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How does the fat stay up?

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 13, 2011 11:56:38 AM PST
To: Maha Gebara
Cc: Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host , “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , “Oprah. com” , General Atomic – Public Relations Department Relations Department , Department of Justice – Anti-Trust Division , Werner Herzog – Filmmaker , Rebecca Cammisa – Director Which Way Home , Kirby Dick – Producer/Director , David Grubin Productions , “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” ,, Brazil Embassy – USA , “John K. Pollard, Jr. – alumnus of MIT and Cornell University.” , “Dr. Daniel Ellsberg – In March 1971 leaked Pentagon Papers that his boss Offense/Defense Minister McNamara authorized in June 1967, the same time McNamara and company placed the USS Liberty spy ship in harms way Sinai Peninsula – c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation” , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , Editor-shanghai daily , South China Morning Post , South African Consulate General , Nitza Lite , South Africa Obed Mlaba – Mayor of Durban ,, “T. Colin Campbell, PhD – Cornell University The China Study” , “Dr. John McDougall MD” , John Perkins – former CIA Economic Hit Man author and founder Dream Change , “Dr. Fuhrman’s Medical Office” , “Professor Norman Finkelstein Phd.” , “Professor Jared Diamond – author, “Guns, GEMS & Steel” (sic).” , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , “Professor Caplan – St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University and holder of David Gevisser’s diploma, Masters of Studies in History Research which should have been labeled, a Masters in Rewriting History.” , “Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author, THE END OF POVERTY Columbia University” , Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM
Bcc: “Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples – Chief webmaster” ,,, Marie Dion , rancho , Coca Hammel , Mary Rodriguez ,,, Ulisse Vicinanza ,, “Liba” , “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” , “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration.” , Tefo Mohapi , Augusto Benito Vargis Vargis , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” , Marie Dion , raye anne marks , Coca Hammel , rancho , “Liba” , Pat Beck ,, Merna Sturgis , david price , dave ,,,, Andre & Martine Dion , Susan Desonia , tammy West ,, Koby Simantob , John Malin , david price
Subject: How does the fat stay up? – Re: “TO DEFEND THE US FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC” Re: 11-11-11 Is Veteran’s Day

Maha, you a Lebanese-American scientist know not only how to block my emails but why you are not alone when attacking me and I respond appropriately, part of the denial is to make me out to be the bad guy.

When you read my last missive, Pigs don’t walk, that is now up on the blog you will find that I didn’t fully explain how this very energetic Chris Doctor has gone about hedging his bets with very rich ladies and their daughters even if he isn’t fully conscious of his actions; and why not, he is fully entertaining, totally non-threatening, listening far better to how the real dog eat dog world works than all those who think it is their right to get a big government handout.

Moreover, it does not take rocket science just eyes that observe to know that a fat TALKATIVE cell person is diseased, and consumes more that their fair of the resources and you see it first in their long faces that the world owes them a living.

Furthermore, the fact that cops when they see a lean person they automatically assume they are on drugs does not mean they are right because they are mostly wrong, and there is nothing in the least bit healthy about being lazy which fat DISEASED TALKATIVE cell people tell the rest of us with each body movement that is logically more painful thanks to gravity as well, than those of us not only enjoying every moment moving about but logically doing a far better job in resisting the temptation of a long drawn out and painful suicide by eating the wrong foods that selfish-future shellfish bodies logically tell them they are not getting sufficient nutrients.

Why should God-Logic-Truth do more to stop the most exercised mouth muscles getting their rewards overeating even after the rest of diseased body parts are full because of the increasingly slow connection between the enlarged stomach organs and their Poverty of Thought brains which does not grow in size unlike the rest of the expanded body organs that the largest organ the skin accommodates as best it can which you would agree is beyond belief, and how all that fat stays up is in my humble but seasoned opinion the greatest wonder of the universe and we are talking about 7 billion of us wonders.

Let’s stop all this bickering and rejoice the logic behind the logic; namely God.

If there is a God lets just take it to its logical conclusion. Can you see this nonsense continuing indefinitely? You never thought of De Beers, because you first don’t how to think. You think because people can allow their formal education to interfere with their learning, that they are not stupid. You think just because people are simple and cannot see the bullshit that all the government has is the big gun but the government still has to explain how it first allowed De Beers its gun-money power which has never been lost, no matter what all their disinformation spews out, as you can see just from that one photo of Putin that De Beers promotes so strongly because it speaks for itself, that De Beers power has only grown.

Do you know how many people get it? Even you get it. There will be a miracle, and it is because you are stupid. The Christians say man is evil; man is born with original sin. You only become evil when you become stupid. You first become stupid when you become the animal you eat.

How can you fault me for my common sense logic?

You have a bunch of young women who are poorly raised by self-obsessed parents and they become anorexic and the next thing is that not only is plump in and all over the TV shows and commercials, but those fatsos are the majority of the population and they are the ones deciding on what is and what isn’t offensive.

What happened to the children’s rights when they never asked to be born and they are already fat diseased before they even become conscious competents to remember what it was like to be slender, nimble and light on their feet? That is murder that is taking place and you dont find any of drug companies, meat industry, doctors, lawyers and the such objecting because they base all their decision making on money.

Money is the root of all evil because people love money more than they love their own body-minds.

That is obvious.

But still not all of us are stupid and you can see that in our body shape which is not this pear shape. Pear shape should belong with the tits, period.

Can’t you wait to see the photo of Marie which she will be using for her next nude?

Have you ever heard in all your wild fantasies as well, and I am going back to prehistoric times of a woman of 38 having the world’s most perfect body which is what you see in the most great photo I took above, and then 15 years later the body has markably improved?

The answer I can assure you is never.

My 3 elder siblings might try making the case that they are more of an authority than me because they are older and therefore had more time to visit with our mother’s top models who were hands down the best looking women in the world because first of all few would argue including the Brazilians were they to have visited South Africa during the 50s, 60s and 70s when my mother totally dominated the model and beauty queen market in South Africa, that South African women were the most beautiful women in the world and it would make sense given the exotic landscape of South Africa, the perfect weather that also attracted the best and brightest who are generally the most beautiful because until worthless money gets into the decision making equation the parents choose their partners based entirely on looks.

While wars have always decided the value of currency because wars are all about stealing mineral resources beginning with gold and then putting the defeated peoples to work their lands, everything was very clear in terms of who first of all got the riches; namely the soldiers of the winning army who once knighted and comfortable with their large estates then chose the fairest maidens starting with the most beautiful and their genes were passed on while the nobleman was in his prime as well as his first choice; and the offspring got the benefit of learning from the vitality of the father long before he got down to his 100th wife.

You get the picture.

The minute you start printing money out of thin air everything gets very cloudy, assuming you are stupid.

It was not the peoples’ choice for the US to go off the Gold Standard, it was De Beers’ decision since they were the greatest beneficiary.

De Beers might now want to blame Israel’s Mossad but they would have to make the case that the Mossad and/or some of its members ended up richer than the German-South African Oppenheimer family and their partners, the German-American Engelhards.

Why should the Mossad talk?

De Beers have not accused the Mossad of doing anything wrong, have they?

No, they haven’t.

All the evidence shows is that De Beers who openly flaunted that they were supplying Hitler with his diamonds without any fear of retribution by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the US Congress as well as all their successors, have continued to profit to this day.

You may want to only argue that De Beers and its executives as well as their 250 site holders could be much richer and then Nicholas Oppenheimer would have to explain how come with his father’s worth upwards of $250 billion in March 1989, he is today only worth $6.5 billion.

Before you begin to rack your brain and always remember to sit up straight and the same when walking and to always be conscious when breathing to exercise all 3 diaphragms of the stomach, remember Nicholas Oppenheimer is a man of very few words.

Putin knows that.

Obama knows that.

Texas Judge Lowy knows that.

Ex CIA official Charles Dazler Knuff knows that.

Texas lawyer-liar Alan Lowinsoh, Knuff’s lawyer knows that.

The US Congress knows that.

I know that.

My mother knows that.

You would know that even if you heard the speech he gave on September 5-6th, 2006 that Putin found utterly boring.

Can you imagine anything coming out of the mouth of Nicholas Oppenheimer that made sense other than what he wants to eat and drink and how he felt afterwards?

Do you better understand now what I have said previously as to what the job of the head of De Beers entails?

Let me repeat.

Their job is first of all deciding where to vacation next. Second, who to kill either literally or financially.

I was not kidding when I mentioned yesterday, I believe it was, that I could have easily by just accepting my “lucky uncle” Dave’s offer back in 1995 to take over from him, told Nicholas Oppenheimer it was time for him to move on and organize a structure of De Beers just the way they all their other corporations such as Vivendi, General Electric, General Motors, Lloyds of London Insurance, AIG and the such, and the world would never have been any the wiser, apart from my father’s first cousin Dave Gevisser, my mother, Nicholas Oppenheimer and all those elected and non-elected government officials who have been bribed to keep quiet.

You can see today with the significantly increased power of the Internet how much difficulty I am having getting the information out because of people like you and Raye Anne Marks and company.

I am though alive and the passage of time is not all that significant in the scheme of things despite a great many millions have been murdered and their blood is on all your hands not mine because you can see that if I had given you all this information back then you not only would have been just as indifferent you might have had me killed.

My computer clock says 9:47 and I need to get to Chino Farms who open at 10 and close at 1pm to pick up fresh produce for the next few days, so forgive me if this is not as comprehensive as you would like.

Let’s assume you get up tomorrow morning at 3 am and reading this communique is not your first priority but someone else reading this who has a stash of diamonds they bought in a US Government auction felt something deep inside their body-mind telling them it was time to do the right thing and the smart thing which is the right thing and start writing to the most prominent Americans who appear to have done the right thing in the past beginning with US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald who successfully prosecuted Marc Rich’s lawyer, Scooter Libby when he was Chief of Staff to Vice President Cheney who I am led to believe from a reliable source is the person responsible for De Beers diamonds being placed in the survival kit of the ejection seat of American fighter aircraft beginning in May 1991, a year before the Harmless man injured his one finger in mine explosion in Iraq that turned gangrenous and left him with leg of lamb looking still infected stump above the elbow that the medical doctors now want to chop off all the way to the shoulder.

The only thing a common sense person would want to know from Nicholas Oppenheimer is who exactly in the US Government has protected him, his father and grandfather Sir Ernest Oppenheimer from not having to provide the peoples of the world with an inventory of De Beers diamonds.

Do I need to remind you that monopolies are supposed to be illegal?

With De Beers neutralized business continues as traders continue to trade. The checks-promissory notes they write are still good, it is just that they are better than those backed by De Beers and their handpicked government officials.

How can you allow this harmless man to be treated like a dog, and not want to see your government do their job and apply the law against the greatest mass murderers of all time who are responsible for all the ills of the day?

Today is church day for a great many people throughout the world.

Do you think it is lost on me that no one has invited me to speak to their congregation?

Do you think I am not bored out of my mind when I heard how everyone starts out talking how De Beers sold out, and then they talk, and they talk, and they talk. That is not the case; what really happened is that De Beers simply fooled their “common herd” which is all of you with the most infantile scam.

Have you ever played monopoly in the nude?

I would think that is the only way a 12 year old male would be distracted by De Beers’ antics.

In monopoly you have to roll a dice.

De Beers simply go to their vaults and pick out a choice diamond and have one of their government couriers place it in a diplomatic couch and when it reaches the United Nations and one of their speakers finishes their speech they are given diamonds and if you see them being kissed at the same time you might not notice the hand exchange.

You also understand that even if the recipient isn’t expecting the gift they know from the person they know not to question because you would understand that what is going on is more than giving a hostess at Il Forniao a tip for giving you a table ahead of those waiting patiently in line.

Just because you don’t think, about, the amount of credit card debt that is not included in the money supply numbers that wakes you up that much more to what I have been saying about the amount of money in circulation is more than all the air particles throughout the universe, does not mean De Beers and their bought and paid for government officials beginning with the US Congress who you know are not the smartest people in the world, are not fully aware of these very important facts that are intuitive were you not so regressed.

De Beers do not need to begin emptying their vaults that are mostly US $s and their sister currencies such as the Euro in order to cause panic right this moment in the currencies market when it will all be over; all they need do is tell the truth.

I think you would agree that I made the smart move when not accepting my “lucky uncle” Dave’s most lucrative offer.

I have always slept well knowing that I have always made the right decision not to be corrupted and to use my time and my smarts wisely to continue doing the same thing.

Can you say the same?

Do you know of anyone else apart from my mouth watering sensuous F-C wife Marie, who could say the same?

Every moment you all delay you have that much more blood on your hands.

Do not forget the 5 million peoples of the Belgian Congo who have been murdered over the past half a decade which no one in the media is reporting.

BTW, isn’t it amazing how the perfect body part of a woman once you break it up, its appeal instantly ends?

God designed superficiality into everything because logic says we should be sensitive at all times and if you cannot be sensitive to your own body-mind why not just nuke another people if they don’t play ball with you as you keep changing the rules and never thinking it important that the monopolists who own you and give you your lifestyle should be held accountable.

Once you let go of any body part, it is all downhill.

Once your money is not attractive to anyone then all you have remaining is your looks and brain.

Of course all the corrupt feel pain, that is part of Logic-God-Truth.

I get it, and so I don’t expect those who don’t logically thought process because their logic has been interfered with to get it, which only confirms my Logic-God-Truth.

I would be nuts to seek confirmation from the corrupt which is why none of you are lifting a finger to expose Knuff-Lowy-Lowinsohn and company.

You are up against God-Truth-Logic and you cannot possibly win.

It is that black and white.

You have heard either in your own mind or others talking about if the Russians couldn’t make it in Afghanistan how could we, but now you know and it is not only from that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer that the Soviet Union and the US are one and the same.

Mafia is mafia.

The Russians are back.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that if the US Government taxed Americans and American corporations 100% the deficit problem would not be solved because as you understand the deficit is not the problem but rather the deceit of the US Government that cannot last indefinitely because all your silence speaks volumes.

Those deceived such as the Chinese did not ask to be taken advantage of by paying their citizens slave wages to produce the goods that we demanded and if they refused we would just drop more bombs.

Not every people are suicidal.

China does not need to explain the business of De Beers because De Beers is the US even if all they did was get their corrupt 3 Branches of the US Government to hijack the US military.

It is not lost on me that no one else thought it right to increase the wage of the lowest paid American soldier to no less than what Obama makes including all his fringe benefits, nor the fact that the petition I suggested to Raye Anne Marks has yet to begin.

America cannot just makes its currency worthless like what we have done to all our other slave nations when they haven’t done what we wanted which is to steal all their mineral resources using worthless $s that immediately have value when the people with the gun to their heads accept the worthless money, because we are the largest consuming nation in the world and we still want all our consumerism.

Our government’s way out is drugs. Idiot Americans believe that the government needs the drug cartels to keep the black market alive because they say the black market is probably bigger than the real market and that is the balance of the world.

Again, they are idiots. Idiots don’t know what they are talking about.

Drugs negatively impact the way the human mind is programmed to think.

Drugs are part of God’s inventions and they are a reality which have contributed obviously to the US not yet dropping a nuclear bomb on a civilian population.

The Poverty of Thought thinking person believes that lsrael will execute a strike on Iran and that will have Obama elected to appease a certain group of people.

You don’t hear of the heads of the FBI and CIA criticizing a sitting US President but in Israel today you have both the former heads of the Mossad and Israel’s internal security, Shin Bet telling Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ahud Barak who supported the Presidential Pardon of Marc Rich that I still maintain Rich wanted as much as he wanted a Mossad bullet fired into the back of his head, that for Israel to attack Iran is nuts.

Mossad motto – By way of deception we wage war.

No evil going back all the way to Biblical times matched up to the massacring of the 10 million native American Indians by white American pilgrims who had no problem with slaves being imported to the US and then with the success of the Great White American Fleet to keep them put and import all their resources and finished goods and to create unprecedented terror in these defenseless countries.

Our Jewish Holocaust, however, took first prize and it remains unmatched.

All the genocides that have followed can be traced to the huge success of wiping out half of European Jewry which the Arab world cannot be blamed for and which Ben-Gurion spoke about most eloquently back in 1956.

All you have to do to see it vividly is to remove the name Hitler from your thoughts and look at which group of people most profited that they could summon macho Putin to South Africa just for a photo that makes this killer so very small.

Even if you didn’t have all my knowledge of how easily De Beers have managed to fool their common herd, you could have worked it all out assuming you had an ioto of curiosity to search for the truth.

You now have the truth and look at you all.

Why shouldn’t you be called the “common herd”, that is what they call you including each and every President since Teddy Roosevelt who knew he wasn’t going to get into trouble with his monopolist backers when so flagrantly violating international law when first sending an American battleship to Panama in the first week of November 1903 since they approved of this unprecedented terrorist action since the Spanish arrived, as well as the follow up voyage of 16 battleships all painted white and known as The Great White American Fleet that when they ended their 434 day voyage on February 22, 1909, the only way the US could say they were sorry for the Declaration of War on the rest of the world was to apologize and show we meant it by first getting hold of every scalp and beheaded head of American Indians massacred over the previous 3 centuries and to place them in Arlington Memorial Cemetery starting in the spot where Robert F. Kennedy is buried.

You know there is heavy duty psychological damage from an amputation that gets reattached, but nothing compared to what this Harmless man

has experienced for the past 19 years.

There must be something else in this world that has each of us so uniquely different and knowing that we cannot change the past but we can each individually line up at some point in the future when we all know the money is worthless, and it is all about resources, and then figure out how best to share what remains, and improve what is there for each of us; and when that time arrives whether it is in the next moment or at some other definite moment in time which the Internet provides for us all to vote on one thing that is most important to each of us, as well as who would be in charge of administering the education of the next generation of children with this most important information while taking a leaf out of the book of the all about family and personal responsibility Chinese the most industrious, the most aware of shame of all the world’s peoples who set the scholastic levels along with the Israelis wherever they travel and it best shows up on the battlefields.

There is logic to everything beginning with both peoples so inexplicably linked going back to pre-ancient times as we all are obviously since we can all agree we didn’t just get off a ship, other than Spaceship Mother Earth is beyond belief totally unique and nor is there anything quite like the body of the most beautiful woman in the world, and everybody should be as fortunate as me, why not?

So what the Chinese don’t get American football where it is hard to have a conversation with a helmut head that coaches and assistant coaches turn a blind eye to no different to what goes on in the showers let alone how could not the head coach have not known that a ten year old was being diddled and what it would lead to?

What can you say about a society that is all about money:

Show me the money, I ran my stuff, I blew away the whole team single-handedly, give me Arkansas, one two three, and back we go to history lesson number one because the end game is to get to that one starting line point where we are all on the same page, and we must begin with why the White House that has a Black President is not taking his cue from me, just another uncivilized white African and to speak out about the illegal Declaration of War on the rest of the world with the 434 day Voyage of the Great White American Fleet who were not interested in trading anything other than a one sided deal, see our pointed barrel of the gun and hand over your daughters and sons once we have secured our mineral drilling rights so that we can on US soil process the finished goods that will allow us to start a gross Gross Domestic Product Index that says we are the best because it is the largest and lets not spell out why it is gross because we already know God told us that pigs don’t like to walk.

We could have a music score in rapid rap beat down by sunset dont you think?

What made man know to remove the dead from the living to avoid stench and disease?

That was a huge human brainwave.


You know something is rotten without having to think.

Imagine a human not thinking.

That is profound.

If you can have one miracle thought then all thoughts are a miracle.

No one understands how the first thought appeared in the first human’s mind just like we cannot tell what happened for the first thought to enter the mind of the animals that were here before us.

They were here is all what we need to know.

Just that first thought is everything, which we dont need to trace back to where, when or who had it.

It was.

It happened.

Why didn’t we stop right there and accept the consequences of that being the one and only Supernatural act and proceed from that point?

How can we talk “tolerance” and “respect” when we whitewash the history books and eliminate all those with the most wisdom such as Jan Smuts?

How easily we get co-opted-corrupted, and yet we can’t stop talking about God?

What is the name of your Lebanese? friend who came over to our home and threatened me, with you alongside, “I know where you live”; and you recall she did not have very nice things to say about the United States?

Of course I knew then as I do now that her reaction was a knee-jerk to realizing how uninformed she was about the how the real world worked because you had failed to educate her.

It is very important what Americans like 4 star US General Stilwell had to say on every subject.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia:

Stilwell later admitted to his daughter that he picked up criminal instincts due to,”…being forced to go to Church and Sunday School, and seeing how little real good religion does anybody, I advise passing them all up and using common sense instead.”

You will soon be up on the $HIT list.

Bear in mind, you most likely have not yet got your head around the insanity of war that so profits scientists such as yourself when compared to the masses of poor who are needed in order to keep Wall Street-Industrial-Military-Complex afloat, but that could change in the next instant, even before we begin the initial 15 million Gold Money-Diamond Inventory Petition; and the last thing the corrupt want to have proven is that an Omnipotent Power controls their minds not to embrace logic which says peace is a most smart logical choice, and why the corrupt don’t engage me in debate on the merits of these most important issues; instead leaving it to their corrupt governments as well as their lack of mental capacity that is so transparent, to nail me on charges of defamation as the corrupt Texas Judge Martin Lowy again reads you all like the common herd you have been bred to be.

You must also agree that you meat eaters who don’t do enough exercise to burn off the excess dead meat calories that turn into fat that support your fat diseased TALKATIVE cells, are what you eat; and if you ate a healthy live raw organic vegetarian medicine diet while you might initially get sick from the thought of there being no sick people in less than a generation after all the animal eaters have perished and therefore how would you all make a living in a merit driven system where talking when planting the seeds and reaping the harvest will have little and no effect on the gravitational pull of your increasingly dead weight, you would see that morally if you are what you eat, you would also think like a cow diseased with corn fed syrup that would kill the animal that has all the same body parts as us humans but nowhere near as ugly as the human beast, not even close, and now I am talking about the ugliest animal you have ever seen in your life, and therefore what is it exactly apart from your mind telling you still that you are not the animal you eat wouldn’t you eat human meat from a human slaughter house?

The Nazis you know thought us Jewish people, Blacks and Gipsies in particular were less than human but they didn’t eat the human carcasses because the Nazis were all well fed.

Where do you think all the food came from that suddenly appeared on the shelves of German supermarkets when Hitler was brought to power on January 30, 1933?

Now you see how very close we are getting to me proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human is regressing even though there are more scientists like you than there ever were?

Have you forgotten how renowned and acclaimed was the Nazi SS medical doctor Dr. Joseph Mengele and the rest of German academia, and we are not only talking about in Germany but throughout the west?

Mengele and company did not have access to the Internet to gather all the information that scientists like yourself as well as all those who have plenty of time on their hands thanks to an increasingly small minority of people doing the actual fighting.

Now let me call on Wikipedia to help bring you all into more of a reality check.

Cutting and pasting – Joseph Mengela:

Josef Mengele was born the eldest of three children to Karl and Walburga (née Hupfauer) Mengele in Günzburg, Bavaria, Germany. His younger brothers were Karl Junior and Alois Mengele. Mengele’s father was a founder of the Karl Mengele & Sons company, a company that produced farm machinery for milling, sawing, and baling.[3] In 1935, Mengele earned a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Munich. In January 1937, at the Institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene inFrankfurt, he became the assistant to Dr. Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer who was a leading scientist mostly known for his research in genetics with a particular interest in twins. From this association, Mengele probably developed his life-long fascination with the study of twins. In addition Mengele studied under Theodor Mollison and Eugen Fischer, who had been involved in medical experiments on the Herero tribe in South-West Africa, now Namibia.

You remember me mentioning time and again the Herero tribe

who were finally wiped out in 1907, the same year The Great White American Fleet set sail on its 434 day voyage while South West Africa and its neighbor South Africa were conspicuously absent which did not mean that people like General Smuts of South Africa were distracted by the ever so strong relationship between Germany and the United States who Hitler most admired by the efficient manner in which the US CIA [Cavalry In Arms] dispensed with the 10 million indigenous American Indians who outnumbered the Christian-Catholic pilgrims 10 million to 0 before their first was murdered.

A most important man was Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts who attracted to South Africa not only the richest traders

but the smartest throughout the world, and when you have 2 almost identical books written by his son of the same name, just two years after Smuts’ death at age 80 on September 11, 1950, and the American edition has removed entirely a trip Smuts took with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer in mid-July 1939

to the US protectorate Belgian Congo who the British War Cabinet as well as the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA knew was supplying Hitler with his diamonds and without which the entire German Nazi Military Machine couldn’t get started, let alone have the west playing “catch up”, you must of course catch your breath as you realize page 373 above comes from the British edition.

Allow me the courtesy of sharing with a section from IN MONEY WE TRUST – (copyright) – Part V which I sent to Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. of Finkelstein & Krinsk, and when you reply please again hit the “reply all” button:

You also know that they can never kill me with this $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that has all your handprints.

Americans have convinced the world that the least censorship is here in the US. Because of how easily we forget let me come back to censorship in the US during the Joe McCarthy era where this Republican, assisted by Democrat Robert F. Kennedy went after “Anti-Americans” who were being labeled the bad word, “Communists” who one never thinks about when thinking about De Beers only because De Beers has controlled all the thinking, and each one of us can easily figure it all out on own, helped greatly by my writings including important hyperlinks – CLICK HERE:

De Beers while looking like they are very “British” but in fact very American-German – CLICK HERE – in their thinking and actions, STILL control the resources of the world; and the best wording which I will be also using like much of this should I produce a 42 page book comes from the British version of the biography of Smuts by his son, page 149,

“The German ideal of colonization was the same as in the old Americas – extermination. Thereafter there was no Red Indian problem. In South-West Africa Germany determined there would be no Herero problem. A British commission determined the Herero population at 80,000 in 1877. When the punitive efforts had subsided after the 1911 rebellion there were 15,130 left. It was not straightforward extermination, but sadistic ill-treatment, flogging, interference with women and brutality.”

Now read what the American version of the same biography by his son and also published in 1952, just two years after Smuts’ death, reads on this subject, page 135:

Nine years after the German flag was hoisted on August 6, 1884 at Luderitz, Germany, determined that there should be no native problem, began a series of ruthless wars against the Hereros in Southwest Africa. A British commission had estimated the Herero population at eighty thousand in 1877, but when Germany’s punitive efforts has subsided after the 1911 rebellion there were barely fifteen thousand left. By the same token, the Hereros had a hundred and fifty thousand head of cattle in 1892, less than fifty thousand at the turn of the century, and none at all five years later. Germany’s policy had not been straightforward extermination, but sustained ill-treatment, flogging, interference with women and brutality.

Now that is called “censorship.


Always think numbers.

I was not the worst card player but nor was I the best because there was too much luck associated with card playing that had me less concentrated while never forgetting most of all to enjoy the game.

You have seen what the world population was at the time of World War II when upwards of 80 million were murdered, depending upon whether you put the number of Chinese “slaves” murdered at either 10 or 20 million by the Japanese who were given the Green Light to invade Manchuria, China on September 17, 1931 by the US Congress who simply told Japan that so long as they did not officially declare war on China then the US would continue to supply their ally Japan with raw war materials.

You know that today the population of the world has grown more than 3 times the roughly 2.2 billion population at the time of WW II.

Please forgive me if you feel that I am spelling out all your craziness a little much for your mentally deficient minds to handle.

The light speed Internet changes everything.

More history:

The Internet was not around during WW II or WW I where combined upwards of 120 million were murdered in cold blood and which afford a great many jobs to people who produce war documentaries as well as Holocaust Memorial Museums all around the world as well as CIA arms traders who supply organizations like Hezbollah who you have told me are dear to heart as well as the offshoots of the Palestinian Liberation Organization who have yet to comment on why terrorist mastermind Ali Salameh who was taken out by the Mossad on January 22, 1979, was placed on the CIA’s payroll in 1970, two years before the murder by Salameh’s PLO terrorists of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games; and nor is there much mention that a great many of Israel’s warring neighbors are not all Muslim extremists because they are in fact Christian, Roman Catholic to be very precise.

I have yet to meet a single Roman Catholic who does not protest that their religion is a religion of peace and that they would rather leave a country than fight because fighting they say is against their religion.

I am now only talking about Roman Catholics, Protestants and Jewish people who do not serve in the armed forces of their country which of course should be mandatory given how we all know that it is exclusively war that provides the rich of every nation the spoils of war and that religion is just the opium of the masses.

No doubt there are some very bad Muslim people but give me 10 minutes with the worst of them, and just so long as they are not armed I would be able to neutralize any and all hatred they might have towards us Jewish people or any good peoples including Americans who had they not been opposed to the heavy Nazi leanings of the US Government which represented the views of the vast majority of Americans with the strongest of ties of Germany and its allies in the British colonies such as South Africa as well as on the island of Great Britain, not only would have Hitler succeeded in wiping out all 12 million Jewish people of Europe but it would have been impossible for Israel to have survived its first day of war during her War of Independence.

Without Israel what democracy do you think would exist in the Arab world?

The puppet Hitler had no love for the Arab people. The Arab muslims would have been next, which is exactly what has happened.

The Internet, remember, is a very recent discovery and those who mostly battled wits with the US-German-Italian-Japanese-Soviet alliance knew when the guns stopped firing in Europe on May 8, 1945, the battle was far from over.

You remember, wars are engaged by monopolists who want to hold on to their stolen wealth and expand upon their holdings without giving a single inch because they perfectly understand that those you beat can beat you back.

You therefore have to examine very carefully the “small print” when analyzing the work product of people like master spy of master spy Jan Smuts who also knew when he was young and vigorous that if he survived assassination he would most likely, because of how much attention he paid to eating very little and enjoying strenuous exercise, live to an “old age” when he could possibly begin losing his mind and say things which he might not regret because he wouldn’t know any better, but his friends knew to keep an ever watchful eye out for him were he to show that he was losing his mind and why you understand that right up until the very end no one apart from one little granddaughter was allowed into his study.

The only mention I have ever seen in print about Winston Churchill handing over the Atomic Bomb secrets to Smuts appears in the smallest of footnotes in a two volume book written by Sir W. K. Hancock who during WW II was a staff member of the British War Cabinet.

It is doubtful that Sir Hancock had the time to do such an exhaustive study of another human being because as far as I know Sir Hancock lived only one lifetime.

He chose Smuts, a man who immediately following WW II began to be written out of the history books which does not mean that those in charge were doing the right thing, the same with the Nobel Prize Committee who didn’t give Einstein a Noble Prize for his mind-boggling Theory of Relativity because it was that good, as the corrupt scientific community perfectly understood that such certainty of how everything about the cosmos down to the subatomic level could be explained in the perfect language of math, meant only one thing, leaving only the search for the “Hand of God”, 2cMe in reverse.

Nor should the masses of today who will in time get the devolution-regressing of the human that is so counterintuitive that only a Master Designer could play such a trick on the oversized ego brain of the human, get depressed that they don’t get it all, just like the much smarter scientists during the time of Einstein didn’t fully understand the Theory of General Relativity as well as Einstein who honored Smuts with the accolade of accolades when stating that Smuts, “is one of 11 men in the world who understands conceptually the theory of relativity”.

Mediocre people breed mediocre children who think themselves smart when they get a professional designation such as scientist or doctor or lawyer and the such next to their name.

There is no evidence that if the 120 million who were murdered in World War I and II had survived that they would have bred smarter and therefore more sensitive human beings because we have yet to find one amongst any of you.

Nor do I speak for any of you, that is obvious.

Logic would say that we would have been that much earlier at each other’s throats which is exactly how De Beers looks at the world, and so do all their banker friends who support the insane monetary system that allows those with access to the unlimited supply of monies to spend the earth as they see fit beginning with constantly buying the next super duper motor vehicle that is increasingly “environmentally friendly”.

Each of you know from your own experience that I don’t need to have a book published and be the talk of the book circuit crowd to hold my own against every single member of the US Congress and the idiot President Obama that you social climbing wankers can’t get enough of or Obama’s equally weak opposition, and nor would I feel the need to use swear words in order to have the entire US Congress stepping down within a matter of a few minutes of me being afforded an opportunity to share my knowledge with all the people of the world and not just all those profiting from the corruption.

It is hugely important the sudden silence of Mr. Devin Standard whose father Kenneth, would be the first to say that his eldest son is far more accomplished and a whole lot smarter than him who managed to work his way through Harvard Law School before getting the top job at drug pusher Bristol Meyers where he served for 25 years before being named President of the New York State Bar Association overseeing some 72,000 tosser lawyer-liars.

Devin may just have a bad cold.

He also knows that this diamond business of Vice President Dick Cheney before bringing down the Republican Party will first bring down the entire Democratic Party because it is the Democrats who feign their opposition to this wanker of wankers who was rewarded for his efforts by getting the top slot at De Beers affiliate Halliburton.

You will wake up when you see what General Smuts wrote on September 24, 1938 about the courageous Chinese who were not oblivious to American General Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault who led the heroic Flying Tigers but in the end, unlike his Commanding Officer General Joe Stilwell, Chennault chose the wrong side in his support of America’s first choice, the crook and coward Chiang Kai-shek who opposed the people’s choice Mao Zedong, and for standing up to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Stilwell was recalled to the United States and he was met in by 2 US Army Generals who told him to keep his mouth shut, and within a couple of years Stilwell was dead at age 63, and perhaps the fittest General ever in the US Army.

No surprise that Stilwell remains an unknown not just to most Americans but most American service people, but he remains a national hero in the 1.5 billion strong Peoples Republic of Communist China.

Capitalism remember rewards failure. It does not make you intelligent the fact that that most of you who haven’t forgotten that beginning just 3 years ago the US Government bailed out AIG, Citicorp, General Motors, Lehman Brothers, could simply care less.

The US Government which is meant to represent the majority of the people who have not been murdered bailed out all of Wall Street since it is an immediate and instant domino effect once you bail out one failed corporation who didn’t really fail as each one beginning with AIG first succeeded in wiping out smaller competition using worthless monies handed to them by corrupt government banking officials serving the best interests of monopolies whose survival is dependent upon the continuous breeding of mediocrity which is so transparent from the Bell Shaped curve educational system that the most enlightened find totally boring because the teachers and professors are chosen because they are so boring which to idiot students they seem smart and if they are a girl and lift their skirt they get the grades and if not then it is off the showers of Penn State.

Yes, a 10 year old getting it and it is already old news to you emotionless pricks.

When you type the name Ron Bellows when doing a Google Search and you find the beyond belief incriminating email this senior executive of AIG sent me on May 3, 2004 do you simple chuckle as do most?

De Beers don’t find that in the least bit funny, just like they didn’t find my communications with them beginning on 11.11.2004, all that appetizing.

You dont need to be clairvoyant to know that following Putin’s meeting with De Beers head Nicholas Oppenheimer in Johannesburg, South Africa in early September 2006, Putin went on a killing spree where the targets were very little people who were of course no threat to either Putin or De Beers, but small killings do send a very clear message to those such as myself who understood before I began speaking out how all the “common herd” would react and so did De Beers, which still does not mean they or their great many supporters who are all my adversaries, have God at their side.

The Internet allows all 7 billion of us with an Internet connection to be instantly in touch and all receiving the exact same information, a tool which could have ended World War II before it started, the same with the Korean War where American Fighter Pilots did more than enter China’s air space as they even attacked Chinese airfields as you should never forget that just a decade before American Fighter Pilots were risking their lives and many lost their lives helping defend China.

China fully understands civil war.

Does the photo of the Harmless man have you remembering photographs from the American Civil War where fellow Americans murdered 700,000 of their brothers and sisters, 2% of the population which at the time numbered 30 million?

Enough teaching for one day, wouldn’t you say?

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On Nov 10, 2011, at 2:47 PM, Maha Gebara wrote:

Mr Gevisser,
Yet again, I ask you to take me of your email list.
Thank You
Maha Gebara

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 2:29 PM, Gary S Gevisser <> wrote:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: November 10, 2011 2:23:22 PM PST
To: TheTonightShow
Cc: rest; Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion during Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts to develop the “blueprint” for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force” , 60 Minutes <>, Toni Danchik , Earlyshow

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 10, 2011 2:06:46 PM PST
To: Barbarella Restaurant
Cc: rest; Nitza Lite , Charles Ivie , “RN. P. hD. Gwen Anderson” , “Paul “Bozo the Clown” Teirstein MD Teirstein” , “John K. Pollard, Jr. – alumnus of MIT and Cornell University.” , “Professor Norman Finkelstein Phd.” , Erik Gartzke – Professor , “Professor Jared Diamond – author, “Guns, GEMS & Steel” (sic).” , “Professor “Richhard” (sic) Klein – Stanford University” , Professor Michael Keane – USC , “Professor Caplan – St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University and holder of David Gevisser’s diploma, Masters of Studies in History Research which should have been labeled, a Masters in Rewriting History.” , “Monk Benet – St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morris Town New Jersey where Jane Engelhard [1917-Feb. 29 2004] and her husband Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [Feb. 15. 1917-March 2nd 1971] are buried.” , “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” , “Dr. John McDougall MD” , “T. Colin Campbell, PhD – Cornell University The China Study” , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , Martin Rapaport – Rapaport Report , Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM , “Gabriel Cousens, MD” , DAVIDHOGAN@HUGHES.NET, Lynne Zimet , Larry King Live , Larry Winokur , “Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author, THE END OF POVERTY Columbia University”

Why aren’t you following me on Twitter like the Texas ACLU who know that if our so disgustingly abused soldiers

received a fair wage, they nor any of your customers would be able to afford a pot to pee in, unless we paid De Beers’ mercenaries what the best mercenaries would demand, such as Blackwater; and then after getting caught up with all their debt payments and afforded the same lifestyle of the lazy murderous rich who have been lying through their teeth, which of course does not prevent them from going to church and when being palmed

to promote the insanely idiotic monetary system which has been controlled by De Beers’ exclusive, unlimited supply of untraceable diamonds which not only your customers but sellers of high priced real estate accept and often times willing to take less because diamonds are also lightweight to then buy up lands in faraway but pristine landscapes such as Patagonia and South Africa where corrupted charities-grass roots organizations abound, they might decide there is no glory in supporting a bunch of pricks who have pulled the biggest con of cons imaginable and therefore to throw down their weapons and give peace and prosperity a chance.

You are not the only person who decided not to sign up for military service.

Do you recall when last the children of the President of the United States or Vice President served on the front lines?

Wouldn’t that be an appropriate footnote in your solicitation?

If someone walked in and handing you $10 million and said that you could keep it so long as you shut down your business so that the market rents for the area could increase that much more in order to get rid of more of the “riff raff”, would you be so crazy as to not refuse such a generous offer?

That is also how De Beers do business, but you would only know it if they came and gave you the offer and if they thought you were really excellent they would offer you enough to open a taco stand.

There is a reason why every single person in the world who has ever done business with De Beers will tell you that they are the mafia of mafia.

Nor is it a secret.

Those who know don’t talk; those who don’t, do all the talking; once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret.

Every single member of the US Justice Department and US Congress, and lets not forget the Executive Branch and US Supreme Court understand this perfectly.

Don’t ask me what they are waiting for before telling the people the whole truth and nothing but the truth; ask them, assuming you are really interested.

One of the best tests to determine if someone is all about money, is to ask them whether they are proud of their greatest accomplishment which you would agree when looking at how little each of us contributes to the betterment of perfect mother nature is the expansion of their largest organ which is simply being pushed by all the other overworked organs.

Now if you don’t agree with me then think about why it is that no one who is self-absorbed wants to join me in exposing how easy it has been for De Beers to manipulate the price of every currency beginning with the $ which is the most common means of exchange used by Americans and non-American residents who live and work in the US.

The one item that self-absorbed people who pay the least amount of attention to what their once body temple needed to stay in its ingenious perfect condition that no robot can simulate beginning with the flirtatious movement of the most beautiful female body, not even close, fixate on is money, which they have been led to believe because of the false propaganda, they have worked hard to earn when you know that your common sense tells you that it is wars where things such as integrity and a value system mean nothing compared to having the right weapon systems and intelligence to defeat the enemy.

Now examine those people who do not have money but they pride themselves on their brains such as scientists.

Have you noticed how many scientists are backing me to get the truth out to the next generation of foot soldiers?

Logic says that with the information getting out there, even if I am the only credible source, it is simply not worth risking life and limb so that all the SOBs can enjoy the fruits of brutal genocidal wars on the poor and feign their support of our soldiers on such an important day 11.11.11, the 7th anniversary of me breaking my 24 year deafening silence with the US Government’s mafia drilling monopoly, South Africa based De Beers – CLICK HERE – who have laughed their heads off each time a US soldier swears, “TO DEFEND THE US FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”

You should all be thinking not how much longer I am going to survive, but how much longer you can all live with your miserable thoughts and knowing that all it takes is someone with my courage in as far away country like China to demand an end to all this ugliness and for future generations to look at you all for the uglies that you are, which of course is why none of you care to do the right thing because you already have great difficulty dealing with your past.

Yes, I fully understand the immeasurable pain of having lost your bodies and now finding out that a 12 year old would be able to figure out, if properly nurtured in a loving environment like a kibbutz in Israel or any farm in an industrious culture like the Chinese who remain by far the most populace peoples on the world, thank God, that you are all mindless, and the only question you have remaining is when you first began losing your minds followed by questioning given how little of a brain you needed to work it all out, whether you have all been punished from the start and knowing that when you eventually all die out which you know won’t be very long now, such an unimaginable evil that continues at a feverish pace could end in the next instant since logic tells you that only one God could have created such utter stupidity which has the stupid who are easily identifiable continuing to choose evil.

But always remember, not only the fact that you do not have truth at your side and therefore God perfectly understands this, but you, despite your huge numbers, the youth as well as poor who I have yet to reach remain in the majority even if you want to believe the whole world is corrupt in which case each time you view a beautiful sunset why not try vomiting.

Do you still thank God for God?

Ps – My next post will be on Twitter which you can find in the lower right corner of the homepage of

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Veteran’s Day!

In Honor Of Their Service,

Our Veterans May Enjoy ANY Entree

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