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Jeffrey Essakow – The Coupon Clipper is Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow

Date: July 14, 2009 8:26:58 PM PDT
To: “Gary S Gevisser”
Subject: Re: “Sending munitions to Russia to pay pennance” [sic] Re: im thinking about a change of plans.

Thanks for the update. I pray things will improve from here on. I will always be there for u if u need to ever just shoot the breeze. Just call. Look forward to seeing u on Saturday.
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From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:41:19 -0700
Subject: “Sending munitions to Russia to pay pennance” [sic] Re: im thinking about a change of plans.

I also got your follow up email.

Yes, and in addition keep it tight all the while thinking .about the ever threatening tax authorities of the world and those very poor but not in the least bit stupid bus people who are increasingly getting used to seeing your face without you being so foolish to be “mouthing off”, and who we want to convince first with the written word to then give us an opportunity to present to them in person in less than 15 minutes, to follow our lead in not only refusing to pay taxes whenever we can, but to start the ball rolling to get back what we have paid in that has been used to not only reward failure going back to the formation of the US Federal Reserve which then inevitably led to Federal Taxation of ONLY the hard working poor to keep them fighting for scraps before being marched to boot camp, BUT to support their inevitable death and before that their loss of spirit and despair leading to violence that in turn supports the military economy that is not in the least bit dependent on the tax dollars which don’t come even close to covering the Federal and State deficits.

Moreover, of course I-we are not alone in knowing all these facts of life; all those government officials who are “deafeningly silent” understand it is all perfectly well which explains their silence on these most important issues as they realize the need for them to keep throwing one distraction after the next and when you have the ability to call on the CIA at any time to light a fire in a faraway land, it is very easy to get lost in one’s thoughts, until realizing these very same government officials know the truth including the fact that I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday in Haifa Harbor, Israel; and then there is your meeting with CIA agent Charles Knuff at his California residence on December 23rd of last year in which he revealed his knowledge that there is more than just his brother who now knows why Mr. Knuff is not all that proud of his former employee; and of course Mr. Knuff and his lawyer Mr. Alan Lowensohn havent forgotten their most threatening letters to both of us which today may very possibly have reached Mr. Knuff’s close neighbor who he revealed is also “ex-CIA”.

Not to mention even the US Congress when authorizing the printing of more money out of thin air to prop up this most suicidal course that they feel they have no choice in avoiding but in the meantime making their “quick escape” plans that also leave a money trail, have to deal with either an elected or unelected government official saying, “No!”; and then there is the US military who we know are not all dumb and brainwashed including that 20 year old African American kid who back on Sunday, July 5th was one of the last if not the very last passengers to walk on board a packed passenger aircraft heading from San Francisco International Airport heading towards San Diego, carrying only his steel, razor sharp ice hockey skates strung over his shoulders and before sitting down next to Marie and me in the window seat, took his time in being friendly to all the passengers who surely were not all mesmerized by his most healthy good looks, despite being worked to the bone for slave wages in the US Navy.

To mention little of you and a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population earlier received a blind copy of the following email I sent a rather young retired 24 year US Navy Captain who I just happened to run into here at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop across from Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and Co.’s Flower Hill Mar in still very affluent intersection of Del Mar, Solana Beach and Rancho Sante Fe:

From: Gary Steven “Ressiveg” [sic]
Date: July 14, 2009 3:28:33 PM PDT
To: Cire
Subject: I just met you.

hello – I thought I would take this opportunity after having just met you here at Coffee Bean shop to drop you a line.

As I mentioned I couldn’t help but overhear parts of your conversation with that lady without really knowing what you were talking about, but getting a sense that you were not only a thoughtful person but smart enough to stay in what appears to be excellent physical shape; and obviously not negatively impacted from the “horrors of war” which most people including high ranking Captains in the US Navy such as yourself are unaware of the “hard data” that shows that more than two-thirds of battlefield casualties are the result from the initial shock-wave created from exploding ordinance; a fact of life I have known about from a very young age and well before I began my highly specialized Israeli Special Forces as well as Israeli Military Intelligence training.

I also figured that there had to be good reason why I didn’t come out of my mother’s womb with an Israeli made Uzi submachine in my left hand and an AK 47 in my right hand, that there had to be a better way I could help bring about “peace” which of course to those of who are not “naive”, is war to all those who profit from war, and most of the world’s armament manufacturers including those in Israel have absolutely no loyalty to country, race or religion.

My purpose in wanting to get together with you in person is to share some of the knowledge I have been accumulating a lifetime, which goes well beyond the battlefields, leading all the way to the boardrooms of mostly non-US based corporations who with the great profits they make from waging war have both the resources and time to create all sorts of “smokescreens” that is in fact lost to most of the world’s intelligence services, and of course those elected and non-elected government officials who have been bought and paid for.

Moreover, I decided after completing my training that was mostly one-on-one training with those entrusted by David Ben Gurion who I first met on November 1st, 1972 some 57 days following PLO terrorists beginning to murder 11 defenseless athletes at the Munich Games, to not sign up with either Israeli Military Intelligence or the Mossad, which of course did not result in their loss of respect given my logical reasoning of how I been raised by a most aware mother to trust no one other than my own better instincts which she in turn had “acquired” from her pogrom orphaned grandmother who had raised my mother for the first 14 years of her life; not to mention my great maternal grandmother’s “closeness” to Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, went back to the days when she was growing up in the tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland which is where Ben Gurion was born and raised, before first moving to England where she gave birth my grandfather who didnt need to ask many questions why his mother ended up in Tel-Aviv where the Mossad remain headquartered, and Ben Gurion’s female “kinsman” only returning to England when my mother was born in 1929; but at least equal importance how well I impressed Ben Gurion in both my final academic exams while on a 4 month Ulpan at his Kibbutz Sde Boker, Negev Desert, and Gadna training where I “creamed it” by scoring a perfect score on the shooting range which considering all the distractions of the healthy and athletic girls my age on the Ulpan, was not quite as impressive as the 98% in the written exams, which of course were all in Hebrew.

Currently, I am putting the finishing touches to my forthcoming book which while covering my own personal story is all about the history of money creation and its future, focusing exclusively on the “gun-money-trail” in an effort to get people, beginning with Americans, who know so very little about their history, to wake up to why there is so very little talk by the media and government officials to this outrageous rewarding of failed corporations who have convinced the brainwashed public into believing that if they don’t receive their bailouts, there will be a disastrous domino effect throughout the rest of the economy, without explaining that having succeeded by failing these corporations, who have no loyalty to country, race or religion just to their insatiable need to keep perpetuating their failure that goes against the grain of what we refer to as “The American Free Enterprise System” that will inevitably lead to great frustration followed by the “customary” violence, these corporations have in fact wiped out most, if not all, of their competitors who are obviously not around to voice any opposition; none of which is lost on those of us again not easy distracted since our training is to always never lose track of the money trail.

I am available pretty much anytime to get together as again I have plenty of time on my hands right now, helped greatly by the fact that my most “empowering” and most gorgeous French-Canadian wife is visiting her family in Quebec which of course has me missing her that much more, but using the time wisely at our most awesome art gallery-studio home on the water’s edge of Del Mar.

In fact, if are not doing anything for sunset this evening, we could enjoy what looks to be a most spectacular one.


To mention in passing, as Americans focused on the rather large sum of US$50 million that Marc Rich owed the US Treasury which he and his CIA handlers could have paid off with what Rich rounded off on a daily basis following his incredible killing during Israel’s 1973 Yom Kippur War that began with green Israeli border soldiers on the Golan Heights having their nuts cut off and stuffed in their mouths, “sum” [sic] while still alive, not exactly the nicest way to either begin or end the 24 hour fast, when Rich bought oil from Iran and Iraq at US$12 a barrel and then sold it to the US for US$24, what they MISSED was Marc Rich and Co. which included my best friend from Carmel College High School, Roy Essakow, then using this fictitious billions to buy up the US what they didnt already own which also didnt prevent them from using those same monies as well as loans they took with US banks to donate to charities as well as political parties; and nor have you forgotten the phone conversation I had with Roy’s mother on election day 2,000 that began with me inviting the whole Essakow family to my New Beginnings Party in early December, that had Norma lecturing me, “You need to go and vote for Gore-Lieberman because we need a Jew in the White House” and of course Norma “shut down” when I asked her what Lieberman and the rest of the Jewish members of the US Congress had done during the 8 years of the Clinton Administration to assist American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard whose crimes don’t come close to those of the US Congress who have yet to apologize for the pivotal role of the US Government and very specifically the Democrat-Socialist Democratic Party so rewarding Hitler with his Mein Kampf.

Right before my brief conversation with these very clean cut retired US Navy Captain, I had a conversation with Kent, a graduate of Thunderberg University, Arizona which he says is the number one ranked international business school.

After providing Kent with a “quick and dirty” summary of what we are achieving with where we understand rather well that poorly educated people in the 4 most important subjects, History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] forget “al-to-get” [sic] their so obvious poor diet that they dont figure out is not helpful with their ability to logically thought process, Kent responded to my question, “What would you do to make a living if the banking system fully collapsed?” with the following:

“If my job [commercial banker] evaporated, I have a knowledge in solar energy-efficient markets which is thriving. It is the new paradigm shift; a lot of capital going to a lot of companies on the forefront of just doing the right thing ,,, lesser impact on carbon footprint ..

Kent has yet to fully digest how De Beers, a company his professors most likely never once mentioned, have had the use of their unlimited supply of untraceable and never inventoried “diamond currency” to buy everyone and everything that they didnt already own going back to the turn of the last century following the end of the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902 when the first “civilian” rewarded for the wretched brutality of the US Government was the father of my father’s first cousin’s major benefactor; and as you already know I have explained in yesterday’s broadcast the methodical, painstaking and most patient manner the Mossad had more than just my anything but good, “lucky uncle” David Gevisser pay most dearly as he remains still alive with the knowledge that today it is not only the two of us know why the Mossad left the most extraordinary money trail when a year after David Gevisser was named in 1970 Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa, the Mossad waited until a month after Charles W. Engelhard turned 54 to execute legendary American-German, March 2nd, 1971, to be very precise, and within 6 months my “lucky uncle” Dave who was forced to first reveal to my highly aware and most secretive mother Zena, his “close friend”, that he received a US$ 6 million “sign on bonus” when agreeing to become executor of Engelhard’s extraordinary mineral rich estate, was not alone in witnessing the value skyrocketing immediately following the US Government also leaving the most extraordinary “money trail” when going off the Gold Standard on August 15th, 1971.

Not to mention I of course long before joining De Beers’ so very important Codiam Inc. still headquartered on 47th Street, New York City, knew that as executor my business person’s backside “lucky uncle” Dave not only controlled the world supply of platinum but was now the “control person” of the special interest of special interest mafia monopoly De Beers-Anglo American Codiam [DAAC] Inc.

To mention little of my uncle Dave who has always known there was nothing in the least bit naive about me, never thought he would live to see his wife Hedda as well as each one of his 4 sons and all those who have “curried favor” with them to now live the remainder of their lives with at a minimum an increasing “wall of silence” between themselves.

To mention in passing, none of us can be “an island unto our ourselves” not even in this lifetime.

I am now in receipt of your most recent back and forth with centi-millionaire Gerrer Rebbe – email address – a Hasidic-ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatter who profiles himself on Facebook as “the current spiritual leader of the Hasidic dynasty of Ger”.

My suggestion is that you not only backup such a most revealing “back and forth” that not only the Israeli Knesset must now bow its head in shame but the entire world is left with an increasing less choice of being on the side of light or with the DAAC who interfere with the light.

Not to mention Kent who when parting made a point of telling me he is afraid my emails might clog up his Blackberry, may not yet have fully bought into the fact that the anything but virtuous, let alone nothing in the least bit Almighty US Dollar that is inextricably connected to the mafia monopoly De Beers, is propped up not only by the US military which has yet to go up against a first rate military and its losses against 3rd rate ragtag armies only invigorating the world’s most discplined militaries beginning with Israel and C
hina whose Special Forces are all Israeli Special Forces trained, BUT at least equal in importance, the US-De Beers Dollar needs American consumers fast running out of money as well as HOPE, to keep buying; and the increasingly BIG PROBLEM is the US Government is not able as I-we match their Internet light-speed with truth of the highest order, to SUDDENLY STOP ALL THE BAD NEWS which has Americans that much more fearful of their PERSONAL SAFETY, and feeling the need to purchase, not just guns but the so important ammunitions to defend themselves in their homes, not from foreign invaders who know better and to simply wait for the inevitable ethnic cleansing civil war that President Bill “De Beers-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton was the first high office official to warn us about in his most bizarre ending speech back on January 21st, 2000 at Caltech University with a full year remaining in office and a good 18 months before the so carefully orchestrated 9/11, which Israel’s Mossad not only fully anticipated but went to the “bother” of leaving the most EXTRAORDINARY GUN-MONEY-TRAIL in August 2001, some 3 months following my last of 4 published letters to the Mossad’s Jerusalem Post, all dealing with the increased risk of terrorism following the diabolical Presidential Pardon of Israel traitor Marc Rich at the 11th hour of Bill “Rhodes-De Beers Scholar” Clinton’s presidency; again a year following such a dire strait prediction, which of course was not lost on the CIA who then went to work, and why this military wing of the so “civil talking” US State Department failed to warn American citizens of the Mossad’s so crystal clear “heads up”.

To mention little of Kent who had no difficulty standing as he sipped on his coffee which I assume was his “lunch desert” [sic] commented on the great shortage of ammunition throughout the US for the past six months and what bothered Kent the most is why no one is talking.

To mention in passing Kent who is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, “conversationalist” [sic] etc etc mentioned that the Wal-Mart in Kearny Mesa has been sold out of ammunition for the past 6 months; also commenting, “There is an underground fear that people have the right to protect themselves, but i think the shortage has to do with the couple of suppliers are now supplying the US Government,,, maybe the US Government is sending it to Russia to pay penance. Hunters are not rushing out [to load up] because Obama is President, so something else is going on; it is intriguing. There is too much negative info going on to focus on one thing… On the day that GM filed for bankruptcy Genmar, the second largest boat manufacturer for boats under 30 feet, also filed for bankruptcy, perhaps not to effect the consumers mindset of purchasing?”

On Jul 14, 2009, at 11:24 AM, wrote:

Would you like me to piece the emails together when I get home at 4pm?

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