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It might be simplier to tell the truth – Part 2

Tenth, by mid-1966, Nelson Mandela, this future first Black President of South Africa fully understood how very little room he had to maneuver following the extraordinary “show of force” by the CIA when they arranged for the nuclear powered aircraft carrier fleet Enterprise to visit Cape Town, South in mid-1964, right after Mandela began serving his 27-year life sentence, after saving his neck from CIA’s South African gallows when speaking his diabolical 11,700 word, “I am Prepared to Die” speech from the dock of the US-South African Supreme court on April 20th, 1964.

Eleventh, had word got out that Senator Robert F. Kennedy was even thinking of meeting with either Harry Oppenheimer or Charles W. Engelhard who by this time was second closest person in the world to my uncle David Gevisser, following Engelhard eyeing the “huge forests” owned by ACME Timber, one of the many Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser controlled, it is highly possible that given the hatred felt by more aware black as well as white South Africans, never to forget the Indians or the “coloreds” who were of mixed race, this most evil United States Senator, would not have left South Africa alive.

Twelfth, the closest person of course to my uncle Dave, was my highly shrewd mother who you recall, “From the earliest days of 1949, [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications” and who of course was not alone in feeling outrage when on June 26th, 1963, Socialist-Democrat President John F. Kennedy spoke the words at the Berlin Wall, “Eich Bin Ein Berliner”.

Thirteenth, in 1966, my grandfather, Issy Gevisser, some 78 years of age, was very much around, and in the most excellent health, both physically and mentally, but the same could not be said of his “silent partner”, my enormously cash rich granddad Al Ash who was poisoned to death some two or so years prior.

Fourteenth, Nelson Mandela – who you recall when coming to power in April 1994 immediately placed “under lock and key” the CD ROM containing the CIA’s macabre biological weapons programe that they and British Intelligence spearheaded in conjunction with the Apartheid Regime’s Offense/Defense Forces – hadn’t forgot that the CIA were entirely responsible for his capture; moreover, it was an event that the CIA didn’t even try to hide; on the contrary, they and their benefactors, C. W. Engelhard, Harry Oppenheimer, Kennedy clan, Rockefellar and Co. made a point in letting all the world’s “smart money” people know that if they wanted to keep, “living the good-easy life”, they were going to have to “play ball”, and leave it to this mafia monopoly to be the allocator of the world’s resources, all the way down to deciding exactly how much of a bribe to pay each and every elected and non-elected government official, not just in the United States but throughout the world, including those in Israel and of course the House of Saud.

Fifteenth, at no time can anyone forget, U.S. Secretary of Defense/Offense, Robert Gates who while at Indiana University where he received in 1966 a masters degree in history, was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency and joined the agency in 1966.

Sixteenth, let me repeat, Robert Gates, now in his consecutive administration, while at Indiana University was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency and joined the agency in 1966, the same year he received a masters degree in history.

Seventeenth, it is possible that Robert F. Kennedy never visited with both Charles W. Engelhard or Harry Oppenheimer at Engelhard’s Camp Chaleur estate across the border in Quebec, Canada but this future Attorney General of the United States – who oversees the Justice Department whose main job is to protect our sacrosanct anti-Trust/anti-Competition/Anti-Price Fixing laws aimed at cartels such as the mafia monopoly De Beers who have no equals, given how for starters this highly dynamic group have owned the world’s drilling industry for more than a century – understood the significance of his elder brother, President elect John F. Kennedy meeting with Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle hotel in Manhattan, not long before this “sell out” President swore to uphold the law, the US Constitution; and before even being “elected” president in the 1960 rigged presidential elections, John F. Kennedy and his ALSO loose with her tongue wife Jacquiline visited with Charles W. Engelhard at his Camp Chaleur retreat.

Eighteenth, after recommending to my brother that he take a “crash course” in Internet 101, or hire someone such as yourself to first review his writings before sending them out, prepare for my day 2 “Intelligence briefing” of President Obama; this of course nothing more than the “Intro.”


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