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kathy Lally – No hard feeling-Mark Gevisser – Part II

BTW, Thursday was the first day we have got over 6,000 visitors, which is well short of 7 billion, but still not a single journalist anywhere in the world has written a story about me; and you know enough right now about the herd to know that it takes just one like First Lady Michelle Obama on another skiing vacation to speak with her close cousin, my Facebook “friend”, Black American Rabbi Caspers Funnye and that telephone conversation would go viral on Youtube.

It is inevitable that everyone sick goes quiet when they realize how absolutely right I am about everything I am saying, and yet no one has come close to even calling accurately how corrupt is the entire economic system that includes the price of the ink used to print the paper version of the Washington Post.

Moreover, the 44 million page views of since mid-May 2009 when there were so little to speak of, include all members of my immediate and extended family who are quiet because they don’t know what to say, but they do know I am 100% on the mark.

You should try contacting easy to reach Mark Gevisser and may I suggest you begin your conversation with this very well known South African author and investigative reporter by asking him simply:

Hey Mark, you have always supported your father David Gevisser’s contention that he detested racism as well as [supported] the armed struggle of the ANC against German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr.’s South African Apartheid Regime which he covers fully in his 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which can be viewed on your cousin Gary S. Gevisser’s website Would you call yourself less of a hypocrite than your father because he was more well off than you?

How come you have never mentioned in all your writings talking badly about the South African Apartheid Regime that your father was the CEO of Engelhard’s Engelhard Enterprises South Africa beginning in 1970 and he immediately began to dispose of Engelhard’s South African assets including his control of the world’s supply of platinum, 80% mined in South Africa, to Engelhard’s German-South African partners, the Oppenheimers who have stated publicly that they also opposed the Apartheid Regime because Harry Oppenheimer was elected into political office in the May 26, 1948 South African General Election as a member of Jan Smuts’ United Party that was defeated by the National Party that ushered in the 46 year uninterrupted rule of the Apartheid Regime?

Why haven’t you at least made written mention once that all your father’s wealth is thanks to him being the male heir of Engelhard who was never going to do anything so stupid and suggest anything other than the fact that he only supported the Apartheid Regime because how else could he explain how it would be a possible for an American, who mostly supported liberal causes in the United States beginning with his ownership of the leadership of the Democratic Party, to own such huge mineral rights in South Africa that was dependent upon the Apartheid Regime to supply black slaves to work the mines?

Are you also upset with your cousin Gary Steven Gevisser because he calls you ugly and fat?

Do you think Gary’s F-C wife is beautiful and sexy?

Can we now go back to April 14, 2005 when you ended your conversation with Tefo Mohapi, “Thanks Tefo, no hard feelings.” [CLICK HERE].

What have you been doing since, and by that I don’t mean how often you brush your teeth every day?

Did your father ever discuss with you his all day meeting in Johannesburg with your cousin Gary back in 1995, the day after Gary and David Altman spent the morning with Trevor Manuel who back then was South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry?

Do you get the shakes or shivers when you listen to the audio of the phone conversation between Gary and De Beers operative Ernest Slotar on March 24, 2008, Gary’s 51st birthday – CLICK HERE?

Why do you think Ernest does not want to get into the politics of De Beers?

Do you see any difference between politics and economics?

Why do you think Mr. Putin looks so skeptical in this photo below

taken on September 5, 2006 in Johannesburg?

Do you think Nicky Oppenheimer was trying to convince him that South African prostitutes carry less venereal diseases than those controlled by Putin’s oligarchs?

Surely, Nicky wasn’t trying to explain the non-existent economic principles of supply and demand during a military invasion which only ends once the survivors of the massacres agree to the terms of their enslavement, or at least their puppet governments?

Would you know why your father never bothered having a serious economic conversation with you or any of your 3 brothers?

Would you say Zena Gevisser was wrong if she were to tell you that she thinks her youngest son Gary is smart, or would you just prefer to say that your father was right when referring to her as the “redoubtable” Zena Ash which was her maiden name?

Do you question Gary when he says that his last conversation with his mother was in late summer 2004 when she ended the phone conversation, “ARE YOU NOT CONCERNED FOR YOUR LIFE!!” after Gary explained certain critical gaps in Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book beginning with his failure to mention your father’s name after so bizarrely mentioning that Engelhard had “no male heirs”?

While you think about that answer, can you tell me your read of the very brief back and forth emails between Gary and your other cousin Leon Cohen of Codiam Inc. that began on 11.11.2004 with Gary cutting right to the chase, “Remember me?” – CLICK HERE.

Would you know of anyone other than yourself who would not consider those communications which broke a 24 year silence as well as the phone conversation with Ernest Slotar anything less than bone chilling?

How much of an estate did your father leave?

What can you tell us about the contents of the safety box in England?

Were I to arrange a polygraph examination to be administered by seasoned member of the FBI would you agree?

What did Gary say to you in the one and only phone conversation he has ever had with you back in December 1989 that caused you to back down from writing a highly derogatory article in The New York Times about the Jewish Krok

family of South Africa who had first made their drug fortunes selling skin disfiguring skin lighteners to millions of Black South Africans?

Was Gary aiming an Israeli made Uzi submachine gun at your head?

Did Gary pull out a semi-automatic rifle?

Was Gary threatening to surround your anus with mines?

Have you ever thought about how many Black South Africans were thrown down the mine shafts of the Engelhard-Oppenheimer mines and never saw the light of day again?

Is it possible that you simply don’t recall Gary mentioning that if Solly Krok personally applied the skin creams and then executed with a shot to the back of the head of each one of those black victims who did in fact run into the millions, it wouldn’t have touched sides with the genocides perpetrated by the Engelhard-Oppenheimers who are singularly responsible for every war and death other than by natural causes following De Beers’ victory in the South African Boer War at the turn of the last century which when it ended in 1902, was the same year Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals was established in New Jersey?

Are you fooled by the Oppenheimers this past November selling their remaining 40% in De Beers to themselves?

Could you help me investigate who other than them control the 60%?

Are you showing any signs of a heart attack?

Do you consider yourself a mass murderer?

Do you consider anyone who profited financially from supplying Nazi Germany with weapon systems including the raw materials such as industrial diamonds to fashion t
he precision tooling that produced weapons of mass destruction such as the gas chambers, gas pellets and crematoria of the 300+ death factories of Germany-Poland a mass murderer?

What or who is your moral compass?

Is Bob Dylan your god, or do you consider that a childish question?

You only see 3 stories on the BREAKING NEWS located on the homepage of, but you already know that I have a lot more stories that don’t change the irrefutable facts of not only so many people being fooled for 4 generations now, but how everyone who gets the information all, without exception, arrive at the conclusion that nothing will change until it changes, and then they quickly say, before running out of breath, “It will all end in a bloody revolution before the herd decide to do anything.”

When you think like an ant, you are an ant – Marie Dion Gevisser

All that is important is what you think in your mind, not what anyone else thinks.

You will also notice how very quickly you get bored with all other conversations, even if all you are interested in is having sex with that person.

The punishment of knowing that you are not doing everything you possibly can to share this information with our kids who are the most at risk, beginning with our soldiers, is the pain you feel in the space between your ears, until the lies create sufficient short-circuits that long before it becomes a perfect vacuum like Deep Space where no sound can travel, is observed by others out there who are increasingly getting the information of who knew what and when.

It is very much the case of the punishment fitting the crime.

Logic rules 24/7.

Ps- Anna Zaikin who was born September 16, 1993 and my 38th Facebook “friend” may not speak a word of English, but that is unlikely. When you have the truth at your side you also never have to watch who is trying to stab you in the back. The fact that you don’t have one question on such an important matter as to who

is influencing elections in Russia and the US which is your specialty and your story is still front page news on is not shocking to me, only to you. In due course I will be following up with Scott Shane of the New York Times. As far as I know he is totally unaware of our previous communications.

[Word count 2155]

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Bar Philosof”
Date: February 18, 2012 3:27:27 PM PST
To: “Gary S Gevisser”
Subject: מענה אוטומטי בזמן היעדרות מהמשרד: “No hard feelings” – Mark Gevisser

Hello and thank you for your email.

Please forward your email to my colleague, Idan, at or at 202-364-5403.

all the best,


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