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It is more than Pollard who got stuffed. – PUBLISHED 3/3/2001

Jewish leaders coveted Marc Rich at the expense of one who may have delivered the Right Stuff.

Perhaps, it is simply a coincidence that Jonathan Pollard was locked away at the same time FBI agent Hanssen was mastering U.S. counterintelligence on behalf of the Soviets. If you were Mr. Hanssen or Mr. Ames of the CIA what would you do to deflect attention? Wouldn’t it make sense to position Jonathan Pollard as the evil incarnate, an eternal threat to U.S. strategic interests? Not surprisingly, those charged with counterintelligence have somehow missed every opportunity to neutralize the impact of Pollard’s 15-year-old intelligence secrets. With all the finger pointing that went on in the mid 1980s, even a former CIA head like former President Bush, may not have been given all the intelligence he deserved.

Coincidence or not, by our Jewish leaders supporting the pardon of Marc Rich negating a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to view the role that middlemen play in corrupting the leaders of most oil- producing nations to mention little of the terrorism these oil dollars father, the person made of the Right Stuff remains stuffed.

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