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Interesting people in America – Part II

Part I –

Isn’t Mango cute sunning himself, now inside?

Zuckerberg is only playing to the herd and the herd applaud him including all those like you who say you detest Facebook because you feel it makes you somehow different.

How can you think you are any different when you all think the exact same when given the information about how money is valued by one mining monopolist out of Johannesburg, South Africa, other than not all of you have the same amount of money wealth or the material possessions purchased with that worthless money which was dished out in the least meritorious fashion given how, again the spoils of raping mineral rich countries beginning with my birthplace of South Africa were not first handed to the military doing all the heavy lifting?

I know you are still waiting for that dude Anderson on CNN to announce that the US military have been in control of the US protectorate Belgian Congo beginning no later than February 5, 1885 when King Leopold II of Belgian got his backing of the world’s superpower, before you begin talking that much more about me, given how you realize that as time marches on and you know that more people know about me than less, how can you trust Anderson or the 100% of corrupt journalists who are silent and know why, just on their looks and there is a certain ugliness that creeps in once you know someone is corrupt?

None of the history books name the US Government as a party to giving Leopard the so-called Congo Free State but you do know that the United States Government was not defeated in the mid-19th Century Civil War; in other words American history books were simply sickeningly hypocritical when not pointing out that the culling of 2% of the American population which numbered 30 million simply concentrated that much more power in the hands of those who profited first from supplying weapon systems to both sides and those cannons that remained you remember were not buried with the almost 700,000 Americans who lost their lives which was not lost for a moment on the rest of the world’s militaries.

Again, bring out your pencil and paper and feeling free to check with my HISTORY OF MODERN MONEY – CLICK HERE – if needing a guide.

Leopold like every human being wanted to have his cake and eat it, but he also knew that if he lost his head, the very next moment whatever aches and pains G-d was bestowing upon him would end in the next instant and his legacy could be that of yet another boring martyr.

For Christ’s sake what does it take to have you all thinking like a human being?

Do you really believe it was just a coincidence that Leopold formally relinquished his “personal control” over hugely mineral rich Belgian Congo to Belgium on 15 November 1908, right in the middle of the tyrannical 434 day voyage of The Great White American Fleet [December 16, 1907 – February 22, 1909]?

What do you think took place in the following 52 years before Congolese independence on 30 June 1960?

Perhaps it will be easier to understand the US’ pivotal role in the rape of all Africa using their proxy tyrannical governments by simply looking at what happened 201 days later on January 17, 1961, when the CIA orchestrated the execution of the first and only democratically elected leader, President Patrick Lumumba, the same day President Eisenhower gave his most threatening Military-Industrial-Complex speech from the Oval Office,

You know from your fascination with palatial mansions that Leopold II had been keen to acquire a colony for Belgium even before he ascended to the throne in 1865.

Were you aware that the American Civil War ended in 1865?

You would understand that just like long before any war ends there are measures put in place to make the next war on the world’s poor that much more successful, so the earth continues to spin regardless of what plans man has in preparing for the next war to steal more resources of the world and tax the poorest of the poor with the same hut taxes that makes them feel less than slaves since it is not called a slave tax which would have slave children questioning much earlier in life the sanity of their parents and therefore that much quicker to distance themselves lest a university educated psycho psychologists-psychiatrists were to label the contrived poverty of the poor as a disease.

Let’s just come back and talk about tits,

no strike that, how Leopold held his ownership.

First, you know the word “philanthropy” and “charity” somewhat rhymes, and rhymes rhymes with mines.

You see I can turn you into a kindergarten teacher in no time.

Capitalism is synonymous with ownership or is it clear in your mind that theft is outright theft no matter how [many] extra English words one wants to keep adding?

You know to look left and right before crossing the road.

Was it your mother or father who first taught you this?

What do you think your parents left out of your education that could have been filled in long before you got to elementary school?

Both my grandfathers didnt have more than an elementary school education; do you consider them simply more intelligent or less devolved than the herd that began only after my younger maternal grandfather Al Badash-Ash was born in 1899; and this is just a small glitch in history but a rather important one, given how without The Diamond Invention there wouldn’t have been all this madness created to show how weak man is next to Truth-Logic-G-D?

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia – Leopold II, King of the Belgians:

Leopold’s single-shareholder “philanthropic” organization [owned] the Congo Free State.
The Congo Free State was a corporate state privately controlled by Leopold II, King of the Belgians through a dummy non-governmental organization, the Association Internationale Africaine. Leopold was the sole shareholder and chairman.

I don’t know what time your meeting is with the Del Mar Plaza management, but obviously your lawyer hasn’t been very effective given the fact that the lease you signed and your mother guaranteed is ironclad, or sufficiently strong that the two of you can be strung out in court proceedings where the ultimate objective of this Wall Street financial institution who has you by the shorthairs, is to send a message to all their other tenants that they are big tough guys and don’t get caught up in the emotion of small time tenants who should know better than to “play business”.

It is now 5:01 and I would assume the meeting is over, but I am sure you have the telephone number and/or email address of at least one in attendance; in other words, you could simply let them know that they have until sunset, about 20 minutes from now to get back to you if they object to you handing out flyers even if you have no customers who can afford anything because they are too busy getting rid of all their money.

Let’s check your memory.

What does the name Smuts mean to you?

Is there anything about his background which suggests that he didn’t know how to play dirty but never with his own who saw that he led by leading his Boer Commandos into war without forgetting all that he learned while the top student reading law at Cambridge University when he shivered much more than his fellow students because he simply didn’t have the money; meaning he didn’t understand the cost of war only costs the losers because he was too distracted with the good life to know that the history of the world is the history of warfare?

Do you think it is important that Smuts thought it important to be head of both South Africa’s Treasury as well as Minister of Defense?

When reading Smuts’ 1926 Holism & Evolution was there anyt
hing about him which suggests that he didn’t understand that politics is 100% economics and economics is 100% military?

Policing is made a whole lot easier when you don’t have people fighting over a fancy dancy hybrid Prius because there are more than meets demand.

Do you understand why it is that there is not a single Professor of Economics anywhere in the world who knows the first thing about me who when reading this is not shaking in their boots.

Marie is now finished unlacing her so hot purple knee high boots as Mango is fully in my face to get back to the beach.

What does the name David Gevisser, the “male heir” of Charles W. Engelhard Jr. mean to you?

What about my mother?

If I told you that my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser arranged my all day meeting with my father’s first cousin David Gevisser back in 1995, the day after I spent the morning with his Colored [South African] Minister of Trade and Industry Trevor Manuel, that would be a lie because, first it was my mother and second, Issy Gevisser [circa 1888-1970] died on February 24, 1970, one month exactly before my 13 birthday which is when most Jewish men have their barmitzvah.

Zuckerberg sounds Jewish, does it not?

Do you doubt what I just cut and paste from Wikipedia profile?:

Zuckerberg was born in 1984 in White Plains, New York[11] to Karen, a psychiatrist, and Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist. He and his three sisters, Randi, Donna, and Arielle,[2] were brought up in Dobbs Ferry, New York.[2]Zuckerberg was raised Jewish and had his bar mitzvah when he turned 13;[12][13] he has since described himself as an atheist.

Would you pay to watch a debate between myself and Zuckerberg aided by each and every one of my adversaries including all his legal advisors?

Interesting isn’t it how Jewish people including Harry Oppenheimer who also had a barmitzvah don’t take long to waiver between Christianity and atheism once they start accumulating wealth?

Not all the Jewish people in the world have yet to hear the dirt on Professor Abner Weiss who barmitzvahed me as well as most Durban Jewish South Africans of my generation, but once they do and also understand the total and complete nonsense of keeping kosher which G-d designed only to expose each and every Jewish hypocrite which I first began to get my head around when my maternal grandmother Rachelle Badash-Ash called my mother a hypocrite although as you can tell from Rachelle Ash’s body shape she remained until taking her last breath a poison meat eater, you will begin to see at least their children and grandchildren distancing themselves from all their Jewish hypocrite friends and family.

$30 billion is the number being touted about which Zuckerberg is going to be worth once the Initial Public Offering [IPO] of Facebook takes place which for all I know may have already happened.

I also understand that the total value of Facebook will be in the vicinity of $100 billion and that once the 28% of Facebook is sold to ignoramus investors who could all possibly make a zillion fold on their investment in the next instant which still won’t increase the brain cell count in their mindless-spineless bodies, Zuckerberg who looks like a weakling at least in my eyes, will still retain voting control of Facebook.

Notice how I am able to get a little into the Knitty-gritty without losing any of my audience who are the exact same as that first individual who went quiet after visiting for the first time.


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