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I just tweeted you.

Begin forwarded message:

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: I just tweeted you.
Date: August 31, 2013 11:06:23 PM PDT
To: b.glazer

Kenya is not far from the Belgian Congo which figured prominently in supplying Hitler with his De Beers’ diamonds – see Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book, Chapter 9, Diamonds for Hitler available free on The Internet.

When you have someone as knowledgeable as me about the true history of the United States’ involvement in the rape of mineral rich Africa and no one is raising hell over the obscene $4 million Texas DEATH SENTENCE judgment I was handed in January 2011 with the judge who executed the fix declaring the whole lawsuit was a scam because he could find no evidence of defamation against me, because none existed and the judge and the media all knowing that truth is the best defense in a defamation lawsuit, you have something much bigger than Watergate going on in this country.

In fact Nixon’s crimes of lying and getting caught don’t touch sides with his greatest crime which was to buckle to the pressure of my former employer De Beers who were the principal beneficiary of Nixon’s speech on August 15, 1971 announcing that the US was officially going off the Gold Standard because De Beers wrote the speech, and I would know because the “male heir” of American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971], was my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser [1926-2009] who wrote Nixon’s speech.

Moreover, while the speech itself was and will remain totally incomprehensible because it was utterly incoherent without a single statement Nixon made have any logic associated with it, it is not because David Gevisser who was my father’s first cousin, had the most horrible stutter.

I leave for Europe in just over a week; perhaps we can meet in Paris which doesn’t prevent me from sharing with you how easy it is to stop all the craziness that is far too crazy to be the work of the stupid human.

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