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I began with the word Shalom – You must have done something wrong! – Part 2

It is no coincidence that not only did all 3 events take place in the same year, but the same bankers that first financed De Beers in 1880 also financed the Anglo Boer War [1899-1902] as well as the 1900 American led 8 Allied Nations invasion of China.

These American bankers led by J. P. Morgan also wanted their “pound of flesh” for having financed these most “costly” wars; hence one of the “dividends” Charles W. Engelhard would later receive upon the death of his father of the same name, in 1950, was the title, “Platinum King”.

War is brutal but it is also very much a profitable business if you are on the side of the victor; better yet if you back both sides and create sufficient chaos and shell-shocking that when it is all said and done, and those that survived just happy to be alive while pulling together scraps carefully handed out just to stay alive, no time for gossiping, no time for tea parties, no time for bickering, no time even for immediate family “ferrabling”, sibling rivalry all put aside until such time that no one can begin to figure out how, let alone why the war, followed by the next war and the one after that, started in the first place.

Don’t forget that while you are more “comfortable” than my great maternal grandmother, Nechie Becker Badash as she sat huddled in a tiny closet listening to the sound of the Cossack’s long knives being thrust about just feet away, before finally ending all the screams of her immediate family as each one of their throats were cut, which is really when all the blood started flowing, you simply cannot forget what you already know.

Charles W. Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer were not the only people in the world who had “access” to the South African Reserve Bank.

Highly doubtful that either your mother or your father even knew the telephone number let alone who to ask.

The same however, cannot be said of all the Facebook “friends”.

Let me explain in great detail what you may already know.

Think of a name like Neil Gould of Durban, South Africa who I last met with in the summer of 2006 when we hung out for a day on his and his Russian mafia partner’s yacht in Hong Kong Bay.

The hyperlinks below take you to less than a handful of photos from that most “enlightening” day that I also captured on video, but only right at the end as his in very good physical shape Russian partner Alex began to collapse into a heap of tears when he finally figured out how very low down on the totem pole both of them were, in terms of access to unlimited amounts of untraceable diamond currency as well as intelligence, let alone the extraordinarily long reach of Mossad “hit squads” who were operating long before tracking down and killing the masterminds of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacres and nor did they stop when finally taking out the CIA’s heavily protected Mr. Salameh in 1979.

Not to mention Alex provides the muscle on the ground when dealing with their Chinese slave wage earners on the mainland of China since Neil is too afraid for obvious reasons.

You will find that Neil Gould has a “friend” by the name of Michael Lewis who was/is now also a Facebook “friend” of mine, at least he was before they shut me down; moreover, Michael Lewis and I have “dialogued”, but even if we hadn’t the “connection” has been made.

Now it gets interesting.

Not to mention, you know the expression, “It is better to have first class management and a second class idea”, that follows the, “first into the market is not always the winner”.

To mention little of Facebook when they started out I doubt included in their mission statement their support of holding the feet to the fire of all their members.

To mention in passing, that a great many people who have seen all the promotional material put out by Facebook all over the world including foreign languages believe that Facebook is this one computer geek, much like Bill Gates without talking much about the massive Wall Street Hedge Fund manager who may or may not be “calling the shots”; but we will shortly see.

Michael Lewis and I when I had the opportunity to look had no “mutual friends”.

This tells you a number of important things beginning with Neil Gould and I are not Facebook “friends” and yet you know without being a “friend” of mine that Neil Gould and Michael Lewis are “mutual friends”.

You are then left with determining only one thing; have I yet to invite Neil Gould as a Facebook “friend” or has he chosen not to “accept” my invitation and/or he first “accepted” my invitation and then decided to “delete” me as a friend.

To get that answer you simply have to ask me and I will tell you; but I might not necessarily be telling you the truth were I to say, “I was just too busy making love to my wife on the 4 or so days of the week when we are together to bother with Neil, but when I get the time I will.”

You could if you had nothing better to do with your time just sit around 24/7 waiting to see if Neil Gould showed up as a Facebook “friend” or if you really thought it was important for whatever the reason, then you could just invite Neil Gould and include in the 255 character section the following:

Hello Neil, I received this very long posting on my Facebook “wall” and included were “sum” [sic] hyperlinks that took me to photos of what I believe to be you, but you don’t always look that happy. Could you explain?”

You still have 85 odd friends who you can ask a myriad of questions including getting them to flush out what exactly is troubling to Neil Gould, what I have to say or what his Facebook “friends” are thinking without necessarily sharing their thoughts with him or his Russian mafia partner, not because you are “nosey” but to really find out if they are really your “friends” and not simply also “using you” to hide.

Not to mention, I still have that very funny video.

To mention little of 34 year old US war veteran and US Navy submarine Sonar Operator, Jason M. Ritchie and I are organizing the videotaping of my one American programmer, Adam L. Tucker on his way to file a complaint with the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] against a CIA operative who attempted back on Dec. 23rd to intimidate both Adam and me, all the while this Jewish person with some 25 odd years working for the CIA and 10 years with US Navy Intelligence revealed a number of things including the CIA breaking US law by establishing fronting corporations on US soil, which while just a rather small “technical violation” considering the fact that business of the CIA is to be the “spear” of the Pentagon in all our foreign soil oil wars, but then again, it is these little bitty incy laws that make us so very “comfortable” Americans feel so very “good about ourselves” as we say, “We are a nation of laws. The rule of law is supreme. We support strong law and order.”

You also understand that while Hollywood and Madison Avenue have done a great done in convincing the numb public using mostly subliminal messaging that all law enforcement is corrupt albeit having lots of “good cop” shows and at the same time providing accurate statistics such as the overwhelming majority of the New York City cops intimately involved in drug trafficking, you also understand that there are an extraordinarily GREAT number of law enforcement people who are 100% honest; and I personally know at least two beginning with the FBI agent and Detective Jeffrey Steele of the San Diego Police Department who were sent to my previous residence to intimidate me following my wife’s ex-husband realizin
g that he was now in big, BIG TROULBE following his decision to file a baseless criminal complaint against me that had just begun to “backfire” when he realized that he couldn’t intimidate my wife to give false testimony against me as the rest of his nonsense story unraveled; not to mention had either one of the officers “been on the take”, it wouldn’t have made any difference the fact that I was able to quickly pull out evidence showing them that they had been sent on a wild goose chase because that officer would have known when getting in to his vehicle and making certain his firearm was properly loaded and would have been fired ahead of me presenting the irrefutable evidence since they would have known I had the evidence.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

What goes around comes around with a vengeance.

It is all a “mind game”, and the worst thing is not to lose one’s life but rather one’s mind.

Moving on.

I cannot say who else for sure got “special privileges” from the South African Reserve Bank that allowed them and their children and grandchildren to now “play business”.

I only know for certain what exactly those at the very top of the socio-economic did and didn’t do, beginning with why Engelhard would go to so much trouble to make such big “song and dance” in order to circumvent laws that he and Harry Oppenheimer had created, apart from ALSO selling a movie script, Gold Finger, to assist with the “smokescreen” of “smokescreens”.

The South African Reserve Bank officials were also not the only people in the world who knew exactly what Engelhard and Co. were doing when making a big deal out of nothing.

Engelhard, Oppenheimer and Co. who all have names, email addresses etc, etc, created a problem which didn’t exist in the first place.

Much like the often used expression us South African Jewish people were brainwashed with, “IF THERE WASN’T A BLACK PROLBEM IN SOUTH AFRICA THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM”.

Nothing like creating a problem to take up time as well as distract.

Engelhard and Co. went beyond simply not telling the world beginning with Hollywood, that all they needed to do was to get the Reserve Bank of South Africa to stamp a document authorizing Engelhard and Co. to take whatever they wanted out of South Africa just as they were doing with, as well as without, official documents.

Engelhard and Co. which includes the CIA in addition to wiping people out were telling the United States Justice Department that not only were they not going to pay any taxes or import duties and the such on the gold they had stolen, because the US military had their big guns pointed 24/7 at their stooge South African Apartheid Regime, but the “spoils of war” obtained as a result of mostly US military personnel doing the “heavy lifting” were going to Hong Kong rather than a place like Fort Knox from which the US Congress could then have done the “right thing” and first divvied it up amongst the Armed Forces of the United States.

Not to mention how quickly we forget that diabolical biological weapons program that the whole world who wanted to know were informed about back in April 2002, certainly anyone coming to page 17 of my one website would have got a good look at Dr. Death; and the fact that he was found “not guilty” didn’t mean the CIA did not achieved their objective of numbing more people such as you.

That whole “project” of making up gold art objects and shipping them to Hong Kong and most of all using Hollywood to publicize it all, was one big “publicity stunt” to let the entire 3 Branches of the United States Government know who was “calling the shots”.

You probably don’t remember because you were still most likely sucking on your mother’s tits but back in mid-1964 President Lyndon Johnson had the nuclear aircraft carrier Enterprise visit with us in South Africa.

Not to mention, there is not a SINGLE MENTION in the entire book, The Diamond Invention that details so many important names, events, dates, places and facts, of the most important event in the entire history of the Diamond Invention; namely the decision by the US Government to go off the Gold Standard on August 15th, 1971.

To mention little of Epstein and Co. so very carefully leaving out as well in Ch. 18, that C. W. Engelhard died so very young on March 2nd, 1971, having just the month before turned 54.

To mention in passing, let me help you with the math, such a most important date took place some 5 odd months before C. W. Engelhard’s enormous mineral rich estate would skyrocket.

Now you want to also know why not only Epstein just mentions so bizarrely, so out of context in that most important chapter, that Engelhard “had no male heirs” without also mentioning that C. W. Engelhard’s Chief Executive Officer of his Engelhard Enterprises, South Africa, my uncle David Gevisser also became the executor of the world’s richest estate ever that had him receiving as his sing on bonus a cool US$6 million that he invested in what you think, but why I didn’t need to spell this all out so definitively when I last spoke with my very worldly, most shrewd mother Zena when she and I spoke for the last time in late summer 2004 right before I opened up with the salvo, “Remember me?” and my mothers’ last words were to WARN me with the question, “Are you not concerned for your life?”

There is neither a sane nor certified nutcase here in the United States of America or for that matter anywhere in the entire world who does not understand exactly what it means when the President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States sends an aircraft carrier anywhere, let alone to a country sitting atop the world’s richest resources that is controlled by the most repressive regime in the history of the world and whose Reserve Bank not only prints money out of thin air like its parent the US Federal Reserve but the Reserve Bank of South Africa had much more gold reserves to “play with” when giving their most “favored customers” whatever currency they wanted without even having to immigrate to countries like the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel to name but a few of the worlds some 190 countries.

Not to mention the extraordinary message the likes of Nelson Mandela got when seeing such a floating armada that could have wiped out the entire regime in a matter of seconds, but just having one US Phantom jet fire a couple of hundred rounds into Mandela’s future offices which you see in the background of the photo contained in the hyperlink below

The photo shows faces you may recognize beginning with Tony Leon, the former leader of the Opposition Party in South Africa, and to Tony’s left my mom Zena, my step-father Alan Zulman and then me.

Not to mention that photo took place in 1995 when I joined David “Crazy” Altman in helping him “work out” his Made In USA Inc. trade show company.

To mention little of the extraordinary amount of “quality time” Tony and I spent partying together in Cape Town that of course included “bar hopping” before my future wife Marie Dion Gevisser arrived

and you may have already heard how to “slow her down” I raced her right after she got out of the plane where she had a 10 hour layover in London’s Heathrow airport; i.e. some 36 hours traveling, all the way to the top of Lion’s head and of course my super athlete wife with perfect shaped skier legs beat me to the top.

To mention in passing that Tony would confirm that whenever we went out I never had anything stronger than a beer and only one at that, even when we would “kibbitz” back at my parent’s
awesome bachelor pad at Heron Water, Second Beach Clifton; in other words, I was in addition to being focused on everything that Tony had to say beginning with his strong opinion that Harry Oppenheimer was a virulent anti-Semite and the biggest problem in South Africa, making certain that I would be in top physical condition for when Marie Dion Gevisser arrived, starting out each and every day that I was in Capetown running to the top of Lions head and down and there were occasions when I would go up twice like once with David Altman and Lauren Krok who does not appear to have a Facebook account.


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