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From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 8:46 AM
To: Adam L. Tucker
Cc: rest;’; Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist; Trevor Manuel – South Africa’s Minister of Finance;’; ‘’; ‘; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Elect Michelle Obama; Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway; President elect Barack Obama; President George W. Bush; Mossad; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Eliot Spitzer – Former Governor of New York State – Former Attorney General of New York State – Linked to Prostitution Ring ; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; שלמה שלפר; שחר פאר; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Cassidy – User Operations – Facebook
Subject: 2facetruth-Facebook – Laterthannever – : Grant Garvie sent you a message on Facebook…

Unless you blind copied my cousin Grant or sent him a separate email without copying me we have made no progress but you have managed to distract me.

Did you know that golf and sex are distracting even for professionals at the very top of their game who are devoted to the things they love to do such as painting, and of course we are only talking oil painting.

Do you understand they while you have not come close to fixing a massive problem you created at the beginning of December on the day I left for a most important trip to “HUnGARY” [sic], Germany and Austria were I came across the most important missing link in my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE!, I continue to be “banned” by Facebook, a most important website who I promote on my latest website

Of course orthodox rabbis are not banning the meat because there goes their livelihood.

Marie Dion Gevisser and I are kosher even though we don’t drink kosher wine and today for all I know there could be kosher water, carpets and why not toilet paper?

The hypocrisy of the human beast knows no end.

Yesterday as well before we took our sunset stroll where of course we engaged in a little tackle rugby and used her blue metal water canister as the ball, Marie Dion Gevisser said as we lazed around in the cliff house as the sun blazed in first starting in the east facing windows, followed by the south and finally the large front facing windows facing east looking out across the flattest surf we have both seen in the past quarter of a century, the ways no more than 6 inches high, much like Florida which was kind of neat, “I’ll have to think about marrying you!!”

Which was followed by, “You don’t have proper ID, do you?”

We were first married on April 22nd, 2003, and we have not been divorced, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to enjoy once again the awesome celebrations we had following the marriage ceremony downtown San Diego by what I believe was a Justice of the Peace; and of course it was all her decision; deciding on the spur of the moment, “Ok let’s get married today!”

How many couples just together a weeks have as much as Marie and me as we also make great strides in giving peace a better chance without for a moment thinking we are better than for example the great many poor people we walked next last night camping on street sidewalks in downtown San Diego in the gas lamp district on our way to the 10th Street Theater where Laterthannever productions put on “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love And Other Modern Dilemmas” which was poorly attended but rather good; certainly such live entertainment was a whole lot better than TV which we haven’t seen in well over a decade; certainly no TV hookup in any of our homes and since we don’t socialize all that much with TV junkies the only time we get to see TV is at places like the bar counter at Il Forniao located in the Del Mar Plaza.

Foremost on my mind right now as MDG continues to get her beauty sleep, and of course I could be out running on the beach along the most athletic and in great shape San Diegoans, is President elect Obama who may also be asking, “Why has it come done to this?”

Why is it me who has to explain the brutality of the US Government?

Moreover, why does anyone have to read what I have to say?.

Because it makes sense.

But they may listen to others, you may also argue?

What do you think of the coincidence of Roger W. Robinson popping up on the TV screen on Sunday, January 25th, 2004, as mysteriously as a VHS tape popped out of the VHS player and although the screen was all “spotted” since we didn’t have a TV hookup I got to watch this most important 60 Minutes segment?

Did you discuss yet with your very distracting new girlfriend the sounds US Navy Sonar Operator Jason Ritchie picked up on the telephone recordings of De Beers’ operative Ernest Slotar?

“Okay, it time to get up”, my awesome wife is now saying, “Let’s get moving!!”

To be continued..

[Characters no space 3,241]

om: Adam Tucker []
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:40 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Re: Grant Garvie sent you a message on Facebook…

If you look at the email address…
From: Facebook
To: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 5:07:17 PM
Subject: Grant Garvie sent you a message on Facebook…
he went to your Facebook account and tried to email you through facebook… for some reason one of your facebook accounts has my email address associated with your name.

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Adam Tucker
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 12:25:15 PM
Subject: RE: Grant Garvie sent you a message on Facebook…
Ask grant if he can explain the “link” and then have him email me.

From: Adam Tucker []
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 7:42 PM
Subject: Fw: Grant Garvie sent you a message on Facebook…

For some reason one of your facebook accounts appears to be linked with my email address.

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Facebook
To: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 5:07:17 PM
Subject: Grant Garvie sent you a message on Facebook…

Grant sent you a message.

Subject: Barry is my uncle

My grandmother and Barry’s father were siblings. Shoot me your email address and i can add you to our family tree on

Are you Zena and Bernards son?


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