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Jay Leno -The Tonight Show

Comics like Jay when reading the Gold Inventory Petition [GIP] will find it funnier than most because he will first say to himself that he chose unselfishly not to bring unwanted children into this world, until he gathers himself and looks at the name on his paycheck, which may be a different name on the check paid to his most trusted lawyers and financial advisors, who if better informed would have got a “heads up” from their most trusted as well as least trusted sources wanting to put them on notice, and most likely all chose, for different reasons but all centered around greed and self-preservation, to remain quiet believing that they had nothing to gain by sharing the information with everyone they know and asking everyone who does not vote Yes to explain why as best they can, without realizing that the further up one goes the socialist-economic pyramid the more likely no two paychecks are the same, all the while knowing that it is impossible to escape the fiduciary responsibility of well paid professionals to disclose materially relevant information, which lawyer-liar judges as well tout so heavy handedly, along with the Miranda Rights granted to those being arrested for crimes less than the genocidal crimes of the US Congress who have yet to ask either Black American slaves or the remnants of the murderous 3 century extermination of the indigenous peoples that continued throughout the mid-19th Century Civil war, what they consider a reasonable compensation, given how those murdered in past genocides pave the way for today’s rich youth to have so much more leisure time, which again is not shared equally.

Case law, going back to the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution that followed shortly thereafter refers to “All men are born equal” does not talk much if at all about today’s inheritance laws favoring the lazy rich who profited most from the bloody land grabs, which have little and nothing to do with religious teachings, apart from the fanaticism that the victimizers promote in those either least educated or simply power hungry like Hitler who have nothing else going on in their lives, which is obviously a great many of us, otherwise we would try much harder not to be so lazy and let it show on our expanded waistlines.

How is it possible to have a merit system when the biggest bullies decide everything about who is equal and who isn’t as their closest rivals are eliminated savagely in order to send a message to their second-in-command to be patient and not try to jump the gun, and if they do, even tyrants know that they only die once, and if they have to suffer torture it cannot be any worse than the unlawful treatment they have dished out, while in the meantime they get to live like Kings.

It really comes down to the individual as it should since the smartest of the scripture says that to say one life is like saving the world.

But there is nothing close to equal sharing when you have inheritance laws and the people with the most money have not earned their wealth because they are the ones who have grabbed the most and dished out the spoils of genocidal wars to those who can be most counted on to be quiet, and thanks to the Digital Age and very specifically the $ HIT list we know who they are.

Just to think that we can possibly have everyone who is good and corrupt showing their true colors as they go about voting Yes or No on this “pIG” (sic) is a most wondrous thought if you are honest and nervous as hell if you are not, and in the next instant that no matter what even if the whole world is corrupt just to have that universal silence for one moment that can last forever because it would take “miracle thinking” for that to happen and yet it is very conceivable in our minds, only One Supernatural Force could not only allow such thinking to take place but to make it a reality without having to speak a word, other than the logic that God-Truth-Logic has spoken from the very beginning of man being a conscious animal.

So we can share everything when it comes to our outside wealth as well as our knowledge and power is knowledge, but there is one exception, our health, and health is wealth and wealth is health.

The most self-absorbed carry the weight of their afflicted minds which is why they are the most talkative to begin with and it is easy to see when they go silent because logic explains fat TALKATIVE cells who only know to “play victim” when not also striking venomously their forked wide butt bad ass kissing tongues singing and huming war-peace songs all linked to the bloodthirsty success of their out of control military-industry-complex which is made easier to digest when you have self-absorbed parents bringing into this world unwanted children who are not instilled with a sense of perspective that if it were not for the most savagery of peoples who say the most when saying goodbye, “Hey take care girl”, the sense of loss of the first massacre of 10 million indigenous Indians didn’t have their offspring half a century later waking up each morning pondering that to wipe out the 6 million Jewish savages would quite hit the Guiness World record books because the bad ass people would have bred that many more and the church officials didn’t think it smart to correct the notion of “be fruitful and multiply” to a growing population of increasingly selfish adults all about themselves.

But we are a different world with this light speed internet.

The majority of the world’s population does not reside in the United States and the poor are still the majority.

So Jay what are you going to be doing to pull your weight?

I also understand that bad people need distractions because they dont want to be left alone in their miserable thoughts and why Plato, 2400 years ago, was right when he said good people don’t need friends.

Not to mention without the Laws of Kosher how would our Jewish rabbis make a living, from preaching? Preaching what? What exactly do all our great many Talmudic scholars attending Yeshivahs all over the world contribute, apart from further proof that cow milk which is liquified meat and cow meat poisons the mind and body, and don’t suggest that without them how would all our ugly fat TALKATIVE cell Jewish women find a nice Jewish man to produce so many more sucking off the hind tit of big government which is the killer of us independent minded Jewish people, don’t you think?

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