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Love that Pink-What to do with the worthless Wall Street middle class – Fwd: Are you still alive and happy?

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Jeff – let me know if you didn’t get my previous broadcast, “But only 4″ [SIC] – Fwd: Priests to give financial advice.”

Note the date on what you wrote me below, March 29, 2001

and the decision by Israel’s Jerusalem Post to publish on February 1, 2001, my first – CLICK HERE – of four letters to the editor, an “open letter” to American-Soviet spy Jonathan Pollard, and which began:

Dear Jonathan Pollard;

The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism.

Have you yet mentioned to your close friend United States Secretary of State John Kerry why it is that you thought I was bright, and nor have you once been disappointed?

Have you figured out why it is that everyone who is not bright because they didn’t learn their lesson from not lying the first time, is always wanting to prove how much brighter they are than me?

Do you think the decision by both my elder brothers, Neil and Melvin, to disable their Facebook accounts has anything to do with me continuing to succeed in getting the information out there?

If it turns out that FBI Counterintelligence Chief Robert Hanssen who got paid in De Beers’ price fixed diamonds starting when he began working for Putin’s KGB in 1979, the same year that Israel’s Mossad assassinated [January 22, 1979] CIA mastermind terrorist Ali Salameh who Steven Spielberg acknowledges in his 2005 movie-documentary Munich was placed on the CIA’s payroll in 1970, two years before the Munich Olympic Games massacring of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes, played a role in not very smart, fat diseased TALKATIVE cell Jewish American Jonathan Pollard getting set up in order to distract from people like Hanssen and CIA Aldrich Ames knowing the true shameful history of the United States of America than the rest of you law school book worms who you are told from day one of law school that you are bright because you are very good at repeating like parrots whatever nonsense comes out of your law professors’ mouths or equally nonsense prescribed textbooks, would you say it is inevitably good for Israel that United States-De Beers-Nick Oppenheimer-Putin

nailed Jonathan Pollard who is now in his 28th year of incarceration, one more than Nelson Mandela who has known since he got caught in August 1962 that he was set up by the CIA?

Do you think it helps or harms my credibility that I began working officially for De Beers in early spring 1979 and got to see how the bond between De Beers and Putin got stronger the more De Beers went to war with Israeli diamond merchants?

You do understand that when Jewish American Edward Jay Epstein titled chapter 16 of his THE DIAMOND INVENTION book, WARRING WITH ISRAEL – CLICK HERE – he didn’t title it, WARRING WITH THE SOVIETS or WARRING WITH THE USA.

You also know that when De Beers had their Israeli banks, run by Jewish people put the squeeze on Israeli diamond merchants and forced all the strongest resistors out of business, those Israeli diamond merchants were destroyed and became “charity cases”.

Do you think those Jewish Israeli diamond merchants deserve any sympathy?

Just asking.

How does morals come into play when you decide to give to your favorite charity without looking at the bloody history of De Beers who pick the weakest of us Jewish people to be their Jewish Kapo-sellouts?

Could you name me one Jewish person alive today, apart from me, who you think has a strong mind?

How do you judge someone these days if you know they are stupid but have a lot of price fixed worthless monies?

Do you think when you eat and it satisfies your hunger pains that the logic behind it also applies to feeling like crap when you do something wrong?

Do you agree that fat people should not be proud of their formal education if they don’t have the common sense to control their food and drink intake?

Do you think fat people are more full of crap than lean, healthy people who are also not short-tempered?

Would you know of any fat people who would like to be part of a study to determine if there is a correlation between lying to oneself that creates the short-circuits in the brain leading to overindulgence which creates the fat and the pain as pressure of the expanding much lighter than muscle fat is placed on the organs that cannot function logically and therefore the muscle brain is less conscious of the world around you and fat people being short-tempered?

Do you agree with me that the reason why it is that you gutless people have gone along with this so transparent fabricated defamation lawsuit against me by neurologically impaired, sick ex CIA Charles Knuff is that I know too much?

What if I am wrong and that no God exists, do you feel more confident that you will have the logical arguments to keep you living your over-the-top lifestyles into your old age, and that you can trust your caregivers?

What if I am right that God does exist and that means only that God has his logical reasoning for all the suffering of the poor that could end in the next instant if only one of you had the courage to stand tall alongside me and people like Michael “BIG” Grant, would you still prefer to believe that God does not exist because you still have your 63 Facebook “friends”?

Do you remember momworker63 – CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE – from the Revlon Yahoo message board who on June 11, 1999, wrote, “Help, help, help….” in response to my first posting the day before questioning the financials of Revlon corporation’s Cosmetic Center, and then 112 days later, on October 1, 1999 you and Robert Kaplan of Kaplan, Kilsheimer & Fox filed the epic class action lawsuit against Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman helped in no small measure by Marie’s very quick cartoon drawing

whose wording was the entire inspiration of my mother Zena?

Weren’t those the best days of your life, so long as you can forget me having to tell Kaplan and his idiot financial advisors, as the clock ticked away, and the October 1, 1999 being the deadline for what we all believed would have had the statute of limitations for filing such an important class action lawsuit expiring which should have immediately shut down all of Wall Street, how to do their job?

Don’t you want to wake up each morning not only with the biggest smile on your face but with an optimistic outlook that will only have you feeling that much more better about yourself as you experience the pleasures of today that much more than ever before and knowing that what awaits you when you take your final breadth and not to be handicapped with the frailty of old age, will be greater than you can possibly imagine given how obvious it is that the Supernatural Force which creates the so extraordinarily superficial human that is so ugly beneath the skin to all of us and its inner beauty we can all see is far uglier than we thought in our worst nightmare as the humans that have can put aside so easily the plight of the have-nots who the haves believe don’t work either smart or hard enough to have the money that those in the know are quite comfortable in their corrupt politician-bankers printing just so long as they cycle the money first back to their largest donors who set up their charities for the poor to keep the poor financially poor and uneducated.

So who do you think is in a worse position if there is a God, the lazy rich who need the poor to serve them either at restaurants or in their homes that have to be constantly maintained and all the poor deciding simply to go on strike until their votes count before they become the minority like the once majority American Indians before they were culled and democratic rule took hold in the United States of America or the poor who die much younger however wretchedly either in orchestrated wars or from disease which has them increasingly numb from pain as they become rather quickly totally crippled and sleeping in the freezing cold on cold concrete sidewalks and the passersby wondering how much money to part with, and whether it will be just wasted away on alcohol purchases that remember adds to the gross Gross Domestic Product Index that punishes most the mineral rich raped regions of the world controlled by the mining house De Beers who have their lawmakers pass laws such as mandatory car insurance that if you don’t purchase you are breaking the law and subject to fines and imprisonment.

How much would you say you have given to poor over your lifetime when walking the streets?

If you had your chance to live your life again being born into a rich family right this moment with all this information out there or a poor family with morals, what would you choose knowing that when all the corrupt are silent it does not mean that they are capable of making the logical arguments?

Wouldn’t you agree that you would make a most excellent editor of my book, D-Money Lie?

Ps – Would you be available for a conference call at 7pm my time, a little more than 3 hours from now?

[Word count 1613]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S. Gevisser℅ mdg

Subject: Fwd: Are you still alive and happy?

Date: March 19, 2013 1:19:36 PM GMT+01:00

To: Miki

BTW, your writings tell me that you should one day write a children’s book, but first you would need to be comfortable in explaining to your 3 year old, and now would be the perfect time, that the relative worth of each of our contributions is valued by a monopolist who cares most about rewarding the most unaccomplished and punishing the most accomplished; and as you know that is not something the human adult is comfortable in doing unless forced to, and then feel bad about not having done educated their child sooner; and until they acknowledge that they are part of the problem, because of course there is no such thing as a problem child, only a problem parent, they feel that much worse about themselves; and it is a most awful spiraling out of control feeling that most of us are quite comfortable with.

We are staying in the apartment of a Parisian policeman who first wanted to rent his home with a great view of the Eiffel Tower that is just 300 meters away, but when he read what I first wrote him – see below – he thought I was just another “African coming from a diamond rich family trying to scam” him with some sorrowful story and it was just going to be a question of time before I asked him for a “handout”, and so he did nothing other than file my email away because his English is good enough to know that it was at least “different”; and he remembered it when next visiting with his very good English speaking female Parisian friend who after she read what I wrote him said, “He writes very well!” which at first didn’t have this very skeptical 40 year old man about to get married to an American physician for the first time, believing what he was hearing and so he repeated to her, “I think he is trying to scam me”.

Remember his English is not all that good and so it is perfectly understandable that he would react that way, but once his very good English speaking female friend reassured him, he then wrote me back and was very nice, and letting me know that he might be able to introduce me to another Parisian female friend of his who is a publisher; but he was not quite as nice as when we first met late on Friday evening and I rattled off a series of questions like I was interviewing him for a job.

If it doesn’t sound funny it is because I am not such a great writer and you would have needed to be here.

This 20 year veteran of the French equivalent of the FBI is now back in Philadelphia visiting with his American girlfriend who is 30.

You know after warming himself up with a hot cup of coffee he is going to tell her the story; maybe not because he might first decide to spend his first several days making love.

When he who is very good looking and lean, returns on the 25th, he told me that once he gets a little sleep that he is going to introduce me to this 50 year old publisher friend.

You know that when telling a story, you don’t tell everything at once.

He also knows that I will be meeting with a “high powered” French lawyer whose name I shared with him soon after we met as it established that I was first of all “serious” about getting my book published first here in France unless someone makes me a better offer, as well as to see if this lawyer headed up the Corsican mafia which I could use my other contacts around the world to check out but that takes time, and besides when meeting with someone if you are constantly on your iphone or communicating device communicating with others, it is also rude; although I didn’t tell him that our second meeting will take place this evening at 18:30; our first meeting was in Corsica.

Were my very close to her chest British-English mother Zena to meet this slender and well-dressed Corsican-Parisian lawyer as well as his equally very well groomed Marseille wife who in her youth, and she is about my age, used to work for the Marciano brothers of Guess? clothing, my mother would be very impressed with both of them and not in the least put off by their very good Paris address, even though she would know that despite their wealth and worldliness they would be totally clueless about how the real world works with all of Wall Street and the politicians all show and no substance whatsoever.

So how would begin my conversation this evening with this lawyer whose hand I only shook when we met, but we were seated just across from one another at the dinner table of the first wife of the Frenchman who created Opium for Yves St Laurent and who Marie and I are having lunch with tomorrow?

A little more background.

I made it my business, because I have proven to myself time and again that the only person who knows who you are is your spouse and God, to sit next to his wife who speaks a perfect English while he spoke Corsican to two other gentlemen at the table, seated on either side of him; and these two other gentlemen were a son who is a fireman, and the father a sheep farmer who is now married to the first wife of Opium designer Jean-Louis Sieuzac who I hope to visit with in the near future in Cairo so long as the Pyramids are still standing in the event God decides that he has finally got totally bored having had the greatest fun playing with his greatest and most superficial creation, and blows up the world; but more likely just getting a kick out of every human acknowledging, by everyone simply going silent at the same time, how stupid they are not to be able to let go of their out of control ego for not having figured out The Diamond Invention on their own despite everyone knowing that De Beers are the only full-on successful monopoly, and you don’t need a university education to know that the world needs only one internationally successful monopoly to make all monies printed by the governments who bow to De Beers totally worthless; and that means God will simply leave it up to each of us, and aware of the light-speed Internet unlikely to improve its speed all that much over the next 200 years, to simply figure out what to do with all the worthless middle class people who think their university education makes them both bright and entitled to make a lot of money without having to break a sweat and to look down at everyone else doing the heavy lifting especially the grossly underpaid soldiers.

So you know to start weeding away at all the worthless politicians and their financial backers such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq., former Chief Operating Officer of Guess? Inc. now that you know that all politicians are simply very poorly paid bankers doing everything within their power to make out like they are only distrustful politicians and knowing little to nothing about banking which they leave it to their US Federal Reserve and US Treasury officials to advise them what spending or tax bill to pass, and always agreeing in the end to let the US Federal Reserve-Treasury print as much money as other people will accept as legal tender without first waiting to see if the US Government and its affiliates, led by Mr. Krinsk’s pal US Secretary of State John Kerry with the most questionable war record and why this coward keeps succeeding by failing – the Peter Principle part and parcel of the Bell Shaped curve educational system which has the most average, lawyers, doctors and the such rising to the top, will resort to their most proven option in the past which is violence, and most of all not in the least bit afraid to use nuclear weapons, even if that means making it look like a “rogue nation” like north Korea or Iran exploded a nuclear bomb on their own people which when the “dust settles” would be explained by all the carefully appointed “experts” as being a “mistake” because these “nutcase” peoples just weren’t either bright enough and/or in too much of a hurry to get in the “first strike”:

Introductory email to this French policeman who decided not to charge us rent and simply have us as his guests:

This is Gary Gevisser, the South African-British-American husband of
Quebecois Marie Dion.

We have a very limited budget remaining on this trip which is now into
its 8 month.

I am willing to offer you 1200 Euros for the 2 weeks and that does NOT

include a positive mention in my forthcoming book D-Money Lie which
you can begin to easily get your head around when visiting my website

It is not everyday that I write to a stranger such as yourself who
could be either the worst or the best or somewhere in between, but
let’s assume for the moment “the best” then you will find yourself in
the unenviable position of being the first “total stranger” not to be

afraid of the materially important truths I first began getting my
head around when just 12 years of age following the forced sale of my
immediate family’s multinational trading conglomerate, and had we been

compensated so much as a penny, it is highly unlikely the truth about
the mineral drilling monopolist De Beers’ diamond studded iron fist
control of each of our lives would have ever surfaced because I was,

while the youngest of my parents’ 4 children, the most curious, and the

crazier I realized was everyone the more I enquired about this
unimaginable event considering how influential my immediate family was,
starting with my household name mother Zena Ash Gevisser whose client
list were made up of the most powerful men in the world starting with Aristotle

Onassis and Attorney General of the United States Robert F. Kennedy who
combined didn’t come close to having the political clout as my mother’s closest
friend, David Gevisser [1926-2009] who was the first cousin of my

father Bernie Gevisser who was not simply a most accomplished
Fighter-Bomber-Pilot of World War II but my dad was considered so good
a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot that he was kept in reserve in South Africa by
Israel’s Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion who along with his partner,

Christian South African Prime Minister, Jan Smuts knew everything
there was to know about their most valuable front line soldiers who

when dive-bombing fixed targets such as oil dumps and factories such as
Ducati’s headquarters in Bologna which was producing radio transmitters for
the Nazis as well as straffing motorcades carrying Nazi officials led by
sidecar motor-cyclists got to often see the whites of their terrified

eyes, and much more so than the frontline snipers figuring out the weak
underbelly of the enemy who were often themselves part of a decoy to
let the enemy think that the future attack was going to come from the

direction of the snipers who left a trail which the generals of the
enemy then had to figure out how many levels deep the deception ran.

It is highly probable that even if you were trained as a Commanding
Officer of France’s most elite Special Forces soldiers you would never

have come close to understanding exactly what goes into the planning
of a war such as World War I and II which of course has never ended
because when it does end, only then will there be true democracy in
the world because all the resistors with backbone will have been wiped

out and everyone left will be patting themselves on the back that they
were part of the start of an enlightened age.

I have in fact burst everyone’s bubble about the true nature of the
human being who is both despicable and stupid which is not how we are

born but how we are bred by increasingly unenlightened parents who
actually think that their children are more special than other
children and the children in turn think if they are financially better
off than most that they were gifted that much more special parents.

As I have now begun repeating, nothing can change or “supplant” [sic] in

importance all pricing dictated by De Beers who fully understood when
they allowed the “asset stripping” of our Moshal Gevisser Group of

Companies [1910-1970] by a totally unknown business person, Natie
Kirsh who today is the largest private owner of real estate in London,
England as well as the largest distributor in the United States of
animal meat, that they hadn’t killed off any members of my immediate

family although my father’s father, Israel Issy Gevisser [circa
1890-1970] did die of a broken heart once realizing that his nephew
David Gevisser had conspired with Issy’s sister-in-law’s brother, Sol

Moshal who was the managing director of public corporation Moshal

By the time I began interviewing for a top job with De Beers in 1978,
I had learned a lot from keeping my mouth shut.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Ps – I’ve attached my last email-book broadcast

[Word count 2266]

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