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Kadima 21 – What’s App Group Chat

11/9/16, 15:48 – garystevengevisser: Stop what?

As a therapist social worker don’t you have to be precise?
11/9/16, 15:52 – ‪+972 50-818-2006‬: Gary, LeHat asked about the shutters. She did not blame you. Please don’t bully her on this WhatsApp group. You don’t know her and she’s done no harm to you. 11/9/16, 16:05 – garystevengevisser: You suddenly surface!

It is not her we fault. It is you. Again she has been just covering for you.

Please apologize immediately to LeHat sic as well as to me.

You also knew before jumping in so late that it is you who screwed up royally.

Therefore is wrong to say that I am bullying her.

Your deceptive actions now lend great weight to my conclusion that you had bad motives when first failing to immediately step in and take full responsibility for not informing her of your direct involvement with the shutters, as again you cannot detach yourself from your extension.

Moreover since I laid out your deception including providing motive, you remained quiet.

You are the bully.

A good psycho therapist would tell you the same thing.
11/9/16, 16:08 – ‪+972 50-818-2006‬: I didn’t intervene because I wasn’t addressed. It was between you and LeHat. I told LeHat I remember one of the renters mentioning the broken shutters, but can’t recall who it was and what he said. 11/9/16, 16:14 – garystevengevisser: Really.

You are full of shit, from top to bottom, butt SIC you will help in lining everyone up at the starting gate.

Btw how many renters between the 2 times stayed did you have the same conversation you had with Marie about the broken shutters?

Do you recall dismantling the shutters or was that another renter?

What sort of friend are are you that you have such poor judgment and memory?
11/9/16, 16:25 – ‪+972 50-818-2006‬: I have other things on my mind except LeHat’s shutters. LeHat asked you about the shutters, I didn’t remember who said what. You replied. End of story. Nobody is conspiring against you. LeHat just wanted to know why her shutters are broken. You answered. Now we all know (including me, that knew and forgot). End of story 11/9/16, 16:25 – garystevengevisser: I see you typing for the past 10 minutes.

We are leaving to enjoy the sunset from atop the hills.
11/9/16, 16:27 – ‪+972 50-818-2006‬: Enjoy the hills, and say hi to Marie 11/9/16, 16:30 – garystevengevisser: Marie is putting on her shoes.

You are lying.

There were no renters between the 2 times we rented.

You hadn’t cleaned the sheets or the towels.

You are the conspirator.

I tell it exactly the way it is and you must learn to eat the shit you create, unless you think it is from past lives and you have no control. 11/9/16, 16:37 – You’re now an admin
11/9/16, 16:37 – ‪+972 50-818-2006‬ left
11/9/16, 17:22 – garystevengevisser: You also know that we left the morning LeHat returned, so there were no other tenants.

Do you feel you are alright in the head?
11/9/16, 17:24 – garystevengevisser: How would you describe my 3 elder siblings?

I really don’t want to go on but I want to learn what they might be thinking other than killing my mother.
11/10/16, 08:43 – garystevengevisser: Uri, this is an important piece of business.

If there is a higher spirit which most people believe there is at least once in their lives if they just think about and therefore know what it is capable of, then your wretched behaviour could explain the upside to having left my mother’s side for the last time on Oct 9, a month ago yesterday.

There was a huge void created and thanks to my wife Marie who felt the pain and did something about it without talking and upon returning to the US focused on the important things immediately, dusting and preparing the incredibly healthy food that you wouldn’t even begin to imagine what it does for the brain because you have lacked the intelligence and consequently you are very selfish to your rotting internal organs which are reflected on the outside.

You have nothing to say since you got my reply to your last piece of nonsense.

You also thought that nothing would come of you earlier saying that you didn’t jump into this 3 way conversation because you considered it only between LeHat and me.

That means you read what she first wrote me about the blinds.

So you were not sleeping or walking around blindfolded.

You were in being deceitful in the extreme.

You were the caretaker of her apartment.

There was not much for you to take care of because you didn’t wash the sheets and towels and you never cleaned her apartment after the first time we stayed because we did as much as was possible without calling in a professional cleaning service to clean the bathroom tub, toilet and kitchen sink. Did you notice what an incredible improvement Marie did on the bathtub compared to the way it looked when we first arrived? How could someone expect a renter to bath in such disgust? So Marie spent 10 minutes using a lot of elbow grease.

You could have done the same. But you are lazy.

Your thinking is that you are an intellectual.

You are an intellectual’s backside.

You are untidy and your thinking is untidy.

So we have to look for motive in your most evil behaviour.

Here we come to my siblings led by my WWW sister Kathy.

She has always been fat relative to the lean and strength of her 3 brothers and our parents.

She started out with searching little for the truth because her focus was on eating fatty foods which drooped to her worst body features. It didn’t take all that long for my brothers to catch up because they were not as curious as me to understand why there was so much killing between the close brothers, Jews and Arab.

No did I restrict my enquiry to the Middle East.

WWE Kathy, Neil and Melvin have a big ego because like you they have little knowledge.

Your silence was your way of attacking me for having exposed the archives heel of your Muslim Turkish study.

You are 40 and haven’t accomplished anything other than eating badly and distracting people with all your talk that makes no sense.

The fact that you and most of the literate world all think alike explains the violence of man perfectly.

Now you are caught

You will also now have to ask yourself what purpose you served on this planet because if you didn’t run into me the world would not know the pivotal role poorly educated Phds play in futhering terrorism.

The fly that just flew by serves an even higher purpose because it guided me to take off mango’s leash that restricted his movement.

My mother is very happy with me right now. Should I tell you how I know?

Mango just wants his miniature basketball to play with that he sees right below the coat rack in the entrance to the cabin.

The attachments that follow are self explanatory and so are those I’ve tried adding to the conversation begining with Dave Osh who led the IAF into battle in the first Lebanon war, gave up his Israeli citizenship and now supports the BDS embargo of Israel.

Both of you are idiots because your big egos get in the way of acknowledging my ongoing contribution to exposing the money fraud which keeps you above those poorer who don’t yet have information.

My next response to British architect Malcolm Ness will cover this revelation. He is no different to you but he says it differently.

Dr Geoffrey Rothwell Phd on the other hand is in a real pickle. Like you he didn’t figure that President GWBUSH won the genius race for Trump.

Now all Trump needs to do is stop eating meat and stop supporting the trophy killing of wildlife 11/10/16, 08:43 – garystevengevisser: DOC-20161110-WA0000.pdf (file attached) The genius of the race
11/10/16, 08:58 – You added JACKIE WARFIELD
11/10/16, 09:00 – You added lea
11/10/16, 09:00 – You added Maurice Kessler
11/10/16, 09:01 – JACKIE WARFIELD left
11/10/16, 09:07 – lea left
11/10/16, 09:59 – ‪+972 54-526-0184‬ left
11/10/16, 10:06 – Maurice Kessler left
11/10/16, 12:08 – ‪+972 54-979-9182‬ joined using this group’s invite link

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