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Laugh in your face – Spit polish

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: April 19, 2012 5:37:08 PM PDT
To: McCarthy Automotive <>
Cc: rest; James A Mackay – Senior Lyolds of London Insurance agent who was assigned to meet with World Heavyweight Boxing Federation Champion Michael Grant and Gary S. Gevisser on March 27, 2012.” <>, Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers Diamond Cartel <>, “De Beers – Ernest Slotar Inc.” <>, “Adam Lee Tucker – Principal co-defendant in Knuff lawsuit who was severed from the lawsuit on the day the most fraudulent defamation $4 million DEATH SENTENCE was handed to GSGevissr on January 21st, 2011. Tucker met for the first and only time with Knuff on December 23, 2008.” <>, “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser “male heir” of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” <>, Tefo Mohapi <>, “Jonny Gevisser – only son of Leslie Gevisser; Director The Extra-Mural Education Project Cape Town South Africa” <>, neil <>, Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones <>, “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA ” <>, “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” <>

Subject: Laugh in your face – Fwd: Spit polish – Re: Mini Cooper S – 2002 – $6000 (Del Mar)

Mr. Benyamine, earlier before beginning to catch up on posting up on the BLOG I sent out a 4,848 word missive titled, “Running short of time” – CLICK HERE

I not only think you will find it beneficial, that is considerably more than “interesting”, but when reading it try not to think of its impact on your personally, as much as all those many around the world, who have not forgotten, that long before I began to speak out against the Oppenheimer family of South Africa, the Oppenheimers, starting with their former head, Harry Oppenheimer [1908-2000] would have been the first to say that, not only did I choose my words very carefully, but the little I had to say they could find no fault with my logic, and nor was there any issue with my politeness without having to use the F word.

Bear also constantly in mind that the Oppenheimers, following the death of German-American Charles Engelhard Jr. on March 2, 1971 have singlehandedly controlled the mineral resources of the world while increasingly hooking the hardworking business person/trader and their employees with their different, but totally worthless government currencies, that while looking different and trading at different valuations have their respective values determined, not by “free market forces” but by one currency; namely diamonds, that as important as being unlimited supply, are controlled by this most transparently brutal, racist of racist, monopolist of monopolists, who have never once been required to provide an inventory, which makes them and their corrupted elected and non-elected government officials throughout the world, the mafia of mafia.

These explosive charges have everything to do with why I cannot get justice here in the United States or anywhere else where the Oppenheimers continue to rule with a diamond studded iron fist, which they have never been afraid to bring out, because they know that it is all over once they lose their military might, which is sustained because of the stranglehold on the lawmakers and executioners of their insanely dishonest and illogical laws that with all the legalize, law citations, and most of all mumbo jumbo talk avoids all mention of the Oppenheimers-De Beers.

Fear, Intimidation & Bribes [FIB] can be best observed in the worldwide silence of this most incomprehensible $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that a transparently corrupt Texas Judge handed me on January 21, 2011 and which of course the Appeals Court of Texas, who turned down my appeal, have examined the words of this insanely corrupt lower court Judge who figured out [the Appeals Court reaction] when deciding to first hear this case that has FIB written all over it starting with the impossible to make head or tail of the initial complaint, which sent a clear message that if anyone, beginning with a practicing attorney were to assist me in this matter, they would find out very quickly that no matter how tough business already was and the down and out liar-lawyer believing it couldn’t get any worse, they should just go back and look at the history of De Beers when it comes to dealing with “troublemakers”.

What everyone keeps forgetting in addition to each of us humans believing that we are independent thinkers, is that the last thing the Oppenheimers-De Beers want at this time is for more to be made of me bringing Public International Attention to the most important violation of the world’s mafia drilling monopolist; namely, the money laundering of their diamonds through the most established Old Boys Club in the world.

Lloyds of London Insurance was formed in 1774, 2 years before Adam Smith published his totally nonsense Wealth of Nations that capitalist monopolists have hung their hats on ever since.

Were anyone to have asked the Framers of the US Declaration of Independence that took place in the same year as well as the penners of the US Constitution that continues to be ratified with every reference made [by] the not in the least bit brainy liar-lawyer communities throughout the world, if they thought Wealth of Nations was a big joke, they would have surely answered, “Not as big a joke as the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.”

We can all do much better than trying to bring life into all those long dead bodies by simply asking right this very hour each and every person in the world, starting with our children, first of all how come it is only me who has ever explained that without De Beers self-dealing in its very open ownership of Lloyds, which remains a big player in the shipping industry only because the Oppenheimer-De Beers know better than break all ties with their slavery past because it serves as quite the arrow in their quiver should just one of their lawmakers beginning with so “law abiding” British cabinet members daring to utter the two words, “money laundering” which while a little unnerving to Americans is totally paralyzing to the Brits; and to understand this, walk into a British bank and when asking to open an account just look at the daft expression on the face of the bank teller that lets you know you have to be a complete and total idiot.

I kid you not about that as well as the fact that this missive like all my previous communications going back to when I first decided to make a presence on The Internet have attracted a herd of followers who want you and everyone else to believe that nothing I have to say hasn’t been said previously and furthermore they can figure from the non-reaction of everyone that no one considers important apart from either those who are lying when they say they don’t visit or those following in the footsteps of all the liars, cheats and thieves who want you to believe that their vagueness in articulating their lack of articulation has its foundation both in their unwillingness to talk about me and corrupt Texas Judge Martin Lowy, supported by Dallas liar-lawyer Loewinsohn and neurologically impaired ex CIA Charles Knuff all agreeing that I am “nuts” and that no one credible would believe me, and at the same time having to hit me with an outrageous defamation judgement of $4 million without being able to provide a shred of evidence that I have committed defamation because none exists, and the best all the great many liar-lawyers I have seen can come up with is that [I] failed to follow the Rules of the Court which they never point out because I followed all the rules and procedures while the same could not be said about Mr. Knuff and his disgusting liar-lawyer Loewinsohn who still have not explained the defamation because there is none.

What they want most is to drive my gorgeous F-C wife and me crazy. They and all their lost soul supporters are all fighting dirty because their jealousy has long got the better of them.

I do much more than tell it exactly the way it is without any fear of these gutless human beasts who are mostly God’s Little Animal Friends they eat but without the animal’s pure soul that goes up in smoke long before the flame of the fire gets anywhere close, and what is left behind is the same poison that G-d puts in the snake.

Pity me or those corrupt who you don’t need to be religious to know cannot possibly have G-d at their side, and when left to rely on their increasingly faulty logic, beginning with their inability to explain how the British Government could be allowed by the American Government to let De Beers-Oppenheimer use Lloyds of London Insurance as a vehicle to launder which is just a big word that means the same as exchange these worthless stones into one of their government currencies such as the British Pound, US $ and Euro.

Yes, a Canadian vet said it best the other evening after watching the first couple of minutes of the documentary when stating that Lloyds have this appearance of being “so Sterling”.

The brilliance abounds in each of us with common sense which is what people even doing paper pushing jobs have to rely on to perform their jobs as well as when getting through the rest of life’s drudgery.

When you finally figure out that this game of life is nothing more than to prove one Supernatural Force exists and we are all just pawns and that each of us should be treated respectfully and all of us equally, does it leave you with the feeling that you can’t wait to die soon enough or are you like me uplifted with each passing moment?

This is a most wondrous test each of us can take on our own, and I suggest everyone start right now while my F-C wife and I are alive and perhaps G-d will find something within each of you that sparks you to make the right choice and the smart choice which is the right choice, otherwise you are backing the Oppenheimers’ choices, unless it is you or someone you know who will favor you over the next person who could be already one step ahead of you in figuring out that [it does not make sense] to continue with the Oppenheimer puppets deciding who is going to be rich and who is going to do all the heavy lifting including the murder of the remaining poor of the world who could at any moment start rallying around Lloyds of London Insurance and asking for their dividend check and if they don’t then you can be rest assured that what you see is another De Beers-Oppenheimer corrupted grass roots organization like Occupy Wall Street.

Lloyds has much more than pomp and ceremony written all over it’s dazzling Hollywood light lit main trading floor where only members and their invited guests are allowed in.

Let’s all take a quick refreshment break and start out by emailing James A Mackay for the latest update on the ongoing banning of American citizens who can be guests of Lloyds members/investors.

Now if James isn’t immediately available I suggest first emailing your personal lawyer who might want to take a look at all the liar-lawyers on the $ HIT list of

So far not a single liar-lawyer I know has attempted to hide for a moment that their principal interest is to fleece my French-Canadian wife and me if only we would stop being so resistant to being raped blind.

There is only one way to explain the free ride Lloyds offer their most distinguished investors; namely those whose balance sheets glisten with diamonds certified by one of De Beers’ affiliates and that certification about the diamond being genuine without even a footnote to confirm that the stone is not one of the diamonds that was shipped to Hitler out of the US protectorate Belgian Congo and not used to fashion precision tooling needed to mass produce killing machines of the 300 death factories of Poland-Germany, and that is payoffs.

Bribes did not begin with De Beers who did not invent the greedy human.

But not every person in the world is granted the same respect as members of Lloyds who don’t all live the same grand lifestyle.

It is possible that one mostly bald and tall English gentleman whose head looks disconnected from his expensive suit could be the one who decides before the documentary gets on the Silver Screen that he cannot take being made such a fool of when Nicholas Oppenheimer has yet to invite him to Johannesburg and at the same time open up a bank account and safety deposit boxes in Zug, Switzerland with at least equal to what was given Putin.

Notice how someone like very talkative Rush Limbaugh has yet to ask his radio listeners to write an email to the US State Department to check to see if Obama and his wife feel put out by not being afforded the same courtesies as Putin.

Yes, I have done the calculations of how many people I know, including all those I grew up with in South Africa would have to find a different profession than what they currently do to make a living, and so far it is everyone I know.

It is also means that those who make a living killing other poor people will also now be on welfare.

Smuts’ greatest contribution in my opinion was coining the word, “Commonwealth”.

There was nothing in the least bit “communistic” about Smuts who prided himself in advocating personal responsibility, but that does not mean that Smuts got everything right including his grave concern that Soviet Communism would spread to the west.

Mr. McCarthy are you sitting down?

Did you know that there used to be in South Africa a big automotive corporation call McCarthy motors, which of course was small potatoes compared to Oppenheimer Inc. that includes of course General Motors who haven’t forgotten that GM was supporting the South African Apartheid Regime the instant GM placed the first purchase order with De Beers to supply them with the platinum to be placed in the catalytic converter of the exhaust system of every motor vehicle and truck sold in the US, and this all began during the height of the US Government’s Apartheid Regime which was not lost for a moment on Branch D of the Mossad who still haven’t forgotten that the Oppenheimers were by far the largest profiteers not only of the Holocaust but every drop of blood spilled by Israelis over the past more than 6 decades.

Just like Americans were told that the Cold War was to fight Soviet Communism, so were all white South Africans.

The United States backed Czar Nicholas of Russia’s White Army against Lenin’s Red Army and so you would expect that the US did not have nice things to say about Lenin or the Red Army unless the US placed in charge a turncoat like Stalin who also has a similar sounding name to Lenin, wouldn’t you agree?

Had Smuts spoken out against the US Government’s support of Monarchs who stole the lands and mineral resources of the peasants and then enslaved them and to add salt to the wound then made their slaves pay taxes which at least was backed by stolen gold which the poor peasants could hold on to and if able to flee to leave with more than the shirt on their back and if they had no savings to at least dream one day of starting afresh in a more merit driven system like South Africa where as good as it gets Smuts was in charge, Smuts wouldn’t have been a signatory to the World War II peace treaty because he would have been killed before he signed the peace treaty of World War I which would have meant that he wouldnt have written in 1926 Holism and Evolution.

You didn’t become second in command to Churchill during WW II by going down to 10 Downing Street with my 60 year old brother’s 28 year old girlfriend Emma Elliot

and after shmoozing with Prime Minister Cameron organizing a séance with Churchill to turn the clock back allowing you to throw your name in the hat.

Smuts nor Ben-Gurion would have needed to learn from my life experience not to rock the boat.

Do you have any idea how many white Jewish South Africans living in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia, forget Israel right now, served in the Oppenheimer-Rockefeller-Ford and company’s Apartheid Regime’s military believing that they were fighting against Soviet communism that wanted to get a foothold in South Africa that was being held hostage by the Oppenheimers who never dreamed that their common herd would ever be so stupid to fall for such nonsense until they did.

You do know that I have broken bread and drunk a beer or two only because I don’t particularly find beer doing all that much good for old people who have no sex lives, with the most important Oppenheimer operatives, and none of course more important than my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser who for good reason did not ask me to stay for dinner after our all day meeting in Johannesburg back in 1995 which his most trusted friend, my mother Zena, arranged the day after I met with one of his puppets, Trevor Manual who demonstrated to David Gevisser that he could at least follow orders and screw up a very important business which would have helped break the stranglehold of the Oppenheimer group, not because the trade show group Made In USA Inc. had anything different to offer, other than with me at the helm, I could have begun calling for US Congressional Hearings to listen to how Nicholas Oppenheimer would suggest the west solve its financial problems.

You have heard at least once the term, “Putting your house in order”.

I have a whole bunch of paperwork from this Knuff lawsuit that I still need to file, and I would like to do so before my F-C wife gets home this evening.

You can speak now.

Just because you don’t see Nicholas Oppenheimer moving his lips in that photo of him talking down to Putin and whoever else was in that photo of photos that speaks clearly to him in charge of allocating the resources of the world through FIB, does not mean all that happened on September 5, 2006 was this still photograph much like the way one would set up props for a still painting.

Mr. McCarthy, we don’t need to wait for the US Congress to order my execution before they agree to summon Nicholas Oppenheimer to Washington DC where of course I should be the principal if not the only interrogator of this mass murderer who [would have long been dethroned] were it not for the goods he has on the US Government going back to well before his grandfather Sir Ernest was approved as the Chief Executive Officer of both De Beers and Anglo American Corporation back in 1929.

The US Congress has shown it is irrelevant because it is impotent without Nicholas Oppenheimer being able to command the respect and undivided loyalty of someone like Putin.

Putin, remember did not look happy.

They are all running scared.

People understand evidence.

People understand bribes.

It is the Oppenheimer bribes that have been paid for more than a century which explains why they have got away with never having to provide an inventory which common sense says it is not possible to fix a value on such an important commodity as worthless diamonds unless the fix was in from the start which it was, and something each of us should have been able to figure out the moment we heard such an organization existed and at the same time was not the only subject being talked about on the news but the only thing taught in school and universities.

So what that your mind tells you it impossible that such corruption could be so widespread and going on for more than 4 generations. 

Maybe you realize that university professors are really not all that smart just like their dumbass students.

If you want to believe that only One G-d could have created such a game to play a trick on so many peoples’ minds, that is perfectly fine with me, but that does not mean you want to put up a moment longer with these total waste of resources which future generations will not be able to remedy as well as we can this moment.

Of course the proliferation of the law profession is the Oppenheimers’ invention.

Without lawyers who are mostly the lawmakers constantly making new laws that make it increasingly impossible for the small business person not to join the ranks of the government’s welfare recipients where there is a simple pecking order which has the last in having to work their way up a most brutal Peter Principle ladder where human snakes abound, the Diamond Invention would long have ceased, and in its place the merit system would have flourished.

The Oppenheimer-De Beers network is the archenemy of creativity and hard work because their business model began with deception.

All they have, which is what they started with, is the fear they have instilled in each level beneath them, and those the most corrupt know that the moment they stop giving speeches that talk about everything else under the sun, so comes to an end their gravy train.

Today “they” are tens if not hundreds of millions of paper pushers many of whom have had no choice but to be paper pushers, and most, because of the poor education in believing that capitalism is good only because that is what they have been told and never really questioning the worthless capital base of capitalism, do not earn what the most devilish of them rape from the poor, because the poor don’t start out with the same inheritance monies as the lawyer lawmakers who along with medical doctors are the first to reap the spoils of genocidal war on the poor.

Yes, we must never for a moment forget that it is the medical doctors who are not doing their job in teaching the population that their business model is based on an increasingly sick population knowing not only increasingly less about nutrition but when finding out too late in life all the healthy top soil has been washed away and replaced by modern day science creating future nightmare food sources for the future generation of children.

What keeps a sick fuck medical doctor away? A healthy medicine diet full of vegetables, fruits and nuts that stimulate the most exercise that has the human most proud of their body that is the mind’s temple, rather than the lazy rich whose sick poison minds caused by the poison foods they eat tell them the lie that it is Mind OVER Body.

When a liar starts believing their own lies, you will agree that is a problem that cannot be fixed.

It is not for me to figure out how many apart from Obama fall into that category, but I do suggest we start with his most profane feigned adversary Rush Limbaugh who could easily short-circuit the process and instead of calling the poor lazy because there are no jobs that contribute to the betterment of humanity that at least pay a livable wage, to simply ask Nicholas Oppenheimer how if he were President of the USA Incorporated how would he reduce the welfare roles?

You don’t see anyone asking Nicholas Oppenheimer for anything. All he does is give nonsense speeches to people who are bored to death but know better than to rock the boat.

What can be worse than knowing that you have been horribly fooled and the people fooling you continue to laugh in your face?

Oppenheimer runs a big business and he now has $5 billion more in cash from the sale of what he says is the 40% remaining interest in De Beers which he sold to his sister corporation Anglo American Corporation back in early November last year.

Why do you think it is only me who thinks to ask Oppenheimer where he plans to invest those monies?

Here we go.

Mr. Oppenheimer, do you believe that US Treasuries are a good investment?

Mr. Oppenheimer are sure you are feeling okay? We could delay this until after lunch?

Fine. Mr. Oppenheimer have you ever smoked opium?

Do you think opium is as big a problem as the problems you are causing in mineral rich countries?

Do you think we should tax opium sales or do you have a better suggestion?

Could you explain why you are morally opposed to non-American investors using their opium holdings to invest in Lloyds of London Insurance?

Do you support the sacrosanct anti-money laundering laws of the United Kingdom?

Do you feel that you are being unfairly singled out?

Would you prefer that we settle this business of finding the resources to balance all the budgets of the world that have deficits with [you] taking on in a one round maximum, World Boxing Federation sanctioned street-fight either 60 year old Neil Gevisser or his younger brother 55 year old Gary Gevisser who hasn’t eaten meat and barely touched cow liquified meat milk in going on 5 years?

When you pray to your God do you see your God as different to the G-d that Gary Gevisser describes?

Still these insanely evil people are only entitled to one vote and the poor of the world who have yet to be murdered through orchestrated wars and disease which have them increasingly removed from their native lands to be house slaves for the corrupt lazy rich, remain in the majority.

You rarely if ever hear these days the words out of the mouths of lying lawyer-politiican-bankers, “Majority rule”.

The Oppenheimers and their amoral supporters are increasingly frightened.

Nor does it take a great brain to realize that in all their minds it is me who is the evil incarnate because there is no one with quite my courage or knowledge who is spelling it all out.

The fact that the masses have not risen up without the slightest thought of violence DOES NOT mean peaceful change will not happen.

It is just a question of time and in the interim each one of us is given the choice of wanting to do the right thing and refuse to be a slave to these wretched people and all those silent they have co-opted-corrupted; and of course that means willing to risk our lives to be free of such unimaginably evil humans who only have what they have stolen through deception.

Should it turn out that when the whole world knows what all the many millions already know, beginning with everyone at the top echelons of De Beers, thanks to me sharing my knowledge not only for free, but at great personal risk to my and my French-Canadian wife’s freedom, and you all choose wrong under the brainwashing of these mineral rights monopolists teaching, “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t” would you want to live a moment longer amongst such filth?

I obviously chose long before beginning this missive to be different and quite obviously as well, not one of my detractors is responsible for my personal safety and having survived this long when each one of us can easily gauge when was the last time they heard of an individual so articulately attacking the status quo and not living very long after.

Go ahead and examine all that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had to say before they were assassinated?

Of course neither of these two gentleman were in the class of the great Steve Biko who only lasted as long as he did because he never spoke out against the Oppenheimers, quite the way I am doing, in part because he wouldn’t have had my knowledge or training.

It is more than interesting that not one of the so-called Civil Rights leaders throughout the world have ever once, not in a single speech, attacked the most subhuman, the most anti-civil rights group of people the world has ever known and who wear openly high on their lapels their chicanery of chicaneries.

It is of course mind-boggling to the most retarded of us humans.

Such retarded thinking may not even enter the minds of those who we place in mental institutions because they cannot function on their own within society because they are also a danger to others.

How many of these people build nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction?


How many of these people consume the resources of the world in their palatial dwellings and vacation homes?

It is the vast majority of us who have mostly an Intelligence Quotient [IQ] of a hundred and a relatively few a little more and the smartest of them couldn’t figure out this scam on their own so really how smart are they?

I just say that I am of average intelligence with a fair amount of common sense.

That simply means I don’t think anyone else is that smart and I am willing to put everyone to test and at the same time because I am so bored with this epidemic mediocrity disease I will just leave my writings as my legacy and look forward to my greatest reward from G-d when I will never again have a memory of such depravity for which there are no words to accurately describe.

Do you really want to know why it is that diamonds, besides for those produced in the De Beers controlled General Electric machines since the mid-1950s, are unlimited in supply?

Let’s assume you are different to anyone else reading this now or sometime in the future when G-d will create finally an evolving human, and the rest can simply jump forward by scrolling down.

Besides for the endless diamond mines that are out there, the beaches and seas are filled with diamonds that have yet to be picked because there are already too many in the pipeline and why it is that you don’t find all that often people like Nicholas Oppenheimer when taking his constant vacation discarding worthless diamonds by placing them in the liquor drinks of women they are trying to seduce because that would also interfere with the illusion that “Diamonds are Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”.

Notice how your mind is still thinking “rare”.

Do you have any idea of how true it is that knowing someone high up in the diamond business is better than having a best friend?

G-d created humans as He-She did everything and therefore that must include the thinking “best friend”.

So when you think more about Plato’s profound words, “Good people don’t need friends”, then G-d must have had something in mind for us all to ponder at this time.

Why would you want to waste time with an illogical person even if all they have is the most beautiful body that you would like to sleep with?

G-d created the woman which is the most beautiful body that we can all agree on, followed by the horse.

You will notice that when a woman loses her body, again the mind’s temple, she can get very vicious, just like the male.

It is for good reason very difficult to tell what is a woman versus a male when the largest revealing organ, the skin that logically wraps itself around the brain, is stretched thin thanks to the inner organs crying out in pain for the brain muscle to act responsible.

The mouth and nose are the closet exit wound of a mind turning to rot.

There is simple logic that is so ingeniously complex that we cannot even begin to figure out why healthy humans are utterly and totally repulsed by fat.

It is not lost on me that not a single religious person I know has been willing to invite me to their place of worship to debate their favorite preacher which mostly tells me that G-d must see the exact same hypocrisy.

Violence is dumb, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be strong by knowing how best to defend oneself if all reason fails to persuade a Neanderthal human like what G-d set on me on April 14 – CLICK HERE

There are a great many geniuses to Judaism but none I can think of right now more important than the Hebrew Israel which translates, “Wrestle with G-d” which encourages us to never fall victim to the blind faith promoted by our slave masters who have to have G-d perform the instant miracle and make all of them hypocrites return to Moses’ wooden rod, instead to be comfortable in questioning G-d and then when staying constantly in the moment to witness G-d at ever turn, every breath, and then see how just is G-d as we each get exactly what we deserve.

How can anyone, rich or poor, black or lighter black skinned such as me, think G-d would tolerate any of us dismissing the ungodly Oppenheimers-De Beers who with their capital base that they cannot show has G-d’s blessing, can do exactly as they please with the IN GOD WE TRUST $?

How much more blasphemous can our lawyer-banker-politicians all bowing to the Oppenheimers be than continuing to have such disrespectful words placed on the money that keeps the poor poor.

It is true that without the church there would be no poor, and without the poor there would be no church.

The poor are only poor because the church pays homage to the same monarchs, except that Nicholas does not call himself Czar.

De Beers-Oppenheimers-White Army-Great White American Fleet could have easily disposed of their excess diamonds by throwing them into a fire and they would go up in smoke no different to charcoal since they are the identical molecular structure, but of course that has no happened because this diamond cartel use their enormous stockpiles as part of their threat; and should they unload these diamonds on to the market, before the first one is grabbed to toss on to the fire heap, De Beers will be asking their bought politicians beginning with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve why it took so long for the US Government to ask for the inventory that will provide all the details.

Were you to ask the average literate person who wants to believe that the world is not as simple in its thinking as I am explaining, whether you understood anything I have previously written you, they would answer, “He is an automotive repair person, how can he possibly understand what you wrote, since for starters, your writing has such long run on sentences”.

Notice how I am shortening both the sentences and the paragraphs.

Were you to ask the 8,191 visitors to yesterday who were responsible for almost 228,000 page views, a record I believe, with China continuing to take the lead from the US, and not one page view includes one completely nude photo of my French-Canadian wife Marie Dion who has a more spectacular body than the lead female actress in the 1989 TRAFFIC TV mini series where one sees a full frontal nude when she is being given a full strip body search, and this actress is a full decade or more younger, whether they picked up that there was only one spelling error in the 4th to last word which should have read “than” but I left out the “t”, more than 99% of them would have answered truthfully, “yes”.

Because I didn’t get shot and killed when not doing my compulsory National Service for the De Beers-Oppenheimer South African Apartheid Regime at the same time my eldest brother spent most of his 9 months service in solitary confinement after coming to the aid of a Black South African who was being beaten to death, which Neil hadn’t forgotten when 4 years later, in 1972 he most bravely published his first and most explosive anti-Apartheid book of poems and blank verses, picking up the pieces of yourself, means first of all that it partially explains why it is that I am still alive.

Moreover, I didn’t do one day of service in the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division because I learned from what my father told me when he went to pick up Neil and couldn’t recognize him.

It is possible that you are Israeli and therefore you would know that Israeli soldiers are not the worst soldiers in the world, and even the worst know not only how to read but recognize easily the importance of my writings including that idiot fat DISEASED TALKATIVE cell [Israeli] Lt. Colonel who for good reason couldn’t contain his hate for himself that is revealed by the size of his belly, when using the butt of his M16 rifle to push back an anything but threatening and most wimpy protestor, who of course does not know the first thing about the Arab-Israeli conflict because most Israelis are totally clueless.

Were the entire world to be reading this in real time most of them wouldn’t know about that recent incident that had both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak weighing in their own very poor assessment of the situation.

Now I can talk most intelligently on this subject because first of all you remember that I was not shot and killed in South Africa. Second, I fully understand how the “common herd” think because I am fully conversant with how the De Beers organization teach their common herd throughout the world how to think like complete and total lunatics.

De Beers make the simplest to understand business concepts very complicated because that is how they have trained their common herd to think like complex molecular structures when in fact the human is more simple in its thinking than say a gnat who is principally focused on survival whereas the human keeps putting sex ahead of a healthy medicine diet and then they inevitably get frustrated with their sex life that is the first to suffer from their poison meat and milk diet and which the Bible first tells us to avoid with simply abiding by the Kosher Laws that when saying dont mix milk with meat are not saying that you should eat either poison foods.

You know that when you put 10 Jewish people in a room you get 11 arguments.

I know how to shut up each and every corrupt-hypocrite Jewish rabbi in the world. I just did that with the previous to last paragraph.

Notice how you are still interested in what I have to say without forgetting why you never figured out on your own that one of the principal reasons that the De Beers group had the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan in late December 1979 was to hook future generations of Russians on heroin which the US military, led by the CIA, first instituted during the Vietnam-Cambodia War.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which lasted a full decade, began 336 days exactly after the Mossad, led by British agent, code name Erika Mary Chambers and an Israeli Special Forces unit, assassinated CIA operative Ali Salameh who more importantly than either the fact he was placed on the CIA’s payroll in 1970 or that he masterminded the 1972 Olympic Games massacring of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes, was that heavily CIA protected Salameh took pride in being behind 2 assassination attempts on Ben-Gurion, who fully understood what was going on when I met with him for the first time on 11.1.1972 in a public setting in front of his humble abode on Kibbutz Sde Boker because when I later began my private meetings with him and his most trusted South African-Israeli spy Israel Air Force Colonel Boris Senior, Ben-Gurion was very much on top of all the Mossad hit squads which had been activated around the world, and most concerned with the security of the Mossad’s D Branch, as in Durban, South Africa which the Mossad have never officially recognized.

Perhaps when you view the 1966 movie Cast A Giant Shadow that is about the role Israel’s first General “Aluf”, American Colonel Mickey Marcus played in uniting the various fighting elements of what is today the IDF, you will view it differently than you would have without my insight and analysis of this important event in modern day Jewish history as Marcus’ death by “friendly fire” on June 10, 1948, one day before the first “Ceasefire” went into effect in Israel’s War of Independence, weighed heavily on Ben-Gurion’s mind when deciding to set an example that he would not accept anything less than total command and control of the IDF under his leadership, and trusting his best military officers, including Boris Senior to sink the Altalena, carrying much needed weapon systems from the US, with his nemesis Menachem Begin on board; and had Begin’s officers not thrown him overboard just as the ship was sinking, then of course not only would Begin have not become a future prime minister, but he would never have paid the General of Generals Ben-Gurion the credit he deserved, which took place just hours before the start of the 1967 6 Day War when Begin approached Ben-Gurion and asked him to once again lead Israel into war, and to which Ben-Gurion responded that he was most comfortable with another future Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin now in charge.

The current leadership of Israel is obviously not Ben-Gurion’s choice because he would first of all choose himself were he alive or someone such as me who understands why he paid little and no attention to idiots who kept approaching him about how they could go about raising money for Israel’s defense.

No one would put words in the mouth of action hero John Wayne without his consent. When he says 1 hour 24 minutes and some change in Cast a Giant Shadow that the State of Israel cannot expect any more help from the United States following the decision by the virulently anti-Semitic US State Department to be the first country to officially recognize the fledgling Jewish homeland on May 14, 1948, by that time John Wayne was not the only person in the world who knew that there were a great many non-Jewish Americans who were outraged, not only by the disgusting behavior of the 3 Branches of the US Government who understood perfectly their culpability in allowing the anti-Semitic De Beers-Oppenheimer drilling cartel to lead the charge in arming Nazi Germany with all its stolen mineral wealth and bribed government officials throughout the world, but the insanely obvious hypocrisy of the overwhelming majority of the 5 million Jewish Americans who couldn’t even band together to get the hero of heroes, Christian American, Charlie Winters the bail money so that he could get out of prison and get the best Jewish defense attorney in the world; instead most brave, most righteous, most heroic, simple, logical Charlie Winters languished in a US prison for 18 months, and still where is the outrage of Jewish Kapo-sellout infested Hollywood led by the wimp of wimps blockbuster Jewish Director-Producer Steven Spielberg who when finally supporting the posthumous Presidential Pardon of Winters by the most courageous George W. Bush Jr. on December 23, 2008, the same day my former webmaster Adam Lee Tucker met with sick CIA agent Charles Knuff, never explains his most incriminating 5 minute introduction to his 2005 movie-documentary MUNICH. 

You understand that I am not convinced that Adam Lee Tucker was lying when he wrote me soon after Knuff filed the baseless defamation complaint in the wrong jurisdiction of Texas that Knuf’s business involves selling spy email to the US Government because Mr. Tucker who I have had my differences with, showed after being heavily intimidated by Knuff and his liar-lawyer that still he was not prepared to lie and start making up stuff about what I had said or written about Knuff prior to the filing of the most baseless defamation lawsuit in the history of the world which my adversaries want to believe that there must be some truth to it, because I tell it exactly the way it is, beginning with them all being cowards not because they are afraid for their lives, but rather losing their over the top lifestyles that are dependent upon all the world’s soldiers continuing to be brainwashed with the patriotism bs.

Nor should it be forgotten how very important is the US Government’s position that they don’t have jurisdiction to prosecute De Beers-Oppenheimers, but it is okay for a Texas judge and every liar-lawyer in the world to decide that Texas has jurisdiction in my case without explaining why and leaving all of you to understand that if they can rule me wrong, look how much easier it is going to be to keep the rest of you in line.

Don’t forget it is only the criminals’ justice system that has ruled against me. 

G-d has always ruled.

My F-C wife and I have already won and the pleasure we have is in watching the sick get sicker and knowing for certain that when we are no longer around, their punishment will never end, and only get worse.

What goes around comes around with a vengeance.

Have you ever seen a sick person ever get better and live forever?

All our life’s experience is that we also don’t grow back limbs once they have been cut off.

We know that if we lose the sensitivity say of a big toe because we are sick disgusting fat DISEASED talkative cell only wanting more of the same and the habit increasingly impossible to break, we will inevitably lose that toe which won’t make us any more stable on our feet.

Logic tells us death is just a passing phase and for each of us to use our imagination what a genius mind that created everything would choose to either reward or punish us according to how well we played the game with the information we have.

Isn’t your personal life experience that what most people hate as much as the pain of being sick that they can logically explain first by their poor diet and lack of appropriate exercise because their unhealthy mind does not tell them think logically, is not being able to enjoy love making?

Yet it is the old farts who run the world; or so they once thought.

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: April 18, 2012 6:02:33 PM PDT
To: McCarthy Automotive <>
Cc: rest; neil <>
Subject: Spit polish – Re: Mini Cooper S – 2002 – $6000 (Del Mar)

Imagine if you were the first automotive repair business to accept promissory notes from your customers in lieu of monies of a government that support Lloyds of London Insurance whose capital base of worthless diamonds inevitably result in their investors who cannot be American citizens, and that includes President Obama – see below how depressed he looks – receiving each and every year dividend payments that can be used to purchase, not only more worthless diamonds, but the biggest yachts yet to be built that attract the best and brightest in every field, including people like myself who figured that even if everyone else was comfortable not only with the insanely obvious corruption that shows self-dealing in a way no university text book has ever come close to articulating, but it would be a matter of time before the world would come to its senses and realize that it makes more sense to accept a personal promissory note from someone, who adds more value than a corrupt government, who only know to print worthless promissory notes that support the likes of Lloyds who set the price of all insurance throughout the world, which means Lloyds and their backers, who are principally the De Beers-German-South African Oppenheimer family, control the price of all commerce including what Johns pay for prostitutes as well as the prostitutes’ other clients’ lifestyles, even if all that person has to offer is the spit in their mouth to shine your shoes.

BTW you can see from this recent one of several articles about my not exactly “karate kid” eldest brother Neil, that he has more to offer [t]han a spit polish:

South African Sunday Times

Apartheid warrior beats mugger

IAN EVANS: London | 11 March, 2012 00:06

THE RIGHT STUFF: South African poet and massage therapist Neil Gevisser shows off the karate move which downed a mugger’s scooter in London Picture: IAN EVANS

A DURBAN-born poet slipped into South African mode by karate-kicking a London mugger who had just stolen a handbag from a woman’s 4×4.

Neil Gevisser, 60, was leaving a west London tube station when he heard glass breaking and a scream from an adjoining road. He spotted a tall man running towards him dressed in motorbike gear who was about to get on a scooter when he heard the mother scream again. He immediately sprang into action, karate-kicking the man’s scooter with both feet as he tried to ride off, causing it to spin onto the road.

Gevisser said: “I heard the smashing of glass and a scream. I wasn’t sure what had happened but I found out later that this man had broken the window of a car with a stone or hammer or something, snatched the handbag and ran away.

“I then heard a woman shout ‘I’ve been robbed’ and saw this guy running against the traffic in the middle of the road. He’d left his scooter running and it was revving and he ran up to it, put the bag in a box on the back and was going so I double-kicked the back of it.

“The man then got up and started coming towards me and I knew he was coming to get me so I hit him first with a ’roundhouse’ to the stomach and then the shins. It’s a karate movement – it looks like one action but it’s actually two but it’s quick.

“I hit him really, really hard. He got up and hobbled a bit and ran off down the road. He must have been badly injured but his adrenalin probably forced him to run and escape.”

The police arrived within three minutes but the mugger had fled and detectives are still looking for him. The woman also arrived at the scene and collected her bag from the scooter, which turned out to be stolen. She thanked Gevisser.

Gevisser was originally from Durban. He was forced out of South Africa in the early 1970s aged 24 after writing anti-apartheid poems in a book entitled Picking up the Pieces of Yourself.

It was published in 1972 but the authorities only noticed its political content two years later, after it became popular on South African campuses.

The security police visited his mother Zena Gevisser, and privately warned her that her son, a former Michaelhouse pupil, was about to be arrested and should leave the country. He left within hours.

Zena Gevisser once ran South Africa’s largest model agency.

Neil’s cousin is author and journalist Mark Gevisser, biographer of Thabo Mbeki. In the past Neil has worked as a massage therapist, working with patients such as tennis players John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl.

But despite his actions, he does not see his intervention as heroic. He said: “I suppose coming from South Africa I’m used to getting stuck in. South Africans are very loyal people even if their politics or views are not always right.

“I don’t think you should walk on by, I believe you should intervene if something wrong is happening. I’ve done karate since my teens and yes, I could have been hurt if the guy was carrying a gun but I just did what was right.”

On Apr 18, 2012, at 3:49 PM, McCarthy Automotive wrote:
I have an automotive repair business
—–Original Message—–
From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 3:28 PM
To: McCarthy Automotive
Subject: Re: Mini Cooper S – 2002 – $6000 (Del Mar)may I ask what you do? I am a writer and currently putting the finishing
touches to a novel, and right now Im watching a well directed TV mini series
called TRAFFIC that was produced in 1989 which was the year the Soviet
invasion of Afghanistan ended, and therefore, by this time the producers,
actors, director etc knew all that had happened in the past, beginning with
Soviet soldiers taking their heroin addiction back home, and it was
also being passed on to those who knew little to nothing about the business
of war on the poor, but they had no idea of what would follow unless they
were more in touch with the business of little known De Beers who the
relatively few who know the real business of this mineral monopolist don’t
talk, and those I have educated tend to keep it to themselves in the hope of
profiting from the information while they still have the chance.
On Apr 18, 2012, at 3:18 PM, McCarthy Automotive wrote:

No this is my son’s car that I’m trying to put him in a smaller car

—–Original Message—–

From: Gary S Gevisser []

Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 3:17 PM


Subject: Re: Mini Cooper S – 2002 – $6000 (Del Mar)

Are you a dealer?

On Apr 18, 2012, at 2:53 PM, SAL BENYAMINE wrote:

I was trying to downsize. But thank you anyway McCarthy Automotive

1514 W.Burbank Blvd

Burbank  CA 91506


—–Original Message—–

From: Gary S Gevisser <>

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 21:40:22

To: <>

Subject: Re: Mini Cooper S – 2002 – $6000 (Del Mar)

the mini is sold but we have a 2001 nissan pathfinder that just got 4

new tires we might be interested in trading assuming your vehicle is

in as perfect condition

On Apr 18, 2012, at 2:37 PM, McCarthy Automotive wrote:


** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home

** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping

** More Info:

Would you be interested in a trade with my 2000 Range rover? I

included the link below if you want to look at it and let me know you

can call or text (818)468-5699



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