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“I am doctor Stewart without sight stealing blind

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 12:12 PM PT
Cc: rest; Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance; Devin Standard; The Cow who shoots poison tipped arrows for BIG BEN aka former practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD. aka The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs; George Hurst Esq. – Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk; Dr. Laura Family; Paul Hervieux; Brian Weaver – Spreadsheet Manager for Intuit; Leutenant William Kemery – San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit; FBI; Oprah; Admiral Ami Ayalon – Israel Navy; ‘’;; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist; Charles Knuff – 25 CIA veteran; 10 years with US Navy Intelligence; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post; Oprah;;; US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald – US Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel – prosecuted case against Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to former VP Cheney, Attorney of Clinton Pardoned, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich ;; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Mossad; President Barack Obama; President George W. Bush
Subject: “I am doctor Stewart without sight stealing blind” – Global Meltdown


I will try not to repeat what I am about to tell you, and if I do please be sure to let me know.

Never inform me of irrelevant information such as “I got in trouble at work for doing updates on the website…”

No one asked you to do updates on the website during work, especially when you have so much free time in the evenings and all weekend.

Your decision to inform me of such nonsense is equivalent to Jonathan, equally manipulative as you, this morning informing me of a number things of what to the “common person” raised with no “morals” is “normal”, such as him telling me first that he never discusses with his father, The IT, matters pertaining to either “economics” such as hard working people losing their homes and rental properties because they no longer have jobs, let alone the skills to compete, or issues of “morality” such as “right from wrong” which begs the question of what else does Jonathan have “in common” with The IT apart from surfing; and the last we heard from Jonathan was that Pathologist The IT was on “disability leave” as a result of an emergency eye surgery that also meant as part of the disability insurance payments that The IT has been receiving for the past many years, that he could never enter the surf again which of course didn’t prevent The IT taking a recent surfing trip to Hawaii.

Not to mention that Jonathan, who FULLY UNDERSTANDS that the very easy going-easy money-me lifestyle that he, his sister and The IT enjoy is only because less informed people such as Jason M. Ritchie continue to join the US military which is all about waging war on military weaker nations, considers himself “normal” after first telling me as his mother listened ever so carefully in the background that he felt no emotions by his mother, my wife Marie Dion Gevisser, broadcasting on September 2nd of last year, an email that went to a great many people including those who work for the criminal enterprise of Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego that had nothing, apart from what appeared in the subject line,


Remember, when you have a multi-million dollar Trust-Hush-Fund not only do you never have to worry about working for a living but you can play which doesn’t prevent you from “playing college student” even if you emerge with no skills to compete on a level playing field against peoples such as the very well educated and art-filled cultures of the Chinese and Indians who combined constitute more than one third of the human population versus Americans who while significantly less at 4.2% remain the financially richest, and will continue to be so long as the US military spearheaded by the CIA, the military wing of the US State Department, continues to bring home the bacon that again assumes people like Jason M. Ritchie are nothing more than “potted plants” and cannot think.

Not to mention that while you may have forgotten Jason remembers well that the Jerusalem Post has YET to publish his most important letter, “What is Israel waiting for?” that goes to the heart of the fact that there is no reason in the world that there should be a single poor Israeli let along a great many Israeli children going to bed hungry, apart from the Israeli Knesset has been corrupted.

To mention little of Jason reminding you and everyone else when answering the question, “What happens when you forget my huge credibility?” with “you become dumb”.

To mention in passing that that one cannot be exactly dumb to achieve the position as a Sonar Operator in the US Navy’s most advanced Los Angeles class fast attack submarines that begins with getting Top Secret clearance.

BTW, Marie Dion Gevisser was in the most “perfect form” last evening and perhaps helped by a couple of glasses of wine when she described the arrogance of “Zombie” Jonathan’s father,

“I am doctor Stewart without sight stealing blind.”

Not to mention Jonathan, who is much more financially richer than you or so he STILL believes so long as no one forces him to share his knowledge of what props up all his ill-gotten wealth, remembers perfectly well as well how he reacted a few years back to The IT telling him over the phone when hearing that Jonathan had got a “B” in music, “I hope you didn’t do that just to get back at me!!”, and then to show The IT how much he hates him for being the worst possible father in the entire world, Jonathan decided to stoop as low as humanely possible while displaying his extraordinary passive aggressiveness, by getting a “C” in music the next semester; and when I asked Jonathan what The IT had to say about Jonathan’s “FUCK YOU DR. JOHN BEN STEWART MD FOR TURNING ME INTO SUCH A MINDLESS FUCKHEAD WHERE ALL I KNOW IS TO GO TOWARDS WHOEVER HANDS ME MONEY”, Jonathan looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said,

“He never said a word”.

To mention little of the fact that one should try not to forget that getting a “B” in music when you have a horrible teacher really isn’t all that bad, and in the next instant, assuming one is logically thought processing, should have you questioning how evil can a father be to have forced his son to take a course with a mediocre teacher and “without thinking” to plant in the head of your child such evil thoughts, “I hope you didn’t that just to get back at me!!”

To mention in passing The IT continues to steal blind from Marie’s child support checks and this time it looks like he is deducting some US$400, although this past month it was US$425, because it looks like The IT is now charging Marie half what it costs The IT to have his 19-year old daughter Danielle, “shack up” with her boyfriend, Mark “Indeed” in San Francisco, where these two Trust-Hush-Fund kids when not trying to figure out ways to grab more money from their co-dependent parents make it their business to “play poor” as they try to “blend in” with those they still want to believe are simply “less fortunate” when in fact the truth of the matter is that these “less fortunate” are only grossly misinformed by The ITs of the world and their co-opted-corrupted kids who decide on what information is shared with the masses of hard working poor feeling increasingly hopeless and dejected and seeing few options available apart from joining the US military economic draft and to wage war on the rest of the wor
ld’s poor,,, over my dead body!

Now of course the additional US$25 could be because Jonathan participated in one of those rich non-athletic kid surf competitions where the competition is at best mediocre, along with the ridiculous oil-plastic trophies.

In the course of the next day or so Marie is going to be retaining an attorney to sue The IT for all these stolen child support monies and I will be assisting in screening such candidates; bearing in mind, that ever since Danielle turned 18, Marie hasn’t received a dime from The IT for Danielle who just this minute, 11:29 am called the cliff house just as a fast moving train blew by, but The IT obviously feels that it is perfectly fine to at least try and co-opt-corrupt Marie in his decision to allow his daughter to shack up with Mark Indeed who made it perfectly clear to me when he and I last “visited”, during the “Xmess” [sic] holidays in the kitchen of the Stone Home/cabin, that the only “other thing” he is “good for around the house” was squeezing garlic, which also didn’t prevent him from showing interest in other women who he felt were a whole lot more athletic than Danielle, who had no problem in letting us all know during this most revealing “get-to-get-her” [sic] that when she gets up in the morning she is not in the least bit motivated to exercise, which Mark Indeed who enjoys his regular game of tennis, “confided to me” in that “kitchen visit” that such a person can only “live in the past”.

Both Jonathan and Danielle as well as Mark Indeed know perfectly well that there is nothing “confidential” when around people one cannot trust.

Be sure to let me know if there is anything that I haven’t spelled out and/or where clarity is needed for a better understanding by a “jury of our peers”.

You haven’t forgotten that while “future history” was written with the meeting between President elect John F. Kennedy and monopolist Anglo-German South African Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, there was a lot of history that preceded such an atrocity, including the wholesale slaughter of 6 million of the best of European Jewry; i.e. when revisiting the photos of those who survived the United States-CIA-Rockefellar-I.G. Farben’s death camps, in many cases with just flesh covering their skeletal system, it didn’t take them long to remember, once properly fed and drinking clean water of the brutal treatment of those who were gassed and then disposed of in diamond-precision engineered ovens, all paid for by the Kennedy clan and Co.; and when they did forget, folks like Ben Gurion and Co. did their best to “put them to work” without the Mossad forgetting, however, that the Jewish Kapos of Auschwitz and the such were previously good, hard working Jewish people who only wanted to be Jewish and to be allowed to practice their ever peaceful and ingenious religion where “action” versus “faith” fulfills the purpose of bettering humanity; and it was just a matter of time before those lazy, no morals, all about “money-me” but who had the big gun, would inevitably reap the rewards of the evil they had sown, beginning in earnest with the evil American empire being forced to go off the Gold Standard on August 15th, 1971, some 5 odd months after the Mossad executed 54-year old Roman American-German Charles W. Engelhard, Harry Oppenheimer’s partner, for his and his family’s genocidal war crimes, while putting Harry Oppenheimer to work in leaving the most extraordinary hypocritical “gun-money-trail”.

Quite the myth Kennedy “Camelot”.


Ps – I am taking “appropriate action” to address this email you just sent me about CIA operative Chuck Knuff being so very persistent in wanting to open a voice dialogue with you:

Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 11:23 AM
To: Gary Gevisser
Subject: Chuck Knuff called at 8:44 am and left a voice message…

“when you get a chance, please give me a call”

[Word count 1799]

From: []
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 2:18 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Cc: Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance
Subject: RE: [FWD: RE: Global Meltdown -Operation Suzannah 1954 – Jaffa Gate 1969-1970-Dead end jobs – Bring along your laptop computer that must be wireless internet ready – Seminar]

I got in trouble at work for doing updates on the website so I am very limited in what I can do during the day.

You asked me to try to contact other companies to do the data migration before we found out that they had charged your card.

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