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I began with the word Shalom – You must have done something wrong! – Part 3

Now scroll down the photo of us all in front of Mandela’s Parliament offices where the floor tiling comes from Robin Island where he was “held prisoner” for most of his 27 years prison sentence for having so well “behaved himself” in the 11,700 word, “I am Prepared to Die” speech in which he not only acted like he was a slave asking for a “slave wage increase” but he “dutifully” paid his respects to both the American and British Judiciary who helped him craft such a speech that of course should have been titled, “I am NOT Prepared to Die”.

That photo shows me standing in front of one of the 2 buildings that the Krok family of South Africa donated to the Bar-Ilan University in Israel which helped breed the murderer of the awesomely great Yitzchak Rabin.

Again, no “Muslim Extremist” had a hand to play in this great man’s assassination.

How quickly we CHOOSE POORLY to forget.

You remember the slogan, “ONE MAN, ONE VOTE”.

One flyby over the houses of Parliament in Cape Town, or those in Pretoria, South Africa by a Phantom Jet even if not armed with nuclear weapons could have got people like Nelson Mandela his, “ONE MAN, ONE VOTE”.

It is bad enough, you might say that we are finding out so very quickly within our inner circle who is corrupt as well as being a hypocrite, but to have to also deal with the absolute truth that Nelson Mandela is also bought is of course only just a little bit tough to swallow; because in the next breath you don’t require all of the breath to think about all that you and your immediate family have been through.

Then there is the next breath you take full of exhilaration that comes from not having been corrupted and why it is that you have been so very smart to allow me to “take over” your wall.

Don’t forget about others such as our “mutual friend” Gary Cooper who seems that he may today be even more of a party animal than he was some 2 decades plus ago, if that is seemingly possible; and of course it isnt and if it is I don’t feel the need to hear about it because that could be enough for me to stop what I am doing, head to the airport right now and when arriving in Dallas, I won’t even think about a hotel suite and just party, party, party until we both drop dead.

We all also know that Gary’s parents didn’t arrive in the United States “penniless”, the same with the overwhelming majority of us ex-South Africans, but I can assure you they are also a “victim” of this most extraordinary and widespread corruption of corruption.

The mere fact that Gary who we all know does not have an advanced degree in nuclear physics from MIT but still brilliant enough to have kept me as his Facebook “friend” and of top of it allow me to post up on his “wall” says a whole lot about him as well as his breeding.

This is not the time for us to point a single finger at those joining in, willing to put up their name plus, plus, plus and of course be tested on it 24/7.

In the past when I have said that we could have everlasting peace within a period of 24 hours even those much more intimately involved with my “huge credibility” have looked at me a little bit “skew”.

There cannot, however, be any doubt that were I today Israel’s Defense Minister and knowing all that I know which is not much more than what I knew some 3 decades ago when I first arrived in the U.S. , unless the IDF have uncovered or know of a very significant security breach which I have no knowledge of and why I place such a “caveat”, then I stand by what I have been saying ever since I shared with both Israeli Military Intelligence as well as the Mossad, a bullet proof, watertight military plan that dovetails perfectly their Military Report which I happened to be the first “credible” person in the world to broadcast, not even waiting for either the IMI or the Mossad to “confirm” which they subsequently did in the CLEAREST and SHORTEST way possible and which I have previously covered in my writings and which are available on my one website that is still in the process of having data migrating over to a new webhosting company that will also host my new website

Not to mention yet again to judge only those who are responsible for their own actions and not those of their parents or grandparents.

In other words, right now we have better people to “pick on” as in ONLY “spotlighting” what it is that they say as well as fail to say.

That list will undoubtedly grow.

But we know for sure about 3 such individuals beginning with “easy come, easy go” Trevor Goldberg.

Now Trevor’s father Jules wasn’t the richest Jewish person in South Africa when he came and opened a fancy restaurant on Sunset Blvd close by to where the Spagos restaurant was once located.

Moreover, Jules and Trevor don’t have close to the gun-money-power of my buddy Roger W. Robinson who needs no further introduction, surely?

Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger” is not on your list of Facebook “friends”.

Leave “Our Man Roger” and Co. to me.

Trevor Goldberg, however, cannot say a single word “bad” about me and yet he chooses not to be my Facebook “friend” which is of course his right, but I have my very good reputation to protect and I believe I have a right to a “fair hearing” on why someone who I have only been very kind and generous towards sucks, and of course when he has screwed up I let him know in no uncertain terms, because that is what expected of genuine, rather than fair weather Clifton Beach, Cape Town, friends.

With Jewish friends like these why is it that us Jewish people find so much time to fight with non-Jewish people we barely know, nowhere close as how well we know those within our inner-circle and why if we are to avoid the next most brutal war that will make the American civil war of the mid-19th century look like a day in the water park, we must do something now.

Maybe Trevor, Gary Legator, Avril and Melanie have had too much sun over the years which again is their choice.

While there is a lot of truth to them fooling only themselves other “friends” of yours are also being “fooled”; moreover, your other friends are judging you by the company you keep.

You are the company you keep.

You are what you eat.

If I am not for myself who is for me? If I am only for myself who am I? If not now then when? – Hillel

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