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Losers put out

Subject: Losers put out:

It began with Devin – not to be confused with Robert Devine or First Lady Michelle Obama’s close cousin American Rabbi Capers C Funnye – who placed the important photo and words of Churchill on his FB, supporting the question, “Remind you of anyone?”

I assumed, knowing Devin well, that it was a dig at Michelle Obama’s husband, puppet President Barak Obama, who has approximately 42 million liking his FB website. [Imagine if all 42 million read this commented with their deafening silences. Also imagine if one of them decided that they didn’t want to be in the same room as 42 million fools.]

57 minutes ago, I answered Devin with 2 quick and dirty paragraphs:

Yes, you!

Check out what I am posting up today on my BLOG, that might help you stop with your distractions such as this and nothing to speak of Bill “De Beers-Lloyd’s-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton, knowing that your 3 children could be viewing it before you!

Background on Devin Standard who was born on Pearl Harbor Day, 1964; fluent in English, his mother tongue and speaks sufficiently well, Danish, French, Spanish, Italian and German to attract the most beautiful women in those 5 countries and their colonies, should they demand more than his good looks]:

He can be brilliant and makes a living riding the coattails of the US Justice Department, not because his Harvard Law School father, Kenneth is a former President of the New York Bar Association responsible for keeping 72,000 New York lawyers employed, otherwise they might all be violent street people, but Devin believes the world is without a conscience, and wants to make money as quickly as he can selling guns and peripherals, so as to retire young and keep attracting the most beautiful women in the world. [That does not mean he is averse to my alternative plan that could bring peace and everlasting prosperity to the entire world, if the human can only put their ego aside, and if not, what do we have to lose by putting the final decision in the hands of God?]

I have known Devin intimately for more than 12 years, starting when he walked into a fine art gallery in La Jolla, California along with his former boss, President of Colgate International who was looking for a painting of a shark to gift a friend. Of course highly gifted in many spheres including most athletic sports but in particular martial arts, Devin was the brains behind the huge success of the smiling lips showing perfect teeth on the box of Colgate Whitening toothpaste even though he has a very dark brown skin, but his teeth were born white like all teeth; and it so happens that my delightful, most gorgeous F-C [French-Canadian] wife Marie Dion with the most beautiful smile – who Devin would not be the only person in the world agreeing that she outshines in intellect every other human who has jumped two classes of school because of their well above average command of mathematics-logic – was doing her first fine art oil painting show.

Devin who only puts on that he is “borderline genius” when in fact he sits up there with the very few smart people – and as we know the first step in intelligence is common sense, and he does so in order not to show up his ignorant white racist bosses – understands perfectly everything that I write, including when I say that total and complete neophyte in both logic and military intelligence, 44th Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces, Harvard Professor of Law Obama, who has never met a payroll in his life, is in support of the proliferation of both public and private ownership of guns and ammunition when he and the rest of the ignorant university educated middle class say, “NO TO GUNS”.

Bear in mind that Obama never had the intelligence to come up with such a deceitful military-economic strategy, because that again requires the most minimal common sense, which the people who chose Obama for this high paying job and fringe benefits such as traveling in Air Force One, and course affording a cell phone that takes selfies, knew he was greatly deficient in, once he first visited South Africa in August 2006 and immediately upon disembarking the aircraft failed to demand an audience with the Number One Captain of Industry, Nicholas Oppenheimer.

Moreover, once Senator Barak Obama caught wind, of Vladimir Putin visiting with Nick Oppenheimer two weeks later on September 5, 2006

for the very specific purpose of Putin being able to come away with the most important photo taken in the history of photography, nothing stopped Obama from demanding the same photo of himself and Nick Oppenheimer.

Now, if it is not asking too much of you all, go to Nick Oppenheimer’s [1945 – ] very short Wikipedia profile where this photo that speaks for itself stands conspicuously alone.

How would you feel if you saw a similar photo of President Barak Obama [1961 – ] meet Nick Oppenheimer?

How can Obama who commands all United States nuclear weaponry, including all 11 nuclear aircraft carrier fleets, US Border Patrol, US Congress, US Supreme Court, US Department of Justice, US pricing of other military weapons including Starbucks coffee to keep American service people doing guard duty awake, etc etc, not be as important as Putin?

It may not occur to you that Nick Oppenheimer has the power to delete that photo of him and Putin on his personal Wikipedia profile as well as the Wikipedia profile of De Beers, but he chooses not to.

Putin also has the power to do the same, but Putin chooses not to.

Obama could demand that the photo be taken down from both, but who would he trust to give the order?

The thunder is beginning in ernest, the skies are starting to darken.

When traveling to South Africa for the first time, Senator Obama could have asked, if he didn’t know where Africa was on the world map, to see a printed map in the event the GPS of the aircraft he was traveling in was inoperable and the pilot was also flying using the railway tracks leading into the death factory Auschwitz as an indicator.

Had the pilot decided to save Obama the embarrassment, he could have flown over the South Pole but still when reaching Cape Town, South Africa someone would have said, “Senator, we have arrived on the African Continent, where would you like to visit first and meet?”

If he answered, “A Macdonald’s cow” then his aide would have been in order by showing him this communique; again so as to not embarrass Obama publicly.

President Barak Obama and all his aides including his Secret Service detail have yet to provide the details of which senior members of Nick Oppenheimer’s DAAC [De Beers-Anglo American Corporation] Obama met with, and what was discussed.

The DAAC still control more than 85% of the market capitalization of all public corporations trading on the world’s number one stock market, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange whose building sits atop the world’s most productive gold mines, and the rent paid is not fair market rent; the same with the rest of the world’s stock markets.

The DAAC still control 100% of the South African economy.

All one needs is 51% ownership in a corporation to exert “financial control”.

The DAAC maintain 85% because they want to be right in the face of their puppets, leaving no doubt as to who is in control.

When Obama left South Africa after visiting and celebrating with puppet South Africa President Nelson Mandela, he departed in an airplane that first taxied off on African soil, and by this time we can all assume safely that the onboard GPS and map of Africa showing the Belgian Congo-Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] had not been vaporized by a nuclear bomb.

Mandela in anticipation of Obama’s visit had been officially placed on the payroll of the DAAC, and the reason given was that Mandela, who has the DAAC to thank for his 27 years of incarceration, rather than hanging from their Apartheid Regime’s gallows, was hired purely to defend De Beers from any possible negative fallout following the release of the DAAC’s Hollywood blockbuster movie, BLOOD DIAMONDS.

That was the DAAC’s coverstory. The truth is much more obvious. The DAAC wanted to publicly embarrass Mandela to make sure he, nor his puppet replacement ever forgot their place.

Nick Oppenheimer’s grandfather Sir Ernest Oppenheimer [1880-1957] who travelled alongside Allied Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950] in mid-July 1939 to the United States protectorate Belgian Congo, made the biggest killing of his life when getting puppet President Franklin D. Roosevelt to support Oppenheimer shipping diamonds to Hitler out of the US protectorate Belgian Congo, beginning well before Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

Ernest Oppenheimer knew what he was doing when having President FDR commit treason at the same time ensure the genocide of 6 million Jewish people.

That month and a half time frame, was just a little too close for comfort for the American publisher of Smuts biography written by his son of the same name in 1952, which is why the paragraph detailing this extraordinary visit by the Number One Captain of Industry who was supplying both sides to World War II, but at first mostly, Nazi Germany, can only be found today on page 373 in the almost identical British publication that bears the same photo of Smuts; but the American publication has the photo on the front cover, and the British on the back cover; both books begin identical, “In 1870 a blue eyed boy”.

Were E. Oppenheimer taking a young boy to the Belgian Congo to give him a geography lesson in the hope that the boy would grow up to find the long sought after parallel universe then a redaction in both books might make a lot of sense.

When E. Oppenheimer invited the greatest battlefield general in modern day times, who the likes of Napoleon when at his best would have bowed to Smuts, E. Oppenheimer also knew that soon after completing his law reading at Cambridge University where Smuts scored double firsts, he joined the mineral richest person in the world, Cecil Rhodes [1853-1902], the founder of the banking-mining consortium De Beers.

E. Oppenheimer therefore also knew that Smuts was familiar with the hardness of a diamond as well Rhodes’ first will of 1877 where he proposed that a Secret Society, headed of course by himself, that would be singularly responsible for allocating the resources of the world.

Smuts did not comment much to his son about this trip except to say that he very much enjoyed the scenery.

Smuts was the spy of spies.

The best Commander In Chief is the best spy catcher.

I assume most of you would trust Obama to catch a fly if you provided him with a fly swatter.

What else would you trust Obama with?

Most of you who like him, just like him and that is because you hated Bush Jr. and most probably his father.

You manage, however, to come up with all sorts of other reasons to like him, such as you think he speaks well and does pretty good in debates because you think he must have been a pretty good lawyer to be a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

Which subjects do you think Obama would win a debate with me?

What if I couldn’t teach anyone else my knowledge, doesn’t simply the thought of knowing that he would be the dumbest looking President in the history of the world from the start to the end of the debate make you at least chuckle?

Smuts proved in the American JP Morgan financed Anglo American Boer War [1899-1902] as well as in World War I [1914-1918] that he had no equal when it came to catching and executing spies, even willing to go into heavily fortified enemy army camps, grab the spies and sign their death warrants.

Smuts was not about to write a best selling book explaining that he was being very carefully observed on this trip into the belly of the beast.

Being alive is better than dead if you want to have a chance of first saving your own skin before saving half of European Jewry and therefore the Free World because the only thing remarkable about us Jewish being besides for Torah, is our ability to survive in a rather hostile world.

Smuts not only understood winning wars also meant being willing to lose certain battles, and nor was E. Oppenheimer putting a gun to Smuts’ head, because when you have the BIG GUN CIA [Cavalry In Arms] you can play it very cool.

The rain has arrived, and I don’t need to batten down the hatches because I am on dry land, not a ship; and nor am I suggesting that the world population start building their Noah Arks because that would not be a good use wood, but I am going to cover my F-C wife’s 250cc Piaggio scooter.

The fact that Smuts when losing the Boer War knew that if he played his cards right, he would win the peace, did not have him forgetting that when surrendering his Boer armies to the British military he had a plan to win the peace; and when he and his fellow Boer Commander Louis Botha were given back in 1910 control of South Africa, Smuts became Minister of Treasury, Defense and Mines.

The fact that Smuts may have been the first and last person to hold all 3 critically important and all intertwined portfolios does not mean that Smuts was on the payroll of the DAAC or a fool.

What it means is that he was extraordinarily brilliant; and most likely too smart for Albert Einstein who gave Smuts, after reading Smuts 1926 Holism & Evolution, the greatest accolade Einstein never came close to giving to anyone else, “Smuts is one of 11 men in the world who conceptually understands the Theory of Relativity.”

Smuts did more than “read law” at Cambridge which he knew only made sense if you were the victor of war and able to decide first and foremost on the propaganda that the losers put out.

In mid-July 1939, 69 year old and hugely athletic and fit Smuts who went on to do his own scouting on the front lines of WW II, was fully aware that not a single Jewish person had been murdered in the 300 death factories of Germany-Poland, since none had been erected because puppet Hitler needed to first build up his Nazi German military machine and the Belgian Congo diamonds were critical, both for making precision tooling needed to produce large quantities of weapons of mass destruction like the gas chambers, crematoria etc etc, but as a currency for Nazi Germany to purchase the American Rockefeller’s oil when it was not provided free.

As you realize it is just going to be a question of time before all future 12 year olds laugh their heads off at all the past students of economics and professors who taught them all their nonsense, the same with political science graduates, doctors, lawyers and the such, lets not forget the cost of Hitler and Goebells’ advertising for all the necessary propaganda, which was designed to have all the ignorant middle class and working class, who can barely feed themselves because of the nonsense money used to allocate the resources of the world, go out and purchase guns and ammunition in support of the out of control military-industrial-complex whose only goal, besides for their top management attracting the most beautiful women in the world, is to maintain the value of their different governments’ currencies.

In other words, Devin also understands that those those who profit from producing weapon systems have no loyalty to any government or currency, which means that when the ignorant wake up, they might not be happy knowing that their silence does not guarantee that the money they most trade with is a better bet than all the other rigged currencies including diamond currency.

Hold that thought a moment.

Look carefully at the time on your computer clocks and compare it to the time on your handheld computing device. If there is a difference, may I suggest you follow what Google Search suggests.

When returning to the United States someone had to have told Obama where the Belgian Congo-DRC was on the map before he became the primary sponsor of President George W. Bush’s Congo Relief, Security & Democracy Promotion Act that the United States Congress passed into law in December 2006 which began the wholesale slaughter of 6 million Congolese, mostly women and children under the age of 12.

When Senator Barak Obama began running for the job of 44th Commander In Chief, he nor any of his adversaries including all those on the far right of the Republican Party, such as pencil twirling Rush Limbaugh, pointed out how much this Democracy Promotion Act did to save lives as well as bring Democracy to the Belgian Congo.

Democracy most often comes about when you kill enough of the majority by giving the minority weapons and jobs with organizations like Greenpeace and Peace Corp who are supposed to work with other organizations like Amnesty International to ensure war criminals are brought to justice, and which provide cushy jobs as well as free air flights to and from work so long as it the distance requires taking a plane so that you don’t show up late for work.

Murdering defenseless people still takes work on behalf of the doctors and nurses tending to the soldiers waking up to the atrocities perpetrated on the world’s poor for the sake of the conscienceless middle class who are programmed to point out that the rich are without a soul or without the rich who would help the poor.

What is most important, I believe, in all this, is not so much whether anyone does anything to change this world for the better, but whether it bothers you that If I tripped and fell, injuring my brain or was silenced by a bullet, given the silence across the board, the chances of anyone else actually caring about the next generation of children of children being just as fooled, is not very high?

On a positive footing, what if just one of you has a child like Devin who has 3, and they are still young enough to be drafted into the army before the world blows up, and the child at their next family dinner says for example, “Devin, do you feel you did enough after reading what Gary placed up on his FB wall, and deciding to do nothing until I thought it was important to bring up?”

It is almost impossible to imagine that the human can be so self-destructive as a species. It’s selfishness is ingeniously programmed in it’s DNA, like all other lifeforms to keep searching for knowledge in order to survive, such as eat and drink, and then to want to share and get joy from helping others and to make the human world as perfect as perfect nature. But to want to hold on to a falsehood because the feeling of stupid is too gut wrenching and knowing that your silence is condoning the murder innocents in order to protect the very few at the top who have managed to brainwash 4 generations of you, has you comfortable in the same room as the rest of the fools, and each of you thinking that you are fooling the next person who can read all this and understand just as well?

No other species has demonstrated such systemic sickness, at the same time this human species has each human actually thinking they are good, or at least not as corrupt as the next person.

How much joy can you possibly get when watching the likes of Obama on TV and knowing he today knows it all and is fooling you all much more than you thinking you know more about what is really going on.

No matter how distressed is your mind, so long as you have not been medically diagnosed with an acute case of dementia, your mind will tell you that someone you think is important is going to break rank with all of you, and when it happens what do you think your mind will tell you what to think?

You are silent because your mind tells you that there has to be something supernatural going on for everyone to be silent and knowing this information is getting out there, because the rest is all so very boring, and it can’t be fun just waiting to hear that a nuclear bomb has been exploded just to further coverup the theft of the mineral resources by people who have neither the legal right or the support of the soldiers who have been fooled like the rest, but they are the most taken advantage of, and of course we must include all people with official police badges and guns, because under the doctrine of “might is right” they should have got the lion’s share of the graft-spoils of war.

Your vote still counts. It simply takes you writing now to your local politician and/or putting up on my Facebook, D-Money Lie section, that in the upcoming elections, you are going to vote, “NO VOTE” and state the reasons why, if you feel it is necessary.

Surely that is the easiest way out of your misery or would you prefer waiting for the child, who could be your child, with the gun being more demanding of answers?

3 minutes after writing, “Yes you! …” I then followed up with Devin:

In preparation, why don’t you explain to your listeners in simple to understand words, that today is the 122nd anniversary of the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 which you should have been taught in junior school and consequently not allowing your future formal education to interfere with your learning.

3 minutes later Devin replied]:

Yep! Go to and listen to what a highly intelligent South African has to say! Gary is an intellectual who approaches life’s problems and mysteries from a different perspective! He is truly an amazing person. Glad I know him and hope to visit him in San Diego sometime soon.

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