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It was happy memory-Great Hall of China – This is the correct quiz – Part II

Part I –

Only stupid people can be bored at a time like this as there has never been a time in history when in the next instant all the world’s poor who are in the majority can get the voice they have never had.

One hears a lot when growing up in the western world about how one of the cornerstones of democracy is protection of minorities from the tyranny of the majority.

The majority have never ruled because when they get too large in number they get wiped out long before the elections when not everyone votes.

So long as you get what you want you are one of those happy with the status quo.

Continuing ….

I choose not to be stupid, because I think there is something grander than being in sync with total and complete morons.

Yes, I would much prefer to be dead than to think like corrupt people who are stupid people who of course cannot believe in a Higher Authority because they know when they are being corrupt including when they play stupid, and therefore they cannot possibly believe in anything Supernatural, which does not prevent them from trying their hands at all the different religions; and of course the most violent people are the first to say how peaceful they are.

It takes an incredible mindset to know that the only reason you live in peaceful and quiet neighborhood is because your soldiers have to be paid so little in order for their motivation to kill and be killed to be inextricably tied to the patriotism nonsense, and then to go on with your life as if nothing has changed.

Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game – Marie Dion Gevisser

I know the thinking of those who when visiting my clear as a whistle website, which was so well expressed by our one neighbor here in Pinecreek, Pine Valledy the other day and which is so very clear in the digital taping, “FORGET THE FUCKING TRUTH”.

When the truth is no longer important to you then the only thing you can hold on to is your spouse and friends.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to be married or involved with someone you know is a liar.

Obviously a great many people have no problem with that, until they read this communique and think a little bit more about it.

The divorce rate does not look like it is dropping.

I don’t know of a single married couple outside of my wife and I who have honest conversations about beginning with how long do the friends they have in common cannot also stand the sight of those friends who have yet to level with them by saying, “It does not matter what Gary S. Gevisser has to say, our military will never let us down”.

You recall it was highly decorated US soldier David Bellavia who calls the taking over the Arctic Sea Operation Sparkling given how when the huge vessel was returned to Russian authorities, Bellavia writes the following:

No weapons are found on the Arctic Sea. Ground surveillance sources reveal that four Ray Ban sunglasses bags, stretched low and “heavily burdened” are carried off the Arctic Sea. When opened, Russian authorities gather “spastically” around, some holding their palms up to inspect while others “crane their heads in close to see the small contents.” The contents cannot be authenticated but it is believed to have “high value” and not “traditional currency.”

You would agree that is quite a detailed and most graphic account that you wouldn’t be able to see with binoculars from the deck of the Del Mar Plaza where you and I do most of our talking.

Look at how Bellavia ends his “report”:

Repelling harnesses, D rings, 20 meters of rope, star cluster flares and a high speed inflatable boat were seized on the decks of the Arctic Sea. One source noted later that, “the pilot of that inflatable boat would have to be an expert to navigate the choppy waters and the heavy disproportionate wake of the Arctic Sea near Finland or France.”

The waterways in which the Arctic Sea was hijacked are amongst some of the busiest and highly trafficked shipping lanes in the world. From a tactical standpoint the pirates would have been much better served to wait for the ship to near Northern Africa than to attack the Arctic Sea near France where they could be easily spotted by any number of merchant vessels.

Also of note, 16 August 2009, Israeli President Shimon Peres meets hastily with President Dmitry Medvedev to discuss immediately cutting off all shipments of missile technology, training and development from Russia to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Remember, Bellavia who I have never met, shared this with me and no one else on August 29, 2009, but he began letting me know that he had something very interesting in his “backpocket” on the morning of August 27th and knowing that he was going to be appearing on the Glen Beck show that evening when the first word out of Bellavia’s mouth was “You!” in answer to Beck’s question, “Who is the enemy?”.

You are not the only person waiting to hear that I am appearing on a bought and paid for celebrity show or that I am dead, and then I suspect it will be business with you as it would be with everyone I know, at least those western educated.

Don’t you find it very interesting that this past October 22, I received the following from someone I ran into once on the Tokyo subway and I haven’t communicated since then, which was more than 22 years ago:

Dear Gvisser.

In 1989 March, I met you in subway in Tokyo. We went to Tokyo tower by Taxi. It was happy memory.

You stayed in Akasaka prince hotel, but it closed last year.

How are you? How is your Business? Are your family fine?

Now, I run old style japanese restaurant Ryozeki in Shinjuku in Tokyo.

Ragiation is no problem,When you come to japan, please come to my shop Ryozeki.

I wish you all the best for the future Best regards.

Motoyasu Matsui

The fact that he kept the photo all this time is also amazing, is it not?

You saw a handful of Japanese dignitaries in that most important photo of my friend Rose Tchang-Sun Yatsen just 5 away from President Hu who few would argue is the most powerful man in the world today even if most American elitists still consider the Chinese as slaves.

Have you noticed that there is not much talk about how poorly the Chinese government treat the Tibetan monks?

Could it be that my not yet published writings have already been viewed by the mainstream and non-mainstream media who are all corrupt?

What do you know about the treatment of the poor people of Tibet by Tibetan monks?

Have you noticed that Obama has not had the Dali Lama give a speech from the White House on this rather important subject?

Ernie Briesie after telling me what he thought of my writings and website couldn’t help himself in trying to cover his tracks as he went on to say that’s what I say in my writings.

Again, when you have lived such a long life and you know that as you age poorly you are not going to look any more attractive to the next generation, everything about you including your words looks that much ugly.

Do you have any idea how many people I know who thought not only that they were intelligent because they went to university and earned all sorts of degrees that afforded them such a cushy lifestyle and to look down on the most industrious peoples and of course they never had the mental capacity to understand that the way we measure American productivity which is by how much we consume thanks to the gross Gross Domestic Product index, it makes the mineral rich coun
tries that we rape such as South Africa, Brazil, India, China etc etc look “Third World”.

It is easy when you have the big gun and show a willingness to use it, to control everything, but not the truth.

You cannot think of anyone who is coming close to sharing with the world all this very important information because there isn’t anyone, and why you also first write me the biggest bunch of nonsense and then when I call you on it, you write back telling me that you don’t know what got into your head to write me such utter nonsense before sending me to take a test on the Internet about my religious beliefs.

Thanks but no thanks.

Now lets come back to the quietness of J.Essakow and all his supporters who you can find on my $ HIT list and if I have missed anyone out please all let me know.

J. Essakow is Jewish, like myself. So is Alan Greenspan and his replacement, Bernake.

De Beers who are virulently anti-Semitic because they have always feared the most questioning of the peoples just like most of the Kings and Queens of Europe, and you remember the Spanish Inquisition of 1492, make it their business to support the dumbest of the Jewish people in the least accomplished professions such as lawyers, doctors and the such.

You would understand if you had an iota of knowledge of history that up until the turn of the last century, lawyers were considered as close as it gets to scum because you could not fool the people at the time because they had few distractions such as TV and Ipods etc etc and word travelled very fast when a healthy farmer escaped a pogrom and lived to tell how it was now a warlord who quickly became a landlord and was selling off the farmland that the farmer and their family had worked hard to acquire and with no survivors, so it also became easy to get consensus on all the books published and awards given to the most unaccomplished.


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