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Interesting people in America – Part I

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: February 3, 2012 9:11:06 PM PST
To: dave
Cc: rest;, “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA” , Nobel Prize Committee , Rose Tchang-Sun Yat-sen , “Oprah. com” , 60 Minutes <>, “Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion during Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts to develop the blueprint for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force” , “Gillian Tett – Financial Times of London, US Managing Editor” , Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa , Johann DeJager – South African Reserve Bank
Subject: Interesting people in America – Fwd: Have me as an observer – Re: read this – see u tomorrow –

Dave – Ever thought about if there is a G-d, that has omnipotent powers, and you were honest and lost someone beginning with an unconditional love pet, and the best example is perfect Pypeetoe-Maggie reincarnated in a totally different breed Mango, how upset can you possibly be, knowing that G-d would soon bless you with an ever greater presence of The Almighty; and compare those emotionless emotions about someone who you detest because you know they were corrupt.

Just a little test, that I think you can handle.

As you scroll down make sure you take careful note of this checkmate move I propose you do, and then know it is a no-lose situation, whatever you decide, for those out there who have even more deficit needs since if all they own are the clothes [they wear], computing devices and the very best digital video camera they could afford, with that one digital camera they could be in the next instant a bigger and more successful broadcaster than Hearst Corporation because with the power of the light speed Internet they would be the first leverage all my and Marie’s intellectual property; bearing in mind Marie owns 51% of

BTW, imagine you have convened every self-described atheist throughout the world with all the agnostics and religious looking in, and you were able to get them, because you are the host, to focus exclusively on how they have bought into the IN GOD WE TRUST $ without knowing a thing about how one diamond cartel whose main business is water and insurance but you wouldn’t know it if either you didn’t have common sense or the common sense to know where to look and then it is obvious that they own everyone and everything as they act as if more almighty than G-d in valuing their monopoly money. The atheists would be silent and so would everyone else who isn’t in a constant search for truth. The full of themselves which you tell from their body shape wouldn’t know what to do no matter what category of idiots they choose to belong to. So you are left only with those still proud of their body, the mind’s temple who will be talking, and they also can vote without any fear of losing a single argument; (You know the only reason someone says they are an atheist which means they believe they are as high as it gets, is to get the intellectual midget chicks; so bring me a healthy mind-body atheist.)

There is a young couple, 26 year old Angela and equally lean and strong 30 year young Benjamin bearded that I don’t believe he is hiding behind, hitchhiking across the country, documenting (no they are not agents of Homeland Security) interesting people still left in America; and their focus is what you can see if you hitchhike in this day and age. They are from Michigan and staying with others who are part of Coach Surfing where fellow travelers exchange accommodation for friendship and everyone is expected to hang out and share their ideas.

That’s neat to have a group of progressive thinkers out there, isn’t it?

Assume again that there is a G-d, and we are now 4 days into turning the corner in the regression of the human that began from what I can tell day one of the human thinking city life was not only for the dogs, wouldn’t it make perfect sense that I would be running into more people wanting to figure out where truth is?

Now I can understand that you are not alone in thinking you would rather be hitting the bottle than hitting the road and going for it.

You, however, are not my audience, but you do help me calibrate.

I assume your meeting is going dam awful, so just look at your iphone and when you get to this point, hit forward and make certain all members of the Del Mar Plaza management and their lawyers are copied.

I ran into them [Benjamin & Angela] on the water’s edge of Del Mar on this most glorious sunshine day with “good goD” (sic) Mango continuing to bake in the sun, although he is partially in the shade caused by my right leg resting on my left knee as I sit on the “Gratitude” bench placed by our one neighbor; so of course it is not exactly proper English to say “I ran into them”.

After about a half hour of conversing, Benjamin asked if I would like to be on video; and so we are scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10 AM in “Pacific” [sic] Beach; and assuming you are going to one of them bars and don’t won’t to take your chances when being picked up by the wrong crowd, just hang and meet us?

There may have been a problem with the prior communique as I was attempting to send it from garyniod@gmail. Right before videotaping Marie and Mango who was sitting all alone with his green ball suntanning but mostly still in a recovery stage from his intense workout-fun earlier, I sent you a text message at 11.29am.

What I never covered in that 26 word message and using appropriate abbreviations when called for, was to explain how were it not for me, not one of you university or non-university educated would have ever got your head around the real business of the German-South African Oppenheimers’ Wall Street.

What I am now going to explain to you as if you were say the pretty aware 5 year old grandchild of one of Marie’s senior citizen students is most important.

Even if you are only halfway sober, take another couple of shots of Tequila or your favorite cheap mind-fuck alcohol and so long as you can still type with one finger, listen up.

This figurehead owner of Facebook, Zuckerberg whose last name I just had to do a Google Search to make sure I got the name as well as spelling correct, is most likely still in the dark about why he is being used.

Nor does it matter if he is the last person in the world to know the truth.

All that is important is that you fully understand because in the next moment even if you forget this very important economic lesson, part of your mind will always remind you that others far more in-tune with what is going on, beginning with every 5 year old even if they are being raised by complete nincompoops, will get it; and that embarrassment you will feel has you that much more aware of the world around you, and therefore more careful with your words, until such time, however, when you lose your mind altogether, and then it will be for total real, and you will no longer have to play stupid, which is what everyone who has received either one of my emails or simply visited my website just once, is doing.

I knew the moment the first person who responded negatively without being able to articulate anything other than the fact that they find the truth too disturbing, I had something that no other communication medium could lay claim to. I also knew that it would be foolish to conclude any different result than all those that followed were qu
ite comfortable being hypocrites.

BTW, it did not bother either Benjamin or Angela that the name Hearst meant nothing to them. That is right, they had not even heard of Hearst Castle.

Do you understand how utterly inspiring that is to me?

99.99% of all westerners who know the first thing about me go silent upon hearing me mentioning the name Hearst because they perfectly understand that if my mother Zena who was very slow with her praise, would tell others that she was proud of me, then it would make sense that those who had lower standards of excellence than my mother which is everyone I have so far met in the world, would also be impressed with me, including Randolf Apperson Hearst.

Bear in mind that I have 3 elder siblings, and they will be the first to tell you that our mother has never once made a single introduction for any of them; at least not prior to the last time when my mom and I conversed back in late summer 2004 right before I broke my 24 year silence with the Oppenheimers-De Beers back on 11.11.2004, and after letting her not only know that I was going after the Oppenheimers, but that I might need more help than the 1978 The Diamond Invention book which was the first nail in their coffin; the second being my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser’s 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, my very careful with her choice of words mother warned, “ARE YOU NOT CONCERNED FOR YOUR LIFE!!”

How bright can the 99.99% of born and bred Americans [who know the Hearst name] be, given how you have never even heard of the German-South African Oppenheimers, and it is only those of you who I have educated, so very few relatively speaking but 100% quiet and you now know that this most carefully “non-branded” family name own everything and everyone who is corrupt; so how smart are you silent about the bs valuing of money which is a whole lot more important than knowing who the Hearsts are, as they too could lose all their wealth in the next instant, were the truth to get out to the masses of poor who cannot be labeled corrupt, because they don’t have the information; and so thank G-d Angela and Benjamin didn’t have their minds screwed up knowing about the Hearsts and thinking them kings; and the Hearsts, at least up until Randolf Apperson Hearst,

are the best of them.

There is a price to pay for having no shame.

How can you all be so silent and you have the whole history and can see that my and Marie’s safety is not helped by all your deafening silence or is it, considering that my own family is silent, consistent with the thinking of the herd; enhancing that much more our credibility, don’t you think?

Not only did my mother make it her business, despite our strong connections with the founding mothers and fathers of the State of Israel, to keep our entire family in South Africa, apart from my eldest brother who published his anti-Apartheid [poetry] book, picking up the pieces of yourself back in 1972 before heading to Israel after two members of De Beers-US-South African Secret Police visited with our mother at our last home in Durban located at 50 Bowes-Lyon Avenue, Glenwood, but following the decision by De Beers to terminate my employment once I had recovered from my liver being poisoned on their 47th Street, Manhattan, my anything but mad mother

wasted no time in organizing me a job in Australia

with a start-up computer company which I let slide once I found myself a job on the west coast which came about when I went to a local bank to get travelers checks for the journey to Sidney and within a few minutes of giving the bank vice president my CV when I never mentioned that my previous job was with De Beers he had the bank’s most important customer who happened to be McMillin Development hire me; and the rest is history.

BTW, let’s just assume that computer company was owned by Israel’s Mossad, do you think today they would be following what I am saying or do you think they would need an English translator?

Just in case you are interested I have started asking likeminded people to begin emailing journalists around the world asking them:

Are you aware of the Israeli Military Intelligence report questioning in part how come Al Quaida were able to get to the USS Cole 334 days before 9/11, and yet not one oil supertanker has even been hit?

and when responding to then forward their response to everyone on my $ HIT List or who think deserves to be there.

Do you think Al Quaida were just getting worse aim or they had somebody in the Pentagon letting them know that [following] the Mossad’s crystal clear “heads up” in August 2001 which the FBI and CIA ignored and they along with the US Congress haven’t changed their position, the best way to get the world’s attention was to save on missile purchases from one or more of Uncle Sam’s merchants of war and have much cheaper box cutters taken on board when a De Beers platinum coated [razor blade] in a shaving kit would have been just too much in all your faces?


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