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From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 17, 2011 12:43:37 PM PST
To: Mark Russell
Cc: rest; “Ira Mishkind Esq. – Gary Steven Gevisser’s estate attorney.” , “Jerry Phillips, Esq.” , “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” , John Kriege – Kindergarten School teacher ,, Montesorri School of La Jolla of La Jolla , Lynne Zimet , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” , Michael Feldman , “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” , Michael Awerbuch , Ali Galam , Lawyer John Fuchs , “Sidney Abelski – lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.” , Joe Could I stop you? Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School , General Atomic – Public Relations Department Relations Department , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , Solly Krok , Laura Malter – former CIA officer , Jonathan Beare – founder Investec , “Colin Cowie – Colin Cowie Productions – former long time lover of Jonathan Trouble Bubble Beare.” , Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa , Sam Bozzo – Director-Producer Blue Water , “Whitman Knapp Esq. – Assistant to Client #9” , Ron Bellows – US Government owned American International Group – Chief Executive Officer President Barrak Obama – Nobel Peace Prize winner on 10/9/2009 , “Eliot Spitzer Esq. – aka Client #9 – former Attorney General of New York State” , “Professor Norman Finkelstein Phd.” , “Professor Caplan – St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University and holder of David Gevisser’s diploma, Masters of Studies in History Research which should have been labeled, a Masters in Rewriting History.” , “Professor Jared Diamond – author, Guns, GEMS & Steel (sic).” , “Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author, THE END OF POVERTY Columbia University” , Leon Cohen – Codiam Inc , “Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.” , Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers Diamond Cartel , Martin Rapaport – Rapaport Report , Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant , “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach California” , “Adele Strous Im not interested in history of Israel Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” , “Syd Cohen – South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , “Aaron Cohen – author BROTHERHOOD OF WARRIORS. Operation Smiley –” ,, Brazil Embassy – USA ,, “JOÃO DE VALLERA – Portuguese Ambassador to the US.” , Chinese Embassy – USA , “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” ,, “Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion during Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts to develop the blueprint for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force” , 60 Minutes <>, “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – former in-house General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – sister corporation of General Atomic. Golden was Gary S. Gevisser’s long time American attorney and bosom buddy of Roger W. Robinson aka Our Man Roger who joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller , “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , John Boehner c/o Eric Cantor c/o Hillary Bill-De Beers-Rhodes Scholar-Marc Rich Clinton
Subject: Lifestyle – First purchaser – Re: Marlowes: Welcome Back!

Thank you.

Today I am still planning on publishing the first edition of my non-fiction book UNIMPOSSIBLE DREAM.

I would now like to make the same offer to you that I made earlier to the son of a hardworking Jewish friend of mine who never got any handouts from his father who lost his entire $200 million empire when the puppet Khomeini was brought to power on December 3, 1979, just 24 days before my former employer De Beers orchestrated, through their banking network including the Soviet Central Bank, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that ended on February 15, 1989, 32 days before the New York Times published HARRY OPPENHEIMER: GOING FOR THE GOLD which when the “common herd” who are well described in the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892, did absolutely nothing, even though they had never heard of such unimaginable wealth in the hands of one person who had told the world that both he and De Beers were vehemently opposed to their South African Apartheid Regime which was still very much in power in the first part of 1989 when I was visiting Japan, Taiwan and mainland China

for the first time, De Beers laughed their heads off.

I would now like you to look at the two short videos I took of the UNarmed-Harmless man


I am hoping to get a t-shirt with the following:


2cMe in reverse E=Mc2


U Owe Me your life (style)
2cme in reverse (could you see yourself in my shoes) e=mc2 (the message is getting out at the speed of light)

What size t-shirt do you think he wears?

Let’s quickly get back to the father of the son who thinks he is so much better than his father, like most children who have an answer for everything.

He has to be saying to himself, “All this money for college and he can’t think for himself.”

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 17, 2011 9:06:05 AM PST
To: Jewish 25 year old MBA graduate
Cc: His Jewish father.
Subject: House of cards will collapse – Re: Purpose – Fwd: R u alive?

I have no difficulty with your request and the same applies to anyone who has not given me their email address.

That is a far cry from most who want the information in order to get a leg up on their competition and then they only want to keep the information from spreading so that they take advantage of others, and because they are so self-absorbed they don’t think forward about others in the future finding out what they knew and when they knew it, and then they get logically angry, but that does not mean that they can hold on to their logic indefinitely.

I didn’t think you would mind me sharing this with your dad who I had suggested he make you an 18 inch rectangular desk in his office so that one day you could take over from him, and which most likely he shared with you who having gone to business school probably think such a job is way below you.

I plan to publish the first edition of my book UNIMPOSSIBLE DREAM today and the price tag is $14.21, and leaving it up to everyone who gets a copy to decide whether it is worth it, and to also gauge how long it will be before it outsells Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.

Had you heard of Whitman?

Can you imagine 15 million people throughout the world interested in my book?

Do you think it is lost on me why not a single college educated person can find fault with the irrefutable facts on how the money system works which their professors failed to teach them which explains pretty much everything, other than when this House of Cards will collapse?

Give thought to becoming one of my book distributors. It is all on a first come first serve basis.


On Nov 17, 2011, at 8:20 AM, 25 year old MBA graduate wrote:

Hi Gary, Can I please be removed from future emails?


– Ks

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 8:18 AM, Gary S Gevisser wrote: Devin Standard and blind copied a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population; email titled, “Purpose – Fwd: R u alive?”
Are you awake?

What if Christians are wrong and there is no Devil; meaning that you have no excuse but yourself for your and your children’s bad behavior unless you have totally distanced yourself from them which is almost impossible to do if you are raised with Devil worship, which is why you always look for your children’s good points and willing to forgive them unless they challenge you for the money before you die, which reinforces that much more in your minds that it is the Devil’s hand at work and to be constantly on the look out for those easiest to blame such as the least cohesive Jewish people, who were the first to introduce personal responsibility with the concept of monotheism?

You can easily get through that previous paragraph because you have studied Walt Whitman, right?

Tell me how much you know about this internationally renowned American icon who was most probably a pedophile from a very young age?

Do you think if there was any evidence that J.Edgar Hoover was a pedophile the FBI would have suppressed it?

Besides for God only one other person besides for myself, knows all that I am planning on doing today. It may not turn out that way, only because God, not the Devil, has other plans.

I will kick that into high motion once I have met with my web master Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples who is a veteran F-15E fighter pilot, which you know does not make him very old at age 47 which is about your age; and you also know that there are not that many Americans who are competent enough to be even be considered to fly such intimidating killing machines.

Amazing isn’t it how I have got to meet the best and worst of humanity?

I read people rather well because besides for examining their actions before, during and most importantly after they have a committed a foul play, I pay attention to body language, which we all think we are expert at because it is so easy unless you are acting, and why liars pay less attention to body language than those that know better and always tell the truth; and the truth also means looking at chess moves much further down the line which a liar cannot do unless they are playing chess, which is not what we are doing here; but you also know that a good chess player is less likely to be a liar, and if they are then you can only imagine how much better a chess player they would be.

How difficult is it really to answer the question, “Have you tried to verify the diamond deal between Cheney and De Beers?

Your first reply, “No” on Nov. 14, which I received at 7:35 pm California time shows that my question was sent to you on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 3:10 am which was 7:10 pm my time, the day before. That could be because you are overseas. I also know because I have travelled overseas more than you and most of Wall Street that when away from the family and equally distracting friends you have much more time on your hands. Do not feel the need to respond to this paragraph. The purpose is simply to let you know that I have thought this all through very carefully.

Within 25 minutes of receiving my very important question that was most carefully worded, you replied, “No”.

Because your “No” reply was unbeknown to me since I don’t check my email inbox as frequently as others watching my moves ever so precisely, I followed up 1 hour and 17 minutes later with the following:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 14, 2011 8:27:48 PM PST
To: “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.”
Subject: Fwd: R u alive?

just in case you are a little distracted which I actually don’t believe for a moment, this decision by the Pentagon ends all the game playing.

Make sure you take a snapshot of De Beers and Nick Oppenheimers Wikipedia profile now.

Then note the date they say they ended their monopolistic practices.

it is a good thing you have no more posts on your Facebook profile and if that changes before Cheney brings down the Democratic Party followed in the next instant by you know who, please let me know.

time to be smart and unite, that UNarmed Harmless man deserves the best dont you thin?

2 minutes later at 8:29 pm, I got even more precise, “Have you tried?”

You cannot be less wordy than using the word, “No” other than deafening silences speak the most volume.

Nor are we talking about an inconsequential matter.

I can understand a few minutes, if not hours to have passed, assuming you don’t know anyone in the US military to verify at least some of the aspects such as whether in fact diamonds are included in the survival kit of the ejection seat of American fighter aircraft.

You, who are very connected to senior people in the US military who grant you access to places like the flight deck of America’s most advanced aircraft carriers, know that if diamonds are included then every fighter pilot would know and so would their superiors.

2 days and more than 11 hours have transpired during which time you could have contacted everyone on your email list including friends of yours who are US Navy SEALs to find out what they know, and at the same time explain to your 585 other Facebook “friends” the significance of someone as high profile as Cheney getting into the knitty gritty of what goes into the survival kit of America’s first and last line of defense/offense without you feeling the need to explain why special US Government issued monies, AMGOT [Allied Military Government] money which was never once included in the US money supply numbers was given to Allied Commanding Officers to give to their fighter pilots during World War II which most of all kept the Commanding Officers who either knew or suspected that the US was 100% behind Hitler, very quiet.

May 1991 when I understand Cheney’s orders were first executed which again was the year before Unarmed-Harmless man lost his right arm above the elbow, was a very different world than during WW II when you had very different people involved in the British war effort than what you found over in Washington which has not changed.

Churchill not only understood Navy warfare like he did the back of his hand as he was First Lord of the Admiralty during World War I which was his first appointment when WW II broke out, but his orders to sink the French naval fleet on July 4, 1940 which killed1,297 French servicemen was a monumental action.

You remember Pearl Harbor day December 7, 1941 as it took place on your birthday when 2,402 American servicemen were killed.

You once said that only when I die will I become a household name which was never my goal.

Today, I just want everyone I know and those who know me, to realize they will have little and nothing to talk about when it comes to me after I am dead because they will not be able to duck and dive and say they were unaware of what is going on.

It is also a much different world than it was in May 1991 because The Internet was just getting started and I was on the cutting edge and could see better than most how quickly it would catch on.

Walt Whitman attracted a great many people from all over the world including Churchill’s Second In Command during WW II, South African Jan Smuts and famed South Africa author Alan Paton of Cry the Beloved Country. Whitman died at age 72, 100 days before the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892.

What do you think he would have said when reading how American bankers planned to fool their “common herd”?

Ps – Below is an important email which you were not copied on, but you would know that others I did not copy would have seen it and figured out what prompted it:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 16, 2011 12:52:38 PM PST
Subject: Do I need to explain why former Chairman of the Board of Hearst Corporation

Randolf Appearson Hearst wanted to publish my story in early 1994 even if it meant using a nom de plume?

BTW, I still have that uncashed $100 American Express Travelers Cheque which is how he reimbursed my expenses.

Ps – the article about Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s bailout monies can be traced to June 1966 when Attorney General, Senator Robert F. Kennedy visited my birth country of South Africa and his advance team asked my mother to come up with a list of people RFK should NOT meet given how not every Black South African knew that his family’s main financial backer German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] openly supported the South African Apartheid Regime who were at the height of their power 6 years later when President Nixon, backed by the US Congress went off the Gold Standard which benefitted the South African mining monopoly De Beers who didn’t get weaker when the Pentagon approved diamonds being placed in the survival kit of ejection seat of American fighter aircraft beginning in May 1991.

[Word count 1624]

Mark, you understand that Jewish people are raised to believe that they are much smarter than Christian people who think very simply; namely, “Money talks and bullshit walks”. It is simply too much for a Jewish person who went to university and to find out that they think the exact same as non-Jewish people who at least have to their credit having so successfully wiped out half of European Jewry without any retribution; in fact the architects and largest profiteers of the death factories of Nazi Germany and Poland only got not only more powerful and richer but nor did they hide their devilish actions which is so transparent in this photo below

of very submissive, but most attentive Putin being lectured to in Johannesburg, South Africa back on September 5-6th, 2006 by De Beers head, Nicholas Oppenheimer which for good reason De Beers promote on both their Wikipedia profile as well as that of Nicky Oppenheimer which is very short on detail, other than Nicky, like Putin, promote that they are God fearing Christians.

I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork – Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.

Christians are supposed to the be the ones that have blind faith and do not question.

Why do you think it is that I am the only Jewish person pointing this out, which explains why Jewish people are the first to exhibit their neurons short-circuting?

It is possible that immediately following the launch of the first edition, I will begin an intial 15 million Gold Money-Diamond Inventory petition.

How long do you think it will take those who receive an email copy of the first edition to begin questioning how long it is going to take for the first person to pay the $14.21 price which is all based on the honor system?

How long do you think it will take for me to sell 15 million?

If you don’t feel yourself going crazy it is most likely because you want to be the first purchaser, don’t you think?

Now go to the RESOURCE section that you will find on the homepage of and with your cursor gently over scroll down to GARY GEVISSER AND DE BEERS – click here.

Start by reading what Leon Cohen of De Beers’ Codiam Inc., with whom I am intimately familiar, wrote me on 11.11.2004:

From: leon []
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 11:48 AM
Subject: RE: Hello

Hi Gary:
Stephen is in Florida and can not get his computer to download his emails apparently so, I will him help with that tomorrow and hopefully get you a reply. On second thought let us make the plans and I will see that Stephens schedule coordinates.
All the best

Note Leon and his father Stephen are included in the carbon copy section.

With my reply to Leon firmly on the forefront of your mind, look at what I wrote the one assistant of Attorney General of New York, Eliot Spitzer on 11.29.2004:

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 9:22 AM PT
To: Whitman Knapp Esq. – Office of the Attorney General of New York;
Cc: rest;;; Deborah Sturman Esq.
Subject: RE: Comments to AG from Web Site

Attorney Knapp – Although we r on the phone at this moment may I make one further suggestion, have Mr. Spitzer not spare another moment in calling me on 1-858-945-6398 bearing in mind that the likes of Maurice Hank Greenberg Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd require little or no screening before accepting my calls.

Each moment that ticks by has the “brainne dead” [sic] masses while less and less ignorant thanks in no small measure due to your refreshing complaint against the $280 billion criminal megalopoly of AIG-M-ACE Ltd has enough of them still thinking that the rich getting richer and the poor the picture is a function of “deep rooted racism” that all your efforts will amount to a big squat zero at best, more likely a terrific PR campaign for the pitiful Greenbergs, the First Family of Insurance, Ms. Greenberg London getting quite the support of co-opted senior executives such as Ron Bellows Senior to play “victim” of “overzealous prosecutors” trying to “get by in this world not able to compete in the real word” focused exclusively on getting a name for themselves” before going “cap in hand” to a big time law firm where “they will get a real paying job as long as they have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that while employed working on behalf of the public trust they behaved themselves especially the Lilly White Wheaty Eating Boys and Girls.

Smart educated people, however, know the problems of the world have nothing to do with race, sex, color or religion simply poor parental religious teaching the result of a relatively small number of greedy people at the top of the pyramid colluding employing the likes of senior Risk Management Specialists such as Ron Bellows Senior to do their “dirty work”, his foul bigoted mouth serving as quite an effective smokescreen, agree?

Yours truly,

Gary S. Gevisser
A Name From Here You Can Trust Over There

Ps – While the likes of RBS have to constantly weigh in this “Dog eat God Aspartame” [sic] world the benefits and costs of continuing to take a paycheck from criminal enterprises versus what you pay for folks entering Federal Witness protection programs I have to simply be focused on telling the truth knowing the most effective way for the truth to get out is in bringing international public attention to such very important matters.

Over the course of the next several days I will sharing my “findings” with people like Lilly White Wheaty Eaters like my friend Dr. Jonathan Beare who sit at the top of the pyramid as well as those like Mr. Tefo Mohapi a 25 year old Black South African entrepreneur who managed to get Mr. RBS to keep his foul mouth shut with this communiqué.

—–Original Message—–
From: Whitman Knapp []
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 6:39 AM
Subject: Re: Comments to AG from Web Site

Thanks. I’ll call Mr. Gevisser again.

>>> 11/24/04 05:51PM >>>
Form submitted on Wed Nov 24 05:51:15 2004

Personal Information:
Mr Gary Gevisser
357 Parish Lane
Del Mar, CA 92014
Phone: 858-755-3914


Attention: Assistant U.S. Attorney
Whitman Knapp

This past week u and an associate left
a message for me on my cell phone [1-
858-735-6398] which got lost.

I picked up the message later in the
week and returned your call.

Time, I believe, remains of the
essence, perhaps even more so given
how I am quite certain more than a
handful of AIG-Marsh & McLennan-ACE
Ltd senior executives are increasingly
unhappy with the “discovery” materials
in my “possesion” [sic] to mention
little of my rather stellar “credibility”
in a number of fields including “work outs”
in both private and public corporations, “sic”
u may know means “real cool” to the next
generations of kids.

In order to protect myself I am doing what anyone
with irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of fraud does
other than escape for the hills, making such “proof”
readily available to the public not all that difficult
in this “Dog eat God Aspartame” [sic] world.

Again, altho I am not a lawyer, nor do I lie, steal or cheat,
I do, however, understand rather well the machinations, the
selective memories that “kick in” at no time at all within
criminal organizations rather astute in building into their
“cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” including affording
informers within law enforcement, my first website
while infantile looking spelling things out rather well, agree?

The more one feeds wrongdoers with oversized egos the more
desensitized they become, self-centeredness inevitable for those
believing they r above the law since they “own” the law, agree?

Again I understand things like “the better the evidence the better the
proof” as well as mankind’s lack of common sense as well as a sense of
humor once they get mocked “back and forth”, one of my websites, a takeoff of while conforming
to “sum” [sic] degree with Quantum Mechanics, the need to go “forward” as
well as in “reverse” when combined with my rather good grasp of numbers
and stuff like Chaos Theory has a good number of folks imploding at this
time, again time is of the essence.

“Sum” [sic] more intimately familiar with my “work product” in the
insurance industry would argue rather strongly I also know a thing or “tTOo”
[sic] about PR.

May I make one further suggestion and that is for Mr. Spitzer to not spare
another moment in calling me directly this Thanksgiving on my wife’s cell
phone if need be, 1-858-WIL-NEXT [945-6398].

To repeat my communiqué of Wed Nov 17 08:17:02 2004

Personal Information:

Mr. Gary Gevisser
357 Parish Lane
Del Mar, NY 92014
Phone: 858-7356398


Dear Mr. Spitzer,

I am in possession of confidential
internal documents that I believe will
be helpful in your refreshing
complaint against AIG-Marsh & McLennan-
ACE Ltd.

Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein once
credited me in “sticking my neck out”, providing
evidence that resulted in his decision
to overturn a landmark multi-million
dollar soft-tissue, repetitive stress
injury award.

More than a handful of people
including senior executives of AIG-
Marsh & McLennan-ACE Ltd are aware
of “sum” [sic] of the material that in
all probability would lead to you not
only expanding your investigation but
being in a position to make a “legal
connection” between Maurice Greenberg
and his 2 sons, should u choose.

Yours truly,

Gary S. Gevisser

Note Whitman Knapp is included in the carbon copy section. Whitman and Spitzer would remember all my subsequent communications before AIG’s share price began an unprecedented $63 billion market capitalization collapse, where of course none of the money disappeared since it simply changed hands, no different to all the government sponsored frauds.

Are you aware of how many members of the US Congress and the mainstream media like Rush Limbaugh today understand where all the US $s which have been printed including the Green Backs starting in 1861 when the very distracting Civil War was getting underway, have disappeared to?

Do you feel that I need to be a household name before you realize how easy it would have been for me to already have a best selling book but without having a very large list of people who have been playing stupid who will serve as a lightning rod to get those who have not been corrupted to think twice about following in their footsteps?

Note that Ron Bellows of AIG is also included in the carbon copy section.

Type Ron Bellows into any of the Internet search engines.

Now look for the name Jonathan Beare on the Internet, and in no time you will come across an email I sent his nephew Derrick Beare on January 15, 2005 two days after meeting with Jonathan who I have met up in several places throughout the world including “Honk Kong” (sic) right before I went to mainland China and very aware that the CIA had a very strong presence in and around Tianamen Square – CLICK HERE.

That most important meeting in Beverly Hills with close to mummified Larry King of Larry King Live sitting one table away, took place 63 days after I broke my 24 year silence with De Beers, and which had “Trouble Bubble” most upset since despite being very possibly the most successful real estate entrepreneur in the world, apart from De Beers, “Trouble Bubble” demonstrated to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was totally clueless about the gun-money-power of De Beers even though like me, Trouble Bubble was born and grew up in De Beers’ backyard of South Africa.

It should not take any explanation for you to understand the one very easy to comprehend paragraph of my email to Derrick Beare:

We use the excuse of family when it is plain simply money, pure greed because if u were really concerned with family would u want to raise your kid to be this corrupt because they will have to be more corrupt to survive unless of course they inherit the money, is that what u r planning to do?

So you better understand why it is that coffee baristas like mid-twenties Aaron Penne are even more angry with me than Trouble Bubble who has amassed a most extraordinary multi-billion dollar empire that he not only knows he cannot take with him, but at any moment the South African Government, led by my friend Tony Leon, who used to be the head of the Opposition to the current government until he got tired of being a hypocrite and jumped at the opportunity to be South Africa’s Ambassador to Argentina, could call on the US Congress to provide an inventory of its gold holdings that in the next instant would require De Beers to provide a list of their bribed US Government officials beginning with President Nixon and Henry Kissinger since Kissinger is still alive and would have no trouble understanding why his name is mentioned in my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser’s autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which you can find under the WHO’S WHO section of

A great chunk of Trouble Bubble’s empire was amassed here in the United States, after he first brought over a big chunk of the one billion dollar profit he made investing in real estate in Amsterdam, Holland which I am also most familiar with, the same with Anthoven, where De Beers’ Philips BV are headquartered; and nor would you be surprised that in late 1989 I would run into Trouble Bubble’s one close friend who was the personal lawyer for Queen Beatrice and her family, and who warned me to warn my client, South African Pharmeceutical magnet, Solly Krok, that it cost just $25 in Amsterdam to have someone bumped off.

You would also know that it costs the Mossad’s Metsada Special Forces Kidon assassination not a penny for their intelligence either, since you know that the pointed barrel of a gun can also win you a land mass like Alaska that the US Government says it cost $7.2 million, 4 cents an acre, back in 1867; but that is only because the US’ ally, the brutal Czar of Russia agreed to the price, which of course was not voted on by the Russian people, who during the Russian Revolution were the People’s Red Army taking on the Czar’s White Army that was backed by the Allies, led of course by the US who have never deviated for one moment in its support of monopolies beginning with the mafia drilling monopoly De Beers, who haven’t forgotten that in that same year, just 2 years after America demonstrated they had the stomach for murdering 700,000 of their own while making amputees and heroine addicts of millions of others, and all when the population of the US was still 30 million which of course did not include the 10 million murdered indigenous American Indians who continued to be massacred during the Civil War, diamonds were discovered in large quantities in South Africa.

Just because your history teachers who had no say in the history books didn’t mention that you should think for yourself when studying history and why you found it so boring and those that didn’t only had the legitimate excuse that they couldn’t get laid, does not mean that you should blame anyone but yourself for not figuring out that a monopolist thinks the exact same as a king, but unlike royalty a monopolist relies on its Securities Exchange Commission and the US Justice Department to insulate itself.

There are no restrictions placed on Czar Nicholas Oppenheimer’s De Beers to invest in anything anywhere in the world.

The only restrictions placed on South Africans during the CIA’s South African Apartheid Regime rule was how much of their ill-gotten gains they could take out of South Africa.

Trouble Bubble and all of De Beers’ very carefully picked “peacocks” had to play by those rules which were as easy as pie to circumvent, and therefore they never once questioned how much easier it was for De Beers whose first line of defense/offense are each one of the oversized ego Captains of Industry should any of their corrupt governments falter.

When I had Trouble Bubble read the section of Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book – CLICK HERE – about how German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr., with the closest of close ties to my immediate family went about shipping out of South Africa the gold he had stolen using worthless US $, which only had value because the US has been hugely successful in intimidating the rest of the world, under the principle FIB [Fears, Intimidation & Bribes], Trouble Bubble looked like the invisible Hand of God had just performed a frontal lobotomy; and when he finally gathered himself and ended the meeting abruptly, without me agreeing to remove his name from my emails, he brushed by me mouthing the threat, “One of these days you are going to get yourself in big trouble”, hence the name Trouble Bubble.

Again Beare was only meeting with me because he wanted me to remove his name from all my emails that I had posted up on the Internet in order to best protect myself, and which you would agree I have been so far extraordinarily successful, which has now resulted in the corrupt US Judiciary going along with a most fabricated defamation charge which is of course a defamation of me, and all geared to blunt my attack on De Beers and all those they have corrupted, all the down the De Beers socio-economic ladder.

My $HIT list on is the quintessential FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PACES.

Do you think any of them have the right to privacy?

Trouble Bubble who began disinvesting from the US around the time we met in Hong Kong is quite confident that he is well insulated by people such as J. Essakow who is the big clown front person for the Marc Rich-Essakow and company Flower Hill Mall.

You can understand that if you have enough deep pockets such as De Beers you can hold on to your real estate holdings as well as investments in public and private corporations indefinitely. If, however, you have been fooling people even if they are too stupid to figure out your con, it does not mean they are prevented from imposing democratic rule that begins with majority rule.

As you would expect, you are not the first publisher I have approached, and perhaps by the time you get back to me, the Chinese publisher I approached on October 31st, might have decided to short-circuit the book circuit and have President Ho of China suggest to Obama that the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission look very carefully at the actions of its first Chairman, Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger”, a right of right wing Republican who appeared on 60 Minutes back on January 24, 2004, which was a very carefully planned hatchet job on Republican President George W. Bush, without Leslie Stahl having “Our Man Roger” first explain how he moved so rapidly from being the protege of David Rockefeller of Chase Bank to the top dog at the National Security Council which was pivotal in preparing the American masses for war against the Soviet Evil Empire.

Most important that the U.S. China Economic Security Review Commission which very recently labeled China as the new “Evil Empire”, was created by the United States Congress in October 2000, the same year that De Beers told the world they had given up their monopolistic practices which remember was 6 years before Nicky Oppenheimer summoned macho Putin to Johannesburg, South Africa to read him the riot act, and to never forget that it is De Beers’ CIA-US Government who are in charge of everything including his nest egg that he keeps in Zug, Switzerland, the same as Marc Rich.

Do you think it is important that Cheney thought it important to include diamonds in the survival kit of the ejection seat of American fighters?

You do understand that Obama and the entire US Congress fully understand why De Beers would want diamonds to be promoted as a means of exchange that our best warriors would use should they find themselves in enemy lines.

De Beers remember do not owe American citizens a fiduciary obligation because they are a foreign corporation who have simply done what suits them best.

There is no evidence of De Beers walking into the Oval Office on August 15, 1971 and putting a gun to the head of Nixon and Kissinger and to have Nixon give a 15 minute speech that no one could ever comprehend, at least in terms of its benefits to American citizens, since such a speech and all the actions of the US Government that followed benefitted De Beers who immediately began reaping the rewards, not so much from the astronomical increase in the value of their mineral holdings throughout the world, but much more importantly, the noose they placed around the necks of the 3 Branches of the US Government that have only got tighter as time has elapsed and you don’t find a single western politician or media member “crying foul”.

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