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Just one offer of a lifetime

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 2:05 PM
To: D-R
Cc: rest
Subject: Just one offer of a lifetime
I have a business proposal for the 2 of u, tomorrow I will be broadcasting it to the world.

As u r aware I am cooperating with investigators-prosecutors involved with the 2 Grand Juries seeking a criminal indictment against the law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach that recently split in 2, my simply a little too busy to prospect for new business although it would be a “slam dunk” for me should I get to speak to a top executive of any public corporation finding themselves in a defensive posture caught in MWBHL’s “cross hairs”.

The deal that I am proposing is to pay 25% of any fees I were to receive in being able to assist such entities bearing in mind there are several ways that MWBHL derive their monies, the first a court stipulated settlement with a public company once a lawsuit has been filed, remember most of the time the public corporations Directors and Officers liability policy foots the bill which of course gets passed on to each and every one of us whether or not we are investors in public corporations, the second, and most lucrative for these scoundrels is “green mail” where they don’t even have to bother sharing any of the proceeds with investors who have been taken advantage of, the top dogs having been “put on notice” back in the spring of 1999 by Mr. Bill Lerach of the “astonishingly” high level of corruption within the top 100 American corporations, such a “declaration of war” as u r well aware lost on mainstream America but NOT, I repeat, NOT for a single solitary second lost on the mainstream media, their continued deafening silences in no small measure why I am prepared to pay the “big buck” finder fees given my focus at this time to spread the word of their deafening silences speaking volumes.

Should u be interested one place to start is to simply go to Milberg Weiss’ website or Bill Lerach’s new firm Lerach Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins and contact the companies already “public targets”, there no need for me to spell out all the ingenious ways you could get the 10,000 odd other public companies trading on our stock exchanges to mention little of those in the rest of the world who would “shake in their boots” if u were say to be representing MWBHL and calling them up having the same “credibility” as me, my “work product” well illustrated all over The Internet, my leaving it all up to u how to make the pitch, my willing possibly to make a suggestion or two once u have a “crack at it” first.

One of the biggest hurdles you might find is getting people to believe you but remember once you set up the introduction I take over, and these folks will understand in no time at all that when I mean business I mean business.

I will be willing to reduce my hourly rate of $300,000 per hour only because I will derive great satisfaction in going up against Bill Lerach and Melvyn Weiss to mention I doubt it harming the sale of my book MM1 since I doubt the prosecutors seeking an indictment really have the intestinal fortitude to put these scoundrels out of business once and for all before it is all too late all that would be required is to have them ask me the right questions were they to place on the stand before the Grand Juries’ members, remember there are 2 Grand Juries investigating MWBHL and yet they have not got one indictment yet having the likes of my former clients laughing all the way to the bank.

Had either of u been at the dinner table last night you would know even if u only inherited half the brain power of both your parents how incredibly fragile your future is at this time, never, never, never to forget while being the “ultimate insider” I am not encouraging class warfare, simply opposed to class welfare, and I am a member of the favored class.

Celebration time is, however, just around the corner, we just needing one single person with clout in the mainstream media prepared to give me a voice.

Be well and have fun no matter what u decide to do.


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