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Kill the Messenger – Who is the drug dealer?


If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a really good movie based on a true story – Kill the Messenger – POTUS announced today increasing troop deployment to Afganistan.
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Christian Del Priore
Christian Del Priore I guess Lettuce is not profitable enough

Laura Christner Malter
Laura Christner Malter my brother, and another good friend of mine each witnessed the pallets of cocaine being shipped into Mena Arkansas … it gets to the good stuff if you schroll down 2 pages

Gary Gevisser

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Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser So why don’t you explain to your audience why you choose not to provide the full story of the government in charge?

Do you recall why it is that the Jerusalem Post decided on Feb 1, 2001 to publish my first of 4 letters to the editor that explained it all perfectly?…/letters-published-by-the…/

Do you feel that you have a problem with your memory?

Do you take any pills that could have negative side effects?

I also know that you read and write which was a necessary requirement before the CIA hired you.

There has been only one Holocaust, but what the Nazi Holocaust demonstrated so well is that human deprivation occurs incrementally. It…
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Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser Subject: I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limites of their small authority; i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.

Laura, you have previously let me know that you don’t think much of the intellect of your other Facebook friends including that one brother of yours who you say is a lawyer and who I actually thought did a rather good job of calling you out; but then you went and deleted that incredibly revealing dialogue.

I also happen to think most, if not all your other FB friends see right through what you are attempting to do, as you throw up one distraction after the next, all the while thinking that because no one calls you out that you have everyone fooled.

What is for certain is that you cannot fool yourself when you go down the path of denial. You start making mistakes without realizing that your health is also negatively impacted.

Your mind must still tell you that you are not the only person who understands perfectly that you couldn’t really be interested in a coffee date with me because the only condition I would meet with you is you agreeing ahead of time to our meeting being filmed, and streamed live over The Internet.

You also know it would be far more interesting than anything you have done in your entire life including when you were a loyal servant for the CIA back in the early 1980s.

Has anyone from De Beers or the CIA who feature prominently in The Diamond Invention book

which is not a conspiracy theory given how there is more than chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA which spells out what a farce is the CIA, approached you with a bribe?

Given my intimate knowledge of how De Beers operate, you appear to be doing a great job for them, but you also know that they cannot be trusted.…/

When you click on the hyperlink above, that takes you to the April 7, 2005 email letter I received from the South African law firm Bell Dewar & Hall Inc who were representing the South African Sunday Times who like any major newspaper anywhere in the world is watched very carefully by the number one global banker De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-Barclays Bank whose first loyalty is to those supporting their monetary system whose foundation is real estate development at the expense of the planet – and you know about man moving dirt just like the ants – you will see that all I was asking for was for people such as myself who worked for De Beers to come forward with their evidence of impropriety.

The only reason Bell Dewar & Hall Inc had their nose bent out of shape is because De Beers and company were pissed off, but still they have not managed to stop me from getting the information out despite the best efforts of people such as you, who despite your CIA training would not know the best way to approach De Beers.

Given all the conversations you and I have had about De Beers you must surely have thought how grander a lifestyle you could enjoy by getting into the “good books” of De Beers.

How have you guided your 3 boys in their careers?

Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game!

So while you continue to be a FB friend of mine, be a sport and take a shot at answering the question I have repeatedly put to you that sends you into a tailspin; namely, what section of The Diamond Invention book would De Beers’ top officials have pointed Warren Buffett to had he either refused to go ahead with the purchase of Ben Ridge Jewelers in May 2000, or had he attempted to drive too hard a bargain?

BTW, you could also invite your sons to join us in the filming as well as those nieces of yours who you say are the only reason you keep a Facebook account which I have never bought despite your repeated protestations.

Of course, I am not sitting idly by as you play your silly little games; instead I am making the most of your negative energy to wake up others.

To repeat: Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game!

People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid.

As you know the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party was President Obama who fully understood the mentality of the American voters when he signed on as the primary sponsor of the heinous Congo Relief, Security & Democracy Promotion Act which the US Congress passed into law in December 2006.

And what’s good for the Republican Party is good for the Democratic Party which like any charity that protects the mindless inheritors, is not good for the poor who are really not as stupid as you think, plus there must come a point in your life when you realize that there is a higher Power at play.

A tiny baby bunny just stopped by at our backdoor. Mango was eating and he didn’t even see it.

Given how the odds are remote that you and I are going to have a coffee together, that doesn’t mean the next time you take a deep breath your bad conscience won’t prick you.

BTW, you sound totally bored.

he strategic importance of diamonds became acutely clear to both the Allies and Axis powers…
Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser Word count 920

Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser At 12 noon, after I had sent you our previous communications above via email, you wrote me back:


I don’t know why you seem hate me … I helped you out with your move to Alpine, physically moving your furniture, storing your belongings, watching your car for 6 months, and yet, every time you communicate with me — you insist on trying to insult my friends and family (whom I treasure more than anything else in the world).  At one time, I also considered you my friend (who would have fallen into that treasured category), but now it seems that you don’t share that idea.
I don’t know anything about Berkshire Hathaway – Warren Buffet’s business dealings, I didn’t know that they had anything to do with any of the diamond retail organizations.  After our first discussion (which opened my eyes to the diamond industry corruption), I read two books on the Boar Wars, and started the Diamond Invention book, but I have yet to find time to finish it, … yet, you keep pounding this same idea that I know something in this arena – well – I don’t – and I won’t comment on it if I don’t.  That’s why I said, “please educate me over a cup of coffee”.  But, if you’re going to be a d!ck about it, never mind.
formerly your friend,
Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser I am now responding and will send you a copy via email; and again I urge you to keep the backups in a safe spot:

Laura – you are too old, big ego, and in your comfort zone.

That explains your wretched defensiveness.

You know perfectly well why I consider you to be intellectually dishonest.

A great many people have helped Marie and me out before turning on us; so don’t even try!

Also don’t give me your bull about not having the time to finish The Diamond Invention given how the main focus of all my conversations and meetings with you going back 7 odd years ago if not more, is about this most important non-fiction book ever written.

In fact, you could read the first chapter of the book to know how important it is in the eyes of anyone who owns real estate, and wants to keep profiting from land theft.

You have so much garbage to say on Facebook and yet what prevents you from hazarding a guess publicly on your FB wall with everyone to see, why De Beers and their favorite clients, the banks would loop Buffett in?

Do you remember who Warren Buffett is?

Does the name Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump ring a bell.

What does the name Laura Malter mean to you?

Are you really proud of yourself?

You are the dick, but without the balls!


Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser BTW, have you now reconciled with your lawyer brother?

You don’t need to let me know when you have “unfriended” me on FB.See More

Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser PS – Of course, I chose you first of all the people I know in the world to take a stab at answering that question, which I knew before asking you, it would have you inevitably acting viciously after doing your best to avoid. 

Would you do anything different were you in my shoes and were wanting to expose these important truths to the light? 

I know of no other FB friend of mine who was or is a member of the CIA, because I don’t ask those questions and nor has anyone else volunteered such information. 

You on the other hand, not only volunteered that you worked for the CIA but you also proudly displayed that information for many years in the “About” section of your Facebook; and that was during the time that I had my problems with sick ex CIA Knuff, who you recall admitted under oath on January 21, 2011 when I was handed the $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE default judgement, that he was having severe neurological problems that was forcing him to receive medical treatment in San Diego.

It wouldn’t be the first time you have come across in your life, someone getting their just deserve.

Do you think it has hurt Knuff’s screwed up mind the fact that he has yet to collect a penny from me while dishing out countless hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions on lawyer fees and bribes to cover up his and his lawyers’ criminality when filing a fabricated defamation lawsuit in the wrong jurisdiction of lawless Texas?

How difficult do you think it would be for De Beers’ top officials to fund Knuff and his lawyers-judges without a trace, using the same diamonds that Hitler didn’t use to fashion precision tooling and finance the rest of Nazi Germany’s military might?

Since you protest how good a friend you have been of me and Marie, did those thoughts ever enter your head enough for you to complete reading The Diamond Invention book?

A common sense person, let alone someone such as me who passed the grade to be employed by De Beers at their highest levels on US soil and before that I got to see exactly how they go about negotiating with their weak kneed government officials, would recognize the value of someone such as yourself who professes to be so close to me, to an organization like the banking cartel De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-Barclays Bank.

So lets assume you didn’t get to chapter 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL which I have repeatedly directed you to as I have countless millions others. 

As you scroll down and see the words, “[Anthony Oppenheimer] met with De Beers’ favored clients, the bankers” but you didn’t understand what the word “client” meant, would you know how to find an online dictionary to assist you in your search?

What services do you think Oppenheimers-De Beers were providing not just any bank but the world’s number one branded bank, Barclays Bank?

Did the thought occur to you that De Beers were principally running a prostitution ring?

That would be a “service” right?

The easiest to understand definition of “client’ is what I just came across when doing a Google Search: “a person or group that uses the professional advice or services of a lawyer, accountant, advertising agency, architect, etc.”

Do you thinking minerals such as uranium are missing from that “client” definition?

“Client” is very specific.


Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser What “professional advice” or “service” could De Beers provide their banker “favored clients”?

You know about Lloyd’s of London’s banning order that has been in effect for more than a quarter of a century. You would also know given how worldly you profess to be, at least on your Facebook, that Lloyd’s of London who set the price of insurance worldwide, are also part of the Lloyd’s Banking Group although I wouldn’t expect you know every negotiation that is going on currently behind the scenes in anticipation of the week ahead.

But you would know that there is something rather remarkable that in all your bullshit conspiracy theory postings on Facebook you make no mention of this extraordinary banning order which was geared to turn Americans on Americans.

How could you possibly leave out this Lloyd’s of London business?

Please don’t tell me that it is too much for head to understand that in addition to this banning order which makes out like us Americans are a terrorist nation, the US Justice Department-Securities Exchange Commission have yet to admonish Lloyd’s for accepting as a “money instrument” price fixed diamonds from accredited investors; i.e. those citizens of other countries such Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Qatar who are not banned from investing in Lloyd’s of London.

Imagine that these 3 terrorist sponsoring nations with their puppet government officials when being handed diamonds by De Beers, free of charge, and then using the diamonds to invest in Lloyd’s, the moment De Beers’ Lloyd’s accept those diamonds from these “accredited investors” it confirms the price fixed by De Beers on those diamonds.

Where else during your lifetime experience have you come across the most flagrant violator of the world’s sacrosanct anti-Trust/anti-Monopolies laws on both the buy and sell side of mineral resources and price fixed government currencies?

Don’t you feel totally stupid, and believing anything?

Are you hoping that the banning order will be lifted so that you can once again talk about how much humanity has improved over the years?

Do you ever fault your meat diet as the cause of your wretched thinking or possible past lives where you were terribly wretched and therefore not able to choose change when choosing change is the right choice?

Are you trying to tell me with all your other “conspiracy theories” postings on Facebook, that The Diamond Invention is no different to any other conspiracy which you would expect De Beers officials to be on top of?

You have known since I met you that I have been singled out because it is only me who has the courage to expose this epic criminal conspiracy that allows so many of you talkers more than a pot to pee in.

When you lose the moral high ground, you only can look forward to losing more of your mind, without finding comfort amongst friends and family who know why it is that you are so two-faced.

To keep improving my chances of staying alive to educate those without your knowledge, common sense will tell you that just like you are leveraging your high regularity and profile on Facebook, I should do the same.

It is very easy for me to keep “God” out of the picture because I have constantly logic-truth at my side; but that doesn’t mean you can trust your own mind if it is being punished for you having chosen denial.

The fact that only one of your 447 odd other Facebook “friends” including family members, is a FB friend of mine as well, does not mean that Lori Nichols and the rest cannot figure it all out; and logic would tell you that it is inevitable that they will trust what I have to say over what you are saying even if they continue to egg you on.

Nor I have insulted your family or friends because it is YOU who gave me the inside scoop about your sick lawyer brother who you were just blaming to avoid answering this most important question about Buffett.

Most important, given the importance Putin attached to publishing his photos with Nicholas Oppenheimer on September 6, 2008, but waiting until early October 2008, one month before Obama became President elect, before having the Kremlin-KGB release the very telling photos, you would expect Mr. Putin to fully understand why less than 8 years before Buffett got looped into The Diamond Invention game.

I also perfectly understand that if you can play it cool, and dismiss the importance of The Diamond Invention book, then others not as clued up as you would believe that the book would be even less important and less of a priority to very busy Buffett.

[Word count 2188]

Laura Christner Malter
Laura Christner Malter Would Pannikin La Jolla work better for you? (I don’t have video equipment, so perhaps you could bring?)

Laura Christner Malter
Laura Christner Malter I’ll finish Diamond Invention prior to Pannikin meeting.

Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser I will have time the week after next.

What day suits you?

Gary Gevisser
Gary Gevisser July 19th it is. Do your best to eat well over the next 10 days because we, including Mango, are living proof.

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