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It was happy memory-Great Hall of China – This is the correct quiz – Part I

Prior broadcast –

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: October 26, 2011 1:24:56 PM PDT
To: jeff hubbard
Cc: rest; Sky-Maggie , Chinese Embassy – USA , Dennis Cuff – Solicitor , Lisa Fugard – Daughter of South African playwrite and actor Athol Fugard , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” ,, “Joe “Could I stop you?” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School” , “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” ,, “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and bosom buddy of Roger W. Robinson aka Our Man Roger who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” ,, Matthew Hoh – former US Captain who resigned from US State Department , Rush Limbaugh feigned opponent of Obama ,, “David Bellavia – US Soldier nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now blowing the whistle on Operation Sparkling.” , John Perkins – former CIA Economic Hit Man author and founder Dream Change , “John K. Pollard, Jr. – alumnus of MIT and Cornell University.” , John Dau – Leader of The Lost Boys of the Sudan , Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah – Star of Emmanuel’s Gift , “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach California” , “Robert “Citizens against the J. Essakow-Marc Rich and company Flower Hill Malls Excessive Expansion” Vicino” , raye anne marks , Lynne Zimet , Nitza Lite , Shaun Tomson – 1977 World Surfing Champion , “Sidney Lazarus – son of Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus c/o Bernard Lazarus brother of The Pig” , Ivan Oshry , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” , Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant , John Boehner c/o Eric Cantor c/o Hillary Bill-De Beers-Rhodes Scholar-Marc Rich Clinton , “Dr. Daniel Ellsberg – In March 1971 leaked Pentagon Papers that his boss Offense/Defense Minister McNamara authorized in June 1967, the same time McNamara and company placed the USS Liberty spy ship in harms way Sinai Peninsula – c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation” ,,, “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy”
Subject: It was happy memory – Re: Great Hall of China – Fwd: This is the correct quiz

Jeff, as I thought, you meant “entendre”.

BTW, how would you rate on a scale between 1 and 10, the importance of the Chinese Government launching yesterday the first Yaun Gold contract; 10 of course being critically important to your wellbeing?

Would you agree with me that it is important for every American who does not think it is important to wake up every morning and after saying, “I am very proud of how well I have taken care of my body temple, to try and make sense of President Nixon’s speech on August 15, 1971 announcing the end of the Gold Standard and the beginning of mass enslavement of the Asian populations following the huge success of blanket bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia which moved those not murdered into the cities to produce the goods that cost us nothing, other than our human sensitivities which fat diseased TALKATIVE cell people carry on their most exposed organ, the skin that like every molecule of the human is so ingeniously designed, which was not lost on the Chinese who in living to learn did not lose sight of the fact that Korea is also close to their borders?

BTW, did you know that there have never been restrictions placed on South Africans from investing in anything they wanted here in the US? You would expect that I know a lot more South Africans than I do Americans and you would also believe me when I tell you that when I arrived from South Africa back on March 17, 1978, a great many more South Africans knew me at the time because I was just one week shy of my 21st birthday.

Don’t you find it strange that South Africans are so conspicuously absent from visiting

Do you think it is because they know that the more attention this website gets, the more inconspicuous they will need to be?

Do you have any idea how difficult it is for anyone who has made their position known, and it is now for the world to see until the very end of time, and this memory stays with them until they take their last breath, to suddenly go quiet and/or wish they hadn’t shown how very ugly they are?

Anyone who has any pride wants to be seen; that is how we are programmed.

If you have no pride because of the way you look you increasingly don’t want to go out; and one of the things you do is stop using a photograph of yourself on a social website like Facebook.

When your body-face is ugly and we all know that is mostly because your self-indulgent nature knows that you are your own worst enemy for a reason and for others to be FULLY ONGUARD without having to take a course in basic common sense which is all that I teach and so far no one has even said, thank you, all that you are left with to impress others is your intellect.

What intellect is associated with stupidity?

How stupid to ignore how utterly dumb not to have figured out on your own the total illogical of the monetary system?

How dumb can you really be to ignore these facts of life and think that because you are brilliant at distracting yourself you can somehow distract me who I figured out long before I decided to share with you all how dumb you, your parents and grandparents were, that it could only be an Act of God who does not like bad people?

And if there is a God and all the logic clearly points to it, that God would be following everything including their reactions to reading this.

BTW, didn’t you love that “We are only a pebble away from it” in the “Follow the Toad-Toll road” communique to the US Forest Service? If you were not carbon or blind copied, I could send you a copy or just wait for it either appear on and/or someone you know forwards it to you.

Now place yourself in the shoes of a white South African even if you have not been to one of say J.Essakows parties; and J. Essakow remember is the guy I coached through Deceased and Insolvent Estates at the University of Natal-Kwazulu South Africa in the mid-1970s at the time of the 1976 Soweto Riots which was the year the 10-year Cultural Revolution ended, and just 3 years before I would join De Beers’ most important site holder on 47th Street, New York City when neither I nor my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser had forgotten how 8 years before, he was not the only one who knew that President Nixon was shaking in his boots when sending a Hungarian countess as his emissary to find out, not what color tie or suit he should be wearing when giving the most important speech not only of his life, but in the histor
y of the United States which can never go away, but whether David Gevisser thought there was any “foul play” in the so obvious assassination of German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. who died on March 2, 1971, 166 days before that most fateful speech.

Were you aware that Dr. Daniel Ellsberg “leaked” the Pentagon Papers in that same month?

Do you know why Dr. Ellsberg is so quiet, right now?

Can you imagine how stupid Ellsberg feels right now, assuming he was honest?

Do you think someone who was supposed to be so smart couldn’t have figured why the bought and paid for New York Times chose to release the Pentagon Papers in the same month Henry Kissinger flew on his “secret mission” to China to let Mao know that the US was ready to open its markets to Chinese goods so long as the Chinese were willing to be our slaves and accept our worthless $s that were no longer going to be backed by stolen gold but by the “good word” and De Beers’ unlimited supply of worthless diamonds or risk the war in Cambodia and Vietnam spreading to the heartland of China.

Just look at yourself and your inner circle of friends today. Do you really think your non-reaction; i.e. numbness is indicative of someone who is evolving?

Sensitive people back then had no difficulty projecting how the least sensitive people would react 4 decades later, and today we have all the proof in the world.

Do we not want to even try and feel what it is like to be spiritually uplifted?

Even if you were not born on this planet and an asteroid brought you here and you want to do the best you can to alienate yourself from your stupid family and friends, you must have heard of the US State Department’s renovated Gun Boat Diplomacy tagline, “In Defense of our South East Asia Policy”, which basically said that the war in Vietnam and Cambodia was just a sham; at least it was not to stop the spread of communism when in fact we were just softening up all resistance for our future slave laborers.

When last did you hear an American politician or school teacher or professor pointing out all the bank holidays that don’t stop the printing of worthless money as they are designed to have you think that much more that worthless money is the scarce commodity, and in between them are all the other holidays like Presidents Day, Labor Day, Christmas, Memorial Day etc etc, but not a single day for the massacring of the 10 million indigenous Indians who were here when Columbus sailed the ocean blue?

Do you think any civilized human being when noticing these great many contradictions they would conclude, “Let’s have Gary Steven Gevisser write a book explaining President Nixon’s speech, the day after?”

Why if people didn’t give a shit when exterminating the 10 million would they care more as time progressed and they have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt they care only about themselves, and whatever logic they can grab hold of to suit their agenda.

Only One God could have created so many of you gutless specimens who should now vomit en masse.

Don’t you think God had to have thought this all through and found just one person such as me and that I in turn would end up being matched with the most logical and most beautiful woman in the world and the rest of you still have to live such a most boring and long life and finding out at the end God exists and God would logically have you all from this moment forth deciding for yourselves what you most want to return as.

Are you with me?

On July 14, 2009, 9 days before the Russian cargo vessel Arctic Sea left port – CLICK HERE – from Finland with a destined dock date in Bejaia, Algeria of 4 August 2009, J.Essakow who like every South African I knew of my generation and about 99.99% of their parents and grandparents were clueless about the real business of De Beers which is currency manipulation and allocation of the world’s resources and to achieve that supremacy they have simply created a hornet’s nest of paper pushing jobs in the financial services industry which they simply depend on their universities around the world to promote which is easy when you have the people indoctrinated with the illogical Mind OVER Body when it is patently logical Mind AND Body but don’t try arguing that point to a fat diseased TALKATIVE cell human especially once they come to terms with how very dumb they are about everything, and still it takes a brain to break their poison food diets, but in the meantime they will continue talking until the cows come home, J. Essakow sent me this physically threatening email:

Thanks for the update. I pray things will improve from here on. I will always be there for u if u need to ever just shoot the breeze. Just call. Look forward to seeing u on Saturday.
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

I have commented quite a bit about what J.Essakow had to say more than 2 years ago when he and I were not “intimates”, not even close.

When you consider the fact that he has still not explained what he meant in his very carefully crafted 37 odd word communique including “Look forward to seeing u on Saturday” (sic) despite repeated requests and you know that J. Essakow and all his friends and family including his younger brother Roy who was oil trader and Israel traitor Marc Rich’s one top lieutenant when Rich was holed out in Zug, Switzerland which is where Mr. Putin keeps most of his loot, so the passage of time does not change the significance.

Most South Africans are very quiet just like Americans who care little and nothing about the State of Israel which they believe like you, not only treat the Palestinians horribly but Israel is a “drain on our resources” in addition to helping have the Arab world hate us Americans who again believe we are the good guys and are the reluctant policeman of the world.

Americans though are a not a very homogeneous group, but the same cannot be said about Jewish South Africans and of course almost of them are of the white color skin.

You know one can learn a lot from a statistically valid sampling as well.

The fact that J.Essakow and his brother Roy who run neck and neck as being the dumbest two Jewish people I know does not make the rest of the Jewish South African community geniuses, not even close.

In fact I have always considered all of them much dumber than my father’s first cousin David Gevisser who you will recall me mentioning was the person who issued the order that resulted in President Richard Nixon announcing on August 15, 1971 that the US was officially going off the Gold Standard.

Nor was it the fact that his most trusted advisor, my British-English mother Zena began telling me from a very early age that he was not very bright, just lucky to have met German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] since I had many occasions including my all day meeting with him in 1995 just 4 years before my trip to Japan,

Taiwan and mainland China in March 1989

When people feel stupid; in the next instant they get angry.

I may understand this natural progression than most; certainly all the stupid people I know.

In fact, outside of my mother, David Gevisser, my father Bernie and all the top executives of De Beers, I consider all South Africans stupid.

I never did consider David Gevisser stupid. Like my mother, I never considered him all that bright.

David Gevisser thought that Americans were the dumbest people in the world and so did his favorite uncle Sol “The Little King” Moshal who when we met for the last time in early 1980 in his home in my birth town of Durban, South Africa that is now owned by The Pig’s son, Sidney Lazarus who you can find on Facebook, the first words out of the mouth of “The Little King” were, “So what’s so great about them Yanks?”.

My father was in the lounge sitting just one seat away as The Little King’s wife, Gretchen who is also
mentioned ad-nausea in David Gevisser’s 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, and although his hearing was not great following his miraculous 71 dive-bombing missions during WW II, he would have heard the words because The Little King who was my dad’s nemesis because he knew as did everyone who knew the first thing about my dad beginning with how he got accepted with no difficulty in Smuts’ Air Force which was the best air force during WW II and why Ben-Gurion didn’t hesitate to have South Africans play such a disproportioniate and most pivotal role in building the Israel Air Force where today it remains the best air force in the world; and nor was it insignificant that Ben-Gurion would choose my father’s flying partner, Captain Syd Cohen to become the Commander of Israel’s only fighter squadron during her War of Independence [Nov. 1947-Jan. 1949] following the fiery crash death of Israel’s first commander, Modi Alon, just 6 days after my parents’ spectacularly distracting wedding in Durban on October 10, 1948, when of course I was not invited and nor were any of my 3 elder siblings who also had yet to be born.

Continuing …..

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