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I could be overbooked – Part II

The fact that I am the only person alive today who has is pointing out what amounts to a totally unfixable problem by any elected or non-elected US Government official, is not insignificant.

The fact that you won’t find a single educator of note having given a speech or written a book about Nixon’s speech going back 4 decades ago when he spoke so vaguely about “international money speculators” who were “waging an all out war on the $” without naming these individuals who were so easy to identify and at the same time Uncle Sam was waging the most violent and transparent genocide on the poorest of the poor of south east Asia all “In defense of our south east Asia policy”, should have the entire world going instantly silent.

When something cannot be fixed, it means it cannot be fixed.

That does not mean God isn’t equipped to make all those profiting from that monumental calamity of August 15, 1971 suffering from the moment they have the information until they take their last breath when they cannot be certain that their anxiety won’t increase in intensity.

Not all humans come back as well cared for dogs like Pypeetoe, Maggie and their reincarnation Mango.

In the meantime I am the one person who is being singled out by the powers that be banker-politicians for the DEATH SENTENCE of DEATH SENTENCES after being wrongfully convicted of a crime when the evidence is crystal clear that the only crime has been perpetrated against me and my one of a kind French-Canadian wife, Marie Dion Gevisser.

Both of us [know] that we are not the dumbest people we know and the dumbest people we know perfectly understand not only what a farce was this Texas defamation lawsuit filed by ex CIA Charles Dazler Knuff who like me and weak kneed former co-defendant Adam Lee Tucker are residents of California, but it’s egregiousness so highlights the corruption of every person, not just Americans who profited from Nixon’s speech that the moment it ended, so did those he said he was punishing begin to be rewarded more than ever; and to really stick [it] to their US Government Engelhard-De Beers who were now under the command and control of my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser had the US Congress force every automobile and truck manufacturer in the US to issue a purchase order which would have Engelhard Enterprises South Africa where David Gevisser was Chief Executive Officer deliver a 1.9 gram of platinum to be placed in the catalytic converter of the exhaust system of every new vehicle sold in the US, and of course these purchase orders will soon be placed by European auto manufacturers.

China was not a party to this so transparent US Government conspiracy; on the contrary, the month before Nixon sent Henry Kissinger on a not exactly “secret mission” to China where he handed Chairman Mao an ultimatum, “Get your people to work for us and accept in the future increasingly worthless US $s that will not be backed by gold or face the same superior and overwhelming blanket bombing that we delivered to Vietnam and Cambodia who are desperately more poor”.

It should be very easy for everyone to see that the days for Professors of Political Science are coming to an end.

Kissinger knew then as he does now that he could have simply picked up the phone and told Mao the same thing but then it wouldn’t have allowed the photographs

of this only “secret mission” to De Beers-US Government’s common herd.

I no longer keep track of the Jewish holidays because I have better things to do with my time, let alone speak with people and hear about how uninteresting things they are going to be talking about, especially the evening before Yom Kippur when they stuff themselves like pigs and think throughout the next 24 hours what extraordinary athletes they are to give their organs a break from exercise as if their digestive system needs to be told that it takes more energy to digest food than it does to exercise.

Dead meat which includes fish and chicken takes upwards of 80 hours and much longer if you have already reached the point of no return. That is just one piece of God’s Little Animal Friends which it does not say in the Torah should be tortured before execution just like it does not say in the Torah that man should be a meat eater; quite the contrary in fact, since with the Angel of God telling Abraham at the last moment to rather sacrifice a lamb rather than his favorite son, God was simply making the point that neither were of less or more importance.

You notice that I don’t wear a kippa on my head and that is not because I have yet to develop a bald spot. Nor is it to say that there is not a single rabbi anywhere in the world who I wouldn’t be able to go quiet for the remainder of their lives.

Each and everyone that eats meat is not just a hypocrite they are stupid; and if you are stupid, you should be quiet.

The smartest rabbi I know alive is my family’s rabbi, Professor Abner Weiss. He is quiet and so is First Lady Michelle Obama’s close cousin, Black American Rabbi Caspers Funnye.

Like everyone who is not actively supporting Marie and me, they are all about money.

De Beers have not paid all of our soldiers the same bribes they have paid our government officials to be quiet all this time because De Beers do not consider it their responsibility to do anything more than help the US Government promote civil war here in the US which the US Government can mitigate by promoting that much more civil unrest in the rest of the world starting with mineral rich countries like the Belgian Congo, South Africa and Peru to name just a few.

China is of course the “wild card” but the Chinese know that Nixon and all the chosen puppet Presidents and US Congresses since, were being bribed by De Beers; and besides the closest to looking Chinese is fat diseased TALKATIVE cell Hillary Clinton who has had very nasty things to say about the Chinese.

Let’s now talk about me.

I come from the founding mothers and fathers of the State of Israel and more important than both my very quiet trader grandfathers, Alef-Albert Badash Ash [1899-1965] Israel Issy Gevisser [1890-1970] who purchased in 1929 priceless Haifa harbor property, and my orphaned great grandmother Nechie Becher Badash [1874-1943] who came from the same tiny village of Plonsk Poland as David Ben Gurion and Nechie was 12 years older than Ben-Gurion who was born in 1886 the same year the huge gold pipe discoveries were made in South Africa by which time Ben-Gurion’s most trusted ally South African Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts [1870-1950] was beginning to demonstrate a mental aptitude that would eventually surface during the heroic Boer War of 1899-1902 where modern day guerilla-asymmetric warfare was pioneered by Smuts and his fellow Afrikaner Boer commanders, is South African-Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen who you see in this photo below

with my father Bernie who along with Syd were the only Jewish Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of Smuts’ South African Air Force Squadron 11.

As you can tell my father had a little time to think about what he was going to write to his family back in Durban, South Africa who knew how extraordinarily fortunate that Smuts was a friend.

Neither Syd Cohen nor my dad have written their autobiographies and perhaps they will both decide to follow in the footsteps of their ingenious Commanding Officer Jan Smuts who is the only Gentile I know of who in 1932 had a kibbutz named after him, and Ramat Yohanan was no ordinary military training ground as it produced the very best of Israel’s first field officers beginning with Yitzchak Rabin who was assassinated in 1995 by an Israeli religious extremist.

It has always been interesting to me how we forget the most important events of our history while we can’t get enough of remembering those who helped our defenseless, and of course the Jewish children of the Holocaust cannot have us more focused a
s we miss “al-to-get-her” (sic) why they were so defenseless because their parents and grandparents considered the Nazis bigger than life.

The Nazis, however, didn’t start out that way, in fact less than a decade before Hitler published his Mein Kampf which was several months after his western financial backers brought him to power on January 30, 1933, they were a ragtag militia who openly went after soft targets.

On December 1, 2000, the 27th anniversary of Ben Gurion’s passing, and 11 months and 9 days exactly prior to 9/11, I produced – CLICK HERE – my first as well as longest email that included 14 addenda, and the 8th titled, Knotty Jews explains everything that I believe you are missing:

There is a story I would like to tell you about my friend Norman’s family. Norman’s father was headed one evening toward a bar in town called Gunzenhausen about 30 miles from Nuremberg. It was toward the end of 1933 and he decided at the last minute to turn back. At that very moment a bunch of Brown Shirt thugs entered the bar, lined up all the Jews including his father’s friends and then shot them all dead. Norman’s dad ran home to tell his father who was a World War I veteran, proud to be a German, perhaps though not exactly German first. He also had kept his gun although it was undoubtedly a little rusty. From the street Norman’s grandfather called up to his wife to throw down the gun because he was now going to go after these thugs himself, perhaps thinking that he would first knock on his Jewish neighbors door and get a little gang of his own going. Norman never quite knew the details of what exactly was going on in his grandfather’s mind. His grandfather might have simply have gone “m-ash-uga” – nuts.

Norman’s grandmother refused to throw down the gun and her husband eventually got tired of screaming from the street and went inside. His wife helped calm him down by not haggling all over him. Another neighbor did come by a little later to say that the nazi authorities were talking about this “crazy person.” Norman’s grandfather was a successful businessman, a prominent banker. His main competition actually came from the Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who ran bucket s-t-o-r-s in front of his bank, who didn’t quite have his over-head.

When I mentioned Norman’s grandfather may have been different to most of his other Jewish German friends, I meant it in the sense that although he had all the fine linens for all occasions and goods and services that money could buy, he, nevertheless, realized that he couldn’t rely on his brothers, neither his Christian nor his Jewish brothers when it came to saving his life, his soul some might argue. At the time getting in to America was not necessarily easy but it certainly wasn’t impossible either. Norman’s grandfather grabbed hold of the things that most mattered and headed west. When he arrived in America, he like my grandfather Israel who arrived in South Africa at the turn of the century, was now also dirt poor. But somehow Norman’s whole family managed to survive. The same could not be said of my grandfather’s sister Pessiah and her whole family.

One surviving member of her family, her son-in-law, wrote my grandfather the following letter (written in Yiddish and then translated into English).

May 3rd 1965.
My dear friend Israel…-à>>>

BTW, that neighbor was a Christian, and nor was she turning in Norman’s family who ended up in New York where Norman later got intimidated by folks from the Yeshiva University headed by Professor Aaron Brown of who I later flushed out. Note when CLICKING HERE Professor Brown announcing on his website the following:

We will be closing down the eRaider message boards on June 27. This does not mean
eRaider is dead., we’re just going into hibernation for a while. The site will remain open as a
reference center for shareholder activism, and we will be happy to accept submissions of
articles or news for publication (send them to

We will post a longer explanation of our plans on the site in the next few days.

Further note my HUFF & PUFF response – CLICK HERE from the top of Machu Picchu that included an email to the FBI – CLICK HERE – while carbon copying individuals of note such as Devin Standard, Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. and Deborah Sturman Esq.

It is quite something that not only is Nechie’s granddaughter, my extraordinary and inspirational mother Zena still very much alive having been raised for the first 12 years of her life by Nechie who was most likely assassinated in 1943 having returned in 1929 to England when my mother was born, from Tel-Aviv where Nechie was one of the early residents, but so is my dad and Syd Cohen who had they known both the true odds they faced each time they went into battle or the fact that the backers of the Nazis throughout the world were well on their way to achieving their objectives of stealing South Africa’s gold which was their primary objective while taking out at the same time the best of the Jewish fighters, they would have never had the courage to fly a single mission.

The decision by Ben Gurion to name Syd Cohen Commander of the Israel Air Force even though he was a “late starter” only arriving in Israeli in late June 1948 after Ben-Gurion had snuffed out civil war when sinking the Altalena in Tel-Aviv harbor just days before, was a most important decision, given how the other 40+ fighter pilots who were the best of the best from the world’s air forces had huge egos including founders of the IAF like “The Brave Little Man” Boris Senior whose 2004 memoirs NEW HEAVENS, subtitle, My Life a Fighter Pilot and a Founder of the Israel Air Force does not mention Syd Cohen’s “crowning achievement” following the death of Israel’s first Air Force commander Modi Alon who was killed in a fireball crash when returning from a combat mission on October 16, 1948, 6 days after my parent’s spectacularly distracting wedding in Durban.

My mother and I have not spoken since late summer of 2004 when she warned me in no uncertain terms with her statement, “ARE YOU NOT CONCERNED FOR YOU LIFE!!” that I was “taking my life in my own hands” when deciding to reveal the most carefully guarded secrets of my very private family whose actions rather than words spoke volumes about the weakness of the human spirit, which first rears its ugly head in the lack of curiosity which stems from corruption which the human compensates by finding increasingly superficial distractions, first with flirting with the opposite sex unless they are homosexual and as natural entropy grabs hold and which is exacerbated by the self-absorbed not listening to anything other their own fat diseased TALKATIVE cells, they have to rely that much more on those attracted to their negative energy to do the physical work such as house cleaning which requires that much more a belief system in the monetary system that has been orchestrated for more than a century by the same folks who organized The Holocaust and came out of it significantly richer and therefore with more at their disposal to buy off the next generation who are as logic would dictate increasingly self-absorbed.

The holocaust began with the Jewish people throughout the world not having any speakers representing them because they were all corrupt, and kept hiding their corruption by saying that to talk about, let alone expose those corrupt, would lead to that much more anti-Semitism, which is why one sees so extraordinarily few Jewish people of wealth, and wealth was if you could afford to eat meat that once had a heartbeat, stepping up to the plate, and so you should all better understand why the more corrupt Jewish people today don’t recognize someone such as Irena Sendler who when you consider her acts of heroism along with other members of Zegota, they put to shame the less than charitable acts of loving kindness by Mr. Schindler.

Forgive me if I
take the liberty of spelling it out further given how the $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that was handed to me on January 21 which has not a single Jewish person throughout the world outraged other than they too detest me exercising my right to Free Speech which if you are interested you can find on Craigstlist which you should not consider for a moment a plea for help or simply go to the $ HIT on, it does not mean I will survive another day.

Desperate people act desperately; but still not all the humans in the world combined are a match against God who has obviously created this extraordinary game where just one more of us can make the difference to end this madness of so foolishly covering up the past and just one madman could end it all in the next instant, but the odds of that happening drop exponentially as this information continues to get out there, while defying all odds.

We can all see just from the huge numbers of people who have already this information and choosing to clam up when not distracted with all their small talk, that the evil of the human is much greater than any of us imagined. Yet, we can all see how stupid was this corruption from the start as we allowed our governments to get into the business of printing money, and we allowed it because those on the side of the winning militaries had less physical work to do in order to make a living as we told ourselves it was our cleverer minds versus brawn of those we left to our governments to enslave, never thinking that it would ever get to the point of our crap ever coming back to haunt us, at least not before leaving it to Uncle Sam to find the next big military distraction.

Evil only thinks short-term.


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