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CIA vs. Gevisser – Death Sentence

CIA vs. Gevisser – Death Sentence

People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid.”
Marie Dion Gevisser

Defendant: Gary S. Gevisser
Plaintiff: Ex CIA Charles D. Knuff
Plaintiff lawyer: Alan Loewinsohn of Loewinsohn Flegle Deary L.L.P,
Dallas, Texas Judge: Martin Lowy

The rule of law as well as every court rule in the books was broken when lower Texas Court Judge Martin Lowy handed Gary S.Gevisser this past January 21st a $4 million DEATH SENTENCE (read more)and knowing that he would get support from the Texas 5th Court of Appeals as well as every American citizen and foreign national bought off directly or indirectly by Gevisser’s former employer De Beers, who only need to prime the pump and increasingly less so, as the cowards cower increasingly more, allowed his courtroom to become much worse than the Spanish Inquisition when Jewish people were at least made aware that their crime of observing only One God and no idols, which is very clear from the easy to understand 10 Commandments was punishable by death.

Defendant Gevisser who was denied his Constitutional Right to a jury trial was never once presented with any evidence that he had defamed ex CIA Knuff who he had never met or communicated with, although Knuff had spent an entire evening with Gevisser’s former webmaster Adam Lee Tucker, himself a co-defendant until he was severed by Loewinsohn from the lawsuit on the day of the DEATH SENTENCE in order to distance Tucker, who was the main defendant but not the principal target, where the two of them had conversed at length about the inexhaustible mineral resource gun money diamond power of the mafia drilling monopoly De Beers, and during which time Knuff informed Tucker of his long relationship with the CIA and which the evidence supports is ingoing.

Following Judge Lowy pointing out this impossible to believe Kangaroo court proceeding as he candidly admits at the beginning that there is no way possible for Gevisser to defend himself as he states, “Defenses to what?” since he couldn’t find any evidence which of course Lowy perfectly understood before he opened his mouth because the fix was in from the start, and the game was to go back and forth between the Appearance of Propriety and so obvious abuse of the judicial process, all geared to follow in the footsteps of De Beers standard operating procedure, FIB [Fear, Intimidation & Bribes].

After then admonishing Gevisser for not taking his advice of finding a lawyer to become part of this circus of circuses, arrogant Judge Lowy handed Gevisser
the outlandish sum of money $4 million that along with Texas Court terminology DEATH SENTENCE is all designed to intimidate. Lowy who jumped around like a jumping jack seeking guidance from Loewinsohn on how to proceed was fully aware that the intimidation which Tucker had spelled out clearly in a videotaped deposition,(Click To See), which Lowy-Knuff-Loewinsohn had received in early April 2010 along with a most crystal clear initial response from Gevisser, had already worked on Tucker, and Lowy was even possibly aware that Lowinsohn and Tucker had entered into secret negotiations beginning just hours before Tucker filed a baseless physical assault charge against Gevisser on March 30, 2010, the day after Tucker had met with Gevisser in a crowded coffee shop with the principal reason of Tucker handing over to Gevisser a thumbnail drive containing his March 24th taped deposition explaining his meeting with Knuff and the aftermath of significantly further intimidation by Knuff right after their meeting at Knuff’s principal residence in California on December 23, 2008, more than a year before Knuff filed the lawsuit in Texas, which resulted in Tucker contacting the FBI on December 28, and placing it – CLICK HERE – and other information about Knuff which Knuff had shared with him, on the Yahoo and Facebook websites, and such statements/actions Knuff was attempting to attribute to Gevisser.

The mocking of Gevisser for exercising his Constitutional Right to defend himself without the risk of a corrupt lawyer selling him further down the drain should be enough for all the blood of the murderous indifferent to flow from their faces; but of course this travesty of justice goes much further because of the threat Gevisser is to those lazy rich profiting from the status quo; namely the trickling down of the rich getting richer on to the backs of the poor who are not stupid just horribly informed beginning with very underpaid US soldiers who are now getting the information.

The murderous tactics employed by Lowy who allowed Texas Lawyer Loewinsohn to run the courtroom while breaking every law on the books beginning with “thou shalt not commit perjury” are no different to Gevisser’s former employer De Beers whose FIB tactics are easy enough for anyone in search of the truth to easy understand.

The goal has been the suppression of Gevisser’s unique and intimate knowledge of De Beers which has already attracted a large following in addition to De Beers who knew shortly after Gevisser broke his 24 year deafening silence on 11.11.2004 that he meant business.

This website has been most effective in explaining how the world’s number one drilling monopoly have been allowed a license to print all their government issued monies but never provide an inventory of their diamond inventory because that would mean they would have to account for their diamond bribes to hush up people like the FBI whose top officials like Counterintelligence Chief Robert Hanssen not only got paid in diamonds but knew he was getting a life insurance policy were De Beers who keep careful track of their government bribes to turn him in.

By not disclosing to the public their unlimited amount of untraceable and lightweight currency which is now also to be found in the ejection seats of American fighter aircraft to be used just like gold and other currencies for those finding themsevles in enemy lines and to barter their way to safety, such diamonds also purchases other assets and even more importantly than this “free money” is that the diamonds when sold by South Africa based De Beers into the American market help soak up all the bail out monies which were handed to the most failed corporations run by the most corrupt executives which weren’t first shipped offshore where not all of them get used to promote principles like democracy and fair trade.

The hypocrisy of the US Governemnt’s dealings with De Beers who first and foremost control the currency markets and therefore dictate on a global scale the trading of raw materials, finished goods and services is so common sense and again utterly transparent beginning with the way De Beers have managed to indoctrinate their Professors of Economics to promote the totally illogical Gross Domestic Product Index in determining the relative strength of an economy which the common herd believe has the most impact on the relative values of the different currencies which are in fact only different in their look.

The fact that a rich person using their assets and the greatest assets are the land and mineral resources which have all been inherited from the victors of brutal land theft genocidal wars, can give a friend or relative a line of credit issued by a bank and those monies can buy anything from luxury accommodations to private jets, hookers and the such and there is no way possible to account for such “free money” in the money supply numbers that the number crunchers cannot stop talking about, is only the tip of the icebergs that are as numerous as the stars out there which have yet to be discovered, just like diamonds who even if they could be counted, couldnt change the past that De Beers have never provided an inventory and therefore the entire foundation of our capitalist system is nothing but a house of cards that could crumble in the next instant.

What we are dealing with is the fact that without knowing all this information that Gevisser is the only person in the world who has had the knowledge as well as credibility which has everything to do with how he managed at such a young age to find his way into the belly of the beast, and nor has he ever run.

The corrupt are counting on this lawsuit to shut up everyone with the knowledge and at the same time rely on those who know not to share the information, instead to keep hedging their bets.

It is most easy to imagine that De Beers and all their feigned opponents beginning with the US Justice Department who are tasked with enforcing our anti-Trust laws, would have got away with their unimaginable crimes of genocide on the poor that has been supported for more than a century by the intellectual elite including all the scientists all the way down to public defenders. Hence Gevisser’s great difficulty in finding a single lawyer to assist in his defense because none of them are willing to risk their gravy train.

The cat is now out of the bag and the only question is whether our slave nations are sufficiently intimidated. The common herd in western style economies where individuality is mostly expressed in how much money one has made and which academia in all the disciplines promote under the guise that the fairest of the markets can be found in the capitalist system and yet there is nothing free market about the most monopolist De Beers who have never once been labeled by a single government as anti-free markets, at least not to the point that all the Allied nations have come together to figure out a way to end their interference in the currency markets given how their biggest market is here in the United States as their diamond sales help soak up the worthless $s and at the same time take “bread money” away from the poor who are clueless that they are supporting the most anti-competition corporate people who flagrantly flaunt their influence over the leadership of their governments who continue to say bad things about the communists.

Capitalism has bred “everyone for themselves”.

The fact is that everyone from the top down and bottom up can easily imagine a country like China pulling the plug and not in the least bit fearful of Uncle Sam who would need the support of their increasingly wired soldiers as well as allied nations to enforce the gun-to-the-head rules laid down by the United States-De Beers at the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944; and while the leadership of the Allied nations are today systemically corrupted the citizens of those countries as well as most Americans are not doing as well as the previous two generations who are relying on the inheritance ax they hang over the head of their children to keep towing the line.

You do not need to be a mathematician to figure out how quickly the merit system can be implemented once De Beers are dethroned for they are nothing but Emperors without clothes and their history of raping mineral rich countries and having those enslaved taxed for their suffering in the most diabolical ways beginning with the GDP index where the price paid for the minerals are first determined by the low wage paid to the defeated 3rd world countries who are only poor because they live in rich mineral countries.

It is the western world who say they have God on their side and of course they have never once fooled God and certainly not those such as the hugely industrious Chinese whose Confucius teachings have the merit system written all over them.
When you next open a box that says MADE IN CHINA you should immediately say to yourself, STOLEN FROM CHINA and our brainwashed and underpaid soldiers who provided the heavy lifting ever since the United States decided that rather than be burdened with the expense of importing black slaves from Africa to export the lessons first learned over 3 centuries from the extermination of the 10 million indigenous Americans who while also worshipping idols didn’t consider themselves savages, as well as military strategies fine tuned during the American Civil War where native Americans didn’t feature that much although the American Indian wars continued all the way through to the final extermination of the remaining strong, Battle of Wounded Knee in 1890, just 2 years before the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 which neither Knuff-Loewinsohn-Lowy and company cited as precedent for their evil.

There is no one alive today like Gevisser who has pieced together and explained the simple strategies of De Beers that upsets not just the minority ruling elite but those the most fooled who will find it increasingly more difficult for themselves and their children to buck the system given how this information, thanks to people like you tuning in because it is all so interesting, are helping get the information there.

When reading the transcripts of this landmark, precedent setting miscarriage of justice realize Gevisser was not present at the DEATH SENTENCE trial and therefore there is no interference with the so very easy to understand most clear sick minds of all 3, Lowy-Loewinsohn-Knuff who everyone corrupt can relate to as they can the food they eat.

Bear in mind throughout while thinking how much you can afford to support Gevisser’s legal war chest fund, this most innocent and courageous American has been a citizen of the United States since 1985 after first immigrating to the US in 1978 from South Africa the base of De Beers and knowing when he arrived on St. Patrick’s Day 1978, one week shy of his 21st birthday that joining the world’s most elite Old Boy club was a matter of jumping through a series of unconventional IQ tests including analyzing targets of De Beers who have ever since their victory in the South African Boer War of 1899-1902 owned Wall Street, the same with the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar who are clearly mentioned along with China in the Israeli Military Intelligence-Mossad [IMI-M] military report of the summer of 2007 which is how Tucker’s dinner conversation with Knuff began on December 28, 2008, the same day that President George W. Bush gave hero Christian Charles Winters a posthumous Presidential Pardon having served 18 months in a US prison for having violated the US Government’s arms boycott of Israel while the US Military Industrial Complex led by the dynamic De Beers armed Israel’s enemies just as they did the puppet Hitler who wouldn’t have had so much as a pot to pee in, the same with his infamous SS who stood guard over the death factories of Nazi Germany while relying on the heavy lifting including the hauling of murdered bodies from the gas chambers in to the ovens on Jewish Kapo-sellouts.

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