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Let’s give the Oppenheimers and their lost soul supporters a blast

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: December 31, 2011 4:15:29 PM PST
To: “Terry Samples”
Subject: Let’s give the Oppenheimers and their lost soul supporters a blast – Re: the heading on this page is garbled

I noticed your Happy New Year wishes to us and a whole bunch more.

What about sharing this with them all for a critique?

It isn’t lost on me that everyone who meets me, whether it is the first or the umpteenth time, finds what I have to say interesting because each time they learn something knew that is totally shocking, but never to the point of stopping them from carrying on with their lives believing that little and nothing will change since it has all not only been going on for so long, but their minds keep telling them that they have heard the same thing from me time and again, but said differently, and still nothing changes and therefore for them to drop everything they are doing and to throw all caution to wind won’t change a single thing, and then even when they finally get their head around the subject of Ransom Monies for Jews destined for the extermination camps where not a penny changed hands, and those less Jewish people and their offsprings that much less competition, meaning they have less questioning why it is that the least accomplished people throughout the world have so much leisure time, they forget that right this moment more than Jeffrey R. Krinsk is cringing, and he has a most political wife who before marrying Jeffrey who is heavy duty fundraiser for the Democratic Party was married to the senior Republican Whip in Florida politics; and you know that Marcy Krinsk who Jeffrey gives the nickname Campbell Soup because her maiden name was Campbell, has to be thinking increasingly more what Jeffrey is thinking as she has never seen very self assured Jeffrey so very shaky on his feet, and you can bet your bottom $ if she is clued into my writings as much as Jeffrey is thinking about putting her extraordinary shoe collection on Ebay.

I would now like for you to read VERY CAREFULLY the edits and additions to the so poorly written “preamble” to my most precise email communications to the Oppenheimers-Codiam Inc. beginning on 11.11.2004 where you will note that in Nov. 15, 2004 email I show not only Jeffrey’s email address in the cc section but Rabbi Weiss and the Washington Post whose former owner had a longstanding affair with the clown Warren Buffet who was most likely as clueless to all his private conversations being heard in real time by the Oppenheimers as he was to how the money system worked, because if he did then he would have long bowed out.

Gary S. Gevisser began his official employment with De Beers diamond “site holder”, Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc. in 1979, after providing a “letter of introduction” signed by Gary’s “uncle” David Gevisser who was the Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa owned along with their sister US based Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals Corporation by virulent anti-Semite Charles “Platinum King” Engelhard Jr. who was a close family friend of the Kennedy clan and Johnson family as well as an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid Regime. The purpose of this “nothing to speak of job” within De Beers was to provide Gary with a working knowledge of the business so that he could one day replace his father’s first cousin David as head of De Beers’ principal partner in the United States.

David Gevisser received a $6 million “sign on bonus” when agreeing to be the South African executor of Engelhard estate following his assassination on March 2, 1971, 166 days prior to David Gevisser issuing the order that resulted in President Nixon announcing the end of Gold Standard which in that instant exposed the US Government’s pivotal support of the South African Apartheid Regime that came to power on May 26, 1948, 2 days after Smuts, known by his adversaries as “King of the Jews” given his consistent support of the Jewish people, recognized on his 78th birthday the fledgling State of Israel who was now 9 days into her first war of survival.

No journalist or politician or banker or academic has ever publicly tried to make sense of Nixon’s speech which lambasted “international money speculators” while not naming one but at the same time saying that he was applauding those international bankers who were playing by rules and doing their part to promote fair and honest trading amongst nations, without mentioning who the good guys were.

It is speech that everyone corrupt wants to forget, but not those who engineered it who still don’t feel the need to speak out because it is up to the world’s corrupt starting with the so talkative academia to explain their silence.

The gun-money-diamond trail leads quickly to the Oppenheimers who were the primary sponsors of The Holocaust and just like they were successful in bribing officials around the world to protect them as they and their families all got richer and more powerful. Such unimaginable success eventually went to their head, literally; but for anyone to speak out against German-American Engelhard whose circumstances death Nixon had enquired from David Gevisser through a Hungarian Countess when Gevisser visited the US to attend the funeral of Engelhard, and his South African-German partners, the Oppenheimers would have them instantly isolated, which did not mean that people like Ben-Gurion head of the Israeli Mossad couldn’t have private conversations with Engelhard when he had been sufficiently poisoned to start putting his estate in order and letting his actions do all the talking, and for future historians to also beginning writing the true history of the world ever since the world’s mineral richest diamond drilling bit monopoly became the official allocator of the world’s resources both minerals and human and then creating as their buffer an increasingly massive middle class of paper pushers helped along by advances in technology, but never figuring the digital age could expose them all in one instant with the same length speech that Nixon gave which had the digital age been around 4 decades ago would have been the final nail in the coffin of all those corrupted who still don’t make up the majority of the world’s population who are predominantly very poor, but who could be educated in no time without being as merciless as their oppressors.

The Oppenheimer-Engelhards did in fact get carried away with each success following the end of World War II when they emerged politically stronger which is all they cared about since all their wealth was stolen from the mineral raped regions of the world, which never stopped them from summoning their puppet rulers to very humiliating meetings which the puppets knew better than to even think of retaliating since in murdering their mafia bosses all their and their family’s wealth would disappear in a flash, and why before such meetings took place the Oppenheimers-Engelhards would lay all the groundwork with other family members who would make certain they towed the line and even if anyone were to speak out of turn, the media would be quickly muffled and the common herd would be none the wiser.

It was not lost for a moment on those aware of how little conscience the hypocritical western world so full of themselves espousing words like democracy, freedom of speech and most importantly free and fair competition, showed little and no outrage when now fully aware of the 6 million Jewish people having gone up in smoke in the space of less than 5 years, and those seeking refuge in Israel with their backs to the MMediterranean Sea, not blinking an eyelid as Smuts went down in the most humiliating defeat in the South African General Elections of May 26, when the majority of black South Africans were not allowed to vote, and Smuts still managing to win the popular vote of the majority of white South African population representing 20% of population and who numbered less than 3 million, which meant the Apartheid Regime who were nothing less than the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division as during WW II they strongly favored an alliance with Hitler as did most of the world’s military powers including the most prominent Americans starting with virulent anti-Semite Joe Kennedy Jr. who as US Ambassador to Great Britain during the Battle of Britain did much more than speak defeatist talk as he sought refuge in the countryside, and had the Brits lost the Battle of Britain as everyone other than the Brits believed was inevitable, it would be a much different world today.

The Apartheid Regime which had no military might of their own as the backbone remained most loyal to Smuts who founded both the South African Air Force, the world’s second oldest Air Force, as well as the Royal Air Force, could have been not only legally toppled the day following the “gerry rigged” elections but each moment that followed their internal military was being weakened, all of which the Oppenheimers and their supporters in the United Stated had most carefully planned for, including the eventual handover to the puppet Black ANC government of Nelson Mandela in 1994 without a murmur then or since of how the Oppenheimers gun-money-diamond power escalated with the US going off the Gold Standard at the height of the Apartheid Regime’s brutal rule that was all about providing cheap black slave labor to the Oppenheimer and Engelhard mines and supporting these two families illegal confiscation of South Africa and its neighboring countries’ rich mineral lands from the majority of the peoples.

With one stroke of the pen and the most incomprehensible speech, President Nixon showed most of all that he was not his own man, and by this time the Oppenheimers were as anxious as Nixon following the so obvious assassination of Engelhard who right before his execution had begun disposing of his South African assets to the Oppenheimers who had always publicly protested their opposition to their Apartheid Regime, and now in addition to owning Engelhard’s high profile luxury vacation homes in South Africa they would take control of his world’s supply of platinum where 80% was mined in South Africa, and nor could any of them cry foul since Engelhard did not walk around with a muzzle over his mouth, the same with his “male heir” David Gevisser despite his lifelong horrible stutter.

In fact David Gevisser and Harry Oppeheimer continued to speak openly against their Apartheid Regime to their death beds, and so have their increasingly exposed heirs who only have the 3 Branches of the US Government to thank for the decision by the US Congress to reinforce their culpability in both The Holocaust and support of the Apartheid Regime when mandating that every new motor vehicle and truck driven on the roads of America beginning in the mid-1970s have imbedded a piece of the Oppenheimers’ platinum in the catalytic converter of the exhaust system.

Who killed Engelhard is as important as who profited?

Certainly, it was not any of the world’s Nazis even if they felt they didn’t get their fair share of the loot, because for them to orchestrate handcuffing the entire US Congress and each successive American administration for the past 4 decades would have meant they would have needed to get to either David Gevisser or Harry Oppenheimer who couldn’t escape from his past actions including his journey to the United States in September 1938 – [DIAMOND MIND]- when he bought Madison Avenue when securing without putting out to bid the advertising agency N. W. Ayer and then immediately following the November 1960 Presidential elections when he was still considered an “Enemy of the State” by the US Justice Department, met with President elect John F. Kennedy at the Carlyle Hotel – [AMERICAN CONSPIRACY] – without any fear of arrest; and then 45 years later in September 2006 when his son Nicholas

would meet with Russian President Putin in Johannesburg and pontificate no differently, and the world still didn’t flinch, not a single singer like Bob Dylan or more modern Dave Matthews singing their heart out in opposition, it didn’t mean that history couldn’t be captured for all future generations to sit in judgment of each of us too busy to bother because so long as our standard of living wasn’t affected, it was business-playtime as usual.

No one bribed to stay quiet would have killed Engelhard, unless a gun was put to their head or the threat that their children would be next, and still someone would be found to kill such a murderous human who a great many people who had eyes and could see that without the US Government’s support he wouldn’t have afforded a pot to pee in.

The last thing the US Congress wanted was for the death of their so visibly large financial backer who was spending so much time in Apartheid South Africa to be a spectacle, let alone an international incident but for those with long memories such as David Ben-Gurion who knew that not even the Jewish Kapos-sellouts who kept order in the death factories of the The Holocaust asked for such mental anguishing jobs, choosing the right time also meant lining up his ducks carefully.

Just like the Oppenheimers primed the pump for The Jewish Holocaust and every one since, it simply meant the Mossad had to identify ahead of time future targets of the Oppenheimers who had to keep covering their tracts by continuously increasing the size of their big governments who would inevitably show the next generation of children by their ownership of those same automobile companies who did business with the US Government’s Apartheid Regime.

The year before Engelhard named David Gevisser his CEO in 1970, Engelhard had allowed little known Natie Kirsh and with little money to his name, make a typical no opposed bid on The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies which at one time included the ACME Timber corporation where David Gevisser was one of the senior officers, before Engelhard took a controlling interest, which didn’t mean that Engelhard or all the movers and shakers in South Africa had forgotten how to reach Engelhard to prevent Natie Kirsh from “asset stripping” this 6 decade old multinational conglomerate.

Nor could anyone make the excuse that during this very public most hostile bid which was significantly less than than the value of real estate holdings of Moshal Gevisser whose shares were actively traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Engelhard couldn’t be reached because he was too busy entertaining his frequent dinner guests such as the Nazi lovers, the Duke of Windsor, the abdicated King of England and his American divorce wife, Wallis Simpson

which David Gevisser covers in quite some detail in his 2006 memoirs, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER – [ENGELHARD EXPERIENCE].

Israel’s Mossad hadn’t stop watching every move of Engelhard ever since he first began journeying to South Africa in the late 1940s to reap along with his partners the Oppenheimers the main bounty of World War II, but of course there were Americans including members of the CIA who were also not happy about the Oppenheimers and the Engelhards having so arrogantly hijacked the US Government, and what better way than to lay the foundation for all their demise.

Consequences of going off the Gold Standard

On August 15, 1971 diamonds now replaced gold as the backing of the $ which was the dominant world currency. To ensure people’s faith in the Almighty IN GOD WE TRUST $, the $’s purchasing power had to be maintained, and that simply meant preparing the groundwork of softening up resistance in and around the most industrious Chinese, and why the month before Nixon sent Henry Kissinger on a not exactly secret trip to China which was in the middle of their bloody 10 year Cultural Revolution whose organizers where not the only ones who could see how America’s illegal Vietnam War and the anything but mistake bombings of neighbor Cambodia already had poverty stricken farmers leaving their bomb cratered farmlands and heading to the factories in the cities to begin servicing the American market, and if the Chinese didn’t get with the program then they would find themselves playing catch up with their closest slave nation neighbors.

Only “miracle thinking” can explain the evil of the indifferent world who because the worthless money bought them everything including their freedoms from being prosecuted by an overbearing capitalistic state doing the bidding of one maniacal monopolist, continue to trust the monopolist’s money.

The Oppenheimers are neither godly nor the devil, just rather stupid people who prided themselves on how each successive generation were insensitive to the plight of the poor, which could have ended in one instant long before the arrival of The Internet just by having one common sense person including a President of a country who could have called a press conference and explain it all in simple English; and for there to be just one of us exposing the corruption from the top down and bottom helped greatly by the light speed Internet that could have this knowledge going viral, and still the herd have yet to react, smacks of what miracles are made of, and only one ingenious mind could have so many indifferent and only thinking about themselves so united in finding every reason under the sun not to speak out, all looking so stupid, and rather than change their ways, their hard to explain but totally visible egos prefer to see themselves as well as those they keep company with corrupt and/or waiting for divine intervention; and when the musical chairs game ends, it will be all too late.

Just as the human hand printed the worthless money so it is up to the human to let go of their pride and apply logic to the decision making of the US Congress who have never come forward and admitted that they were forced to do something by non-American citizens who got our slave nations to sacrifice those not murdered by our brainwashed and severely underpaid soldiers to accept in return for their labor and their natural resources monies that when paid to them reinforced the perceived value of money which is all the same the moment you have one slave nation willing to accept the currency of an oppressor who show unabashedly displays their venomous fangs whenever questioned.

Instead of gold, the most ancient currency because it is easily verified and equally important, the quantities mined each year are carefully recorded by every mine, starting August 16, 1971, totally limitless diamonds would begin backing along with the “good word” of our corrupted government officials still keeping silent, every $ printed and used to pay for imported goods from slave nations such as China as the world’s population growth continued to soar, as this worthless money spent the earth, that helped that much to cover the tracks of the mining monopolies all controlled by the Oppenheimer’s most simple organizational structure who strategies and tactics of Fear, Intimidation & Bribes [FIB] have remained consistent ever since the first head, Cecil Rhodes wrote in his first will of 1877 he dream of a “Secret Society” of banker-politician mining houses beginning and ending with De Beers controlling both the supply and demand for natural resources beginning with water which skyrocketed especially as the most consumptuous people increasingly comfortable in having others doing the heavy labor ate that much more increasingly diseased cattle whose corn syrup feed ate up also the rain forests which overshadowed the non-truths of the earth overheating from the proliferation of the burning of fossil fuels where the majority plastic byproduct left a lot for everyone with so much to say, speaking their increasingly mindless minds; all the while the monopolist Oppenheimers who controlled through De Beers the world’s drilling industry simply kept increasing the price of their diamonds which they sold into their markets where meat eaters were the most predominant, starting with the US an Japan.

There is a reason why the words, “In Japan” is how The Diamond Invention book written by investigative journalist and Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein begins, and the first date used is 1967 as back in the late 1960s Japan with its huge homogeneous, industrious and not very questioning people were now producing all the electronic gadgets for an increasingly technology driven western economies who still needed their basics such as clothing.

4 years later with the Vietnam-Cambodian war peaking and each bullet fired and bomb dropped only strengthening the future purchasing power of the Green Back, the US with its growing middle class of university degreed thinking the gift of the gab that allowed them to come with quick outbursts protesting America’s wars while still managing to coordinate their 4 limbs and soon resting for their smoker’s break, and the left and right ribbing each other that it didn’t really matter who was right so long as everyone was getting laid, needed to open up their markets to the most populace Chinese people who would get paid with the worthless $s whose value would remain propped up just so long as the Oppenheimers could keep rising the price of their diamonds to keep up with inflation which simply meant that their Central Selling Organization housed in downtown London, near their Lloyds of London who for 2 decades now have prohibited American citizens including the Presidents of the United States from investing, the same with all our fighter pilots who since May 1991 have been flying with the Oppenheimers’ diamonds in their ejection seats, would focus those with “cash to burn” and seeing their $ savings eroding to invest that excess cash in diamonds that could also be used in other commercial transactions that could not only mask the real owners since diamonds are untraceable but the Oppenheimers could control using their diamond currency all acquisitions including real estate, and always making certain that the United States remained the safe haven for all those first fleeing De Beers’ mineral raped regions starting of course in their backyard of South Africa and the Belgian Congo which openly supplied Hitler with his industrial diamonds critical to fashion precision tooling needed to mass produce weapons of war including the crematoria of the death factories.

How simple to divide and conquer

Each time the Oppenheimers sold a most carefully Hollywood-Madison Avenue marketed “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend” without ever providing an inventory of their unlimited supply because to do so would instantly evaporate the mystic, this monopolist of monopolists soaked up the little amount of $s reaching the hard working street vendor who knew that were they to speak out they would get little support from their other small competitors all fighting over the carefully orchestrated shortage at street level and knowing that one false move would have them out on the street dependent on the charity of family increasingly suspicious of one another as the media chimed in with comedians also reminding them of how brother will sell one of their own for a nickel.

While in the employment of Codiam Inc., Gary S. Gevisser attended private meetings conducted between Stephen Cohen and Martin Rapaport of the international diamond pricing publication THE RAPAPORT REPORT during which Stephen, acting on behalf of De Beers, provided Martin Rapaport with the latest prices for cut and polished diamonds.

Gary’s “short career” with De Beers ended with his liver being poisoned – a clear message that he would need to keep his mouth shut; which he did for approximately 24 years, until he had all of his “ducks lined up”; and once again re-established communication with De Beers and let them know that he was going after them.

Turning a dime.

In one moment it could be lights out for the Oppenheimers and all their corrupt politicians as this digital age with information getting out there at light speed and each of us knowing that eventually everyone will know the truth and it is just a question of when, that makes those with the knowledge and knowing their names are also getting out exactly when they knew it and why they chose to keep it to themselves, changes everything, especially as this website makes easy to connect the dots.

The Oppenheimers-De Beers have always known their game could be up once the world knew The Diamond Invention was one big deception from the start, and therefore all gem quality diamonds would become instantly worthless, and in the rush by all the tens of millions of diamond owners to get as much as possible for their stash before no jeweler would determine their value to be a flat zero, there would first be a mad dash to the halls of the United States Congress to explain their transparent culpability.

That time is now, or whenever you feel you can no longer hedge your bets.

Be courageous, why play the Oppenheimers game and lose your soul, and still you cannot be assured of ending up broke just like the poor who never asked to be oppressed.

On Dec 30, 2011, at 10:41 PM, Terry Samples wrote:

Repaired 4 pages if you see any others email I will go through each page of the site tomorrow morning including all the dev,dev01,etc the sube folders. You two have a good night.

Terry Samples MBA , B.Sci. , MCSE
Direct Line (619) 272-9004

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: the heading on this page is garbled
From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: Fri, December 30, 2011 6:07 pm
To: Terry Samples

i just sent it out.
On Dec 30, 2011, at 4:53 PM, Terry Samples wrote:

working on it

Terry Samples MBA , B.Sci. , MCSE
Direct Line (619) 272-9004

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: the heading on this page is garbled
From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: Fri, December 30, 2011 3:22 pm
To: “Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples – Chief webmaster –
Veteran F-15 c Eagle Fighter Pilot +++”

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