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Let me know when you are done with my property

From: Gary S. Gevisser –
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 12:53 PM PT
To: Gevissers
Cc: rest;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

As you know I still haven’t hear back from any of you about what you think of this Jewish South African-Israeli Len Carlo first sending me anonymously threatening emails about me being arrested were I to step foot in Israel, before then going on to say that my immediate family are “under-achievers”; moreover, Mr. Calo makes it perfectly clear that he had to have communicated with at least one member of my immediate family based on certain facts, however wrong, that were only known to members of my immediate family.

The only person who I know of my immediate family who has a Facebook account is Terry Gevisser, the very screwed up wife of my middle brother Melvin, who first let us know how very screwed up she was when informing us “out of the blue” the following:

“By the way, I am emotional wreck” [sic]!

The fact that Terry was telling the truth does not mean that she will always tell the truth.

On the contrary, what she was saying, and this was before she married Melvin, was that in the event she were to be caught lying, stealing and cheating, then none of us would be able to blame her because she had told us in advance that she was a “troublemaker” and yet Melvin went ahead and married her.

So, when last did you all listen to mom’s timeless and uplifting record, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN! which goes to the heart of one helps oneself when helping others by being genuinely interested in their lives, which does not prevent you from making sure your slip isn’t showing, unless of course that is also contrived?

Moreover, our brother-in-law, very savvy international trader, David Danziger, provided us all with his “insight and analysis” of what we were all getting into when commenting about Terry’s step-father, a professor of real estate when not screwing investors blind, feeling the need to place all his real estate awards up on the mantelpiece above the fireplace in their “showcase” house in the rich Jewish ghetto of the San Fernando Valley.

None of you have yet to see in “black and white” the reaction of Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen and his lifelong, most beautiful wife Adeline, to the atrocious words of Durban butcher Strous family member, Adele Strous “Trading with the enemies of Israel” Clingman who wrote me on February 4th, at 10:19 am, “Im not interested in history of Israel or anything else for that matter”, but you can certainly imagine the Cohen’s reaction.

On the other hand, none of you have children or grandchildren in the Israel army, but of course you can “empathize” when it suits your agenda which also includes owning homes and property in Israel that was paid for exactly how?

I have already commented that nothing anyone were to say “negative” about Commander Cohen could hurt this gentleman, who is the greatest person living in all of Israel, but it is important that I now cover why it is that his “good friend” Boris Senior, who Commander Cohen chooses the right words when referring to the first official founder of the brutal Israel Air Force as, “The brave little man”, does not mention “glowingly” in his autobiography NEW HEAVENS, subtitle My Life as a Fighter Pilot” that was only published after Boris’ death in April 2004, that Ben Gurion and Co. in their “infinite wisdom” decided not to appoint Boris but rather Syd Cohen to replace Israel’s first commander, Israeli Modi Alon who was killed on Oct. 16th, 1948 when his plane crashed coming in to land after a mission, and Syd Cohen, who was on the ground watched helpless as Alon was burned beyond recognition; but of course while the fire raged, Syd Cohen was thinking not only about the loss of a great friend but the wife of Commander Alon and his young daughter who was Squadron 101’s “mascot” that were left behind.

In fact no mention at all that Syd Cohen would now be tasked in the most important phase of the war to lead some 43 odd of the world’s best fighter-bomber-pilots against a very angry enemy.

I never once saw Commander Cohen and Adeline on my 4 month ulpan back in 1972 but my mother Zena saw to it that I spent a relatively large amount of my “free time” during our “free weekends” with Boris Senior who was very cash and land rich.

Even smalltime law enforcement personnel throughout the world whether honest or not, know that you can tell a crook by the size of their house.

It is not a scientific measure, but who is talking, let alone thinking about truth, when you are all focused on your fricken pocket books.

At this very moment in time, how “inhumane” can anyone be, apart from crooks, to be thinking about whether they have enough wealth to see them through their old age?

“Very” is the correct answer.

Ben Gurion and Co. knew that not only was Commander Cohen a “pilot’s pilot” who commanded the utmost respect by everyone who flew with him but he was a “pilot’s pilot” because he was never about “money, me” just like my father Bernie, who was also a “pilot’s pilot” and who had to protected even more so than the great Syd Cohen.

And no better way to show how very “disconnected” one could be from what was happening Israel than to have one massive, over-the-top

wedding, wedding gown

like none other, just some 6 days before Syd Cohen begins to lead the State of Israel to victory.

Not to mention victory in the air resonated like nothing else with the Israeli forces on the ground.

To mention little of “less is more” in understanding more about why Syd Cohen is the greatest person living in Israel.

Boris Senior on the other hand was tasked with doing the most dangerous of missions beginning with his “tips” [sic] to South Africa to secure the critically needed aircraft.

Boris Senior was dispensable.

My mother Zena would always answer me when I would ask, “When are you going to introduce me to your important friends?” with, “All the important people I know are dead!”

Not to mention it was my mother, not my father who flew alongside

Syd Cohen on many if not most of my dad’s 71 odd miraculous missions dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards during World War II, who was the first to let me know, “Your uncle Syd Cohen is a pilot’s pilot”.

To mention little of how would my mother have known since my mother never discussed even once with my father in all the 30 years they were married about my father’s very close personal relationship with his friend Syd Cohen because my mother made certain to never bring up the subject because it would have my father

figuring out very quickly that my mother knew a whole lot more than what she
had “let on”.

To mention in passing, it was again my mother, not my Dad, who let me know that another of my “uncles”, gay Israeli-South African Air Force fighter-bomber-pilot, Leslie Shagam had been “thrown out” of the Israeli Air Force because he was considered a “security risk”, although all my mother ever said on this subject as we visited Leslie’s “safe house” in Earl’s Court, London, The London Traveler’s Club, was that uncle Leslie was “thrown out of El-El” the Israeli government owned airline.

Had Syd Cohen known that Boris Senior was being “watched like a hawk” wherever he traveled in South Africa it is unlikely he would have volunteered to fight in Israel’s War of Independance.

Syd Cohen like my father had no clue about the role of the South African Reserve Bank whose officials are blind copied on this communiqué along with a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population including the Mossad.

My mother is most upset about me disclosing the name of our most trustworthy Swiss banker Mr. Jost, and nothing else.

Mr. Jost could be trusted as far as I could throw him.

Every single member of my immediate and extended family were “watched like hawks” following Israel surviving the planned massacre by the CIA on the very next day following Ben Gurion declaring Jewish Statehood on May 14th 1948 and giving the modern State of Israel the name, “Yisrael” which most of you know translates literally in to “Struggle-Wrestle with God”.

My father’s “conspicuous absence” from Israel’s first and most important war of survival [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] didn’t go unnoticed for very long following Israel not only defying the odds but when Field Marshal Montgomery said, “When the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine, the Jews will be overrun”, this most savvy and battle hardened Field Marshall, meant every word.

In the other words, the “dye was cast” for my father from the moment my mother “From the earliest days of 1949, [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year, writing reports for different publications”, and the same of course for his father, Israel Issy Gevisser and Issy’s most “silent partner” my granddad Al Ash, who eventually got his liver poisoned, none of which was lost for a moment on the Mossad who were already hard at work preparing for Israel’s next war of survival; namely the 6 Day June 1967 War when the CIA decided they were “tired of the games” and placed the USS Liberty spy ship in “harms way” knowing perfectly well how brutally the Israel Defense Force would respond to this “show of force”.

And now the CIA have armed Iran with a nuclear bomb.

Of course it does not really matter when the CIA’s Iran explodes such a weapon because as far as the world’s brainwashed public are concerned when it happens the CIA will say, “We told you it was just a matter of time!”

Arrogant people always make the mistake of thinking they can outsmart non-arrogant people.

The most fanatical and insensitive people are bred in the United States and its satellites and why it is that South Africans feel so at home in places like Australia, Canada and the United States where anti-Semitism is the most rampant but harder to identify unless one makes a point as I have done to get know each and every Gentile household I possibly can, and without exception they are virulent anti-Semites, at least those lazy bones who are easy to identify; and of course the easily identifying lazy household members are enabled by their parents and grandparents who themselves may be very hard workers but who are of course milking the system that they believe is controlled by Jewish people.

Not to mention how can one even begin to consider oneself a human when not doing anything about rectifying those diabolical words so arrogantly uttered by the overwhelming majority of South African Jewish people, “IF THERE WAS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA, THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM”.

To mention little of while of course Jewish people who live to learn versus most non-Jewish who live to blame the Jewish people for all their laziness, how well would all the Jewish people you know today live were they to have to compete with those 6 million and their offspring.

To mention in passing how stupid do you all think God is?

Let me know if you are interested in joining me for a live Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops as well as when you are done with my Cape Town property.


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