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Kill the messenger

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 9, 2012 11:59:52 AM PST
To: Sam Samples
Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser , Rebecca Samples , Cyndi Lauper , Jeffrey Krinsk , “Sidney Abelski – lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.”
Subject: Kill the messenger – Re: Dan Rather to come out of retirement-Hit show around the world? – Re: Single party line

You are ignoring what I am saying, and perhaps Rebecca or Cyndi will take the time to explain it; I know for certain Marie will not because she is totally disgusted, and nor would she be so dumb as to let it effect the rest of her very full day which of course began with a healthy breakfast that unlike the rest, do not have her constantly thinking about the bad food that much worse than killing is the first thing that affects one’s quality of life because the only way to avoid the pain is to take pills which increases selfishness as one becomes logically that much more self-absorbed.

I am willing to take the risk of others getting the password given how you have backup. I am only talking about the one password that you wrote down for me on a yellow page, that I cannot read. Please send it to me.

I must come back to this Moses:

On Jan 9, 2012, at 6:34 AM, Larry Moses wrote:

Here’s my contact information. Thanks.

Larry Moses
855 Reservoir Avenue
Cranston, RI 02910
Cell: 401-935-8082
Fax: 401-437-8202

The Biggest Thank You is a Referral

The contents of this email message and any attachements are confidential and are intended solely for the addressee. The information may also be legally privileged. If you have received this transmission in error, an use, reproduction, or dissemination of this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender by reply email and delete this message.
From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 6:33 PM
Subject: Fwd: AFRN Group Scam

Mr. Moses, I am one of the people copied below. Is there a number that I can reach you?

Begin forwarded message:

Date: January 6, 2012 1:21:59 PM PST
Cc: rest;,

Moses is showing that he is very pissed off; but of course it could be a much bigger coverup. Look how eager he is to talk. This is quite the opposite of ex CIA Knuff. In other words, there is no indication that this is a big conspiracy, but rather someone who may have broken the law by copying all those on your Christmas Card list which you put out and making it look like you had a whole bunch of friends and so he could argue that is what pissed him off the most and then he got someone at minimum wage to start calling around and came up with a whole bunch of other people pissed off including this Moleni who a jury of your peers would agree has a legitimate judgement even if you believe that had you showed up in court when you were supposed to then you would have prevailed.

People, including corrupt people, understand evidence.

I am one of those people who understand evidence.

The only strong evidence that you have against Moses who you thought was one of your friends and why you were shocked out of your mind when he wrote you and began telling the world the most terrible things about you and Rebecca are the email attachments that he said you and/or Rebecca sent him and which he replied to asking for his refund.

This is such an easy problem to fix by telling him in writing that someone else had to have faked those emails coming from you and/or Rebecca but that before you can take care of the monies that he wants from you, he must simply help you get to the bottom of who is trying to murder your and Rebecca’s name.

This is an intelligent way to properly tee up your lawyer who if he is honest would have suggested this to you this past weekend instead of letting all this time go by and your health has clearly not improved.

Liar-lawyers like sick medical doctors cannot get enough of people who are sick.

Why don’t you email Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who you know is not happy with me as I continue to focus on American citizens being banned for more than 2 decades from Lloyds of London Insurance which is the very top Wall Street investment which makes as clear as day to every high school student what a total farce is all of Wall Street. Jeffrey, who has not forgotten our meeting of June 3rd, 220 days ago, when he was mostly fishing to see if I had a watertight case against the Oppenheimers-De Beers-Lloyds-US Government which he saw from my most recent email communications with them that I had, and why he has looked for every excuse under the sun not to do the right thing, instead to continue to distract as best he can and he too is getting old and sick because he hasn’t decided to change his poor diet, will tell you the exact same, and if he doesn’t you can just let me know.

Moreover, Jeffrey remains the smartest lawyer I know still practicing law; and if he ignores your request for help, that will tell you that he agrees 100% with me.

So please don’t come back and tell me that you are going to give this lawyer who has told you that he will take your case on a contingency fee basis, the benefit of the doubt until he screws up.

I am giving you and others who could learn from all this, including this lawyer friend you plan to meet with today, a quick “risk assessment” given how not only is my name in the list, there is no way for you stop others from forwarding that list to their customer list and in no time making it look like all of us are tied in with Moses and this Ryan Moalemi who seem increasingly joined at the hip, and by the time you end up cashing in a rich financial settlement, all of us including you could be long dead, and in the meantime those of us who have given you OPEN SUPPORT have our names trashed.

Yes, you should not only be thinking of yourself and Rebecca while knowing that every moment you put into this lawsuit against Moses it prevents you from bringing in new business as well as taking care of old customers who you candidly admit you are behind with, but the rest of us who cannot suddenly disengage from you, especially those of us who have so strongly supported the two of you.

Again, until such time as we hear clearly from Moses who is not going to write us a whole long story because again he is showing that he is willing not only to tell you that he believes the emails from you and/or Rebecca are legitimate and why he responded to them, but he is willing to tell total strangers.

Please listen up very carefully Terry.

I do not want to be accused of interfering between you and this lawyer friend but if he is an honest lawyer which again it is hard to believe given how without him knowing anything about how deep is Moses’ pockets that he would commit to you over the telephone to a 60/40 split, he would want to hear sooner rather than later what Moses is telling an independent person such as me who has been such an open supporter of you.

Why not save yourself the travel time and gas money, by getting your lawyer right now on a 3 way conversation, and let him show us that he has better logic than me?

In a legitimate courtroom to prove defamation you have to not only prove damages, but show that the person defaming you knew what they were saying is false, and that it would damage your reputation.

That means it is incumbent upon you to prove your case, unless your lawyer is going to find someone like Texas Judge Lowy who laughs off all the laws on the books as well as the court rules.

Proving defamation is a very high standard because the people who set up the judiciary who make defamation of character such a heinous crime were not simply the defamers of defamers but the most brutal mass murderers of all time beginning with the genocide of the land and mineral rich American Indians.

Stealing is made easier with genocide because those murdered do not even get to watch all the contrived Presidential debates, let alone vote in all the many elections that take up time, just like bank holidays which also make you remember that much more the word “bank” which has the common herd mind increasingly feeble thinking just about money being the scarce resource.

The psychology of the bankers who convened the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 didn’t look to scripture to pull off the scam of scams that continues to this day, they simply promoted scripture amongst their growing population of middle class who up until I came along didn’t know the first thing about how the price mechanism worked.

These are very important facts of life that I cannot present in parables, but they are full of common sense.

I know your head is not wanting to go in the direction of a history lesson that the German-South African Oppenheimers weren’t all that extraordinarily well schooled in at schools like Highbury which my eldest brother Neil and I attended and while Neil went on to Michaelhouse, the top high school in South Africa, I went back to the hugely mediocre Jewish day school Carmel College in Durban, South Africa which most of all allowed me to continue my Hebrew studies which are not simply important in order to read and comprehend the Jewish Bible but Hebrew is much more precise than English, and you can see this when watching an Israeli movie with English subtitles and you notice how you miss a lot of the action as your eyes fixate on keeping up with the English lettering.

Moreover, during Israel’s War of Independence and for several years after English was the language spoken by Israeli Fighter Pilots given how the founders starting with South African-Israeli Boris Senior all spoke English, and very little Hebrew; in fact for many their Zulu was far superior; but of course while all Israeli Fighter Pilots speak a perfect English all their communications in the air are Hebrew, and that helps keep them that much faster and more precise in their thinking.

English is the language for Bell Shaped curve middle class idiot university educated to help pass the time because they have so much of it given how the Oppenheimers have them exclusively focused when not having fun to ever so sly coerce the poor into army boots to kill and be killed; and you can tell from the Republican Presidential debates this game involving all the carefully selected interviewers avoiding like the plague any talk of all 300 million of us American citizens being banned from the oldest old boy clubs in the world that of course Adam Smith would have heard of since Lloyds was founded in 1774, 16 years before his death.

Go ahead and imagine a first year Finance-Economics student at USC reading this communique and being able to immediately go online and read up on Scottish Adam Smith, do you think he would play the same game as someone like Newt Gingrich and keep it all too himself?

The fact that no one I know came close to having the same “training” as me did not prevent me from running a hugely prolific and profitable insurance publishing company for a period of 5 years when the only memo I sent out under my own name was a flowchart which I had pinned up in the toilets graphically illustrating how humans should do business #1 and #2, and it went down very well. I also gave only one speech and that was at the retirement party of my one American mentor Amos P. Wright who was both a US Marine and US Navy Officer during WW II where he was stationed alongside Fleet Admiral William Frederick Halsey, Jr. who relied on Amos whose credentials went way beyond a letter of recommendation from Mason Houghland who is the only person to have beaten J.D. Rockefeller at his own game, to issue the orders for sending in ground troops and in the first wave, which you know is the most important, Amos was charged with picking both Blacks and Jews, and that one speech lasted no more than 10 minutes, and Amos and I remained very close until just a couple of years before his death which I believe was in 2009 as his immediate family, beginning with his second wife, did not care for me telling it exactly the way it is, and by this time Amos who was fast approaching 90 was increasingly frail.

A great many people including Chairman of Hearst Corporation, Randolf Apperson Hearst, appreciated the fact that when speaking with intelligent people, no matter how corrupt they might be, I had little and no difficulty cutting to the chase; and of course, there is a correlation between people who are honest and their intelligence. The fact that Randolf Apperson Hearst might not have been as honest as say Adam from the story of Adam & Eve which I only know about from scripture, did not have me conclude that he was stupid as his conclusions were the same as mine including the fact that the human who was hooked on money would not eagerly embrace the truth about the strongest military deciding the value of its currency as well as the military weaker nations which I know if you had been told that simple fact at the start of your MBA at USC it is highly possible that once you looked at the true history of the United States you would have chosen to join the Israel Air Force but then your Hebrew would have needed to be most excellent.

You know that I have asked you several times to put up that “Do you think Americans ….” piece below the Harry Oppenheimer piece on the homepage. This interruption cannot be helping.

The moment you resign yourself to leave the thinking to a lawyer and you are not filthy rich, you don’t have the excuse that you are simply bored with life.

You must have forgotten why it is that you nor anyone else can name a “social cause” more important than putting the Oppenheimers out of business and that includes all their corrupt governments, as there is no “social cause” out there where the ruling banker elite are trying to suppress the information.

Everyone knows for example the position of those who support Gay and Lesbian Rights and those who oppose it. The Oppenheimers love simple things that are Black and White especially if they have scripture written all over it; even better if religious people from all the different faiths take up time debating their respective disagreements and agreements all the while the Oppenheimers continue without interruption their genocide on the poor.

Of course the Oppenheimers and all their big government supporters don’t believe for one moment in God and simply believe based on their experience that the human is stupid and loves to be led by “those” (sic) nose, especially by liar-lawyers who have the most silver tongue.

You think I haven’t thought of what it would mean if Cyndi Lauper who is big Gay and Lesbian Rights and you and Rebecca are big anti-Gay and Lesbian Rights were to have a live debate and begin by explaining the areas where you have common ground such as either you are in support of American citizens being banned from Lloyds or you are not.

My guess is that you will all be unified in opposing this very carefully thought through plan to begin civil war in the US that Clinton was the first President to begin to articulate when he ended so bizarrely his speech at Caltech University on January 21, 2000 with a year left in office and huge cash surplus in the US Treasury of $400 billion, by saying that the US was ripe for a Bosnian style ethnic cleansing civil war.

I also know that one thing people who feel stupid do best is to combine to kill the messenger.

The Oppenheimers beginning with Jonathan Oppenheimer’s grandfather Sir Ernest Oppenheimer followed by his son Harry and Harry’s son Nicholas, were in fact most mediocre in their intelligence but that didn’t mean they didn’t know what they have needed to do in order to live a far grander lifestyle than those such as Steve Biko who they had murdered even though all the Oppenheimers would swear on a pack of bibles that they remain totally opposed to violence.

But you know that photo of Putin and Nicholas Oppenheimer in September 2006 was not about Putin telling Oppenheimer that he should contribute to the $4 billion slave settlement that my friend Deborah Sturman Esq. exacted out of German industry a good decade ago which only served to reinforce the Oppenheimers’ monetary system.

I fully understand why it is that everyone who has a lifestyle better than the lowest paid black South African miner wants to wake up each morning thinking the best of their family and friends as well as their citizen politicians, and to make themselves feel better about what they are doing to support the Oppenheimers’ status quo, to minimize what it is that I am doing which is to wake up only those who can be reached by showing those yet to be corrupted the sickening indifference of so many from all walks of life.

I would be foolish not to continue writing my book in real time and still having absolutely no fear of the future including death which of course the corrupt only fear once each swallow is painful and those moments are eased by painkillers and then it is family members who feel God’s punishment for daring to think that the flesh and blood that looks most like them are more special than the rest of God’s flesh and blood.

You end genocide on the poor by eliminating all the inheritance laws, and when ending bloodshed on the poor, you stop thinking of money and only about sharing.

Life is in fact much crueler than the worst of us ever thought while the best of us simply stick to logic and choose as our partners those who like exercise which as one ages cannot be sustained by a poison diet, which again is not advocated in the bible; in fact nowhere it is advocated that the human should eat meat.

It is obvious that meat eaters are not going to be lining up this afternoon to buy my book as I think about having the first printing done at Kinkos, but nor am I about to start thinking stupid and begin determining my contribution by how much money I leave in my bank account or for that matter how many people I consider my friend.

I came from the tightest knit Jewish family who were never all about money, but that is how all of them ended up, which is not to say that they all cannot change, but each moment that goes by and they don’t comment on my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser’s 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER so it is that much more difficult for them to mend their ways.

I have noticed that you still haven’t commented on Ch. X, ENGELHARD EXPERIENCE which places a very “liberal” Jewish person seated next to the most well known female American Nazi of World War II, Wallis Simpson who in 1937 wasn’t just happy to be shaking the hand of Hitler but she and the world’s powerhouse bankers were exceedingly confident that Hitler would win World War II and if not, at least kill off a whole bunch of Jewish people, making the genocide on the poor that followed throughout the world that much easier, which of course history has proven 100%.

Don’t you just love certainties?

What can be more of a crowning achievement than silencing all the Jewish people without having to pollute the skies with Auschwitz’s chimney stacks?

You remember Sidney Abelski Esq? Sidney is also a fast approaching 70 year old ambulance chasing lawyer. Never in a million years would Sidney today take on a case like yours, unless it meant doing damage to my credibility.

I have yet to meet an honest lawyer. A little extra logic won’t hurt.

My name is on that list, and I am the first one to show you OPEN SUPPORT.

Again, nor does it look like Knuff is behind this, in which case ask yourself who else could be behind it? Moses is either very angry with you or he is very stupid or he has been bought by special interests who will eat up a two-bit lawyer in an instant. The easiest people to corrupt are lawyers followed by medical doctors.

To put yourself in the hands of a lawyer at this stage is nuts.

Now lets get back to my lawsuit and you telling me that this Texas woman lawyer-writer is still going through the transcripts. That should have taken her one hour and with her calling either you and/or me in the middle of the night to say the best thing I ever did was not having a lawyer represent me in court because it made the conspiracy so crystal clear.

You may have missed in your due diligence of me that Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who knows better than to have clients, is not the only shareholder class action litigator who came to me with his most difficult class action lawsuits and who also felt without me ever once mentioning a word of my connections with the Oppenheimers-De Beers that I would be the best person in the world to take them on.

I know that this thing with Moses is now you biggest calling and others might be egging you on, but if you think about it a moment you could end it all with a simple question to Moses,

“Why didn’t you come to me first before broadcasting to my client list, and if I didn’t satisfy you with an immediate answer, you still could have blasted my email list? How can we fix this without lawyers?”

If you don’t take this approach, it looks like you are going for the money; and still you have no assurance you will get a penny out of Moses.

On Jan 9, 2012, at 9:47 AM, Sam Samples wrote:

I have little faith in anything with the exceptions of GOD, Rebecca and myself. I will put together a complete password list and sent it to you. I have a series of companies I am going to apply for between 3 and 5 k loans at today hopefully it will not take love. Then I am going to see the atty. Then I am going to take a few hours to try and relax and get my blood pressure and stress levels down to something that resembles human before I die. I will put the list together for you today. I can deal with most anything after I pay this stupid judgment it is killing me due to the fact it can and will effect Rebecca as would my death so I am going to try to deal with this before the deadline and then very very briefly address my health thru a bit of rest.

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser ; Rebecca Samples ; Cyndi Lauper
Sent: Mon, January 9, 2012 8:22:07 AM
Subject: Dan Rather to come out of retirement-Hit show around the world? – Re: Single party line

You obviously have more faith i

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