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I could be overbooked – Part III

If Israelis who have made the ultimate sacrifice while proving themselves in battle can end up having oversized egos then it is easy to imagine how indifferent are the rest of us who only think about war when watching the news on TV or reading in the newspapers since so extraordinarily few of us have members of our family in uniform, and why the media have to hype up all the war violence which they know does not touch sides with what occurred in WW I and II where the funding source of the violence is the same as it is today, but instead each of us giving up our own flesh and blood the talk is all about how much money which is the embodiment of today’s westerner, is being spent on war which we foolishly believe is needed in order to protect our individual freedoms.

Look, this is all very simple. I have flushed out every single intellectual still walking the face of the planet.

Let’s just face that, and then we can all move on and watch how quickly all those talking about wanting peace but not willing to give up all their bad habits that include their oversized egos, shut up.

The odds of Speilberg who co-produced Saving Private Ryan with my father’s close cousin’s son, Gary Levinson, not knowing who I am and more importantly the unbeatable site analystics of my website are in fact slim and none.

When last did any of you hear of a defamation lawsuit sum of $4 million and most of you get your news from TV, radio and the Internet?

When last did you hear of the person filing a defamation lawsuit not having to show cause; i.e. present any evidence of defamation?

When last did you hear of such an individual and their Texas lawyer stating clearly that they plan to send a message to all Internet users that Texas will control censorship of Internet?

When last did you hear of a better case than this for the American Civil Liberties Union who are so deafeningly silent?

How in the world can there be so many stupid people with such oversized egos that they see me, rather than themselves as the evil incarnate?

You wouldn’t have needed one day of basic training in any militia to be able to read Mr. Spielberg’s atrocious and most incriminating words which he spoke in his 5 minute introduction to his blockbuster 2005 movie-documentary Munich which depicts the events surrounding the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacring of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes that was led by CIA sponsored terrorist mastermind Ali Salameh who was placed on the CIA’s payroll 2 years before in 1970 and which Speilberg covers rather well in a rather eloquent dialogue 1 hour 41 minutes and 2 seconds in to the movie as the head of the one Israeli hit squad is informed by his Roman Catholic French Resistance handler in a rather matter of fact way which then leads to another most important scene where it is quite obvious Spielberg is depicting CIA operatives interfering with the hit on Salameh on a very rainy night, but eventually on January 22, 1979 which again Speilberg covers in written text just before the credits start rolling at the end of the movie where there are the Twin Towers in the background, the Mossad using British citizen, code name Mary Erika Chambers leads the very bloody and most violent hit on a crowded Beirut street which also killed all 4 of Salameh’s “bodyguads” (sic) and 4 innocent bystanders.

Clicking HERE will take you to a transcript of Spielberg’s speech.

How can Spielberg say, “I’m not attacking Israel ….” when he shows clearly that he has the facts that the problem here is not Israel but America’s CIA?

Do you have any idea how many Jewish people throughout the world know that Spielberg is a traitor, and not one of them, besides for me has been moved to tell it exactly the way it is?

You are all up in arms about this one woman who is long dead not getting her justice, but what about me?

Let me explain. Until I am a Spielberg, I am a nobody in your minds.

Go read up on Spielberg or anyone else you think is more important in your lives than me, and tell me if they have close to as interesting a story as mine.

Do you think it is up to the Mossad to explain things when they could see way before Hitler was brought to power by the same bankers waging an all out war on the poor and relying mostly on the Jewish people to distract the masses, that no one was moved to speak out, instead a Gentile, media mogul Randolf Hearst in meeting with Hitler in Germany and speaking out about his atrocious treatment of German Jews showed how very weak were Jewish Americans including all the new immigrants whose parents failed to teach them the real history of the Jewish Kapos-sellouts in the concentration camps who didnt get there by first fighting the Nazis to the death.

The photo below of me alongside my very proud mother and my second hand fiat sports was taken in very early spring 1979 in Chicago, just weeks before I officially joined De Beers on 47th Street.

10 years later you see me

shaking the hand of De Beers operative Rabbi Schneerson whose cohorts have hijacked the Israeli Knesset and one might argue, the Israeli cabinet.

You would expect following the Holocaust that the Jewish people would be the first to speak out.

How many Jewish people do you know living outside of Israel, who did not get bought?

If the Jewish people fail the logic which they did prior to the Holocaust when the majority of the western Gentile world so clearly telegraphed their punches, what makes you think they would have any more spine?

Jeffrey Krinsk Esq – I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.

Mr. Krinsk is included in the carbon copy section and he thought the odds of me surviving Christmas 2002 were pretty slim.

No the world has not always been wicked.

We have to always look at the source of the corruption; and each generation it is something new because we have technology increasingly making us one big circle to see who exactly picks the leaders who pick the nobel prize committees who conspicuously keep absent the bravest and the truest, while relying on puppet Hollywood leaders such as Spielberg to make such a celebrity out of anything but accomplished Schindler.

Do “i” (sic) need to connect the dots any more?

My close friend Deborah Sturman Esq. who most of you dont know by name but you should, because she is the only single person in the world who came close to getting the Nazi war machine to pay a hefty price, but fell short once I educated her that she was being used to promote the $ currency with that $4 billion slave wage settlement.

Would anyone like me to speak before your congregations this coming Yom Kippur?

Let’s see how many answers I get, perhaps I will be overbooked.

Everyone should also purchase my friend, Boris Seniors book, NEW HEAVENS.

Imagine if in the next moment, we could get everyone to live in the moment, and not for the next moment when it is usually what their unhealthy body cells tell them what they want to eat.

Were I to begin to tell you how well I have been fed today by my constantly active, God gift F-C wife, who knows all the out of this world fresh organic juices we have had throughout the course of this very hot day will serve me well on the bike ride, you might decide to abandon Yom Kippur and inhaling all the sick and dying’s airborne particles of feces parading in your synagogues and buy yourselves a juicer, and instead of talking about all the diseased fat TALKATIVE cells dripping off, to first find yourselves liking yourselves, and then leave it to God to give you the remainder of your just reward.


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