showing my courage, instead thinking it smart to back the wrong horse.


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