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Marco Gonzales Esq. – When last was the truth meaningful to you?

From: Gary Gevisser
Date: March 3, 2012 12:00:36 PM PST
To: Marco Gonzales – lawyer
Subject: This is Gary Gevisser. I ran into an attorney yesterday who, at first, had very nice things to say about you.

Her name is not important, but she very quickly got her head around the difficulty I have been having finding an honest lawyer to even give me good advice, forget sell me down the drain while sucking my financial resources dry.

She was totally shocked that I had spent so much time with you when you had the opportunity to read the initial complaint which had you paralyzed and you had yet to read the transcripts of the hearings that followed which first, foremost and last expose the systemic corruption of your law profession, and yet you never let me know that when it comes to jurisdiction it is always to the advantage of the defendant/s; and in my case both defendants live in San Diego county and the plaintiff, had his main residence here as well, apart from the fact while I had never met or communicated with the plaintiff, ex CIA Knuff who is now claiming to be neurologically impaired, his one and only meeting took place at his california residence with the other defendant Adam Lee Tucker who got severed from the lawsuit on the day I was handed this most miscarriage of justice in the history of the world; and what better way for you all to continue your charade of lies after lies that began with the very simple theft of the land of the original peoples, than to call me a defamer?

The rest of course you know very well, just like all the other cowardly bastard liar-lawyers wanting to protect their nest eggs; but what about your sanity? []

Surely you can think of a way that I can begin to nail Knuff and company, perhaps by finding an honest lawyer in Texas to file a defamation lawsuit against corrupt Texas Judge Martin Lowy?

BTW I have started the process to have my case heard by the European Court in the Hague. (I happen to have a lifelong friend who works for the Council of Europe who of course you may not be all that familiar with.)

I just wanted to make absolutely certain there was nothing I hadn’t covered should a mishap occur to me, which is what this lawyer friend of yours felt was inevitable; but nor does that mean I would be so foolish as to think my life is more important than any other piece of matter, which does not mean those moron humans who live in denial don’t also get their just deserve.

When last was truth meaningful to you?

Could you name me one person who you honestly believe you can trust more than me?

I pity you all, which does not mean I lose a moment’s sleep thinking about you all returning as Escargot – everything in French sound so much nicer, doesn’t it?

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